WM – Chapter 139: Takatsuki Makoto speaks with the Goddesses

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“…Uh, Noah-sama, and…Eir-sama? What are you doing?” (Makoto)

Eir-sama was tied with ropes and was hung up, swaying around.

Noah-san had her lips pursed. 

She had a whip on her hand.

(What’s going on here…?) (Makoto)

“Don’t you think Noah is cruel?” (Eir)

“You! Don’t joke around! Makoto! We have been deceived!” (Noah)

(Deceived?) (Makoto)

Noah-sama shouts and whips Eir-sama. 

It doesn’t look that painful.

“Ouch~☆. Noah, no to violence~.” (Eir)

“Shut up! Hey, Makoto, her saying ‘the Water Country will perish’ was a complete lie!” (Noah)

“Aah…” (Makoto)

So that’s what it was. 

“Aah, you say… Makoto, aren’t you surprised?” (Noah)

Noah-sama directs a dumbstruck face at me.

I look at Eir-sama and say.

“The one that’s actually going to perish is…the Wood Country, isn’t that right, Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

When I said this, her joking face until now changed into a grin, an impish expression. 

“Heeh…when did you notice, Mako-kun?” (Eir)

“Uhm, I am sorry for saying this while you are making a dramatic face and all, but with that appearance you have right now, it is more of a gag.” (Makoto)

“Oh?” (Eir)

Eir-sama’s body is currently tied up with rope. 

The rope was digging into her usual comfortable dress-like one piece.

The curves of Eir-sama’s body that are normally hidden by her clothes were being shown.

Her well-shaped breasts, her defined waist; that femenine figure of hers was being displayed.

Those outstanding proportions had no faults at all.

(As expected of the Water Goddess-sama.) (Makoto)

I’m impressed.

“Makoto~?” (Noah)

Noah-sama’s face closed in on me.

“W-Woah, I didn’t say anything, Noah-sama!” (Makoto)

“You were looking!” (Noah)

Well, she is right in front of me after all.

“Eir! Isn’t it about time you get down already?!” (Noah)

Saying this, Eir-sama slides off from the ropes.

“And so, Mako-kun, you didn’t believe what I said?” (Eir)

“Hmm, rather than saying I didn’t believe you…the one that’s currently in danger isn’t Rozes, but the Wood Country.” (Makoto)

The Demon Lord’s grave is in the Wood Country. 

The demons are gathering in the Wood Country.

And most of all…

(Prince Leonard and Princess Sofia don’t know about the danger the Water Country is supposed to be in.) (Makoto)

Is that possible? 

The Water Country falling just doesn’t click to me. 

There’s no doubt the Wood Country is the one that’s in the most danger.

Even so…

(Are there only liars within the Goddesses?) (Makoto)

How regrettable.

“Oh my, Mako-kun, you say such cruel things.” (Eir)

“Wait, Makoto! What a thing to say! You included me in that, didn’t you?!” (Noah)

“I didn’t say a single word though.” (Makoto)

My mind is being read, so my privacy is nonexistent.

“So, Eir-sama, why did you lie?” (Makoto)

“Ehehe~, don’t get mad, okay?” (Eir)

Eir-sama made a cute upward glance, and Noah-sama glared at that and spoke.

“The Demon Lord was going to revive in the Wood Country, so she wanted to stop it before it reached the Water Country. And in a way that doesn’t use the military force of the Water Country. Isn’t that right, Eir?” (Noah)

“Now now, you have Leo-kun with you.” (Eir)

Eir-sama didn’t deny it.

It looks like what Noah-sama was right.

“Haah, I see. And so, you used me as the Apostle of Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

“Eir! I only have one believer! What would you do if Makoto fought the Demon Lord and something happened?!” (Noah)

Noah-sama is angry. 

Are you my mother? 

Well, she is kinda like one.

“But, right now, Makoto-kun is the strongest fighting force of the Water Country, so…” (Eir)


Noah-sama and I look at Eir-sama.

“Makoto is…?” (Noah)

“The strongest fighting force?” (Makoto)

You are lying, right?

“This is not a lie. Cause you know, Leonard-kun not only has pitiful amounts of combat experience, he is also a young Hero. The Water Templars are more on the defensive than the offensive type. The strong ones of the Water Country are mostly adventurers, so they are not exactly affiliated with the Water Country only~.” (Eir)

‘Haah, how troublesome’, Eir-sama says as she shakes her head to the sides.

