Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the Classmates



“Your stats are lower than that of your average person.”
The weakest by a mile among the otherworldlers of class 1-A, Takatsuki Makoto.
The Heroes and Sages who had cheat skills in his class had went off, and the base set lifespan is 10 years?
The Great Demon Lord is going to revive soon?
I am a Mage Apprentice?
Isn’t the balance way too bad? This damn Isekai is a trash game!
“Want to be my believer?”, the Goddess that told me this has zero believers!
Aah, this is bad…I don’t think I can clear this. The Goddess with zero believers is an incredible beauty, and she is telling me she is imprisoned somewhere and is waiting to be saved. My first and hardest mission is to save the Goddess.
Clearing this Isekai that only has adversities, the story of the weakest mage.

Novel Updates:

  • First Arc: First Time in a Parallel World

Prologue: 1-A Class Stranded
Chapter 1: Takatsuki Makoto is way too weak
Chapter 2: Takatsuki Makoto is left behind
Chapter 3: Takatsuki Makoto leaves the temple
Chapter 4: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Goddess
Chapter 5: Takatsuki Makoto reunites with his friend
Chapter 6: The request of the Goddess
Chapter 7: The nickname of Takatsuki Makoto is lame
Chapter 8: Looking over here as if wanting to become my ally
Chapter 9: My first comrade
Chapter 10: Takatsuki Makoto trains with Lucy
Chapter 11-12: VS Rampaging Bison
Chapter 13-14: VS Griffon
Chapter 15: Takatsuki Makoto gets the Goddess’s divine protection
Chapter 16: The secret of Lucy
Chapter 17: The first Spirit User
Chapter 18: Even a gentle close friend can sometimes get mad
Chapter 19-20: Takatsuki Makoto forms a party with his classmate
Chapter 21: The Gatekeeper Beast (1)
Chapter 22: The Gatekeeper Beast (2)
Chapter 23: Takatsuki Makoto faces the giant
Chapter 24: The long past story of the giant
Chapter 25: Epilogue

  • Second Arc: Laberintos

Chapter 26-27: Takatsuki Makoto is at his stagnation phase
Chapter 28: Sasaki Aya wakes up in a parallel world
Chapter 29: Takatsuki Makoto is stopped in his journey
Chapter 30: Fuji-yan has an Isekai Harem
Chapter 31: Sasaki Aya is a Lamia
Chapter 32: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the city of Laberintos
Chapter 33: Takatsuki Makoto challenges Laberintos (first day)
Chapter 34: Takatsuki Makoto fights the Minotaur
Chapter 35: Sasaki Aya gets used to the life in the dungeon
Chapter 36-37: Labyrinth’s Bar
Chapter 38: Takatsuki Makoto challenges Laberintos (Second Day)
Chapter 39: Takatsuki Makoto meets a dragon
Chapter 40: The tragedy of Sasaki Aya
Chapter 41: Takatsuki Makoto encounters ○○
Chapter 42: Takatsuki Makoto’s reunion
Chapter 43: Sasaki Aya’s reunion
Chapter 44-45: Reunion with Fuji-yan
Chapter 46: We prepare for the boss battle
Chapter 47-48: Takatsuki Makoto finds the harpy’s nest
Chapter 49: Sasaki Aya meets her bitter enemy again
Chapter 50: Takatsuki Makoto speaks about the Goddess
Chapter 51: Yokoyama Saki doesn’t trust her classmate
Chapter 52: Takatsuki Makoto fights the Taboo Dragons
Chapter 53: Sakurai Ryousuke fights with the Taboo Dragon
Chapter 54: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with the Princess
Chapter 55: Takatsuki Makoto’s comrades are flabbergated by him
WM – Chapter 56: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Great Sage
WM – Chapter 57-58: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to Princess Sofia + Epilogue

  • Third Arc: Water Country Capital

Chapter 59: Sasaki Aya is guided in the city of Makkaren
Chapter 60: Lucy feels affection towards Takatsuki Makoto
Chapter 61: Meeting with the Goddess
Chapter 62: Fuji-yan begins a new business
Chapter 63: Takatsuki Makoto heads to the Capital
Chapter 64: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the capital, Horun
Chapter 65: Takatsuki Makoto meets the former guardian knight again
Chapter 66: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with the Hero
Chapter 67: Takatsuki Makoto and Fuji-yan sally forth to the night city
Chapter 68: Takatsuki Makoto explores the capital of Horun
Chapter 69: Lucy and Sasaki Aya speak to each other
Chapter 70: Takatsuki Makoto heads to the royal castle

Chapter 71: Burning Capital (1)
Chapter 72: Burning Capital (2)
Chapter 73: After the Chaos
Chapter 74: The Fujiwara Company is popular in the capital
Chapter 75: Takatsuki Makoto makes a choice
Chapter 76: Epilogue (Third Arc)

  • Fourth Arc: Sun Country’s Capital

Chapter 77: Takatsuki Makoto remembers
Chapter 78: Takatsuki Makoto talks to the Devilkin
Chapter 79: Takatsuki Makoto arrives at the Sun Country
Chapter 80: Takatsuki Makoto heads to the Highland Castle
Chapter 81: Takatsuki Makoto fights a Hero
Chapter 82: Takatsuki Makoto overdoes it
Chapter 83: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Great Sage-sama again
Chapter 84: Takatsuki Makoto is to the taste of the Great Sage
Chapter 85: Sakurai Ryosuke’s memory
Chapter 86: Takatsuki Makoto explores the capital (7th District)
Chapter 87: Takatsuki Makoto learns about the dark and light of Highland
Chapter 88: Takatsuki Makoto listens to the past talk of Princess Noel
Chapter 89: Takatsuki Makoto explores the capital (9th District)
Chapter 90: The capital’s underground canals
Chapter 91: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with the Highland nobles
Chapter 92: Lucy and Makoto speak to the Great Sage
Chapter 93: Takatsuki Makoto is invited by the mafia

9 thoughts on “Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the Classmates

  1. I didn’t know where to put it so I would put it here

    – Skill grades =

    – Adventurer ranks > Monster level recommanded to subjugate =
    –Stone > class 1, low
    –Bronze > class 2, mid
    –Iron > class 3, high
    –Silver > class 4, calamity designation village
    –Gold > class 4, calamity designation village
    –Platinum > class 5, calamity designation town
    –Mithril > class 6, calamity designation country
    –Orichalcim > class 7, calamity designation continent

    – Anybody > Class 0, harmless

    – Savior Abel > Class 8, calamity designation world (The great demon lord)


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