WM – Chapter 174: Takatsuki Makoto meets them again

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“Lend me yer face fer a secoooond!! Rozes Hero!” (Geralt)

Haughty and bad tempered as always.

Lightning Hero, Geralt Valentine. 

“Need me for anything?” (Makoto)

I try with a low stance for now.

“You…’need me for anything’, you ask? …Stealing the march…” (Geralt)

“Stealing the march?” (Makoto)

Geralt-san was looking over here with a dangerous expression as he approached.

This is bad. The blonde hoodlum is coming over here.

I want to run away.


A blonde and slender woman with golden armor hurriedly ran over here.

“Let go, Janet!” (Geralt)

“I won’t. Why are you so confrontational? You only want to hear about the Demon Lord subjugation at Spring Log, right?!” (Janet)

“You…! Don’t say it.” (Geralt)

Aah, so that’s what it was.

“That was just a coincidence. I was lucky.” (Makoto)

“As if! The Demon Lord grave was a calamity designated area that was sealed with a curse and couldn’t be approached by anyone for 1,000 years, you know?! Damn it! What was that about ‘the one who defeats a Demon Lord first wins’?! That was your plan from the very beginning, wasn’t it?” (Geralt)

I feel like I could hear him grinding his teeth… Wait, I can actually hear it.

“Geez, Nii-san, that’s only troubling Makoto, you know. Sorry. He just wanted to meet you, but it seems like he is way too excited today, so he will come at a later date, okay?” (Janet)

Janet-san was pulling her brother. 

“Oi, don’t pull!”, is what Gera-san was saying while he was being dragged away.

“Ah, right right.” (Janet)

Just as she was leaving, Janet-san smiled over here.

“Makoto, keep your schedule open for tonight, okay?” (Janet)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Geralt)

Gera-san and I raised dumbfounded voices.

“Uhm…Janet-san? For what…?” (Makoto)

“Oi, Janet, what do you mean by tonight?” (Geralt)

“It has nothing to do with you, Nii-san. Well then, later, Makoto.” (Janet)

Janet-san then dragged her brother and left. 

If Gera-san were serious, there’s no way he would lose in a contest of strength against his little sister. 

In that case, the little sister has a stronger standing, or Gera-san is weak against his little sister. Which one is it, I wonder.

Also, those suggestive words of Janet-san about leaving my schedule open for tonight…

I actually wanted to hang out with Sakurai-kun though.

Oh well. 

I was surprised by the unexpected welcome, but let’s enter the Highland Castle. 

“Then, let’s go”, is what I said as I turned to my comrades.


“Uwah!” (Makoto)

When I turned around, there were 3 pairs of eyes staring at me intently. 

Furiae-san and Tsui were yawning. 

“Hey, Aya, this guy was made to schedule an appointment with another woman the moment he came to Highland.” (Lucy)

“Aah, I am jealous of popular Hero-samas. Sofi-chan, what should we do about the strong womanizing trend of the Rozes Hero?” (Aya)

“It is a serious problem. Lucy-san, Aya-san, please keep an eye on Hero Makoto so he doesn’t put a hand on foreign women.” (Sofia)

““Leave it to us.””


Lucy and Sa-san were coordinating with Princess Sofia.

What should I say to that?

I feel like saying anything is going to be adding fuel to the fire. 

“Hero-dono, the women of Rozes are strong, aren’t they.” 

The General Tariska whispered in my ear.

“Is it not the same in the Fire Country?” (Makoto)

“It is similar. Her mother is also pretty stout…” (Tariska)

He looked at the Fire Hero Olga-san who is his daughter while saying this.

Yeah. She has been docile recently, but when considering the first time we met, she must be quite imposing herself.

“It is the same no matter where I go.” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it, that’s true.” (Tariska)

General Tariska laughed out loud. 

It doesn’t really solve anything though.

Lucy and Sa-san reinforced the defenses on my sides as I entered the Highland Castle. 


General Tariska apparently had a talk with the Highland king, so we separated. 

“We will go meet Princess Noel.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia apparently wanted to hear the intentions of Princess Noel.

As for me, I don’t know anything about the relationship between countries, so I could only nod. 

I apparently have an appointment, so I head to the stipulated location.

