WM – Chapter 142: The decisive battle in the Demonic Forest (3)

“Die, lower lifeforms.” (Jinbara)

A giant hoof aimed to crush Janet-san and I.


I grab the shoulder of Janet-san and use a Skill to avoid the attack.

A giant crater was made at the place where we were previously in.

The next instant, a massive wind wave blew away the burned ashes.

(Woah!) (Makoto)

This is bad. If that hits, we are dying instantly.

“Lightning Spear!” (Janet)

Janet-san shoots a javelin of lightning magic.

The spear at lightning speed attacks Jinbara…but he sweeps it off with his fist.

“Foolish!” (Jinbara)

Jinbara’s giant body quivered, and each time his hind legs hit the ground, the ground trembled as if an earthquake was happening.

Pitch black miasma was covering his body, and overwhelming mana was gathering.

The Demon Lord that rules the land of the Demonic Continent, the Beast King Zagan.

The one serving that Demon Lord as one of their elites, the jet black monster, Jinbara. 

(This is impossible.) (Makoto)

I look around. 

The scorched field spread with the magic of Rosalie-san, and there’s practically no Water Spirits.

The hand I rely on can’t be used.

If push comes to shove…

“Janet-san, use your flashiest spell please.” (Makoto)

“Eh? U-Uhm…but with my magic…” (Janet)

“Quick!” (Makoto)

“U-Understood. Lightning Magic: [Thunderbolt]!” (Janet)

(Chantless superior rank magic! The same spell as Gera-san, huh.) (Makoto)

That’s siblings for ya.

A giant lightning bolt falls onto the jet black monster from the sky. 

“Slow.” (Jinbara)

But it didn’t hit.

“…He can evade even that, huh.” (Makoto)

“The opponent is an immediate follower of a Demon Lord. We really are not enough…” (Janet)

Well, the thunderbolt wasn’t to attack him.

I am sure they must be watching.

We have to buy time.

Water Magic: [Mist].

I try using vision obstructing magic even if it may be pointless.

A heavy fog covered a radius of around 100 meters.

“Do you think you can escape?!” (Jinbara)

With only the shout of Jinbara, the mist dispersed.

It really was no good.

The black beast rushes our way.


Tch, won’t make it in time!

Just a light graze from his rush sent Janet-san and I flying.


(Can’t they come already?) (Makoto)

When I was thinking that…


A yell that sounded like that of a hoodlum rang, and something wrapped with bright red aura kicked Jinbara on the side of his head.

At the same time, that kick created a raging fire and sent the giant body of the centaur flying.

“Guaaaaahh!” (Jinbara)

Jinbara shouts as an explosion occurs at the point of impact.

Rosalie-san lands powerfully on the ground.

(Oooh…) (Makoto)

I am glad she actually came.

I sigh in relief.

“Are you okay, Lucy’s boyfriend-kun and the Valentine knight-chan?” (Rosalie)

Lucy’s mother smiles teasingly. 

“You saved us there, Rosalie-san.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Eeeh?! U-U-Uhm…” (Janet)

I gave my thanks to the mother of Lucy, and Janet-san seems to be unable to speak. 

“To think you would resort to a surprise attack, you are doing lowly stuff there, Crimson Witch.” (Jinbara)

The jet black monster comes out from within the raging fire.

He didn’t suffer much damage even with that, huh.

“Man, I am late. Your Petrification Eye User-kun comrade gave me some trouble, you see.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san laughs heartily. 

Setekh-san…was defeated?

I couldn’t see the petrification eyes.

No, I shouldn’t be looking at them in the first place though.

“The subordinates of the Immortal King are useless… But it looks like Setekh has done his part.” (Jinbara)

“…Rosalie-sama, your arm!” (Janet)

Janet-san screams, and when I follow her gaze…I see that Rosalie-san’s left arm has been hardened into an ashen color. 

…She has been petrified?

“Yeaah, I lowered my guard there. So those were the legendary petrification eyes. To think it would break through the magic resistance that I trained in Hell.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s voice had no desperation in it.

She instead sounded like she found it amusing.

“Fool… Showing up with a body like that all carefreely.” (Jinbara)

Jinbara informs with eyes that looked down on her.

“Ha! If you want to defeat me, prepare a Demon Lord at the very least. One arm is handicap!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san isn’t dropping her tough stance.

“Regret that arrogance!” (Jinbara)

Jinbara turned into a pitch black wind and approached Rosalie-san.

