WM – Chapter 101: Mayhem in the capital of Symphonia (1)

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Inauguration ceremony of the Sun Knight Captain.

An event where the Light Hero who defeated the Taboo Dragons in Laberintos will be becoming a Sun Knight Captain.

And it is also an event to demonstrate the other big countries that Highland has the reincarnation of the Savior Abel.

…While at it, they will apparently also announce that a new Hero has been officially appointed in Rozes.

Mine is simply ‘while at it’, huh. I see.

“To think there would be this much rain on this auspicious day…” 

“Even though they could just change the day. I don’t like my armor getting wet.” 

“The Great Sage-sama should be able to change the weather.” 

“There’s no way that personage would do something like that. She is a whimsical personage.” 

“Well, yeah…” 

Those kinds of conversations could be heard from the knights.

The place is the big plaza at the front of the Highland Castle.

It is normally used as a garden as well, but there’s currently several tens of thousands of soldiers lined up.

The weather is cloudy and lightly raining.

It certainly would be more picturesque if it were to be clear.

Even so, the sight of tens of thousands of soldiers lined up is grandiose.

I can understand how they are called the strongest military force of the continent.

“Will there really be a rebellion occurring today?” (Makoto)

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun.” 

“It is going to happen today, right, Makoto?” 

Sa-san and Lucy retort to my mutter.

Oops, slipped there.

We are at the noble visitor seats, I think.

We are special guests, so we were guided to good seats.

It is a bit further apart from the seats of Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard.

I am a bit worried.

The Guardian Knight Old Man is also there, so I think it will be okay.

Fuji-yan and the others are evacuating to a safe place.

Furiae-san is…at standby by our back.

She has her hood real low so her face can’t be seen.

We are keeping it as her being an attendant of the Water Hero. 

Please keep it down…

It began with a parade of the army, and currently the names of a variety of nobles and congratulatory addresses are being read. 


How long is this going to continue?

…At the middle of that, I put [Clear Mind] to 99% and made really small Water Balls to train.

A long boring time passed.

A loud fanfare resounded.

What is it?

“Light Hero, Sakurai Ryosuke! Come to the front.” 

“Yes!” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun has been called.

Finally the main event.

Sakurai-kun wearing a white and shining armor goes up the platform.

At the platform there’s the Pope and the Five Saint Nobles that I saw at the meeting. 

The one at the highest position is the Highland King, huh. This is the first time I see him.

“At the presence of the Sun Goddess, Althena-sama, and everyone here, I confer you the position of Sun Knight Captain.” (Noel) 

“With honor.” (Sakurai)

The one announcing this to Sakurai-kun is Princess Noel.

Sakurai-kun was kneeling and accepted the ceremonial sword.

…The exchange of two engaged people.

It kinda looks like a picture taken from a tale.

“Ooh…how divine.” “The reincarnations of Savior-sama and Saint-sama.” “I give my gratitude for being able to be in the presence of such a splendid scene…” 

Everyone around seems to be satisfied.

It is apparently a play that imitates the legend of 1,000 years ago.

It is true that the beautiful Princess Noel and the cool Sakurai-kun do make for a picturesque sight.


I could hear Furiae-san clicking her tongue at my back.

Don’t go cursing, okay?

It was then…


An explosion resonated.


“An attack!” “Shields, ready!” “Who is it?!” “Don’t let them escape!” 

The knights were flustered for a second, but soon took action in a composed manner.

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

“Let’s go to where Princess Sofia is.” (Makoto)

“Got it!” (Lucy)

Sa-san, Lucy, and I were on guard of our surroundings as we regrouped with Princess Sofia and the others. We head to the royalty area.

Furiae-san is following us, right? Yeah, she is.

There’s so many people I couldn’t see well, but explosions must be happening in a lot of places, the sounds of explosions were making the ground tremble.

“These guys are from the Snake Church!” “Don’t get close to them carelessly, they are self-detonating!” “Shields going to the front!” “Call the mages! Stop the suicide bombing!” 

(A kamikaze charge from the Snake Church…) (Makoto)

It looks like it isn’t the beastkin rebellion.

This is unexpected. I thought the Snake Church would be showing at the last part.

It seems the intruders appeared at the corner of the plaza, so I can’t see it well.

There’s several tens of thousands of Highland soldiers here.

There’s defense soldiers around the nobles, and it doesn’t look like there’s a winning chance for the intruders at all though.

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

Sa-san’s voice returns me to my senses.

There’s people acting strangely within the highland soldiers!

“There are enemies hiding within the soldiers!” (Makoto)

I shout this loudly while heading to the place of Princess Sofia.

(This is bad. The people around haven’t noticed.) (Makoto)

There’s one highland soldier that has separated from his position and is heading to where Princess Sofia is.

They are already chanting something.


“Someone, protect Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard!” (Makoto)

Anyone is fine!


The Guardian Knight old man!

He stood in front of the two and blocked the way to protect them.

The terrorist disguised as a highland soldier speaks out the name of the spell.

“Self-destruction Magic: [Firestorm].”

