WM – Chapter 337: Calamity Witch

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“Ryosuke, this is bad! Your wife has been stolen by My Knight!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san grabbed the shoulders of Sakurai-kun and was shaking him.

“…Eh? Uhm…Takatsuki-kun? Your atmosphere has somewhat changed.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun, who didn’t look like he had any will until now, had the light of his eyes return. 

Looks like he is conscious now. 

“Actually, I had a change of style.” (Makoto)

“That looks good on you.” (Sakurai)

“I am glad to hear that.” (Makoto)

The silver hair and blue eyes that were not popular with Lucy and Sa-san, seem to have received a high evaluation by Sakurai-kun. 

“Ryosuke-san!” (Noel)

Queen Noel was about to run there with a voice of delight. 

I grabbed her arm.

Queen Noel made an expression as if coming back to her senses and stopped her feet. 

“No…I am glad that you are still sane, Princess and Sakurai-kun. It has been a while.” (Makoto)

I spoke to the two without lowering my guard. 

“My Knight…why are you with that woman instead of Lucy and Aya-san?” (Noel)

Furiae-san pouts, slightly displeased. 

…*Boom!* …*Boom!*

At that moment, the sound of explosions resonated from afar, and the ground trembled lightly. 

“Lucy and Sa-san are rampaging over there.” (Makoto)

Or maybe the Crimson Witch-san.

“I see… So you managed to meet those two. I am glad.” (Furiae)

Sakurai-kun at her side seemed like he wanted to say something. 

Is he not being controlled by the Charm?

No, there’s no way that’s possible. 

(…Now then, how do I do this?) (Makoto)

I think for a bit. 

(Just do it. Simple, right?) (Ira)

The one saying this as if it is so easy is Ira-sama.

This Goddess… Good grief. 

I make a wry smile as I decide to act. 

At the same time as I did this, I let go of the hand of Queen Noel. 

If I am synchronized while using magic now that I am a God, some inconveniences might occur.

“Time Spirits-san…” (Makoto)

When I called…

“Light Hero, kidnap the Sun Holy Maiden.” 

A cold voice that didn’t feel like Furiae-san’s came out from her mouth. 

And then, Sakurai-kun closed in on Queen Noel faster than sound. 

But what was the most surprising part about this is that I couldn’t see this development. 

In the battle against the Devil King of just now, I could clearly see the future. 

And yet, I couldn’t see it at all. 

(Mako-kun, the Calamity Witch-chan has inherited the Divinity of the Great Demon Lord and Fallen God Iblis. That’s why even you can’t see her future. You must not lower your guard.) (Eir)

(Hey, be careful, Takatsuki Makoto!) (Ira)

(Even so, my Makoto won’t be losing.) (Noah)

The Goddesses are noisy. 

I will of course not let the Calamity Witch do as she pleases. 

Just before the controlled Sakurai-kun was about to grab Queen Noel…

Time Magic: [Frozen World].

I stopped the time of Sakurai-kun and Queen Noel. 

The two were staying in place without moving an inch, as if they were statues.

“Sakurai-kun, Noel-san, wait for a bit.” (Makoto)

That said, for the two, it would be a wait that doesn’t even amount to 1 second. 

And then, I turned back to Furiae-san…no, to the Calamity Witch who had taken over her body.

“It has been a while, Nevia-san. You really love deceits as always.” (Makoto)

“…To think you would be able to use God Rank magic so readily… So the rumors were true.” (Nevia)

“Rumors?” (Makoto)

“The Evil God Noah has come back and her Apostle has become a God… I thought it was mere idle gossip though…” (Nevia)


The return of Noah-sama has already spread?! 

“The crazy Goddess that tried to cause a Divine Realm War that would drag all the Gods in it. Now that a violent Goddess like that has come back, not only the Divine Realm, even Hell, Hades, and the Gods of the whole universe are apparently trembling in fear.” (Nevia)

“…Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

They are saying some slanderous things about you. 

I will get back at her. 

— “She isn’t wrong though, Takatsuki Makoto.” (Ira)

— “Unfortunately, all worlds everywhere have fallen into chaos, so Nevia-chan is right.” (Eir)

— “Shut up. It was just a mistake from my younger days.” (Noah)

The words of the Goddesses were coming down from the skies.

