WM – Chapter 291: Takatsuki Makoto reunites with his comrades

Author’s Note: Day 25/05/2021 is the day the 7th volume of the novel and the 2nd volume of the manga will be sold!! Both covers feature Lucy!



I have currently been pushed down by Lucy and Sa-san who are giving off a slightly different feel.

Seeing the two drenched in tears, my eyes began to grow hotter from the nostalgia. 

But this is the guest room of the Fujiwara Company.

Fuji-yan and Nina-san are obviously here, and Momo is glaring here with a displeased look.

Gotta understand the T(ime)P(lace)O(ccassion).

Is what I was thinking, but it seems like these two don’t care about any of that. 

“…You are finally back…Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

The one saying this while still hugging me was Sa-san.

“Wait, Aya?! What are you doing?!” (Lucy)

Sa-san ignored the flustered voice of Lucy and wrapped her arms around my head.

I-I can’t move.

“Hnnn…!” (Makoto)

And then, I was kissed.

(Wa?!) (Makoto)

I didn’t even have the time to be surprised as my lips were sealed.

“Aah!!” (Lucy)

Lucy screams.

“How dare you get ahead there, Aya!” (Lucy)

I for sure thought that she would be stopping Sa-san, but she instead hugged me too.

(Heavy!) (Makoto)

A word that must not be said towards a girl.

But no matter how slender of a girl they are, having two girls hugging me from up top is heavy.

In the first place, my mouth has been covered, so I can’t say anything.

“Ma~ko~to~…Ei!” (Lucy)

Lucy pushes Sa-san and kisses me.

(?! Eh?!) (Makoto)

My brain was overloaded here and I can’t keep up with what’s going on.

Right now…Lucy and Sa-san were kissing me at the same time?

(Uwa~… Unbelievable~. So lewd~.) (Ira)

Ira-sama, don’t just sneer there and help me!

(How am I going to help you? Just push them away. You are a man.) (Ira)

With my weak body, I can’t move them one bit!

“…Hn…chu…” (Lucy)

“…Haah…Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

The long kiss of Lucy and Sa-san is unending.

My vision is being blocked by the faces of the two, so I checked our state with the perspective change of RPG Player.

Yeah, I am completely being assaulted here.

Also, I noticed that Lucy and Sa-san were wearing matching bracelets.

They really get along well…

Or more like, I am already running out of breath here…

“You people, give it a break already.” 

My vision suddenly cleared.

My body grew lighter, and noticed that my body was floating in the air.

“Mo—Great Sage-sama?” (Makoto)

Looks like Momo pulled me out with Teleport.

Lucy and Sa-san didn’t notice I disappeared and were still going on with the kiss.

…What’s with this situation?

“Eh?” (Aya)

The first one to notice was Sa-san.

“Only Lu-chan? And Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“Wa? Where’s Makoto?” (Lucy)

The two separated and turned here while wiping their lips.

How are you acting so normally?

“Oi, you cats in heat, keep it in moderation.” (Momo)

Momo speaks with a low tone in a bad mood.

“Geh, Great Sage-sensei.” (Lucy)

“Ah, Great Sage-san.” (Aya)

Lucy made an ‘oh no’ face and Sa-san let out an ‘achaaa’.

“Well, it has been a while since they reunited. The two must have lost their calm. Now that everyone is back to their senses, let’s hear out Takki-dono…” (Fuji)

Fuji-yan brings back order and claps his hands.

Whew, looks like we can finally have a calm talk.

Is what I thought, but I felt chills run down my back.

“…Spirit User-kun.” (Momo)

The tone of Momo was low.

It has been a while since Momo has called me that.

Was she actually imitating Mel-san? 

“W-What is it, Great Sage-sama…?” (Makoto)

“I am hungry.” (Momo)

“That’s…” (Makoto)

“Give me blood.” (Momo)

“Right now?!” (Makoto)

It wasn’t when we were alone? 

She pulled my collar without  even giving me the chance to be flustered. 

I could feel the cold breath of Momo on my neck.



Lucy and Sa-san raise their voices.

Fuji-yan and Nina-san looked at each other as if troubled, but it doesn’t seem they plan on stopping this.

Did these two know that Momo was a vampire?