(This is the worst!) (Makoto)

Self-destruction magic that is banned by the church.

It doesn’t use Mana, but Lifespan to activate powerful magic.

The merit is that you can use it even without the Magic Skill.

But the Goddess Churches make it clear that this is banned.

In the first place, there’s nowhere in the temple that taught how to use it.

And here they are, using it without any hesitation.

This is bad, there’s too many people!

“Glory for the devilkin!” 

Damn it, this is no good! I won’t make it in time!

The Guardian Knight Old Man also showed no hesitation and got on top of the soldier that was going to self-destruct himself.


The next instant, an explosion occurred and a giant fire pillar was raised.

It is power comparable to that of Lucy’s High Rank Spells.

“N-No way.” “Oji-san…”

Lucy and Sa-san raised desperate voices.

Princess Sofia and Prince Leonard were in shock.

Damn it!

Thanks to the old man taking the hit, there wasn’t much damage to the surroundings.

In exchange, the guardian knight…

“What a brave knight…” “Who in the world was he?” “He was apparently the Guardian Knight of the Water Oracle-sama.” “How valiant…” “Is there no other enemy?!” “Don’t lower your guards! Scoundrels have slipped into our ranks!” 

I can hear the voice of the highland knights.

The smoke of the explosion dispersed, and I headed to where Princess Sofia is.

“To think they would come with Self-destruction Magic. What a fearsome opponent. Are you okay, Princess Sofia, Prince Leonard?” 

The Guardian Knight that had his armor slightly burned stood up staggering.

In his hand, there’s the soldier that had self-destructed himself.


Lucy, Sa-san, and I let out dumbfounded voices.

No, maybe everyone did the same as us.

“Don’t let your guards down. They don’t care about the means! It was an unbelievable attack!” 

The old man says an encouraging speech, but…

((((((((You are practically unscathed.))))))))

I don’t have the mind reading Skill of Fuji-yan, but I felt like I could hear the voice of their hearts.

Well, the old man has the Iron Wall Skill.

Iron Wall is seriously strong.

Also, it seems like the guy who used self-destruction magic is also alive.

So it only reduces your lifespan?

Maybe it is unexpectedly useful?

(Don’t. Definitely don’t.) (Noah)

I was just joking, Noah-sama.

“Princess Sofia, Prince Leonard, are you okay? Old man, that was awesome.” (Makoto)

“Hahaha, it was thanks to your call, Hero-dono!” 

“Hero Makoto, I am okay. It has turned into quite the mess, hasn’t it?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia casted healing magic on the old man and is acting stout-hearted.

“Sa-san, stay with Prince Leonard.” (Makoto)

“Okay~.” (Aya)

I left it to her and she responded reliably.

The knights of the Water Country were slowly gathering too.

“Noel-sama!” “It is the enemy!” “They are disguised as soldiers!” 

An explosion occurred elsewhere.

Are the Oracles being targeted?

That explosion was erased in an instant by a light.

Was that Sakurai-kun?

When I look, Sakurai-kun is protecting Princess Noel and incapacitating the enemies.

Looks like they are okay over there.

“Hey, Makoto, is this the doing of the Snake Church?” (Lucy)

Lucy was paying attention to the surroundings as she asked me.

“Must be. They did say stuff like ‘glory to the devilkin’. But they are taking quite the rough method.” (Makoto)

In a ceremony where several tens of thousands of soldiers are gathered, a terrorist attack of only a few tens of them.

The chaos in the beginning was just a diversion.

Even if the real aim were the guys who aimed at the Oracles, it was blocked in the end.

It is quite the quick attack.

“Is it over with this?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks, and her expression was slightly stiff from the nervousness.

“I wonder. A next attack in this situation where we are on such high alert…” (Makoto)

Right now the highland soldiers are taking roll-calls and checking if there’s anyone mixed in their midst.

(However, there’s an air of ‘there’s no next attack’ hanging around…) (Makoto)

“If they were to make one other move, if that were me…” (Makoto)

I look up and use [Detection].

Lucy was pulled by that and looked up too.

The visibility is bad from the light rain and the clouds.

Within that…

“There’s wyverns!” (Lucy)

Lucy shouts.

A whole lot of wyverns were charging at us with people riding them.

They were hiding within the clouds.

“Mage unit! Shoot them down!” 

“It is impossible, there’s way too many.” 

The highland mages were trying to shoot them down, but they couldn’t make it in time.

The wyverns twist and turn their way here.

Using [Farsight], I could tell the riders are most likely a kamikaze unit. 

They are all way too fanatics!

“No good, we won’t make it!”, one of the highland soldiers shouted.

In a few seconds, explosions will occur in this whole area.

“Sofia!” (Makoto)

I shout and grab the hand of Princess Sofia.

Sorry, being so sudden all the time.

“Eh?” (Sofia)

I use Synchro on Princess Sofia.

Water Magic: [Ice Dragon Flood].

I shot the same amount of superior rank spells as wyverns, and shot them all down before they arrived!

I freeze all the wyvern riders with the Ice Dragons. 

Our mana is really compatible.

