WM – Chapter 277: 5 Demon Lords

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◇Light Hero Anna’s POV◇

The Fallen Angel King, Erinyes, was showing a strange smile.

Insect King, Valac, was looking down here as if annoyed. 

Fiend King, Barbatos, was directing a gaze of deep interest. 

Giant King, Goliath, had a hard to read face. 

Beast King, Zagan, was glaring here with sharp eyes as if targeting a prey.

We were being surrounded by 5 Demon Lords that rule this world.

“M-Makoto-san…” (Anna)

“Calm down.” (Makoto)

I hold the hand of Makoto-san and speak with a trembling voice. 

There was no agitation from the voice of Makoto-san.

He was observing the Demon Lords and placing a hand on his chin as if he were thinking something. 

Right, I have to calm down.

I take a light breath.

The air is tense.

What broke the silence was a low voice that travelled well.

“Heroes that apparently defeated Immortal King, die here.” 

I was confused since it was a different voice from what he sounded like when he was talking before. 

At the same time when I noticed that that was the voice of the Beast King…


The Giant King roared.

A big earthquake that felt as if it could turn over the ground happened.

It was shaking that was caused by the Giant King charging at us. 

“Dia.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

“Stop the legs of the Giant King.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Dia)

Saying this, Dia-san and the other Undines attacked the Giant King.

Thousands of Ice Blades.

An ocean of Water Dragons.

The Ice Blades were raining down like a storm, and the Water Dragons raged as if it were a tsunami. 

It was a sight as if the world was coming to an end. 

That was heading to the Giant King.


The Giant King raised a roar again, but this time around, there was slight pain mixed in his voice.

“W-Wow…” (Anna)

“Anna-san, this won’t last long. Please use your Light Sword, okay?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes…” (Anna)

I hold the memento of my master, the Fire Hero, the Holy Sword Balmung. 

I changed the sunlight into aura and used it for sword magic. 

Mana that I can use infinitely as long as there’s light. 

Using that ability, I prepare for the attack of the enemy. 

“What’s with that guy? He is controlling the Great Spirits perfectly?” (Valac)

“Fumu, interesting. I don’t know much about this world, but the humans here can use Spirit Magic with such ease, huh. Wonder if I can add him to my subordinates.” (Barbatos)

The Insect King and the Fiend King were having a carefree talk.

Are they not going to attack us? 

At that moment, a bright red light covered the place. 

A heat that felt like it was stabbing my whole body was assailing me. 


A giant cluster of fire was shot from the mouth of the Beast King.

That’s a size on Monarch Rank! 

“Hah!” (Anna)

I split that fire blast with my light sword. 

Makoto-san’s magic is weak to fire. 

It is because I judged so that I took action.

“Hooh… Then how about this?” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King flapped the black wings at her back.

A giant tornado was created from that. 

“[Ice Barrier].” (Makoto)

The spell Makoto-san casted clashed with the tornado and they both scattered. 

“…What’s that? That’s unfair.” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King pouts, but the surroundings have turned outrageous. 

Giant boulders were flying about, and the ground was being gouged out. 

“Dark Magic: [Black Edge].” (Barbatos)

The spell shot by the Fiend King filled up the sky with black blades.

I-If that were to rain on us…

“Anna-san, barrier.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes!” (Anna)

I hurriedly activate Sun Magic.

“Sun Magic: [Sanctuary Barrier].” (Anna)

A light sphere bursts out with me as the center. 

For an instant, we were enveloped by a blinding light. 

When the light was gone, the spell of the Fiend King was gone too.

“That’s the Light Hero, huh. My natural enemy.” (Barbatos)

Even though his own spell was erased, the Fiend King was laughing as if having fun. 

“Oi, Fallen Angel lass, you are from the Divine Realm, right? Do something about that.” (Barbatos)

“Eeh~? I am currently a Fallen Angel, so I am no good with the sun element~. Aah, what a pain~.” (Erinyes)

The Demon Lords were speaking as they please. 

It is hard to call it teamwork. 

The Giant King and the Beast King are most likely wary of the Great Water Spirits, they are not closing the distance.

“Makoto-san, what do you think?” (Anna)

“They are not taking this seriously.” (Makoto)

“So they are not using their full power, you say…?” (Anna)

“Most likely.” (Makoto)

For me, each and every attack of them was a matter of life or death though.

Isn’t it better to somehow run away from here…?

“It is okay, Anna-san.” (Makoto)

My calm returned from the voice of Makoto-san.

I take stance with my Holy Sword, and stabilize my breathing. 

“Our King…are you okay?” (Dia)

By the time I noticed, Dia-san had come back. 

Even the other Undines. 


We even have them.

“You bastards, how long you going be lazing?” (Zagan)

The Beast King’s killing intent strengthens. 

