WM – Chapter 340: Takatsuki Makoto heads to a remote village (1st Part)

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“Investigate an old custom of a remote village?” 

I recited the details of the adventurer quest that was requested of me just now. 

I am currently in a room in the castle of Rozes. 

The room of Princess Sofia. 

The ones there are me, Lucy, and Sa-san.

And also the owner of the room, Princess Sofia.

“Yes, that’s right, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia sat by my side and held my hand tightly. 

“What’s this about an old custom specifically, Sofi-chan?” (Aya)

Sa-san is munching cookies. 

Princess Sofia faced Sa-san and answered. 

“Aya-san, there’s rumors that that village still has a sacrifice custom.” (Sofia)

“Sacrifice~? Uwaah, how barbaric.” (Lucy)

Lucy responded while sprawled on the sofa. 

Aren’t you people relaxing way too much in front of the princess? 

Is what I thought, but it looks like Sa-san and Lucy have been staying for a while in the room of Princess Sofia in the time I went to the past. 

Of course, as the strongest adventurer duo, the Crimson Fangs.

Lucy and Sa-san have made countless achievements, which were mainly monster subjugations, and they have been allowed to be unreserved with the princess. 

(…Well, the reality is that they are simply friends though.) (Makoto)

And so, Lucy and Sa-san are relaxing in Princess Sofia’s room as if it were their own home.

Looks like I am the only one who is a bit nervous here from getting a Royal Quest. 

“What’s the matter, Hero Makoto? Why are you making a weird face like that?” (Sofia)

And Princess Sofia has been glued to me for a while now. 

“No, it is nothing. This is a direct request from Princess Sofia, so I will work hard, okay?” (Makoto)

When I said this, Princess Sofia looked apologetic.

“Hero Makoto…normally, this isn’t something we would request of you as our Legendary Hero…” (Sofia)

“It is fine, Sofia. Makoto has nothing to do after all.” (Lucy)

“Right right. If you don’t request him anything, he is going to disappear somewhere, you know, Sofi-chan?” (Aya)

Looks like Princess Sofia finds it painful to make requests to me. 

However, just as Lucy and Sa-san said, there’s no need to be reserved. 

I had nothing to do. 

“It is just as the two said, I didn’t have any plans, so it is okay. Then, I just have to stop their sacrifice custom, right, Sofia?” (Makoto)

“No, we will order that as royalty of Rozes, so it is okay. This time’s request is solely for investigation purposes. However, the reason we are making this request of everyone is because the problem is the one in which they are doing the sacrifices for…” (Sofia)

“Uhm, if I remember correctly, it is the Water God-sama of the Shimei Lake, right?” (Aya)

By the way, Shimei Lake is a giant lake in the middle of the Water Country of Rozes. 

The size is said to be 1/5th of the Water Country. 

“If it is about the Water God-sama, I know of it as well. It is a famous story within the people of the Wood Country. It is a monster that has lived for a long time in the Shimei Lake and called its lord, right?” (Lucy)

“Yes, there’s stories that it has been attacking the surrounding villages for centuries, and has demanded sacrifices.” (Sofia)

“Does it really exist?” (Lucy)

“Who knows… Just that, the current law is to report to the Templars in the respective area if a monster actually appears. Offering sacrifices is against the law.” (Sofia)

“I see.” (Lucy)

“Meaning that if a strong monster like the Water God-sama were to show up, the Templars of the Water Country would be defeated, right, Sofi-chan?” (Aya)

Oi, Sa-san, that may be true, but be a bit more tactful about it. 

“Aya-san~, that’s right, but there are ways of saying it!” (Sofia)

“Waah, sorry sorry. Please don’t get angry, Sofi-chan!” (Aya)

Princess Sofia glares at Sa-san. 

“Leave it to us! Right, Makoto?!” (Lucy)

“Yeah, Lucy.” (Makoto)

I understand the details of the request. 

“Then, I will be counting on you!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia smiled and pressed her body onto me even more. 

She seems to be closer than usual today. 

Uhm…is it that? 

Is this her silent pressure for not showing up recently? 

Maybe I should do something like a hug here. 

“Then, I will be going.” (Makoto)

I wrap my arms around Princess Sofia’s body and hug her lightly. 

“…You are going already?” (Sofia)

She then hugged me with twice the strength.

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

“I am the one who requested it, so it can’t be helped though…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said this as she closed her eyes and moved her face towards me. 

(…Eh? Now?) (Makoto)

I was kissed by Princess Sofia while I was confused. 

She is so decisive! 

I was so surprised that I let go, but it would be weird to not do anything, so I once again hugged Princess Sofia.

And then, we continue kissing.

I waited for a while, but Princess Sofia wasn’t showing any signs of separating from me. 