“These voices are…the Water Goddess, Destiny Goddess…and could it possibly be that the other one is…” (Nevia)

“It is Noah-sama.” (Makoto)


What I said made the Calamity Witch-san frown. 

“Iblis-sama said before: ‘There are Gods that must not be opposed. The strict and omniscient Light Goddess Althena; the Dark Goddess, Naia-sama, who rules over death and chaos; and…the one that wreaks havoc in the order of the world, the Goddess of freedom and destruction, Noah…” (Nevia)

“You are describing my Goddess in a terribly dangerous manner.” (Makoto)

How rude. 

— “Iblis was a God of the lowest strata that was exiled from Hell, so maybe she is sulking?” (Noah)

— “Mako-kun and Nevia-chan were given power by Gods, but the origins of those powers have a difference of heaven and earth, so it can’t be helped.” (Eir)

— “Come on, Takatsuki Makoto. End it already.” (Ira)

I approached the dumbfounded Nevia-san. 

“I will now be separating the souls of Princess and Nevia-san.” (Makoto)

“There’s no way you can return a fused soul to normal…is what I want to say, but I guess it must be possible…if it is an Apostle that has become a God.” (Nevia)

“The Miracle spell was crafted by the Destiny Goddess though.” (Makoto)

I say this as I carefully stand in front of the Calamity Witch. 

(…Is she not going to resist?) (Makoto)

Nevia-chan opens her mouth as if answering my question.

“It is a policy of mine to not do anything pointless.” (Nevia)

“I don’t believe you, but I will be using the Miracle now.” (Makoto)

The Calamity Witch lies as naturally as she breathes. 

That’s why I keep an eye on her for any unnatural movements as I casted the spell that Ira-sama passed on to me. 

— [The Destiny Goddess’s Swiftly Made Spell AAA].

(The name of the spell is so halfhearted…) (Makoto)

It makes me a bit uneasy, but this is the Miracle spell of Ira-sama. 

It should be okay. 

The body of the Calamity Witch…of Furiae-san was wrapped in rainbow color. 

And then, a blue figure came out from the body of Furiae-san. 

That’s the soul of Nevia-san that I saw 1,000 years ago. 

Furiae-san’s body collapses limply. 

I caught her body right before it hit the ground.

I could hear low breathing coming from her. 

But it looks like she is unconscious. 


The Calamity Witch looks at me while in her soul form. 

Not with a vengeful look, but a refreshed expression as if she had been freed of something. 

I am worried about the Calamity Witch, but there’s something I have to do before that. 

I approached Sakurai-kun and Queen Noel whose time had stopped. 

Right before Sakurai-kun reached Queen Noel.

What I should do here is…

“Noel-san, move.” (Makoto)

When I say this, the body of Queen Noel that had stopped like a statue twitched. 

“Eh?! Ryosuke-san? Eh…just what in the world…” (Noel)

“Noel-san, please undo the Charm curse of Sakurai-kun. After that, I will return the time of Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

Queen Noel was panicking here since she is not used to time stopping.

— “There’s no way a mortal would have seen a God Rank time stop spell.” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s baffled voice rang.

“But I used time stop magic every now and then 1,000 years ago, you know?” (Makoto)

— “That’s because you synchronized with me, the Destiny Goddess! Normally, a mortal would go insane if they were to synchronize with a God. You really are an idiot.” (Ira)

Aah, now that she mentions it, that’s true. 

I did get Divinity from the Destiny Goddess. 

— “Eh? Mako-kun and Ira-chan synchronized?” (Eir)

— “Aah…something like that did happen.” (Noah)

— “You knew, Noah?! Isn’t that against the Divine Realm Regulations?! Isn’t it?!” (Eir)

— “Makoto…you synchronized…with a Goddess other than me…” (Noah)

Noah-sama and Eir-sama suddenly got noisy. 

The two Goddesses are flustered. 

— “I-I remembered an urgent business! Takatsuki Makoto, I leave the rest to you! See ya!” (Ira)

She said that and I didn’t hear the voice of Ira-sama anymore. 

— “Mako-ku~n, I will have you tell me the details about that later, okay?” (Eir)

—- “Makoto, you are getting an earful later, okay?” (Noah)

Eh, what’s this? So scary. 

