WM – Chapter 355: Invitation Letter – Part 1

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“Uhm…it was here if I remember correctly?”

I came to a certain small village in the Wood Country of Spring Log.

I have an invitation letter for my wedding.

‘She’ lives here…apparently.

I don’t think the village reaches even 300 in population.

There’s a lot of elves in the Tree Country, but the races in this village are varied.

Beastkin, elves, dwarves, and even people who look like devilkin.

I heard that they have begun reclaiming land lately.

—Former Demonic Forest.

The place that couldn’t be lived in because of the miasma of the Demon Lord has been freed, so a number of villages were made.

This is one of those villages.

There’s a white Goddess statue in the middle of the village.

It is apparently the guardian god of this village.

A short skirt and a big ribbon, long hair, and big and beautiful eyes.

This Goddess statue that’s more cute than majestic is…

(That’s pretty well made.)

A praise came from the person herself.

It is a statue of the Goddess Noah-sama.

“You are popular, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

(Fufun, obviously.) (Noah)

The Goddess-sama said smugly.

I am also happy as her Apostle.

It seems like the religion of Noah-sama has been popular recently in villages where there’s a lot of races living in it like this one.

The reason being…

The elves would worship the Wood Goddess Freya-sama.

The dwarves would worship the Earth Goddess Ceres-sama.

The beastkin would worship the Fire Goddess Sol-sama.

The devilkin would often worship the Moon Goddess Naia-sama.

Forcing themselves to choose one of them to become the guardian god of the village would end up in conflict.

That’s why they would make the Goddess that has become popular recently, the Freedom Goddess Noah-sama, into the guardian god, and the villagers would pray to the Goddess they themself worship.

Noah-sama endorses the worship of multiple Goddesses.

By the way, the believers of the Destiny Goddess Ira-sama are intense singular god believers.

I bowed at the statue of Noah-sama and then headed deeper into the village just like that.

I was greeted by the villagers on the way.

There’s a lot of young people, probably because it is a new village.

They greeted me with bright faces most likely because they think this outsider is either an adventurer or someone who wants to join their village.

This place gives good vibes.

There’s a big residence deep in the village.

It doesn’t fit the small village.

It clearly stood out in this place with simple houses.

This big house that must have been made with magic is surrounded by a ton of flowers and was giving a fairytale atmosphere.

I approach the residence and knock on the big door.

There’s no response.

I instead hear flustered footsteps inside.

I thought there was no need to run and just use Teleport, but that must be how flustered that person is.

The door is opened with strength.

A black haired girl appeared from inside.

Her not having the white hair I am used to seeing from her is still a fresh experience.

“Makoto-sama!!! At least send me a letter beforehand if you are going to suddenly come!”

“I have come to hang out, Momo.” (Makoto)

The owner of the residence is the former Great Sage of the Sun Country and my comrade, Momo.


“Hmm, the wedding of Makoto-sama, huh~… I see~.” (Momo)

I was guided to a room where books were scattered about. I gave the invitation letter to Momo while drinking the tea that was brought out for me.

I learned from letters that Momo had moved to this village after retiring from being the Great Sage of the Sun Country.

The fame of the White Great Sage is not only known in the Sun Country but the whole West Continent.

Her face as well.

She apparently chose this place since there should be no worry of her face being recognized in a small rural village.

She is going to be moving from the Sun Country to the countryside, but Momo should be able to cover all issues with magic.

She seems to be living free from worldly worries from what I can see of this room.

“Hey, Momo.” (Makoto)

“What is it~, womanizing Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

Her tone is thorny.

She is not in a good mood.

That Momo is using a Wind Spirit to make the invitation letter float and was reading it with a bored face.

(Wait, hm?) (Makoto)

“Aren’t you good at using Wind Spirits?” (Makoto)

“Eh? This much is normal.” (Momo)

“But…” (Makoto)

Now that I look closely, the lamps of this room are lit by Fire Spirits.

Momo must like flowers, there’s a lot of potted plants inside the room, and Water Spirits and Earth Spirits were looking after them.

She has mastered all Spirits of the 4 basic elements?!

“I went from an undead to a human thanks to you, Makoto-sama. I have been interested in Spirit Users for a long time.” (Momo)

Momo said this as if nothing.

“Didn’t you learn a bit too fast?!” (Makoto)

Momo returned to being a human just recently.

And yet, she has already gotten along with the 4 basic element Spirits.

Even though it took me several months to get along with just the Water Spirits.

“More importantly…” (Momo)

“More importantly…?” (Makoto)

“When are you going to marry me?!” (Momo)

Momo came at me with an astounding threatening attitude.