The mana and miasma covering the Demon Lord’s body was boiling up like steam. 

“Can’t be helped.” 

“Geez, ending it already? What a waste.” 

“Oi, it is the order of Zagan-dono. We are obeying.” 


Matching the words of the Beast King, miasma gathers around the 4 Demon Lords.

The ground was shaking. 

A storm blew violently. 

Fire was raging.

(…They are serious.) (Anna)

A serious attack from the 5 Demon Lords is coming.

No good.

There’s no way to block this…

(…Eh?) (Anna)

At that moment, I felt a light so strong to the point of being sweltering.

T-This is…?

“Anna-san, I have gathered light. Is this enough?” (Makoto)

Makoto-san, without a single change of shade in his face, pointed at the sky. 

A sky without a single cloud.

There was a giant transparent thing floating there.

Light was gathering. 

There was a method like this…?

“Anna-san, please pray to the Goddess.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes… Sun Goddess Althena-sama, please lend me your strength…” (Anna)

“Anna-san, stop.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san stopped me while I was offering a prayer.

“Why did you stop me?” (Anna)

“Let’s stop such roundabout prayers.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Anna)

Makoto-san suddenly grabbed my arm. 

Sun Magic: [Synchro].” (Makoto)

“M-Makoto-san, what are you doing?” (Anna)

“We are going to be dying if we lose anyways, so if you are going to be praying, it should be like this.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san who was expressionless all this time made a grin I hadn’t seen in a long while. 

(You! What are you intending on doing?!) 


The voice of an unfamiliar woman suddenly rang in my head.


“Althena-sama, please grant us victory in exchange of lifespan.” (Makoto)

The moment Makoto-san said this, I felt my body growing burning hot. 

Not only that, my body was shining rainbow. 

T-This is…

“Anna-san, front. The attacks of the Demon Lords are coming.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes!” (Anna)

I ready my sword with my brain still in a complete mess.

“…This isn’t good. That’s a God Rank light.” (Valac)

“That Spirit User man used a Sacrificial Technique without hesitation. Is he crazy?” (Barbatos)

“What’s that Skill? Is that not against the Divine Realm Regulations?” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King that had been leisure until now made a displeased face for the first time. 

“Shoot down first before they do!” (Zagan)

The Demon Lords attack all at the same time at the signal of the Beast King.

Attacks that attacked us from all sides as if tsunamis were being pushed towards us. 

There’s no escape. 

As if black walls were approaching us to crush us.

“Great Water Spirit.” (Makoto)


Makoto-san activates Saint Rank Magic.

[Ice Isolation].” (Makoto)

Following that, I gather every single speck of energy and activate sword magic. 

Sword of the Fire Seraph, Michael.” (Anna)

A rainbow fire clad the blade of Balmung. 

(I-I did it…) (Anna)

The attacks of the Demon Lords are already right by our nose.

“Light Sword!” (Anna)

I swung the Holy Sword free from any obstructive thoughts. 


I was on the verge of losing consciousness from my own attack.


The blast settled, and I looked around. The place we were at had turned into a clean wasteland. 

My mind blanked for a second, and I noticed right after.

“Makoto-san?!” (Anna)

“…Anna-san, as impressive as always.” (Makoto)

His clothes were a bit tattered, but he was okay. 

T-That’s a relief. 

“You two, it isn’t over yet.” (Dia)

Dia-san’s reprimand was shot at us. 

I hurriedly looked around, and there were 4 Demon Lords.

“The only one we managed to defeat was the Giant King, huh…” (Makoto)

Just as Makoto-san said, the Giant King was not in sight.

My sword defeated him…?

But there’s still 4 Demon Lords left. 

I take a stance with my sword while breathing heavily. 

The Demon Lords are not attacking. 

Instead, I hear them speaking. 

“What should we do…? I don’t feel like we can win.” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King was brushing off the dust from her black wings. 

“The Light Hero has already reached the realm of a demigod. We should have killed her sooner.” (Valac)

The Insect King glared at us annoyed.

Demigod… Me?

“No need to be so pessimistic. Something like that must have been all they had with that last attack. They won’t be able to take another attack.” (Barbatos)

It is as the calm Fiend King says. 

I am trying my best to not show it in my face, but I am already at my limit in both stamina and mana. 

I glance at Makoto-san, and I can see he is maintaining calm, but I can tell he is tired. 

He must be in the same state as me. 

What should I do…?

“See? We were taking our sweet time, and now the Dragon King-sama came.” (Erinyes)

Hearing the words of the Fallen Angel King, Makoto-san and I hurriedly looked there.

The one heading here was a single black dragon.

It is bigger than even the Beast King.

Each time it flapped its wings, wind akin to a storm reached even here. 