“Makoto-san…are you okay?” (Noel)

On top of that, Queen Noel got worried about me.

“I am okay… That’s why, Noel-san, take care of Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“A-Alright…” (Noel)

She still continued directing me a pitying look as she dispelled the curse of Sakurai-kun. 

The spell shining golden was slowly covering the body of Sakurai-kun. 

“Makoto-san, with this, the curse should be gone.” (Noel)

“Got it. Then, please move a bit away.” (Makoto)

I said this and stood right in front of Sakurai-kun.

Sakurai-kun is currently charging towards Queen Noel. 

That’s why, if I undo the timestop, he will be moving at the speed of sound. 

Someone must stop that. 

“Spirits-san…time moves.” (Makoto)

I undo the timestop. 


A fearsome impact attacked my body. 

I take on the body of Sakurai-kun from the very front. 

(Ouch!!) (Makoto)

It felt as if a truck at full speed had come charging at me, but I somehow managed to stop him. 

I managed to catch him because I have evolved.

If it had been when I was a mortal, I would have been smashed to a pulp. 

The Charm on Sakurai-kun had been dispelled and he was making a dumbfounded face.

“Eh…Takatsuki-kun? What happened to me…? I thought I heard the voice of the Calamity Witch for an instant there though…” (Sakurai)

“You were controlled by Nevia-san and I stopped you from attacking Noel-san. The Charm should have been dispelled now.” (Makoto)

“Sorry…Takatsuki-kun. I once again caused you trouble…” (Sakurai)

“It is okay.” (Makoto)

I pat the shoulder of Sakurai-kun. 

“You really save me the whole time, Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

“Really?” (Makoto)

The first one to invite me to join his party in the Water Temple was Sakurai-kun. 

After that, even when he became a Hero of the Sun Country, he would always talk to me. 

That’s why it is not like it is one-sided. 

“I am pathetic…” (Sakurai)

“I will save you whenever you are troubled.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun…” (Sakurai)

He must be feeling really weak here. 

Just when I was wondering how to comfort him…

“You…just how long are you going to be hugging between men?” 

“Makoto-san! Is your body okay? It made an incredible sound when Ryosuke-san crashed onto you…” 

By the time I noticed, there was Furiae-san who had woken up and Queen Noel standing right by our side.

Sakurai-kun must have noticed that he must not stay depressed here and fixed his expression.

“Noel, thanks for saving me.” (Sakurai)

“Ryosuke-san!” (Noel)

Queen Noel jumped onto the chest of Sakurai-kun.

Sakurai-kun hugged that slender body of hers. 

While I was thinking how picturesque it looked, like the painting of a hero and a princess…

“My Knight!” 

The face of a black haired beauty was right in front of me. 

And I was suddenly hugged.

…Hm? Isn’t it the other way around? 

“Princess, I am glad you are oka—” (Makoto)

I couldn’t say everything. 

My mouth was covered by the lips of Furiae-san before I could.

I slowly hugged the body of Furiae-san. 

And at the same time, I kept an eye on the Calamity Witch with the Perspective Change of RPG Player. 

There’s the chance she still might be able to use curse magic even as a soul.

But the Calamity Witch was looking at us with a cold gaze…especially towards Sakurai-kun.

When I took a peek.

Sakurai-kun and Queen Noel were having a passionate kiss.

Of course, Furiae-san is also kissing me…

We are showing that at a slightly further spot from the Calamity Witch-san…

Of course you would be peeved. 

I apologize internally, and decide to let Furiae-san kiss me until she pleased. 

By the way, Sakurai-kun is also directing his gaze alone towards the Calamity Witch. 

After a whole minute passed…

“This wasn’t the time to be doing something like this!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san returned to her senses.

She finally let me go. 

At the side of Sakurai-kun, he is also separated from Queen Noel already.

“Done?” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch-san was fiddling with her long hair. 

“So kind of you to have waited for us.” (Makoto)

I unsheathed my dagger and faced Nevia-san. 

“What are you saying? The Apostle-san and the Light Hero-san were wary of me the whole time. I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that.” (Nevia)

“Eh? Is that true, My Knight?” (Furiae)

“…That’s not true~.” (Makoto)

Don’t say anything unnecessary, Nevia-san. 