Ah, Fuji-yan has his mind reading skill, so it should be okay, huh.

Fuji-yan makes a good grief face. 

“*Kapu*.” (Momo)

Momo bites my neck.

Her small throat made gulping sounds.

You waited for 1,000 years, so go ahead and drink as much as you like.

“Wait, uhm…why are you taking off my clothes…” (Makoto)

Momo’s small hands were touching my body all over.

The front buttons were being undone one after the other.

Momo…when did you become such a lewd girl?


Also, the gazes of Lucy and Sa-san hurt.


Momo was still drinking my blood.

But I feel like her drinking speed is slow, or more like, she is purposely drinking slow.

(So long…) (Makoto)

I let go of the strength in my body and let her do as she pleased.

An awkward atmosphere covered the guest room.

1 minute…2 minutes passed.

“How long are you planning on drinking, Great Sage-sensei?!” (Lucy)

The first one to snap was the short tempered Lucy.

“Get away~! Great Sage-san!” (Aya)

Sa-san tried to tear Momo away.

“Oi, let go, you little runts! Don’t get in my way!” (Momo)

Momo is actually the younger looking one though…

“Makoto as well! Getting all lovestruck there!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun~, do you like small girls~?” (Aya)

“You, don’t call me small! The sizes of our breasts are the same.” (Momo)

“?! I have more than you!” (Aya)

“Pfft, what a low level battle.” (Lucy)

““Hah?”” (Sa-san and Momo’s glare)

“Hiiih!” (Lucy)

Lucy stepped on a landmine.

“Uhm…everyone, calm d—” (Makoto)

Just when I tried to calm down the three, I heard a small ruckus.



—They are angry.

—Scary scary.

—Trouble trouble.


The Water Spirits got noisy. 


And then, the temperature in the room lowered drastically.

“C-Cold! Danna-sama.” (Nina)

“What’s happening…?” (Fuji)

I heard the voices of Fuji-yan and Nina-san.

Lucy, Sa-san, and the Great Sage-sama who were making noise until now felt the abnormal situation and went silent.

As for me, I direct my gaze at the person that’s the source of the Water Spirits causing a ruckus.

There was one woman standing there.

Long light blue glossy hair.

Clear blue eyes.

Her simple dress accentuating her beauty. 

The Water Oracle…Princess Sofia Eir Rozes.

 She directed her gaze towards Lucy, Sa-san, and the Great Sage-sama.

Her cold ice gaze.

“Oh?” (Sofia)

With that one word of Princess Sofia…the temperature of the room went down even more.

Fuji-yan and Nina-san were trembling.

This isn’t good.

“XXXXXXXXX (Water Spirits, raise the temperature).” (Makoto)

I secretly adjust the temperature of the room before Fuji-yan and the others catch a cold.

“…Is the one there Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

When my name is called, Lucy, Sa-san, and the Great Sage-sama darted away from me. 

“I-It has been a while, Sofia.” (Makoto)

I answer awkwardly. 

“Fufufu…I heard from Eir-sama that you had woken up just recently, but it looks like you are already enjoying yourself.” (Sofia)

Her tone is gentle, but her eyes are not smiling at all.


No one is talking.

“What’s the matter? Go ahead, continue.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia smiles with only her voice sounding gentle.

“I-I am okay now… Yeah, it is okay, Princess Sofia.” (Lucy)

“Y-Yeah, I can talk with Takatsuki-kun later after all.” (Aya)

“R-Right. Mako—Spirit User-kun, come to my residence later.” (Momo)

Momo disappeared with a *shuin* using Teleport.

She ran away.

“I see. Then, Hero Makoto, please come here.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia says this and takes my hand.

“W-Where are we going?” (Makoto)

“To the Highland Castle. There’s a lot of people who are eagerly waiting to see you again.” (Sofia)

Saying this, she pulled me persistently. 

“Do your best~.” (Lucy)

“Fighto, Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san waved their hands.

Looks like they have no intention of coming along.

The knights of the Water Country were waiting outside the door.

The Guardian Knight Old Man was also in good health.


“It has been a while, Old Man.” (Makoto)

“Let’s go.” (Sofia)

I didn’t even have the time to enjoy our reunion and was pushed into the carriage.