“Eir…you should raise more fighters.” (Noah)

“Why would I have to do that…?” (Eir)

I am once again reminded just how little fighting power my own country has.

“Eeh~, but I am the Goddess of kindness and peace, you know? I hate barbaric stuff.” (Eir)

She goes ‘kyarun’ and strikes a pose.

(We are going to war, Water Goddess-sama.) (Makoto)

Aren’t you lacking awareness?

“That’s why, Mako-kun, I am counting on you with the Demon Lord, okay☆?” (Eir)

“Eeeh…” (Makoto)

You are taking this too lightly, Eir-sama.

[Will you accept the request of the Water Goddess, Eir?

Yes ←


“Understood, Eir-sama. We will stop the Demon Lord’s revival with the Wood Country’s Hero and their Oracle-san.” (Makoto)

We have the mother of Lucy too, so we should be able to manage somehow.

“Aah, Makoto, accepting so easily.” (Noah)

Noah-sama sighs.

Right, I have to say one thing.

“Eir-sama, the Sacrificial Technique: Offering was overwhelming. Its effect and…the sight of it.” (Makoto)

The memory of cute angels devouring a demon woman resurfaces in my mind.

That was rough…

“Fufufu, right right? Did your lifespan increase?” (Eir)

“Hmm, the Soul Book of Makoto is…here. Let’s see…” (Noah)

My Soul Book was already in Noah-sama’s hands.

Well, fine.

“Oh my, 15 years? It increased 10 years.” (Noah)

“That’s right. I was left with 5 years after using the self-destruction magic. It is thanks to the spell you taught me, Eir-sama… But what’s the logic behind it?” (Makoto)

I only used the spell once, and yet, my lifespan increased 10 years. 

Even though it took me several months to even raise it 1 year when I was slowly accumulating ‘good deeds’.

Eir-sama went ‘pfft’ and directed an impish sidelong glance.

“The [Sacrificial Technique: Offering] that you used, Mako-kun, is a Miracle that offers the soul of the sacrifice to me. 1% of the sacrifice’s soul comes back to you. This time around, that 1% was added as 10 years for you, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

Eir-sama explains to me with a ‘how’s that?!’ face.

“Haah, that’s quite the barbaric method.” (Noah)

Noah-sama crosses her arms and says unamused.

(I see, so the soul of Shuri-san became my lifespan…) (Makoto)

Eating the soul of the target.

Isn’t that already the act of a fiend?

“Tsk tsk tsk, Mako-kun, the Goddess purifies the dirty soul of the demon and makes it the foundation stone of a new world, you know? This is the love of a God -salvation. Do.you.understand?” (Eir)

“Y-Yeah…” (Makoto)

You are really into it, Eir-sama.

Eir-sama, who had gotten close to me by the time I noticed, wrapped her arms around the back of my neck.

“Hey, Mako-kun, not only have you gotten the ability to raise your lifespan, this is your chance to obtain Water Saint Magic by converting to the Water Goddess, you know?” (Eir)

“E-Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

“You idiot!” (Noah)

Noah-sama whips Eir-sama in the head full force.

“Fufu, the whip of Noah, who has her divine power sealed, doesn’t work on me~.” (Eir)

“Kiiih! Just get away from Makoto already!!” (Noah)

Eir-sama slowly separates from me.

Whew, that surprised me.

“Damn it! Once I get my power back, I will kick your ass!” (Noah)

“Oh my, scary scary. A Goddess who could win against a Noah with her powers back would only be someone like Althena-sama. I would run away. Super run away~.” (Eir)

“Hmph, I won’t be losing to Althena either!” (Noah)

Noah-sama is acting tough.

Or more like, those are words I can’t let slip away.

“You are a strong Goddess, Noah-sama?” (Makoto)


The two Goddesses that were in the middle of their quarrel look over here.

“Of course she is. Noah is far older than me after all.” (Eir)

“Well, I am now the weakest Goddess after being sealed though.” (Noah)

(I see. Noah-sama was a stronger Goddess then.) (Makoto)

So that’s how it was.

Right! Now that I think about it, Noah-sama might know about that.

“Noah-sama, can you teach me the techniques called Spirit Armor and Spirit Summon?” (Makoto)

The techniques of Lucy’s mother.