“Then, prepare yourself.” (Makoto)

I take a stance with the Goddess Dagger. 

The Calamity Witch-san is making an expression as if she has given up on everything. 

Does that mean she won’t be resisting? 

Then, at the very least, without pain…

— “Stop! Stop! Mako-kun.” (Eir)

“Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

The Water Goddess called me to a stop. 

— “Let the Light Hero-kun finish her! It would be better if a God like Mako-kun isn’t the one saving the world.” (Eir)

“Why?! My Knight was the one who saved me and Ryosuke! Why does he have to pass on his credit?!” (Furiae)

The one complaining wasn’t me but Furiae-san.

The Water Goddess explains kindly. 

— “Listen well, Furiae-chan. It is better for Gods to not get involved in the events of the Mortal Realm. Those are the rules. If Mako-kun were to defeat Nevia-chan, who inherited the power of the Great Demon Lord, what do you think would happen?” (Eir)

“Of course…the world would be at peace, right?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san rebutes, unconvinced. 

— “At present, yeah. But what about the far future? Mako-kun is a God, but he will eventually have to move to the Divine Realm. He is the familiar of Noah after all. After that, Mako-kun will be gone from the Mortal Realm, and then the Devil Gods and the other Gods might think ‘Speaking of which, the God Takatsuki Makoto defeated the Great Demon Lord. In that case, it should be fine for the next Great Demon Lord to be stronger. Might as well send one who has the power of a God’. If that happens, no one will be following the rules anymore. It will return to a lawless world among Gods.” (Eir)

“That’s…” (Furiae)

“It is okay, Furiae-san. Then, Sakurai-kun, I leave the rest to you.” (Makoto)

“I-I have to do it?!” (Sakurai)

When I passed the role to Sakurai-kun, he opened his eyes wide.

“Noel-san, please record the world saving deeds to have all been by Sakurai-kun for posterity.” (Makoto)

“My Knight?! What are you saying?!” (Furiae)

“Takatsuki-kun?! You shouldn’t.” (Sakurai)

Furiae-san and Sakurai-kun were against it. 

“I see… Understood. Good grief, that’s just like you, Makoto-san.” (Noel)

Queen Noel simply made a wry smile at that. 

As expected of my Deep Sea Temple clear comrade. 

She understands fast. 

“Hey, My Knight, why are you so close to that woman? In the first place, is that how she always called you…?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san glared at me intently. 

“S-Sakurai-kun, bring an end to the Calamity Witch-san!” (Makoto)

I forcefully changed the topic. 

“Got it…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun readied his sword.

That blade began shining golden…then rainbow. 

Even with that, the Calamity Witch…didn’t move.

She was looking at Sakurai-kun with a bright face. 

“I see… So you were my reaper, huh. Light Hero-san of 1,000 years later.” (Nevia)

Nevia-san was holding her hands in front of her chest as if in repentance. 

Sakurai-kun readied his shining sword upwards. 

I thought he would swing down his sword just like that, but he spoke.

“There’s one thing I would like to ask.” (Sakurai)

“Go ahead. I also have something I want to say in the end.” (Nevia)

Nevia-san smiles at Sakurai-kun. 

“Nevia…you should have been able to move in a much slier way. There’s a lot of people close to Takatsuki-kun and Noel here. If you had taken them hostage, you could have troubled Takatsuki-kun more. But you didn’t. You didn’t hurt anyone. Why?” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun’s question was one I had as well. 

I honestly didn’t expect things to be solved so easily. 

I thought it would be harder. 

Just as Sakurai-kun said, if she had threatened to harm Lucy, Sa-san, Princess Sofia, or Momo, my movements would have been more restricted. 

And Furiae-san herself was technically a hostage too. 

But even when using the Miracle of the Destiny Goddess, she didn’t resist. 

Nevia-san laughed as if finding the words of Sakurai-kun amusing. 

“Fufu… What are you saying? Didn’t I do so? I hurt you. In the middle of the ceremony, I was the one who ordered Cain to stab the Light Hero-san, you know?” (Nevia)

“I don’t matter. You didn’t hurt any others aside from that.” (Sakurai)

“No, how doesn’t that matter?” (Furiae)

“Ryosuke-san, please treasure yourself more…” (Noel)

Furiae-san and Queen Noel retorted at the same time. 

