WM – Chapter 239: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Holy Dragon

—Hero Abel and the Holy Dragon Helemerck.

I have seen it here and there in the bronze statues of settlements, picture books, and murals of churches about the Dark Era.

It is drawn in many places as the most symbolic figure of the Legendary Heroes defeating the Great Demon Lords.

And so, there’s a dragon with pure white scales lying down right in front of me.

Ooh…so that’s the legendary Holy Dragon…

I forgot about my Clear Mind Skill and was moved for a while.

“M-Master…” (Momo)

Momo grabbed my arm tightly.

“What’s the matter, Momo?” (Makoto)

“No, ‘what’s the matter’ you ask…?” (Momo)

Momo was trembling.

“Makoto-san…that’s the lord of Laberintos.” (Abel)

“The lord of Laberintos?” (Makoto)

Abel said this as he looked at the white dragon.

“The legendary Ancient Dragon that’s rumored to be in the Deepest Floor of Laberintos and is said to have lived for more than 10,000 years… To think it actually existed…” (Abel)

Hero Abel’s voice was trembling. 

10,000 years?! 

That’s impressive! 

As expected of the Ancient Dragon of Savior Abel-sama.

“Well, for now, let’s go talk to it.” (Makoto)


Hero Abel and Momo were looking at me with a strange gaze.

As if they were looking at a weirdo.

Did I say something that weird? 

I glanced at the Great Water Spirit. 

“What’s the matter, Our King?” (Dia)

“No, it is nothing.” (Makoto)

This one is the same as always. 

She is stretching.

I walk towards the white dragon, and Hero Abel and Momo follow behind slowly.

The giant white dragon had its eyes closed, but it is not like it was sleeping huh.

As proof of that, when we got around 10 meters close to it, it opened its eyes slightly and looked down at us.

Looking at it closely really gives a whole different level of pressure.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Makoto.” (Makoto)

I introduced myself.

But there was no response.

Did it not hear me? 

“Uhm~, can you hear me…Holy Dragon-sama?” (Makoto)



Could it be that the human language doesn’t work?

This is troubling…

“Could it be that you don’t understand what I—” (Makoto)

(What’s your business here, human?)

A voice resonated inside my head.

C-Could this possibly be…?! The type that speaks directly to your mind?! 

“Uhm…we are travelling in order to defeat the Great Demon Lord. Can you please lend us your help?” (Makoto)

I noticed after saying this, but isn’t this something that would be better for Hero Abel to say? 

(Why should I have to lend my help to humans?) 

The response I got wasn’t favorable.

Or more like, it was really cold.

“M-Makoto-san…” (Abel)

“Master…” (Momo)

Hero Abel and the Great Sage-sama are pulling my clothes from the back.

“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

When I turned around, the two had stiff faces.

“L-Let’s leave…” (Abel)

“I think that Dragon-sama is angry…” (Momo)


It is a legendary Holy Dragon, so I don’t think it is that short tempered though.

I once again look at the white dragon, but it seems like it has already lost interest in us, it had its eyes closed.

It doesn’t seem to react to Hero Abel either.

Eeh? It isn’t lending us its help?

Did we come here too soon…?

According to the picture book of the Legend of Hero Abel, the White Holy Dragon becomes their comrade after defeating Bifrons.

‘The legendary dragon acknowledges them after defeating a Demon Lord’, that might be the thing here.

Looks like it won’t be helping us at present.

Can’t be helped. Let’s go back.

Let’s just consider the fact that we managed to reach the Deepest Floor of Laberintos as progress.

It was at that moment…

A violent gale happened and the ground shook.

A giant red shadow appeared in front of us.

An Ancient Dragon that had red scales like they were burning.

That dragon licked its lips and spoke in human tongue.

“Hey, Mother Dragon, ain’t gonna care if I eat them, right?” 

O-Oi oi.

An Ancient Dragon is like a grandpa or a grandma of more than a millennia old, right?

There’s a yankee-like Ancient Dragon like this?! 

“Makoto-san! This dragon is the legendary town eater red dragon! A violent Ancient Dragon that takes a liking in attacking humans! The amount of villages this one has destroyed are uncountable!” (Abel)

“Hiih!” (Momo)

Momo screamed at the words of Hero Abel.

I see…

An Ancient Dragon that has a liking for eating humans…

So a dragon like that has its eyes on us.

This is troubling.


 Dragon-sama, we didn’t come here to fight. We will obediently leave, so can you please spare us?” (Makoto)

I spoke not to the red dragon but the white holy dragon that must have a higher standing.


(Do as you please.) 

I could tell those words were not directed at us but the Red Dragon.

The next instant, the mouth of the Red Dragon warped into a smile, and it attacked us.