I would like to learn them.

I didn’t manage to ask Rosalie-san, but when it comes to Spirits, Noah-sama is the best to ask.

“Oh? Aren’t you already using Spirit Armor, Makoto?” (Noah)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I get confused by the unexpected response of Noah-sama.

“You have clad my dagger with Spirits, making it a magic blade, and defeating monsters with that, right? That’s Spirit Armor. In Rosalie-chan’s case, she is simply cladding it around her own body though.” (Noah)

“Aah, I see.” (Makoto)

Then, if I were to clad my own body with Spirits…

While I was thinking that, Eir-sama retorted.

“With your low Status body, I don’t think you would be able to endure the Spirit Armor~.” (Eir)

“It is infuriating, but it is as Eir says. Makoto, you will probably destroy your body if you try to do as Rosalie-chan does.” (Noah)

“…I see.” (Makoto)

I wanted to try it though.

If two Goddesses are stating it, it is most likely impossible…

“Then, what about Spirit Summoning?” (Makoto)

If I could call Spirits anytime, that would be really convenient!

“About that one, she is calling it Spirit Summoning, but she is simply forcefully dragging out Spirits with Teleport, you know?” (Noah)

“Seriously?” (Makoto)

That was such a forceful move?!

“That’s…impossible for me.” (Makoto)

If I were a mage with the ability to use Teleport, I wouldn’t be suffering to begin with.

(So this one was no good either.) (Makoto)

It saddens me a little bit. 

“Eh? Mako-kun? You want a strong Skill?” (Eir)

Eir-sama hugs me from behind and whispers in my ear.

C-[Clear Mind]! 

“…I won’t be converting, okay?” (Makoto)

“Fufu, I will be waiting.” (Eir)

“Eir!” (Noah)

Noah-sama does a high kick on Eir-sama.

How can she not show her panties with that?

“Ah, right right, Mako-kun, a warning if you want to use the Sacrificial Technique: Offering on a Demon Lord.” (Eir)

“Eir-sama, Noah-sama’s kick is still driven in on your face.” (Makoto)

What’s with this sight?

“Eir, Sacrificial Techniques work on Demon Lords?” (Noah)

And Noah-sama is talking normally!

“In outline, yes. But you won’t be able to use Snipe like the demon of before. Activate the Sacrificial Technique: Offering after you have stabbed it directly, okay? If you don’t do it like that, you might not be able to defeat a Demon Lord.” (Eir)

“Directly, huh…” (Makoto)

In other words, I have to get at a distance close to 1 meter from the Demon Lord.

That sounds rough.

“I will go save the Wood Country then.” (Makoto)

I will do what I can.

I will be leaving most of the work to Rosalie-san.

“Be careful, Makoto.” (Noah)

“Do your best, Mako-kun~☆.” (Eir)

My consciousness grows further away while being seen off by two Goddesses.

(When looking at them like this, they seem like they get along just fine though.) (Makoto)

Titan Gods and Holy Gods.

They are supposed to be opposing Gods.

Is it different for the other Goddesses?

My consciousness fades while I was thinking that.


I woke up in the guest room of the village chief.

I see the ceiling of this dim room. 

The ones in the room are me and one other person.

“Hnn…Makoto-niisan…it tickles.” 

At my side, there’s Prince Leonard who seems to be sleep-talking.

I should let him sleep for a bit more.

I use water magic to wash my face, then put on my coat, and pray to Noah-sama.

It is slightly cloudy.

I would have preferred it to be rainy, but it is better than a clear sky.

There’s a decent amount of Spirits.

“Good morning, Lucy, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

I greet the two who woke up before me the same way as usual.

But the two didn’t have their usual expressions.

“Takatsuki-kun, this is bad!” (Aya)

“Aah, geez! Why is Mama always so self-centered!” (Lucy)

The two are agitated.

No, it is not only those two, but the Wind Tree Hero Max-san and the Wood Oracle Flona-san. 

“Ooh! You are up, Water Country’s Hero-dono. Look over here…” (Wolt)

The village chief shows me a piece of paper.

(A note?) (Makoto)

There was something scribbled on the paper that seemed like it would be used to take memos.

[I am going to the Demon Lord’s grave to kick some demon ass, okay?! -by Rosalie.] 

…Oi oi, Rosalie-san…

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