“That’s just like Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

No matter what terrible things happen to him, he forgets them in an instant. 

Like a saint. 

Or maybe a madman. 

He is kind to a crazy extent. 

“There should be a limit to being kind…” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch-san sighed baffled and slowly approached Sakurai-kun in her soul form. 

Does she plan on doing something? I readied myself, but she is not showing signs of using magic.

She simply stood right in front of Sakurai-kun.

“Sorry, Light Hero-san. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Because that would go against the world I wish after all. I honestly didn’t want to hurt you either…” (Nevia)

Nevia-san gently touches the cheek of Sakurai-kun.

“It is okay. I don’t mind it.” (Sakurai)

No, mind it a bit, Sakurai-kun.

You were stabbed with a sword, you know? 

“Uhm…I was locked up in the underground prison though.” (Noel)

Queen Noel muttered this. 

Hearing this, the Calamity Witch faced Queen Noel.

And then, she frowned slightly. 

“Cause you know…it can’t be helped. You look exactly like the person that etched a trauma in my heart 1,000 years ago after all.” (Nevia)

“Trauma… Anna-san?” (Noel)

It is true that Queen Noel looks the same as Anna-san.

“I am reminded of the time when that woman sliced me in two…whenever I look at the Sun Holy Maiden.” (Nevia)

“Aah, that can’t be helped.” (Makoto)

I pity her a bit.

“That goes the same for you too, Apostle-san.” (Nevia)

“Me?” (Makoto)

Nevia-san glares at me lightly. 

“Since you came to the past, all of my plans began going astray. That’s the same with this one. At the time when the Apostle-san ran away with the Sun Holy Maiden that looks the same as that woman, I realized: ‘Aah, my plan will be failing this time around too’.” (Nevia)

“It was pretty dangerous this time around though.” (Makoto)

Honestly speaking, what happened 1,000 years ago can’t even compare. 

I even feel as if I used the luck of my lifetime to clear the Deep Sea Temple. 

At that moment, I remembered the words of the Goddess who helped me clear the Deep Sea Temple.


I definitely would have gotten scolded if I had forgotten. 

“Nevia-san, a message from the Moon Goddess.” (Makoto)

“Naia-sama…?” (Nevia)

The eyes of the Calamity Witch-san opened wide. 

“Just what…?” (Nevia)

“‘You did your best’, she said.” (Makoto)


Nevia-san didn’t say anything.

She closed her eyes for a moment and laughed lightly. 

“Fufu, as always, a Goddess that doesn’t praise me much.” (Nevia)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“Really! The Moon Goddess doesn’t care about her Oracle at all!” (Furiae)

The one who agreed vehemently at Nevia-san was Furiae-san. 

She is being told the same by the two Moon Oracles. 

“But she still remembered me despite not being a Moon Oracle anymore, huh. I thought she had forgotten about me since I failed.” (Nevia)

Nevia-san seemed happy. 

I’m glad I managed to tell her. 

“Then, Nevia.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun speaks.

“Yes, I am ready.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch-san closed her eyes.

The light sword of Sakurai-kun released a powerful light. 

With this…everything will finally end. 

— “Hm? Hey, Eir, is this…” (Noah)

— “E-Eh? Isn’t this a bit bad…?” (Eir)

At that moment, voices rang from above.

It goes without saying, it is from the Goddesses. 

“Noah-sama, Eir-sama, what’s the matter?” (Makoto)

Please don’t interrupt a serious scene. 

— “Hey, Makoto, the separation of Nevia-chan and Furiae-chan’s soul…wasn’t perfect.” (Noah)

— “If you defeat Nevia-chan like this, it will also affect Furiae-chan.” (Eir)


Everyone got surprised by this.

Or more like, even Nevia-san is surprised. 

So even the person herself didn’t notice. 

“Is this…a mistake from the Destiny Goddess…?” (Makoto)

— “Looks like it.” (Noah)

— “Haah, Ira-chan.” (Eir)

That Goddess! 

Next time I see her, she is gonna get it. 

