WM – Chapter 235: Takatsuki Makoto fights a Demon Lord

Outside of Laberintos, there’s Heroes covered in blood, and warriors collapsed.

The fighters that are still standing have mostly lost their fighting spirit in front of Demon Lord Cain.

The only ones facing Demon Lord Cain are me and Johnny.

“Your name?” (Johnny)


I give a short answer to Johnny-san.


“Yes.” (Makoto)

I know.

“…[Wind Arrow].” (Johnny)

The moment Johnny-san said this with a low voice, several hundred wind arrows appeared.

That spell was formed not by the mana of Johnny-san himself but from the mana in the surroundings.

Wind Spirit Magic.

Can’t go losing here.

“XXXX… XXXXX (Undine…I’m counting on you)” (Makoto)

“XXXXXX (Yes, Our King).” (Undine)

…Several hundreds of water dragons appeared around Demon Lord Cain.

The Demon Lord isn’t even paying it any heed though.

I hold the right hand of Undine and synchronize.

“Water Magic: [Deep Sea].” (Makoto)

Giant water walls were made around as if enveloping Demon Lord Cain and protecting everyone around.

This is the only way to go against Cain.

Noah-sama said this.

No attack and magic works on the armor of Demon Lord Cain.

And the sword of Cain cuts down everything.

That’s why it is pointless to attack the Demon Lord directly. 

The only method to take is to target his surroundings.

Transform the terrain and environment to our advantage.

By using the water dragons and the giant water walls, it is as if an ocean had appeared.

…A giant mass of water surrounds the Demon Lord.

This is a huge waste of mana, but with Undine here, that’s all resolved.

I could see Abel and Momo with their mouths wide open from afar.

Hero Abel’s wound doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.

That’s one worry less.

“Assemble, Fire Spirits…” (Cain)

When Cain muttered this, his two-handed sword was covered in raging fire.

A Fire Spirit User huh…

Cain rocked the tip of his blade, and lunged here in an instant.

“[Wind Arrow].” (Johnny)

“[Water Dragon].” (Makoto)

The magic of both of us hit Cain.

But the spells were all blocked by his armor.

Even so, it dropped his speed a bit.

“[Frozen Barrier].” (Makoto)

I place even more barriers.

The Demon Lord waved that away as if it were annoying.

Hmm, it is not working at all…

I knew that though.

“[Ice Meteor].” (Makoto)

I make giant ice chunks just like the Meteor of Lucy, and drop them one after the other.

It isn’t damaging him, but it is serving to slow him down.

“Wood Magic: [Restraining Ivy].” (Johnny)

Johnny-san activated a wood spell and it wrapped around the body of the Demon Lord.

But he cuts it off.

“Earth Magic: [Stone Arrow].” (Johnny)

Several hundred stone arrows rained down on the Demon Lord.

This guy is so talented.

“[Water Cage].” (Makoto)

I wondered if I could imprison Cain, but he immediately cut my prison magic with his two-handed sword.

That sword is made from the same material as my dagger.

In that case, there’s nothing it can’t cut.

So troublesome.

“Makoto, is there any attack method that could work against him?” (Johnny)

Johnny-san asked me as he floated in the air with wind cladding.

“No attacks work on him. Let’s take distance just like this as we fight.” (Makoto)

When I say this, Johnny-san frowned dubiously. 

“But at this rate, there won’t be an end. I thought you had some plan…” (Johnny)

“This is the best plan. Our attacks don’t work, and even when we get close to him, he cuts us with that sword.” (Makoto)

“I see…” (Johnny)

Johnny-san looked slightly disappointed, but he didn’t say anything back.

I see, because I looked so confident, he must have thought that I had some sort of trump card.

I felt a bit bad, as I remembered the conversation of Noah-sama.


“And so, in the case when the Light Hero is not your comrade yet, what should I do to clear the Demon Lord Cain hurdle, Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

“Fufu, about that…” (Noah)

Noah-sama answered my question with a smile.

Solely buy time without getting close to that child. They get bored easily, so when they think they can’t defeat you, I think they will leave.” (Noah)

“…Can you even call that winning?” (Makoto)

That was more of a bulldozing method than I thought.