“Isn’t that Makoto-dono?!” 

On the way, I was called by a giant warrior.

His appearance isn’t that of a human. His skin reminds me of that from a reptile, and his face…ah, a beastkin.

“Maximilian-san, it has been a while.” (Makoto)

The Wind Tree Hero, Maximilian-san.

“I heard the talks about you. That you raised hell in the Fire Country too.” (Max)

Contrary to his stern impression, he directed a friendly smile at me.

“It just turned out that way. How has Spring Log been after that?” (Makoto)

“Thanks to Makoto-dono, the Demon Lord grave is gone, and the miasma around the Demonic Forest is slowly reducing. The Demonic Forest will most likely be gone in around 10 years or so. Once that happens, the Wood Country will develop even more. The elders of the villages are all grateful to Makoto-dono.” (Max)

Maximilian-san said this happily. 

“Heeh…the Demonic Forest has?” (Makoto)

It is true that now with the Demon Lord Bifrons gone, the source of the miasma is gone as well.

Apparently that will make the dungeon where the undead roam around disappear. 

I remember the time when Sa-san and I transformed into undead and explored the place.

In the end, we only explored it once.

(I should have explored it more.) (Makoto)

The Demonic Forest was a limited time dungeon…

Maybe there were hidden treasures.

“Makoto-dono?” (Max)

“Takatsuki-kun, you are making the face of when you are thinking of something stupid.” (Aya)

While I was indulging in my thoughts, Maximilian-san and Sa-san retorted. 

“What do you mean by that, Aya?” (Lucy)

“Since we are talking about Takatsuki-kun here, he must have been thinking ‘I should have explored the Demonic Forest more’.” (Aya)

“Can you please not read my mind?” (Makoto)

Why can you read that part so accurately?

“Eeh? The elves were raised being taught to never get close to the Demonic Forest, you know… What are you thinking, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“That goes for everyone in the Wood Country… The only one who would feel disappointed at the Demonic Forest being gone would be Makoto-dono only.” (Max)

“No, you are misunderstanding me here. I am not disappointed at the Demonic Forest being gone, you know?” (Makoto)

I am under the threat of being treated as a weirdo by not only Lucy but Maximilian-san as well. 

Now then, how should I explain this one?

When I was about to talk…

“You are in the way, move aside.” 

I was suddenly spoken to in a commanding tone. 

…The corridor is wide, so I think she should be able to cross if she were to just move a bit to the side though.

The woman that spoke was looking down at us with cold eyes at the center of a group.

Silver hair and orange eyes. 

Her white dress has a number of enormous magic crystals decorating it. 

She has an appearance that could be called beautiful, but…the gaze she is directing over here doesn’t have an ounce of friendliness.

“My apologies, Esther-sama.” (Max)

Maximilian-san gives way for her. 

We also did the same. 

“The hired Hero of Rozes and a beastkin Hero, huh. You get along well.” (Esther)

Disinterested, with a tone that has slight scorn mixed into it…I think.

The silver haired woman gave a sweeping glance at us.

For an instant, her eyes stopped at Furiae-san, and her expression warped into one of hatred.



‘Huh? Ye got a problem or something?’, is the face Furiae-san was making.

I thought this was bad and was going to stop it before something rude occurred, but in the end she didn’t say anything and left. 

“What’s with her?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was annoyed. 

The group following the haughty woman disappeared into the Highland Castle. 

“The girl just now was the Destiny Oracle, Esther-dono.” (Max)

Maximilian-san told us.

“…She has quite the peculiar personality.” (Makoto)

She seemed like a woman with a bad personality. 

I glanced at Princess Sofia.

If she is an Oracle, maybe they are acquaintances?

“The Destiny Oracle was recently appointed, so this is my first time meeting her as well.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia responded apologetically. 

I see, so this is her first time meeting her as well, huh.

“I wonder what happened. The Esther-sama that I met before gave me the impression that she was a polite and obedient person. That was a few years ago though.” (Max)

Maximilian-san tilted his head.

People change their personalities after several years of not meeting them after all. Something must have happened to her as well.

Anyways, it isn’t a good mood to continue having idle talk. 