— “Makoto, I have confirmed it just now, but it is not to a degree where Furiae-chan would die.” (Noah)

— “Right, if Nevia-chan is gone, her body might mistake that a part of her soul is missing and end up in a long sleep.” (Eir)

“Long sleep…?” (Makoto)

Furiae-san and I look into each other’s eyes.

“Like…how long to be exact?” (Makoto)

 — “A few days…to a few years, I guess?” (Noah)

“So wide!” (Makoto)

A few days is fine, but a few years is no! 

Defeating the Calamity Witch-san is postponed! Postponed! 


“I don’t really mind that much. I will just go to sleep, right?” (Furiae)

The person herself said something weird.

“Princess? What are you saying?” (Makoto)

“My Knight, don’t make that face. I am just going to go to sleep for a bit. Don’t worry.” (Furiae)

“No, I will…” (Makoto)

Her body was taken ago by the Calamity Witch.

Why does she have to go back to a long sleep again? 

Why is it that there’s so many people around me who don’t care about sacrificing themselves?

— “I don’t think they are on your level though, Makoto.” (Noah)

— “That’s rich coming from Mako-kun.” (Eir)


“Now, Ryosuke, go ahead and do it.” (Furiae)

“Furiae…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun looks at me and Furiae-san, worried. 

“It is okay, Makoto-san. There should be no problems with my healing magic and the staff given to me by Althena-sama! Furiae-san, if anything happens, I will heal you!” (Noel)

“I see. Then, please do.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san smiled lightly at the words of Queen Noel. 

And then, the gazes of the 3 gather at me. 

At that moment, letters floated in front of me. 

[Will you end the Calamity Witch?]



So it comes down to this again! 

I have to choose…?

“Ira-sama is definitely going to be getting it later…” (Makoto)

I pledged in my heart. 

“…Sakurai, please.” (Makoto)

I choose Yes.

I will respect the resolve of Furiae-san. 

“Apostle-san, it must be rough having to deal with stuff like this the whole time, huh.” (Nevia)

Even though she is going to be defeated right now, she still sympathized with me. 

“Nevia…I will try to make it painless.” (Sakurai)

“It is okay. I am a soul, so there’s no pain.” (Nevia)

The Calamity Witch didn’t let go of her smile. 

— “Light Hero-kun, there’s no need to worry that much. Nevia-chan’s soul must be judged in the Divine Realm and she must atone for her sins, but…I don’t think it will be that heavy. Even though she controlled the world, there were no casualties after all.” (Eir)

— “What a weird Great Demon Lord. Isn’t it the one with the least amount of casualties in all of history?” (Noah)

I heard the voices of the Goddesses. 

Sakurai-kun must have resolved himself with that, he took a deep breath. 

“Bye, Calamity Witch Nevia.” (Sakurai)

“Have a good life, King Hero-san.” (Nevia)

A flash happened the next instant. 

The slash of light slices the place where the Calamity Witch-san was standing in. 

There was no one there in the blink of an eye.

“Ah…” (Furiae)

Furiae-san collapses.

I hurriedly catch her. 

“Princess…” (Makoto)

I peeked at her face, and Furiae-san smiled as if sleepy. 

“I will go to sleep for a bit… I won’t forgive you if you are not there by my side the moment I wake up…My…Knight…” (Furiae)

Saying this, Furiae-san closed her eyes. 

I heard her quiet breaths.

It looks like there’s no harm to her life.

That’s a relief. 

And then, Sakurai-kun, Queen Noel, and I looked at each other.

Everyone nodded lightly. 

(It is over…) (Makoto)

How many years has it been since I came to this isekai. 

It has been long. 

But finally…

…The world has been saved.

■Comment Response: 

>Ira: “Come to my room!!”

>What a fearsome girl.

Fearsome indeed. And this is her not having any romantic emotions for Makoto-kun (probably).

An unaware heroine. 

■Author’s Comment:

I have published the drawings of the 9th volume on twitter.

The Child of God Alexander vs Spirit King Makoto.

Alex-kun has a crazy blessed body. 

Even though it is a serious scene, I laughed a whole lot at it. 

Alex-kun’s appearance is based on Heracles from Greek mythology. 

And the countdown…2 chapters remaining!!! 

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