Rosalie-san smiled daringly and her whole body shone bright red, and turned into red wind.



*Crash!* *Bang!*

Lights were flashing.

The clash of those two became shockwaves that were felt all the way over here.

I go on my knees so that I don’t get blown away by those waves.

The battle between the Demon Lord’s immediate follower and the Crimson Witch…

(It is so fast I can’t see anything though!) (Makoto)

S-So this is Yamcha POV…

I look at Janet-san at my side.

“W-Wow…ah, what an amazing move!” (Janet)

Looks like she can follow with her eyes.

As expected of a Superior Rank Knight.

It is impossible for an apprentice mage.

It seems like I won’t be able to follow this fight, so I just look at the surroundings.

The ruins of the Demonic Forest have spread far and wide, but I can see green faraway. 

Is that the Great Forest?

Looks like Rosalie-san only burned down the Demonic Forest.

How ‘careful’.

And it seems like someone was coming over here, most likely pulled by the battle of Jinbara and Rosalie-san.

I use Farsight to check.

It is not a monster or a demon.

The shadow of a familiar person.

(It is Sa-san and Lucy!) (Makoto)

There’s also Prince Leonard, the Wind Tree Hero, and the Kanan Village warriors. 

What a relief. Everyone’s okay.

But they are not coming immediately.

They are carefully getting closer.

The reason is…

“Hiiih!” (Janet)

Janet-san at my side raised a short scream.

I looked back and there were several tens of giant fire pillars raised, and several explosions were happening.

(Rosalie-san is flashy.) (Makoto)

I can’t see anything with my eyes at all, but when I tried using Eavesdrop, I could hear the voice of Jinbara going ‘Guha!’ ‘Impossible!’ here and there.

And also a ‘Ahahahahahahaha!’ from Rosalie-san.

Is this battle junkie getting high from the battle?

For now, it looks like she is on the superior side.

“Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

While this happened, Lucy and Sa-san had gotten close.

“I am glad to see you two are okay.” (Makoto)

I thought that from the bottom of my heart.

Lucy and Sa-san also showed the same smile as me on their faces…not.

“Hmm…Aya, Makoto is holding hands with Janet-san.” (Lucy)

“Ahaha, there’s no way that’s true, Lu-chan. Janet-san hates Takatsuki-kun after all.” (Aya)

Hearing that conversation, Janet-san lets go of my hand instantly.

“Y-You’ve got it wrong! This is…!” (Janet)

“Yeah yeah, I was using Evade, and Janet-san was in charge of attacking. It was teamwork.” (Makoto)

I explain to them honestly, but…

“Heeh…” (Lucy)

“Hmmm.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san’s eyes were cold.


“Uhm, Makoto-niisan! Are the ones fighting there Rosalie-sama and an executive of the Demon Lord army?!” (Leo)

Prince Leonard helped me out in redirecting the conversation into the correct path.

Good work!

“The opponent is an immediate follower of the Beast King, Jinbara. Looks like Rosalie-san is popular, so…ah.” (Makoto)

An explosion bigger than usual happened.

And then, a charred body fell onto the ground.

Following right after, someone shining like magma landed on the ground.

The red light slowly subsides.

A blonde beauty with blue eyes that looks similar to Lucy appeared.

“Fuuh, he gave me trouble.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san had an accomplished face, and I couldn’t see any specially outstanding wounds.

Aside from the petrified left arm.

Wow, she won with one arm.

“Mama! Your arm!” (Lucy)

“It is okay, Lucy~. I will have Flona-chan heal that later.” (Rosalie)

Lucy’s Mother smiles kindly at her worrying child.

“Rosalie-sama, great job!” (Max)

Maximilian-san praises her greatly. 

“Makki boy, you have gotten big. Did you lead them all? Good boy, good boy.” (Rosalie)

Ooh…she treats the Hero as a little boy.

Oops, I have something important to tell them.

“Rosalie-san, Maximilian-san, I heard that the ritual to revive the Demon Lord has finished.” (Makoto)

“Is that true, Makoto?!” (Lucy)

“That’s bad!” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san reacted.

“Right right, I had a bad feeling, so I burned everything down just in case.” (Rosalie)

A charred field as far as the eye can see.


Everyone fell silent. 

Did this solve it?

“Mama, couldn’t you have at least told us? Ojii-chan was raging.” (Lucy)

“Achaa. I guess I am coming back in around a year later then.” (Rosalie)

Hmm, has it been resolved?

