WM – Chapter 138: Night before the decisive battle in the Wood Country

“…I am glad I could defeat it.” (Makoto)

I sighed in relief.

The confidant of the Immortal King, the High Demon, Shuri.

At the time when we were suddenly attacked, I was wondering what to do.

She seemed to be weaker than at the time when she was fighting Lucy’s mother, so we somehow managed.

This must be the good karma from my daily actions.

“Princess, we defeated it.” (Makoto)

Thanks to the synchronization with Furiae-san, I successfully called Undine-san.

I have to thank her.

What I saw when I turned around was…

“Hiih!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san who was terribly scared.

(Eh? Wa?) (Makoto)


“M-M-M…My Knight! You were the believer of the Water Goddess Eir, weren’t you?! You being the Apostle of an Old God was a lie! You lied to me!” (Furiae)

“Huh?” (Makoto)

What’s with her all of a sudden?

I am faithful to Noah-sama.

(Aah, but the [Sacrificial Technique: Offering] I did was a technique I was taught by the Water Goddess-sama, so she must have misunderstood.) (Makoto)

“Princess, that just now was—” (Makoto)

“You are the same as the Sun Knights of Highland! You planned on deceiving me and do terrible things to me, right?! Just like that demon of just now! Just like that demon of just now!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san is panicking.

“I won’t.” (Makoto)

When I try to get closer to her while chuckling…

“Stay away! You damn virgin! You must be aiming for my body, right?!” (Furiae)

“Oi!” (Makoto)

What a thing to say!

Also, why do you know I am a virgin?! 

Was it Lucy?! Sa-san?! 

(…I feel like any of those two would say it…) (Makoto)

Sounds like something that they would easily talk about as a topic of conversation in their girl gatherings.

“Princess, calm down. Calm down first.” (Makoto)

I move my hands up and down to signal her to calm down.

Furiae-san slowly returned to normal.


She glared straight at me.

Like a stray cat.

“Well, fine. Hmph! Nicely done, My Knight.” (Furiae)

Ah, the usual Furiae-san.

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

“And so, about the spell of just now…” (Furiae)

“Aah, about that…” (Makoto)

I was about to tell her about how Eir-sama modified my dagger when…

“Hey hey, Lucy’s boyfriend-san, what are you doing? Cheating?” 

“Uwa!” “Kya!” 

We were suddenly spoken to at our backs.

Rosalie-san appeared.


“I felt a strange miasma just now, but it disappeared soon after. Do you guys know anything about that?” (Rosalie)

“Uhm, actually, Shuri was still alive.” (Makoto)

“Hm?! Really? Where did she go?!” (Rosalie)

“I defeated her.” (Makoto)

“You did…?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s eyes changed to that of looking at someone weird.

“Yeah…” (Makoto)

She stares intently at me.

As if she were in front of prey. I felt as if I were being stared at by a bird of prey. 

Rosalie-san’s hand touches my cheek.

It is a bit hot?

“What a mysterious child… Lucy was pretty into you, so I was interested, but…” (Rosalie)

My ears ring noisily.

This is…the Spirits are making noise?

“That High Demon…how did you defeat it?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s eyes shine red.

Her blonde hair slowly turns orange.

At the same time, a scent of alcohol reaches my nose.

Could it be that she is drunk?

“The power of the Water Goddess.” (Makoto)

“Can you show me that power for a bit?” (Rosalie)

She asks me excitedly.

By ‘show me’ does she mean the sacrificial technique?

“Y-You must not, My Knight!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san hurriedly steps in to stop us.

It is okay. I can’t use it anyways.

“Sadly to say, the technique I used to defeat the demon can’t be used immediately after.” (Makoto)

“Ah, is that so. Too bad~.” (Rosalie) 

Her eyes slowly return to their blue color, and her hair to a blonde color.

After that, she takes her eyes off me and faces Furiae-san.

“Hey, you…are interesting as well, Moon Oracle-san.” (Rosalie)


Furiae-san puts herself on guard.

“Uhm, Rosalie-san, about the Princess…!” (Makoto)

“It is okay. The present Moon Oracle is not on the side of the demons, but the side of the humans, right?” (Rosalie)

“O-Obviously!” (Furiae)

The strong tone of Furiae-san made Rosalie-san smile.

“Fufu, the friends of Lucy are all interesting. Her close lamia friend also seems to have strange powers too.” (Rosalie)

Ooh…she knows everything.

Does Rosalie-san also have Appraisal?

“Aah, but I failed to finish the demon of before, huh~. I have gotten rusty.” (Rosalie)

Lucy’s Mother stretches.

“Right! Hey, you, who do you like the second most among your female companions? Of course, the number one is Lucy, right?” (Rosalie)

“Eh? Uhm…” (Makoto)

The topic suddenly changed.

“The incredibly beautiful Moon Oracle-chan over there? Or maybe the lamia Aya-chan? Or maybe the girl with golden armor? Or the small child with blue hair?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san…the last one is a boy.

“Ah, but to think Lucy would bring back a boyfriend. In the short while I haven’t seen her, she grew up so much. Hey, show me the child of Lucy soon, okay?” (Rosalie)


The conversation has been jumping here and there for a while now.