“That’s…when you get older, Momo…” (Makoto)

“I am 1,000 years old!” (Momo)

“A few years more.” (Makoto)

“You will be an old man by that time!” (Momo)

“I won’t become an old man in just a few years!” (Makoto)

“Muuh.” (Momo)

“By the way…will you come…to my wedding in the Water Country?” (Makoto)

“Eeh… The wedding of someone else again~? Even though I celebrated your wedding with Anna-san~.” (Momo)

“Well, Sofia is my fiancee after all…” (Makoto)

“I am left for later anyways.” (Momo)

“I-Is that a no…?” (Makoto)

“Hm.” (Momo)

Momo faces away.


It really seems like it will be difficult to invite Momo.

Forcing someone is not good.

“Got it.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Momo)

I put the invitation letter back into my pocket.

“Then, I will come hang out again some other time. It is a good village, Momo.” (Makoto)

“P-Please wait!” (Momo)

Momo grabs my clothes.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t go.” (Momo)

“You are going to?” (Makoto)

“Sofia was one of my students after all. I will participate in the celebration.” (Momo)

“Speaking of which, you were a teacher in a magic class for royalty.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. The Sun Oracles and Fire Oracles have been my students for generations too.” (Momo)

“That’s impressive.” (Makoto)

Most of the Oracles are royalty.

Her being the teachers of royalty for generations means that her influence in the West Continent is immeasurable.

Momo easily quit that position of hers and retired though.

“That’s why I will be participating in the wedding even if I don’t like it. In exchange, I will have you marry me in a few years too!” (Momo)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I agreed and Momo went ‘Hmph!’ as she faced the other way.

“And so, what will you be doing now? The wedding is in 1 month, right?” (Momo)

“About that…there’s someone else I would like to invite. Let’s go together, Momo.” (Makoto)

“Me too?” (Momo)

“Are you busy?” (Makoto)

“I have way too much time on my hands.” (Momo)

“That’s settled then.” (Makoto)

The next person I want to invite is in a place a bit far from here.

“I am thinking of staying here today. Is that okay, Momo?” (Makoto)

“It doesn’t have to be just one night. You can stay here with me forever.” (Momo)

Momo’s proposal is enticing, but…

“I have a lot of places I need to go, so let’s do that some other time.” (Makoto)

“Booo.” (Momo)

Momo pouted when I answered her with that.

My stomach growled at that moment.

“Oh, I am hungry.” (Makoto)

“Do you want to eat now, Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

“Is there a good eatery?” (Makoto)

“There’s only one store where you can eat food in this village.” (Momo)

“Seriously? Let’s go there then.” (Makoto)

Momo and I head to the only eatery -bar- in the village.

It is still too early for dinner, so there aren’t many people around.

“Yo, Momo-chan. We’ve got fresh meat and fish today!”

“Then, I leave it to you.” (Momo)


It seems like Momo is a regular here, she is talking carefreely with the owner.

I ordered ale.

I ordered fruit juice for Momo since her body is underaged.

Food came soon after.

Meat dishes cooked in charcoal fire.

Salad made from fresh cheese and vegetables.

Seafood pasta with garlic tomato sauce.

The dishes of the owner were all superb.

It seems like he was a chef in a famous restaurant of the Sun Country’s capital, but he was tired of how busy it was and opened a small store in this village.

I licked my lips as I chatted with Momo about what has happened recently.

Our topics were entirely about Spirits.

“How did you get along with the Fire Spirits, Momo?” (Makoto)

“Hmm, I was good with fire magic to begin with, so I didn’t do anything special. The red haired elf-chan that’s your comrade is also liked by the Fire Spirits.” (Momo)

“It is true that Lucy specializes in fire magic, and she could use Fire Spirits too. I am bad with fire magic though.” (Makoto)

I can use all 7 elements after becoming a god, but what I am good at and what I am not good at are still the same.

I haven’t been good with fire magic since the day I was on the verge of being burned to death a long time ago.

“But you don’t lose against anyone when it comes to dealing with Water Spirits.” (Momo)

“That’s true though. Speaking of which, have you gotten along with Great Spirits?” (Makoto)

Momo suddenly furrowed her brows when I asked this.

“I have called the Undines that you often called, but…honestly speaking, I am impressed you were able to utilize something like that so normally.” (Momo)

“It didn’t work?” (Makoto)

“They don’t listen to me at all!” (Momo)

“Hahaha.” (Makoto)

“It is not a laughing matter!” (Momo)

“I have not tried to make the Spirits do as I want in the first place. I am simply ‘asking’ them.” (Makoto)

Spirits don’t listen to what you say.