“That’s…” (Anna)

“The king of the Ancient Dragons…” (Makoto)

I gulped at what Makoto-san said.

Ancient Dragon King, Astaroth. 

The being that’s said to be the strongest amongst the 9 Demon Lords…no, the strongest living being in this world.

I could tell even from afar…

It is on a whole other level. 

It is giving off a pressure that makes even the Demon Lords we were fighting until now look cute.

“To think the Dragon King-sama themself…” (Barbatos)

“What a relief. It is over now.” (Erinyes)

The Demon Lords were already giving off the vibes as if this is over. 

But…this is also the situation Makoto-san wished for.

When we were fighting the million army, I was listening to the plan.

If the Ancient Dragon Astaroth appears, Makoto-san told me ‘leave it to me’.

“Makoto-san…” (Anna)

When I called him, eyes shining rainbow were looking here. 

He has already activated it. 

I could hear my throat ring. 

“Anna-san, please move a bit away. Also, put up a barrier and protect yourself.” (Makoto)

“…Understood.” (Anna)

I have heard what the name of the spell Makoto-san is going to use. 

There’s nothing I can do here. 

Even when I heard it beforehand, I couldn’t believe it. 

Is something like that really possible? 

“Wait! He plans on doing something!” (Erinyes)

The Fallen Angel King says flustered. 

“Hmph, what is he trying to pull at this late of a point…” (Valac)

“No, that’s…mana? No, it isn’t ether either…” (Barbatos)

“No way…a human is clad with anima…?” (Erinyes)

They noticed.

But it is already too late. 

Makoto-san slowly wounded his own body with his dagger.

Blood flowed through the blade, and it dyed red. 

“Ira-sama…please grant this foolish human a momentary miracle…” (Makoto)

(Guh…) (Anna)

I-I feel as if my breathing is going to stop.

Goosebumps ran through my whole body, and my heart was drumming. 


Even though the sky is so clear, it is so deadly cold.

I desperately kept my barrier up.

The Demon Lords -especially the Fallen Angel King- were making pale white faces. 

Makoto-san pushed his Spirit Arm to the front, and spoke the name of the Miracle Spell in a low tone. 

God Rank Water Spell: [Cocytus].” (Makoto)

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      In exchange for divinity(?) and lifespan, makoto destroyed common sense again. Please don’t die again?

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          It can’t be appraised even by Ira and she has no explanations for it aside from it probably being caused by time travelling.

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            “Then, there’s no real problem.” (Makoto)
            I can confirm it myself with the Soul Book after all.

            To put it simply, the problem is that Appraisal displays “Unknown” for reasons we don’t know (Ira says time travelling may have had an effect but it’s still not clear) while Soul Book reached its limit in showing the owner’s information. This is what I meant when I think the author indirectly answered that already when Dia answered his question with absolute certainty that his proficiency was growing or in other words, “there’s no doubt Our King is getting stronger, you know?”

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            It certainly might include his proficiency, which would be evidence in support of him breaking the limits at that point. And consequentially, you could argue that the Soul Book also capped at 999 from the same high value. Though it’s kinda weird to think that a goddess’s appraisal skill isn’t as effective as an individual’s Soul Book-as in, a god’s skill shouldn’t break before a mortal’s Soul Book. Maybe Althena can give us her input with a higher-power Appraisal.
            More likely, there’s something odd about the being that is Takatsuki Makoto and now Appraisal as a system doesn’t work while the Soul Book system does. If I were to take a guess myself, it would have something to do with how [RPG Player] places his soul outside the world looking in and so people can’t appraise him through the avatar that is his body anymore.

            I understand the idea the speedometer analogy gave just fine. It might be correct too. The sticking point I always had was that we didn’t know for sure. Dia confirmed that Takki was getting stronger, yes. Does that necessarily translate to proficiency increasing? Not…really? It could, but it could also be any other of a Water Spirit’s weird perspective on “getting stronger”.

    1. Cocytus is the name of one of the five rivers of the Underworld in Greek Mythology. It is also used in the Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s famous Divine Comedy, in which it is an icy lake in Hell where the souls of traitors are frozen, at depths corresponding to the depth of their betrayal. (sc Trivia)

      Based on the explanation maybe it’s a spell that is used to punish the traitor and sinner by banishing them into the frozen hell (which is called Cocytus). Well, maybe it only affects his enemy and demon since they were regarded as “Sinner” so maybe something like that?

      1. I believe Cocytus is meant specifically for traitors and the source of the water is just symbolism for humanity’s sin. As far as traitors go, I don’t think the demon lords qualify other than arguably the fallen angel.

        Oh, though one of the giants that Heracles killed was used to get there, so it’s kinda interesting that the Giant demon lord is one that died just now.
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