“Hnn…Makoto…” (Sofia)

(S-So long…) (Makoto)

Princess Sofia isn’t showing signs of moving her lips away. 

If this is her showing her love to me, I am truly honored. 

I also love Princess Sofia, so I want to answer those feelings of hers. 



If only Lucy and Sa-san weren’t looking over here with narrowed eyes. 

They are only watching without really saying anything.

(Why are the two silent?!) (Makoto)

Lucy and Sa-san were staring here like cats. 

Uhm…that’s scary, you know. 

In the end, the kiss of Princess Sofia lasted for more than 3 minutes. 

And then, after separating from me, she fixed my slightly disheveled clothes. 

“Now then, have a safe trip, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

“Y-Yes…” (Makoto)

I was feeling a bit dizzy from the long kiss of Princess Sofia.

I stood up from the sofa and headed to the exit. 

“Let’s go, Lucy, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

“…Okay~.” (Aya)

“…Finally.” (Lucy)

The voices of the two were somewhat low. 

Just when we were about to leave the room…

“Lucy-san, Aya-san, I leave Hero Makoto in your hands, okay?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said that.

Eh? You speak to them now? -Is what I thought, but the reaction of Lucy and Sa-san was normal.

“I know. Leave Makoto to us, Sofia.” (Lucy)

“We will look after Takatsuki-kun, Sofi-chan.” (Aya)

“Yes, I don’t have to worry with you two.” (Sofia)

“…?” (Makoto)

They are not really saying anything weird here, but…chills ran my back for some strange reason. 

It would be nice if I could see the future here, but I can’t see Time Spirits today. 

(It is not really a bad premonition though…) (Makoto)

It bothers me a bit. 

But well, there’s no point thinking about it. 

It has been a while since we have had an adventure.

Let’s get in gear. 


—We arrived at a remote village at the corner of Rozes. 

Population of around 1,000. 

It is a small village that revolves mostly around agriculture and fishing. 

We moved using the Teleport of Lucy. 

I want to master Teleport quickly as well. 

I succeed only once every 5 tries. 

The first place we went to is the house of the village chief.

When we entered the village, the villagers immediately found us outsiders and were urged to first greet the village chief. 

That was our plan to begin with, so we had no issues with that. 

All the houses of the remote village were compact, but the comparatively better building was the one from the village chief. 

When we entered the house, the wife of the village chief guided us to the guest room.

“This is…certainly the seal of the Rozes royalty. Then, does that mean you people are the special envoys of the royal family?” 

The village chief is a short elderly man over 70 years old. 

It is plain to the eye that he is looking over here in confusion. 

Young adventurers are saying they are envoys of the royal family, so he is probably doubting us. 

By the way, the letter has magic casted on it to prove that it is really from the Rozes royalty. 

And so, our standing can be proved immediately. 

“Hmm…this village still has a sacrifice tradition…? A document written by hand directly by Princess Sofia-sama, huh…” 

The village chief mutters this while brushing his beard.

I can’t read what he is thinking from that expression of his. 

“And so, what’s the truth here?” (Makoto)

I asked him straight. 

“Of course, we don’t have a barbaric tradition like sacrificing people. Please do relay this to Princess Sofia-sama.” 

The village chief answered with a smile as if it were plastered on his face. 

(Hmm, which one is this…?) (Makoto)

My instincts are telling me this is somewhat of a lie. 

I have become a God thanks to Noah-sama, but I don’t have the power to read minds yet. 

Maybe I should have had Fuji-yan help out. 

“Then, we will be staying here for a while.” (Lucy)

“Right~. There’s a festival to celebrate the Water God-sama, right, Village Chief-san?” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san entered my conversation with the village chief.

“Hmm…but this is a sacred festival for good harvest, so having outsiders is a bit… Also, we don’t have any inns to accommodate guests from the outside in this village…” 

The tone of the village chief turned blatantly bitter. 

Looks like he doesn’t want us staying here. 

“We won’t trouble the village. We will camp in the vicinity of Shimei Lake.” (Lucy)

“B-But…monsters sometimes appear at night in the Shimei Lake. From what I can see, you are all young adventurers. Wouldn’t it be better to stay at a safe inn in a neighboring village…?” 

“It is okay~. We are Orichalcum Rank adventurers.” (Aya)

Sa-san showed her necklace that shone a golden radiance to the village chief who seemed to be in disapproval. 

That necklace has a crest carved in the shape of the Holy Dragon. 

Proof of being an Orichalcum Rank adventurer. 

…Uhm, the Holy Dragon is Mel-san, right? 

She has been turned into a crest. Does the person herself know about this?

“T-That’s…! Since you are an Orichalcum Rank adventurer from the Water Country, it must mean that…you people are the Crimson Fangs?!” 