“Also…attacking them while asleep? I think they take off their armor when sleeping.” (Noah)

“…Enough info.” (Makoto)

I will just pray I don’t meet Demon Lord Cain.

“Hey, Noah, can’t you give the same equipment to Makoto as you did Demon Lord Cain?” (Althena)

Althena-sama gave a good idea.

Sounds nice! 

“Hmm, I have used all the metal I had with the dagger I gave to Makoto. That’s why it is impossible. Also, with the strength of Makoto, he won’t be able to equip it anyway.” (Noah)

“Aah…that’s true.” (Makoto)

A Hero that can’t carry anything heavier than a dagger.

That’s me.

Althena-sama held her head.

“Takatsuki Makoto, be careful not to meet Demon Lord Cain…” (Althena)

“O-Okay…” (Makoto)

To think Althena-sama would tell me this so persistently… Just what kind of fearsome guy is he? 

I was honestly interested at that moment.


And so, back in the present…? Past?

Our Saint and Monarch Rank Spells were not working at all.

The greatsword that can cut all creation.

(Damn overpowered bastard…) (Makoto)

So overpowered it made me think ‘Wouldn’t it be fine for you to be the Great Demon Lord?’.

Is Iblis even more outrageous of a guy? 

What should I do if it is an outrageous guy like the Sun Hero Alexander? 

I can’t win against that.

Cain was charging straight at us like a boar.

He won’t be getting damaged by any attack anyways, so that must be the most efficient method.

“Great Water Spirit Undine!” (Makoto)

“Wind Magic: [Kamaitachi]!” (Johnny)

I synchronized with Undine and used Frozen Barrier to hinder the Demon Lord.

Johnny-san rained wind blades at him.

The result was that the attack of Cain was cut off.

He clicked his tongue.

It seems like he is annoyed that his attacks aren’t hitting.

Can you leave already…?

“Wind Spirits…” (Cain)

The Demon Lord muttered lowly. 

A cloud of sand danced from the wind.

Demon Lord Cain went out of sight.

W-What a crafty move!

“Undine!” (Makoto)

I ready for an attack by creating several tens of barriers.

But the aim of the Demon Lord wasn’t me.

He was approaching Johnny-san in a blur.

He is faster than before?! 

This is the Demon Lord when serious! 

“Die, heretics.” (Cain)

Cain brought down his burning sword at Johnny-san from the very front.

He won’t be able to avoid that! 

The red and black shadows clash.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I imagined Johnny-san being split in half, but the result was the elf swordsman easily deflecting the attack of the Demon Lord.

He deflected the sacred treasure attack with a single katana?

Johnny-san was an unbelievable master of the blade.

“That was close.” (Johnny)

Johnny-san was in a stance with his katana as he said this.


If he had received that with the blade, there’s no doubt the katana would have been cut down.

Cain must have felt the same.

He changed his attack target to me.

He directs killing intent at me.

“Water Spirit Clad.” (Makoto)

I clad the dagger of Noah-sama with the mana of a Water Spirit.

I swing that horizontally. 

A giant water wave swallowed Cain.

But there wasn’t a single scratch in his armor. 

Instead, the slash that was shot by the dagger opened up the clouds, and the light of the sun peeked down.

Demon Lord Cain rushed at raging speed.

“Hahahahahahahaha!” (Cain)

The distance between Cain and me was a few steps away from being in the range of his sword.

This is not good.

“[Spirit Arm].” (Makoto)

The moment I tried to transform my arm into a Spirit…


There was a person who was trying to jump at Demon Lord Cain from his back.

The sword he swung was shining like a rainbow

That’s…Hero Abel?

Cain noticed the attack coming from the back, and showed hesitation on whether to attack me or not.

And then, he decided to take down the Hero first.

He turned back and tried to counter Hero Abel’s attack.

(T-This is bad!) (Makoto)

Hero Abel is going to be killed! 

Johnny-san and I shot spells to save Hero Abel…



The surprised voice came from Cain, but the shock from the surroundings was bigger.

The sword of Hero Abel had cut away the helmet of Cain.

It is the armor that negates all attacks, you know?! 

The black helmet rolls on the ground.

Blood flowed down from the Demon Lord’s head, but the next instant, a bright light surged and his wound disappeared.

The sacred treasure armor Noah-sama made apparently has the ability to immediately heal the wounds of the user.