I feel like it is even more familiar than before.

“What’s…that?” “He is continuously shooting superior magic chantless?” “The Water Country’s Hero.” “He is the guy that’s said to have treated Lord Geralt like a child…” “How fearsome… Is he a Saint Rank Mage? It is for sure that he is higher than Monarch.” 

I am not.

I am an Apprentice Mage.

Also, if I were to have a rematch with Geralt-san, I would 100% lose, okay?!

While I was thinking that, I was somehow able to shoot them down before they arrived.

I am glad Princess Sofia was here…

“U-Uhm…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia taps me lightly around my upper arm with a slightly flushed face.

“Ah, sorry, Princess Sofia.” (Makoto)

I was about to let my hand go from Princess Sofia…and she grabbed it back.

“You are…always so sudden.” (Sofia)

She looks straight at me with my hand still holding hers.

Uhm, what should I do here…?

“Makoto Makoto.” (Lucy)

Lucy taps my shoulder with her staff.

“What’s the matter, Lucy?” (Makoto)

“They are falling. The people that you froze.” (Lucy)

Right, the wyvern riders are indeed falling.

They would fall and get smashed up…

It can’t be helped. We were fighting for our lives here too…

“Gravity Magic: [Float].”

A giant magic circle appeared as a small voice resonated.

Right before hitting the floor, the enemies float in the air.

At the center of the magic circle, there is a small mage with a white robe and white hair.

“Great Sage-sama?” (Makoto)

“Got here late. So you took care of things for me, Spirit User-kun.” 

The mana in the air was trembling.

This is the battle mode of Great Sage-sama, huh.

“I feel a bad presence. There’s a familiar of Evelisse.” 

Great Sage-sama says with a bitter expression.

“Hiih!” “C-Could it be…” “N-No way…” 

The surroundings stir up with what the Great Sage-sama said.

There’s a lot of scared ones.

Great Demon Lord, Evelisse.

“…Wuuh.” “E-Eve…” “Idiot, don’t say that name!” 

For the people of this world, just hearing the name Evelisse breaks their heart.

That’s just how instilled it has been to these people that it is the symbol of fear.

…Can they really fight the Great Demon Lord when it revives?

“Great Sage-sama, thank you for your assistance.” 

The one who appeared was the Prime Minister of Highland.

The King isn’t around.

Did he evacuate?

“What a pathetic display! To think the prestigious Highland Castle had disgusting pawns of the Snake Church infiltrated in it!” 

The first prince was making a ruckus.

“Noel, isn’t this quite the heavy responsibility here?” 

That’s…the second prince?

Princess Noel’s expression…she is behind Sakurai-kun, so I can’t see.

Looks like most of the nobles and church people are safe.

The highland soldiers were carrying the frozen Snake Church members somewhere.

That looks cold.

Sorry for defeating them in a pain of a way.

“Water Country’s Hero, Makoto-sama, I present my utmost gratitude for stopping the attack of the Snake Church just now. Great Sage-sama, thank you very much.” (Noel)

Princess Noel slowly came here.

I hide Furiae-san in my back and leave it to Lucy, as I walk to the front.

“I didn’t do much, Princess Noel. Is the attack of the fanatics over with this?” (Makoto)

“I wonder. The army of wyverns of just now wasn’t something that can be prepared easily. It may have been their main attack.” (Noel)

“No, it is just beginning.” 

A voice resonates.

Everyone’s eyes gather at the owner of the voice.

At the highest spot of the platform.

They were standing on top of the seat of the King.

A clown unfitting for this place.

The man that I met at Horun.

“You! Identify yourself!” 

“Get down from there at once!” 

The knights of the Sun Country charge there.


The Great Sage-sama stops them.

“That man is a [Puppet]. He is being controlled.” 

“Really, Great Sage-sama?”

“Hoh? You are one of the members of the Legendary Hero party, the Great Sage, huh.” 

The clown says with an unfaltering smile.

But now that I look closely, his eyes are devoid of light, and his expression is strange.

Is that the face of a controlled person?

“You are the guy that made the monsters rampage at the Water Country’s capital, right?” (Makoto)

When I ask, the clown shrugs.

“I was disappointed in this man. Even though I gave him so much time and funds, he couldn’t even crush something as simple as the capital of the Water Country.” 

“What did you say?!” 

The guardian knight was enraged at the words of the clown and was about to say something, but stopped from doing it.

There’s no need to ride on his provocation.

“Wasn’t it just that it was impossible with such a weak monster? Maybe the person who made the plan just didn’t have the brains. I think the one who executed the plan did their best.” (Makoto)

For now, I try returning provocation with provocation.

“…Those are fighting words. Are you the otherworlder that became a Hero recently?” 

His expression didn’t change, but I could feel slight anger in his voice.

He might unexpectedly be an easier to read person than I thought.

“Introduce yourself first.” (Makoto)

Who is he in the first place?

He must be an executive of the Snake Church though.

The man who is controlling that clown introduces himself.

“I am Isaac. The son of the great ruler, Evelisse, and the Archbishop of the Snake Church.” 

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