“That’s right.” (Lucy)

Lucy puffed her chest out. 

The eyes of the village chief open wide in shock.

He looked at Lucy and Sa-san, and then gulped audibly. 

“U-Understood. There’s nothing in this village, but please enjoy your stay.” 

At the end, he gave the permission to stay as if he had given up. 

(The worry of Princess Sofia might have hit on the mark here.) (Makoto)

Judging from the way the village chief is acting, he seems to be hiding something. 

And so, we will be staying here for a while in order to investigate this. 


“Around here, I guess.” (Lucy)

“Yeah~.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san decide on where we will be camping as if they were used to this. 

By the way, it will not be close to the village but inside one of the small islands of the Shimei Lake.

“Why a place like this?” (Makoto)

I asked them.

“Makoto, what would you do if we were to camp close to the village and they were to throw fire at us?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, it happens every so often, right, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

“……Eh?” (Makoto)

I was shocked by this, but it might be possible for a secluded village like this. 

I didn’t think of that possibility at all. 

Their adventurer experience has become incredible at an unknown point in time.

If they are going to be offering sacrifices for this monster called Water God-sama, they will be doing so close to the Shimei Lake, so this is just the right place for surveillance too. 

We set our tent at a place hidden by trees. 

Moreover, if you pour mana, you apparently can activate Stealth magic too.

When Lucy poured mana on it, the tent turned transparent like air. 

You would think there’s nothing there unless you get pretty close. 

With this, there should be no worries of being attacked by monsters. 

We entered the magic tent. 

And then, I was shocked.

“So spacious! Is this the latest in magic tents?” (Makoto)

“A bit different.” (Lucy)

“To be more precise, it is a small magic cottage. We bought it just recently for this adventure~.” (Aya)

“Eh? Wasn’t it expensive then?” (Makoto)

The reward for this quest isn’t that high. 

It is actually a personal request from Princess Sofia, so it is close to volunteer work. 

“We have coin to spare anyway. Or more like, Sofia was grieving that you were not using the funds prepared for the Legendary Hero, you know?” (Lucy)

“Right right. I have been using a tent for two together with Lu-chan until now, but that one was already getting old.” (Aya)

“If Makoto is going to be with us now, it would be better for it to be spacious, so we bought a brand new one.” (Lucy)

“I see. Thanks, Lucy, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

“It is okay, it is okay. Here, leave your luggage around there.” (Lucy)

“I will prepare dinner, okay~?” (Aya)

Lucy arranges the luggage with skilled hands.

Sa-san was cooking in the kitchen that’s set in the magic cottage. 

And now I have nothing to do. 

(Let’s do an investigation of this time’s objective.) (Makoto)

I asked the Water Spirits to investigate if there’s any anomalies in the Shimei Lake. 

But they didn’t find anything worthy of notice. 

The good harvest festival of the village will begin from tomorrow, so if we are going to do some investigation, we should do so from tomorrow on. 

While I was doing that, Sa-san finished cooking. 

She apparently bought the ingredients in the capital of the Water Country. 

“Here, go ahead~☆.” (Aya)

Thick roasted meat and fried fish. 

Sweet baguettes with a whole lot of cheese and butter spread on it. 

Soup with a ton of vegetables and mushrooms. 

There’s other tasty-looking dishes lined up as well. 

“So good!” (Makoto)

“Wouldn’t you be able to open up a restaurant with your skills, Aya? It really is tasty.” (Lucy)

“Ehehe~, you can have seconds.” (Aya)

The dinner was very merry. 

We had a drinking party to a degree where we wouldn’t get too drunk.

The surroundings got dark in the time we were doing that. 

And so, we decided to go to sleep for today. 

“I will go take a shower, okay?” (Lucy)

Lucy disappeared into the shower room. 

That’s right, there’s even a shower in the magic cottage. The hot water is apparently being generated with magic. 

I hear the sound of flowing water. 


And the sound of splashing water as well. 

It may be spacious, but the inside of the cottage is solely one room. 

The showering sound of Lucy is somewhat making me nervous.

Let’s train my water magic…is what I was thinking, but I suddenly felt weight on my body.

Sa-san had leaned on me. 

“Hey hey, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“What is it, Sa-san?” (Makoto)

“Doesn’t this remind you of our middle school days?” (Aya)

“R-Really?” (Makoto)

Sa-san has been lying her head down on my lap, would entrust her back onto me sluggishly, or would incessantly stick onto me for a while now. 

She is like a cat. 

It is true that there would be times when Sa-san would lie down on my bed, lazing about in my room.

But there’s of course no times where she would be this glued to me. 

“Fufufu~♪” (Aya)

Sa-san is in a good mood. 

She cooked a whole lot of food today, so I trained my water magic a bit nervous while Sa-san was still clinging onto me. 