(Aah, a drunkard.) (Makoto)

She is acting the same as Mary-san.

Now that I think about it, I wonder how Mary-san is doing.

While I was thinking that…

“See ya~.” (Rosalie)

She must have finished saying what she wanted to say, she raised one hand, and at that very same moment, a sizzling sound was made, and a magic circle appeared around Rosalie-san.

The next moment, she disappeared.

“…Teleport.” (Makoto)

“She left…” (Furiae)

Saying what she wanted to say, she just up and disappeared.

“Shall we go back, Princess?” (Makoto)

“Yeah…” (Furiae)

We returned to the house of the chief.

Rosalie-san was not there.


I told the Chief-san and Maximilian-san, who was there as well, about Shuri.

By the way, Prince Leonard is sleeping.

He is 9 years old, so he goes to sleep early.

“…I see. That high rank demon wasn’t defeated.” (Wolt)

“It is great to see that you returned safely, Makoto-dono.” (Max)

The two were making grim expressions.

“I only managed to defeat her because she was weakened by Rosalie-san’s magic.” (Makoto)

“Makoto, I should have stayed with you.” (Lucy)

“Yeah, I am glad you are okay, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san made worried expressions.

I am sorry for that.

“But not even the Saint Magic of Rosalie-sama could finish that demon… It sounds like this will be a tough battle.” 

The one who brought tea with an uneasy expression was the Wood Oracle, Flona-san.

“Flona-san, has the Wood Goddess, Freya-sama, said anything?” (Makoto)

Is there no opinion from the center of the Wood Country?

“That’s…I haven’t been able to hear anything from her… Freya-sama is a Goddess who doesn’t frequent oracles to begin with.” (Flona)

Hm, so no good, huh.

“Janet-san, did you manage to ask for reinforcements from the Sun Country?” (Makoto)

If asking the Gods doesn’t work, the next thing to rely on would be the neighboring country.

“I have requested it, but…something has apparently hindered their march, and their arrival has been delayed.” (Janet)

Janet-san’s voice was stiff.

“Hindered their march?” (Makoto)

Are there people who would go against the Sun Country?

“The ones getting in the way are the Snake Church.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san says as she munches on an apple as if bored.

“Why do you know that, Furi?” (Lucy)

“With Destiny Magic. I can somewhat tell.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san answers the question of Lucy.

Oh, it can tell that too?

Destiny Magic is really convenient.

“Fu-chan, we have to tell this to Janet-san quickly.” (Aya)

“No…it is not like we can do anything about it even if we were to tell her. The Snake Church pulling destructive measures towards Highland is the usual for them.” (Furiae)

“…Is that so.” (Aya)

What a problematic bunch. 

“Then, the one we will be relying on is Lucy’s Mother, I suppose. The most powerful one in the Wood Country.” (Makoto)

I don’t see her anywhere though.

“Mama, huh… She drank too much just a while ago and said that she would be taking a walk on the moon.” (Lucy)

“Not looking at the moon, but going to the moon?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, she does it often with Teleport, you know?” (Lcy)

“…Oh.” (Makoto)

She can go so easily?

So that’s the Crimson Witch-san.

“Is Mother going to be okay? The last time she said she was going out for a walk, she returned 1 year later…” 


Everyone aside from the family of Lucy turned to where the sister of Lucy is.

“…W-Well, it should be fine this time around. Rosalie should understand.” (Wolt)

Sweat flowed from the forehead of the Chief-san.


Everyone falls silent.

Eh, what’s with this atmosphere?

There’s no point in worrying about it, so we decided to go to sleep quickly and recover our energy, thus we finished the meeting.

I laid on the bed of the guest room the Chief prepared for me.

Prince Leonard was sleeping at the neighboring bed.

I look at that sleeping face of his.

(He really does look like a pretty girl…) (Makoto)

It can’t be helped that Rosalie-san would mistake him for a girl.

“Naa Naa.” 

“Oh, you were here.” (Makoto)

The black cat that ran away immediately popped out from the bed.

I looked up at the roof of grass while the fluffy tail of the cat was touching my right cheek.

There was a small lamp hanging there.

We will be heading to the Demon Lord’s grave tomorrow.

We still don’t have the full picture of the enemies that are awaiting us.

(Let’s sleep…) (Makoto)

I closed my eyes.


I had a dream.

Maybe she showed up after learning of the haziness in my heart?

But it was different from usual.

“Noah-sama…? What are you doing?” (Makoto)

The space of the Goddess.

The holy precincts that go on endlessly.

The one who was there was the Goddess Noah-sama that prides herself in being the number one beauty of the Divine Realm.

She is there, but…for some reason, she is standing there with whip in hand.

The one hanging by her side is…

“U-Uhm…what’s with that getup…?” (Makoto)

The Water Goddess Eir-sama tied in a tortoise shell binding and hanging in mid-air.

(Huh?) (Makoto)

What’s this?

“Hey there, Mako-kun☆.” (Eir)

Eir-sama smiles cheerfully.

No, I can’t even find the proper retort for all that’s happening! 

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