Isn’t that unfair, Noah-sama?

The uncovered face of the Demon Lord was darkish and his eyes were purple.

It was a man with fearsome beauty. 

However, that handsome face was warped in hatred right now.

“You bastard… How dare you do that to the sacred treasure Noah-sama had given to me…” (Cain)

“[Wind Arrow].” (Johnny)

“[Ice Lance].” (Makoto)

The more than thousand spells that Johnny-san and I shot were concentrated on the head of Cain.

Alright, that guy has exposed his weak point! 

“Tch!” (Cain)

He must have noticed the disadvantage he is in. Cain grabbed his black helmet and jumped into the sky.

Ah! He picked it up! 

“Just you wait! Next time, I will offer those souls to Noah-sama!” (Cain)

Cain left as he said this.

(We survived that…) (Makoto)

That was close.

I felt like I was gonna die several times there.

I collapsed right there and then.

“XXXXXXX (Uhm, Our King…?)” (Undine)

“X,XXXX, XXXXXXX. XXXX. XXXXX. (Ah, sorry, Great Water Spirit. You saved me there. Thanks)” (Makoto)

“XXX! (Yes!)” (Undine)

The Great Water Spirit said this with a smile on her face and disappeared.

Her emotions have gotten pretty rich compared to the first time I met her.

In the first place, I don’t know if the Great Water Spirit of the future is the same as this one.

Also, I still don’t know the full picture of her calling me ‘Our King’.

Gotta clean up the large amounts of water walls and water dragons I made…

While I was cleaning up the remains of my water magic…someone approached me.

Johnny-san maybe?…is what I thought, but it wasn’t.

“M-Makoto-san…” (Abel)

“Abel-san, you saved us there.” (Makoto)

The one who came here with unsteady steps was Hero Abel who had cut Demon Lord Cain just now.

That was impressive.

“…Makoto-san, I will cast healing magic on you.” (Abel)

“I am not wounded anywhere though?” (Makoto)

“You must not! What if there really is something?!” (Abel)

He ignored what I said and casted healing magic on me.

It was on the level of scratches, but there really is no place that hurts…

More importantly, there’s something I have to ask Hero Abel.

“Abel-san, the technique you used to cut the Demon Lord Cain was impressive. What was the name of that sword magic?” (Makoto)

That’s without doubt a technique of the Light Hero.

“About that…I was too absorbed in the moment that not even I… But the small opening Makoto-san cut in the skies had the light of the sun peek out, and I felt like my body was overflowing with power…” (Abel)

“Is that so…” (Makoto)

I see! 

The Pitch Black Clouds are covering the mortal realm all the time.

The light of the sun is being blocked.

(So it was that simple…?) (Makoto)

The moment I showed a relieved expression, Hero Abel’s expression crumbled.

“That’s a relief… I thought a benefactor of mine would be dying in front of me in the hands of Demon Lord Cain again… That I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than watch… I am truly glad that you are okay, Makoto-san…” (Abel)

Hero Abel grabbed my shoulders and his voice trembled.

I couldn’t see his face, but he might be crying.

“Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

“Momo.” (Makoto)

Momo ran her way here.

“Are you okay?! Are you hurt anywhere?!” (Momo)

“No, Abel-san was simply casting healing magic on me just in case. I am not wounded anywhere.” (Makoto)

“That’s a relief… I’m so glad…” (Momo)

Momo wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tightly. 

I worried her. I should reflect on that. 

Johnny-san was being surrounded by elves and beastkin warriors.

It seems like there were a lot of wounded people among his comrades, but are they all okay? 

Ah, Johnny-san looked over here.

I could hear him saying ‘You saved us there. I give you my thanks’ with Eavesdrop.

No, there’s no way I would be able to hear that normally, is what I thought, but it might be normal for elves.

At any rate, that guy is really calm and cool.

Lucy, your great grandfather is super strong and cool.

Of course he would be popular.

How about the others?

Volkh-san and Julietta-san were being nursed.

The daughter of Deckel-san is hugging him and crying.

So he avoided the death flag…

The other wounded people were being nursed by the ones who can use healing magic.

I made a heavy sigh here.

…Looks like we managed to overcome the worst event that is the attack of Demon Lord Cain.

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