This…what should we do?

I grabbed the hand of Dia.

“Time Magic: [Mind Accel].” (Makoto)

I activate Destiny Magic.

It is elementary magic that I have been training at lately. 

This spell is originally a spell that allows you to extend 1 second to several tens of times more inside your head.

That effect also goes to Dia who I am holding hands with.

I synchronize with Dia, and speak to her.

(Dia, can you hear me?) (Makoto)

(Yes, Our King. What’s the matter?) (Dia)

(I don’t want to fight the comrade of the Holy Dragon…) (Makoto)

(But that red lizard is insolently saying it wants to eat Our King though?) (Dia)

The eyes of Dia were cold.

I can see that she is slightly infuriated.

(Dia, please incapacitate it without killing it.) (Makoto)

(Yes, Our King.) (Dia)

The effect of the Mind Accel ran out. 

“[Freezing Breath].” (Dia)

I heard the voice of Dia.

Dia blew with a ‘fuuuh’.

And then, the Red Dragon in front of us turned into an ice sculpture in the blink of an eye.

…Is this…not dead?

“Dia?” (Makoto)

“It is okay~. I held back.” (Dia)

Dia giggled at my call.

Looks like she is feeling better now.

“Eh?” (Abel)

“W-What?” (Momo)

Hero Abel and Momo were the ones who let out dumbfounded voices.

And the Ancient Dragons around as well.

After one brief silence, the Ancient Dragons stood up and directed killing intent at us.

So it did turn out like this…

“Holy Dragon-sama, we don’t want to fight your people. Please let us g—” (Makoto)


“You bastard! You lowly human!” 

“Don’t think you can go back alive!” 

My voice was erased by the angry shouts of the other Ancient Dragons.

Nope, this won’t work.

Ancient Dragons are more short-tempered than I thought.

“Makoto-san! Let’s run away!” (Abel)

“Master! The other Ancient Dragons are attacking too!” (Momo)

Hero Abel unsheathed his sword, and Momo was chanting.

But I just came here to meet the Holy Dragon, not to fight.

And most of all, if I were to defeat them, will the Holy Dragon become our comrade?

I look at the white dragon.

But the white dragon had its eyes closed.

Looks like it has no intention of stopping the other Ancient Dragons.

“Seems like it is going to be difficult to run away, Our King.” (Dia)

Dia whispered to me as if having fun.

It is true that we are surrounded by Ancient Dragons and can’t run away.

Looks like we are in an inescapable battle.

One dragon opened its mouth intending to shoot a dragon breath.


I once again activate Destiny Magic.

“Time Magic: [Mind Accel].” (Makoto)

(Dia, can you incapacitate all the Ancient Dragons here?) (Makoto)

(Let’s see~. It might be difficult with me alone.) (Dia)

(…How many would make it possible?) (Makoto)

(I would say 4-5 would be plenty enough. Should I call them?) (Dia)

(No other choice.) (Makoto)

Can’t be helped.

(I will be taking a bit of your mana for the summoning, Our King. Is that okay?) (Dia)

(Mine…? That’s fine.) (Makoto)

My mana is close to nothing though…

Is something like that necessary?

(Fufu! Thank you very much. Then…come, my little sisters.) (Dia)

Dia waved a hand and blue light gathered in the air, and the next instant, it changed to the shape of people.

5 Undines showed up.

Their appearances are the spitting image of Dia.

(E-Eh…?) (Makoto)

My vision darkened for a second.

It felt as if strength was sapped away from my body.

And then, I felt as if lead weights were placed on both of my shoulders.

This feeling…could it be…

“Hey, Dia, how much of my lifespan did you use for the summoning of your little sisters?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Dia)

Dia made a shocked expression.

This girl didn’t take my mana but my lifespan.

Or more like, the mana and lifespan of Spirits is infinite.

I am sure Dia sees both of them as the same.

“Uhm…let’s see…around 10 years worth of mana?” (Dia)

“I see.” (Makoto)

10 years worth of lifespan, huh…

5 Great Water Spirits for 10 years.

So I can’t use it as I please.

Or more like, when I borrow the help of Dia, it tires me heavily. Could it be that this is also sucking my lifespan?

Looks like I will have to recharge it somewhere.

“U-Uhm…was that not good…?” (Dia)

Dia asked uneasily with sad eyes.

“No, it is okay.” (Makoto)

We are in trouble here anyways.

“I will have you work, Dia.” (Makoto)

When I say this, Dia made a big smile.

“Yes, Our King. Please order me as you please. Let’s teach these lizards that have only been living a few thousands of years their place.” (Dia)

Dia smiled cruelly. 

Great Spirits really move on their emotions.

I sighed lightly and ordered the Undines.

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