“Well then, see you later, Maximilian-san.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Makoto-dono. Let’s have a nice long talk when there’s time.” (Max)

We parted ways with Maximilian-san, and headed to where Princess Noel is.


The audience location with Princess Noel was a place that was close to the training grounds of the Highland Castle. 

I learned the reason why this place was chosen after getting close to it. 

“Welcome to the Sun Country of Highland, Light Hero-sama is waiting for you, Makoto-dono.” 

“It has been a while, Ortho-san.” (Makoto)

The person who received us was the First Division Captain of the Sun Knights. 

The person I fought together with when the monster stampede happened in Symphonia. 

Princess Sofia entered the building that was at the side of the training grounds where Princess Noel is.

While the two princesses are talking, we were asked to talk with the Sun Knights in the meantime. 

We joined forces with the Sun Knights at the time we came to the Sun Country before.

Sa-san and Lucy were reuniting with people of other divisions and talking with them.

Furiae-san had been pulled along by Sa-san and Lucy.

I wanted her to come with me to Sakurai-kun’s place though…

Can’t be helped. I will bring her along later. 

I was guided by Captain Ortho-san, and walked through the vast training grounds of the Highland army. 

The place we were guided to was the fighting ring-like place that is big even within the training grounds.

At that place, there’s corpses piled up

That’s not it.

Not corpses.

They are all breathing. 

However, they were all lying there like corpses, and were breathing faintly. 

“Match over! The Light Hero-sama wins!” 

The voice of someone announcing this resonated. 

“A mock battle. A training called Light Hero-sama vs 100 knights.” (Ortho)

Captain Ortho-san explained.

“Heeh…that’s quite the straightforward name.” (Makoto)

It is incredibly easy to understand.

But there was something that was bothering me. 

“There’s more than a hundred though, aren’t there?” (Makoto)

Even with a cursory glance, I could tell there were more than 200 people collapsed there. 

“100 weren’t enough after all.” (Ortho)

“Aah…” (Makoto)

100 people just wasn’t enough against the Light Hero, huh. 

Can’t be helped then. 

I look at the collapsed warriors again, and I could tell there were even high rank and superior rank knights. 

Moreover, they were all in full armor with serious combat equipment. 

Compared to that…


The handsome guy that was their opponent saw me and waved his arm energetically. 

A t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, not wearing a single piece of armor, and he looked like the time when he was playing soccer in physical education. 

On top of that, he has a wooden sword in his right hand. 

That wooden sword is shining like a legendary holy sword.

The ability to change light into Aura. 

The Aura of the Light Hero is the strongest sword and the strongest shield. 

The weapon clad with the Aura of the Light Hero becomes a fearsome magic sword.

The Light Hero with Aura clad around his body isn’t easy to wound, and even if he does, it will be regenerated in an instant. 

It is basically the Invincible Time of Sa-san without cooldown. 

As long as the sun is in the sky, there’s no one who can win against the Light Hero. 

He is the owner of the same Skill as Savior Abel.

The one who is waving his hand at me with a smile is my childhood friend I haven’t seen in a few months already, Sakurai Ryosuke. 


“It has been a while, Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

“You are the same as always with your (outrageous) strength, Sakurai-kun. It relieved me.” (Makoto)

We were happy about our reunion. 

“I have heard the stories about you. You defeated a Demon Lord in the Wood Country, and saved the Fire Country’s capital from destruction.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun says with a smile. 

Everyone says that. 

“Putting it as if it was solely my achievement is a bit troubling though.” (Makoto)

In Spring Log it was Rosalie-san.

In Great Keith, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Noah-sama. 

“With you in the Northern Expedition, there’s nothing to worry about, Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

“I will participate in the corner.” (Makoto)

It is an expedition where the chosen heroes Sakurai-kun, Geralt-san, and Maximilian-san are participating. 

I don’t think there’s the need for a Country Designated Hero like me to jump into their spotlight. 

“I feel like the people around wouldn’t allow that though.” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun chuckles. 

“All tough enemies in the Northern Expedition will be given to Sakura-kun after all.” (Makoto)

I look at the collapsed high and superior rank knights as I said this.

Hearing this, Sakurai-kun made a face as if he didn’t expect that.