I was being shaken by the carriage.

There’s only Princess Sofia and me inside the carriage.



Silence continued for a while in this carriage that was heading to the Highland Castle.

Princess Sofia and I were sitting facing each other.

Princess Sofia was looking at the side and watching the streetscape.

No, she is glancing here constantly, so it doesn’t look like she wants to watch the scenery.

“Uhm…Have you been doing well, Sofia?” (Makoto)

I nervously spoke to Princess Sofia, but a response didn’t come immediately.

I wait patiently.

After a good while of silence, a response came back faintly.

“……Dummy. I have been waiting.” (Sofia)

I got lightly scolded there.

Princess Sofia suddenly stood up.

The shaking isn’t that strong, but it is a moving carriage. 

Before I could say ‘that’s dangerous’, Princess Sofia sat flatly by my side.

It is not a big carriage, so our shoulders end up sticking to each other no matter what. 

She wrapped her arms around mine, and she held my hand tightly. 

When I looked at Princess Sofia, I noticed she was also looking at me.

A distance our noses could touch.

The breathing of two people resonated.

Warm breath was brushing my face.


I couldn’t say anything, and Princess Sofia wasn’t saying anything.

The face of Princess Sofia slowly approached mine.

I was pulled in by her gem-like blue eyes, and by the time I noticed…I had been pushed down.

■Author’s Comment in this chapter.

This time’s chapter was a bit questionable, but it is about Sa-san, Lucy, and Princess Sofia reuniting with him after 1 year, so please forgive me. I wanted to have them flirt. 

With Princess Sofia in a closed space, just the two of them….there’s no way nothing would happen.

Makoto-kun is getting pushed down left and right.

TLN: Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

I will be placing the continuation of the author’s comment from the epilogue here.

Just a comment of my own here. This afterword contains a spoiler I am not that much of a fan of. I will be separating that comment for the ones who want to avoid reading it, and will put it at the end of this author’s comment.

Really, I felt like I watched the intro of a game and got spoiled by it.

Also, please refrain from commenting about the separated part of the author’s comment. You will technically be spoiling others as well. 

■Author Comment (10th Arc afterword):

[Johnny Walker]

The origin of the name is from the whisky Johnny Walker. 

A brand I like.

In the first arc, I had no intention at all to have him appear, and was simply used for the family name of Lucy.

He is a mysterious person that sometimes mutters japanese proverbs. 

He might be an otherworlder on the inside, but please don’t mind it. 

[White Dragon = Mel-san]

The one in charge of being the ride 1,000 years ago…was what was planned, but by the time I noticed, she became a super important character.

Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to move around the 10th Arc…

Thanks, Mel-san.

The original setting was that she would be the little sister of the Ancient Dragon King or the fiancee. 

In the end, I decided for the daughter of the Ancient Dragon King Demon Lord.

[Black Knight Demon Lord = Cain]

He was also not planned to appear when the story was still in the 1st Arc…

‘It is the enemy of Abel, so let’s make him be Cain’ is the kind of on the spot name I gave him, and then regretted later.

Should I make him the sister of Anna? Is what I thought, but then I went ‘I can’t increase the number of heroines anymore!’ and ended up being the fanatic Demon Lord that was originally planned.

I couldn’t bring out the feeling of fanaticism that much…

[Anna Highland = Light Hero]

The local heroine of 1,000 years ago.

It is a character that I wanted to make because I wanted to do the one-off twist of Hero Abel = Holy Maiden Anna.

Let’s decide at what distance of a heroine she will be with Makoto as I write it…is what I was thinking, and she completely ended up as an actual heroine. 

About the response to the [Will you marry Anna Highland?] and her promise with Makoto…she is a character that still has a lot of mysteries remaining. The character that gave me the most trouble in the 10th Arc. 

[Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama]

She properly has her turn in the last arc, so I won’t talk about it here. 

If I had to say something, she is the one character that deviated from the plot and went wild the most.

The reason why the releases of the 10th Arc got slower was because of this Goddess.

That’s all for the afterword.

Spoiler: Taken from the Anna part.

Click here to see spoiler

About what happened to her…I am thinking about adding to it in the After Story once the main story is done. I plan on touching that topic bit by bit in the main story though.

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