After a while…

The sound of a door opening rang. 

“Aya, the shower is open now.” (Lucy)

Lucy had come back. 

I looked back expecting her to say something about how Sa-san is clinging onto me…and I gulped my breath.


“What’s the matter, Makoto? Making a weird face like that.” (Lucy)

“Uhm…Lucy, that attire…” (Makoto)

“Cute, right? I bought it at the capital.” (Lucy)

Lucy spun in place. 

Lucy is not in her usual mage outfit.

She is wearing a short tank top that shows her belly and red mini shorts which is a super rough house attire. 

She is wearing even more revealing clothes than normal. 

It is not really a lewd outfit, and yet, my heart is racing. 

“Then, I will be going to shower next.” (Aya)

Sa-san disappeared into the shower room with light steps. 

The sound of water falling could be heard. 


I could also hear the humming of Sa-san together with the water. 

I can’t calm down. 

Clear Mind, Clear Mind…

While I was trying to calm down my heart…

“Hey, Makoto.” (Lucy)

Lucy hugged me from behind. 

I don’t know if it is because she took a shower, or because her temperature was high to begin with, but she is hot. 

And I could feel a soft sensation on my back. 

“I-Is something the matter, Lucy?” (Makoto)

My throat was parched, so I drank a glass of water closeby. 

“You see, I have been talking with Aya often recently.” (Lucy)

“About what?” (Makoto)

Lucy whispered in my ear. 

“About how we want your child.” (Lucy)


I almost spit out the water in my mouth. 

“L-Lucy?!” (Makoto)

“Yes?” (Lucy)

When I looked back, Lucy was smiling like her usual self. 

“Hm? What is it, Makoto?” (Lucy)

That just now…didn’t sound like a joke. 

I can tell even without being able to read minds.

She is serious here. 

But she didn’t continue that conversation afterwards, and we had a normal talk. 

However, that instead made me nervous.

“I am done~.” (Aya)

“Welcome back, Aya.” (Lucy)

Sa-san came out from showering. 

A tight yellow t-shirt and black spats. 

A rowdy attire that you normally don’t see from her just like Lucy. 

This is the first time I see her like this, but it is really cute. 

That said, it has as much exposed skin as Lucy. 

It isn’t really lewd, but it is not an appearance you would go out in. Totally house clothes. 

Why are they in that attire today…?

While I was hesitating whether to ask or not…

“Well then, let’s go to sleep.” (Lucy)

“Right, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“Eh?” (Makto)

Lucy snaps her fingers. 

When she did, the lights in the magic cottage suddenly went out. 

My eyes were flustered by this for a second from the darkness, but it is not complete darkness. There’s some faint light remaining. 

The soft purple light was illuminating the cottage. 

My eyes slowly grew accustomed to it. 

At that moment, someone hugged me. 


It was Lucy. 

Before I could respond to her calling my name…my lips were stolen

She hugged me tightly just like that. 

I can’t move…

“Aah, Lu-chan beat me to the punch.” (Aya)

I heard the voice of Sa-san.

“Puha.” (Makoto)

Soon after Lucy kissed me for more than 10 seconds…

“…Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Sa-san sealed my lips in less than a second later.

She was hugging me even tighter than Lucy. 

“Aya, once you are done, it is my turn.” (Lucy)

(Eh…?) (Makoto)

What is Lucy-san saying? 

But those words were true. 

The moment Sa-san separated from my lips, Lucy once again kissed me. 

And then Sa-san. 

They switched over and over…

I-Isn’t this bad?

Doing something like this in the middle of the request of Princess Sofia…

(It is okay, Mako-kun.) 

(Eir-sama?!) (Makoto)

The voice that resonated in my head was from the Water Goddess.

(Sofia-chan agreed to this happening with Lucy-chan and Aya-chan. She said ‘I leave Hero Makoto in your hands’ before departing, right?) (Eir)

(………Eh?) (Makoto)

No, she certainly did, but…but why?!! 

(Isn’t it obvious? Were you planning on marrying the princess of Rozes while still a virgin, Mako-kun?) (Eir)

I hear the baffled sigh of Eir-sama. 


You can’t as a virgin?

Is there such a rule? 

(There’s no rule for that, but…I haven’t heard of a man without experience with women marrying a female noble or royal.) (Eir)

The ‘I haven’t heard of’ from the Water Goddess is practically saying ‘they don’t exist’.

I-I see…

(And so, climb the stairs of adulthood, okay, Mako-kun☆?) (Eir)

And now, there’s Lucy and Sa-san looking over here with steamy gazes. 

“Makoto…” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Aya)

I didn’t notice that the two had pushed me down. 

Also, there’s…no reason to resist this. 

—The night was long. 

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