“You are going to fight together with me, right?” (Sakurai)

“Do you really need my weak water magic?” (Makoto)

“It helped me in Laberintos.” (Sakurai)

“Next time it will be outside, so I won’t have a turn.” (Makoto)

“If it is raining, it would be your turn, right?” (Sakurai)

“When that happens, I will clear the clouds.” (Makoto)

“…You can do something like that? I heard that even the Great Sage-sama has a hard time controlling the weather though.” (Sakurai)

“I can do it if it is Raining → Clear out. I can’t if it is the other way around.” (Makoto)

“Please tell me about it in detail!” (Sakurai)

“Can’t be helped. (I say with a cocky smile)” (Makoto)

I enjoyed my talk with Sakurai-kun. 


There’s a lot of Water Spirits around the Highland Castle.

That’s greatly different from the Rozes Castle. 

One of the reasons must be the big river at the back of the capital. 

The other one is because the Highland Castle doesn’t serve as a church like the Rozes Castle does. 

The Sun Country is a nation that separates religion and politics, so the one worshipping the Holy Gods is the Holy Maiden Anna’s Great Church. 

Because of that, there’s a lot of Water Spirits in the training grounds. 

(The Water Spirits are gone…?) (Makoto)

The Water Spirits disappeared in an instant like a tide pulling back. 

I soon understood the reason why. 

“Sakurai-kun, who is the person there?” (Makoto)

At the place I was looking at, around 100 meters away, there’s a warrior of large build standing there.

I think he is around 2 meters tall. 

He has a similar build to the beastkin Maximilian-san, but from what I can see, he is human. 

Blonde hair and white skin, but the reason he doesn’t give the impression of a noble is because of the muscles of his that were like that of a wrestler. 

Since the moment he arrived, the Water Spirits left. 

“He is the person that became the Country Designated Hero of the Sun Country just recently…his name is Alex, if I remember correctly.” (Sakurai)

“You know him?” (Makoto)

“About that, he is not affiliated to the Sun Knights, but to the Templars. The training grounds can be used by anyone regardless of which one you are affiliated to, so it isn’t strange for him to be here, but…we don’t talk to each other practically ever.” (Sakurai)

“Hmmm…” (Makoto)

“If you are interested, want to go talk with him?” (Sakurai)

“No, not interested to that point.” (Makoto)

I glanced at my right arm. 

My Spirit Arm is currently hidden by bandages. 

What worries me is not the mana of the Spirits, but the Divinity of Noah-sama. 

What the man called Alex is releasing from his body doesn’t feel like mana but more like Divinity. 

It might not be it though.

(…I don’t wanna be in the same unit as him.) (Makoto)

It would trouble me if there’s no Spirits. 

While I was thinking that, Princess Noel and Princess Sofia appeared.

“It has been a while, Makoto-san.” (Noel)

Princess Noel smiles like the sun. 

As always, she is like the template princess that has both elegance and cuteness.

“Princess Noel, it has been a while.” (Makoto) 

I was about to kneel, but was stopped. 

“There’s no need for the formalities. Makoto-san is the fiancee of Sofia-san after all. More importantly, all Heroes and Oracles will be reuniting. Let’s go together.” (Noel)

“Understood.” (Makoto)

We just arrived, but it seems we have to gather already.

We met up with Lucy, Sa-san, and Furiae-san, and were guided by Princess Noel.


Heroes and Oracles of each country were gathered in a giant meeting room. 

There’s familiar and unfamiliar faces. 

There’s also the royalty of Highland and the Five Sacred Nobles.

I also see General Tariska. 

However, I don’t see the new Country Designated Hero, Alex.

“Everyone, over here.” 

A man that seems to be the one who will be leading this meeting speaks.

“I will be explaining the Northern Expedition now. But before that, there’s something the commercial country’s Oracle, Esther-sama, wants to say. Now then, Esther-sama, please.”

When the person says this, the Destiny Oracle-san that I passed by just before went up the platform. 

She had a cold expression as she looked down at us.

A few seconds of silence continued. 

By the time people began wondering what was happening, the Destiny Oracle speaks.

“There’s someone here who is a follower of an Evil God.” 

The Destiny Oracle Esther says indifferently. 

(Eh?) (Oh?) 

Noah-sama’s voice overlaps with mine.

…Noah-sama, isn’t this bad?

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