The power of Lucy’s Mother really was enough.

What destroyed that relaxed atmosphere was the voice of a man.

“Aah, no good… Every single one of them is useless.” 

By the time I noticed, there was a man standing there close by.

He looks like a human.

Not a Wood Country resident, and not a demon either. 

But there was a strange point about him.

“…Undead?” (Aya)

Sa-san mutters.

I also have the same impression.

The neck of the man talking was bent 90 degrees.

A human wouldn’t be able to stay alive in that state.

“That’s wrong. That there is a ‘Puppet’. It is simply being controlled. The one talking isn’t the man in front of us.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san points out with a calm voice.

“The Crimson Witch, huh… I thought you wouldn’t be returning till a few years more. What a bad play of fate.” 

The man with a broken neck speaks indifferently but with an infuriating tone.

“The Snake Church’s Archbishop, Isaac, huh.” (Makoto)

I try shooting that blindly.

There was no response, but his gaze turned to me.

“The Country Designated Hero of Rozes, huh… You get in my way at every turn I go.” 

Looks like I was right.

As always, a guy that doesn’t show himself in person.

The eyes of the man are blank.

He isn’t even blinking, and it is as if his eyes weren’t focused at anything.

Only his mouth was moving like a puppet.

But his voice couldn’t hide his anger. 

“Well…fine. You will all be dying here. Or the Wood Country will fall. That’s settled.” 

“I won’t let you.” (Max)

The Wind Tree Hero-san denies the words of the Archbishop shortly. 

He is holding a shining greatsword with both hands.

The strongest magic sword of Spring Log, Clarent. 

(Aah, nailing it with short words does make it cooler.) (Makoto)

(Makoto, be serious.) (Noah)

While I was spacing out thinking about a stupid thing, Noah-sama retorted.

(But we have Rosalie-san and the Wood Hero here, you know?) (Makoto)

I don’t know if there will be a turn for me. 

(…Mako-kun, be careful.) (Eir)

(Eir-sama?) (Makoto)

The Water Goddess that’s always playing around was saying this with a serious tone.

“How are you going to bring down the Wood Country on your own?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s question made the man controlled by Archbishop Isaac open his mouth.

But what came out from his mouth weren’t words to answer her question.

I offer it to you, Snake God of Wisdom, Typhon-sama.” 

The moment he said that…the man controlled by Archbishop Isaac began to laugh.

His neck still bent.

In his right hand, there’s a small silvercraft in the form of an apple.

The silver apple had two snakes that were coiled around it and eating each other.

That thing released light.

Fufu, it has been a while, Bifrons.” 

The voice of the broken neck man changed.

The voice of a boy that hasn’t had his voice mature.

But resurrecting you is impossible. Your soul is wounded. That’s why there’s no choice but to have you be reborn.” 

A voice I have heard before.

The childish voice I heard before in the Water Country’s capital.

If I remember correctly, the owner of that voice, which Noah-sama told me about, was…

“Great Demon Lord, Iblis…?” (Makoto)


Everyone turned at my mutter.

It makes me sad for you to forget me.” 

“Makoto-niisan! Is it true that this voice belongs to the Great Demon Lord?!” (Leo)

“[Firestorm]!” (Rosalie)

The spell Rosalie-san shot burns down the broken neck man.

But it brings me joy that you will become a closer existence to me.” 

However, the voice doesn’t disappear.

Even when burning, the voice still rang.

Now, be reborn!” 


At that instant, strange screams resonated at the same time.

When I looked around, syrupy beings were crawling their way out from the charred ground. 

Each of them were raising blood curdling screams.

Within those, there was one that drew my eyes the most; a monster that was like a small mountain. 

Its body had several hundreds of arms and legs sticking out of it. 

Moving like tentacles in a disorderly fashion.

Just looking at it disoriented me – a disgusting being.

Bless the glorious new king, and the glorious beasts!

The voice of the child stopped sounding at the same time as it announced that loudly. 

And in just a short instance, thousands of sacrilegious monsters had appeared.

Options showed up in front of me.

[Will you challenge the Pseudo-Great Demon Lord, Bifrons?]



(…Great Demon Lord? Not Demon Lord?) (Makoto)

“Tch…a Demon Lord of a higher realm and Taboo Monsters, huh.” (Rosalie)

It is the first time I hear distress in the voice of Rosalie-san.

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