It doesn’t go as you want.

They only lend you their help when they are in a good mood.

Selfishness is a defining trait of Spirits.

It seems like they are hard to deal with for the number one mage of the West Continent, Momo.

That said, I also have a rough time with them.

“Makoto-sama, is the training with the Time Spirits going well?” (Momo)

“Not at all. I have begun getting used to Teleport, but not at all with Time Travel.” (Makoto)

I sigh and empty my beer glass.

I order seconds.

“Looks like you will be running late picking up Anna-san.” (Momo)

“The Destiny Goddess did say that Time Travel is not a spell that can be used by a human…” (Makoto)

“You have become a god, so please do your best. You must not make Anna-san cry.” (Momo)

“…I know.” (Makoto)

No matter how difficult it is, I must not break my promise with Anna-san.

The atmosphere grew solemn there for a bit…and the bar grew lively instead.

— “How was the hunting today?”

— “I caught a big game.”

— “But there were a lot of damaged parts, so the appraisal was pretty painful.”

— “Your Wind Spirit magic is a mess, I tell ya.”

— “Don’t ask for the impossible. Spirits can’t do delicate magic.”

I heard such conversations.

It is a conversation from young human adventurers.

“Wind Spirit User… It is rare to see one within humans.” (Makoto)

“There’s apparently an increase in Spirit Users. They say it is the influence of Noah-sama.” (Momo)

There were apparently a lot of people who didn’t use it despite having the skill.

The Goddess Church hated Spirit Users after all.

But that teaching has been abolished as of present.

“You seem displeased, Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

Momo grinned.

“It is not like I am displeased, but…Spirit Users were not popular when I came to this world.” (Makoto)

“It can’t be helped. The boss of the Spirits was treated as an Evil God after all.” (Momo)

“That’s nostalgic.” (Makoto)

I was threatened to be burned at the stake if it was discovered I was an Evil God believer.

And now, she is a popular Goddess.

Really makes one think.

“Cheers to Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I raise the beer glass that was brought to me.

Momo hesitated for a moment since she isn’t a believer of Noah-sama, but…

“I do have my debt with her bringing me back to being a human, so…my thanks to the Goddess Noah-sama.” (Momo)

Momo also followed my example.

That day I had a great talk about the past with Momo till late in the night.


“Good morning, Momo.” (Makoto)

“Good morning, Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

Momo and I woke up in the same bed.

I was going to sleep separately, but she pushed it by saying ‘we were sleeping in the same bed the whole time 1,000 years ago!’.

That was simply because there was basically no space to sleep, so we had no choice but to though…

…I have not put my hands on her.

She has kissed me countless times already though.

‘Hngh~’ -I stretched my body and felt a number of strange things.

“Hey, Momo.” (Makoto)

“What is it, Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

“There seems to be bite marks around my whole body.” (Makoto)

“……Wow, that’s such a mystery~.” (Momo)

“You bit me, didn’t you?!” (Makoto)

“It has become a habit! A reflex!” (Momo)

It is apparently a reflex from when she was a vampire.

In the end, we did something weird like having Momo heal the bite marks she left with healing magic.

I plan on heading to the next place today.

Momo swiftly finished packing.

We exited the house of Momo in the morning.

“Speaking of which, where are we heading to now?” (Momo)

Momo asked me.

Right, I haven’t told her yet.

“The Demonic Continent.” (Makoto)

I answered briefly.

Momo wasn’t surprised by my answer.

She must have expected that.

“Well, that makes sense. Then, let’s go meet Master after a long time.” (Momo)

“Wonder if she is doing well.” (Makoto)

“She definitely is. But she might get angry if we go without an appointment.” (Momo)

“Hmm, then, should I send a message with magic?” (Makoto)

“No, let’s visit them abruptly and surprise them.” (Momo)

“You are one evil girl.” (Makoto)

Momo and I laughed.

The second invitation is for a comrade of mine from 1,000 years ago.

The legendary Holy Dragon, Mel-san.

“Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans.” (Makoto)

I call the Time Spirits.

A number of Spirits turn my way.

They seem to be in a good mood today.

“Let’s go then, Momo.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

I grab the hand of Momo tightly and activate the Teleport towards the Demonic Continent.

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>To think even Princess Sofia forgot about it. That got a good laugh out of me, lol.

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>I feel like that would sour the mood of Noah-sama which scares(excites) me.

-Noah-sama would indeed be in a bad mood…

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