WM – Chapter 119: Takatsuki Makoto learns about sword magic

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In the end, Sakurai-kun got drunk and didn’t wake up, so I carried him to my house.

…Well, Sa-san is the one carrying Sakurai-kun though.

No, I tried to carry him myself at first, you know?

It was completely impossible with my strength! 

The party in the guild came to a close and we headed to our house.

“Ooh, Takki-dono. I have been waiting for you!” 

When I returned to the house, Fuji-yan and the others were waiting for us at our house.

Nina-san, Chris-san, and there’s a female knight.

By the way, the one who searched for the house was Fuji-yan, and he is also the owner of it.

He has a copy of the house keys. 

I have told him outright that he can come and go as he pleases.

“Ah, Saki-chan.” (Aya)

“Aya-chan, you doing well? Aah, that Ryosuke, did he drink too much?” (Saki)

That pretty female knight was Yokoyama-san.

…Wait, hm?

I looked at Furiae-san, and she and Yokoyama-san were exchanging cold glares.

A carnage scene!

“Good evening, Moon Oracle, Furiae.” (Saki)

“It has been a while, Holy Knight-san.” (Furiae)

“Did you manage to have a long talk with Ryosuke?” (Saki)

“Hmph, what’s that got to do with you?” (Furiae)

“It has to do with me. I am his wife.” (Saki)

I was fearful about this, but they are surprisingly calm…

“Now now, Saki-chan. Over here, over here.” (Aya)

Sa-san laid down Sakurai-kun at the living room’s sofa, and pulled Yokoyama-san.

“Furi, let’s go over here.” (Lucy)

Lucy brought Furiae-san to the opposite side of the table. 

Nice, you two!

There’s a whole lot of food on the table, and liquor too.

“Fuji-yan, what’s with all this?” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-sama, this is a celebration for being a step closer to becoming the feudal lord!” (Nina)

Nina-san tells me with a big smile.

According to Chris-san, she managed to get an advantage on her biggest rival that is her older sister.

That’s good news.

For now, I make my seat the furthest away from Furiae-san and Yokoyama-san, and begin the celebration.

But well, I already ate at the guild, so I am not really that hungry. 

Fuji-yan and Nina-san said that it is almost certain that Chris-san will become the next lord of this place.

That’s great to hear.

But in the end, I didn’t do anything. Is that okay?

Fuji-yan only said: ‘it is okay, Takki-dono. You don’t need to worry about it’.


Also, there’s one more thing that bothers me.

“Hey, Holy Knight-san, is Ryosuke resting properly? He seems to be pretty tired.” (Furiae)

“I tell him all the time to rest. But he doesn’t listen to me at all.” (Saki)

“Isn’t it your job to make him do it regardless?” (Furiae)

“Then you tell him.” (Saki)

Their words were slightly thorny, but they were managing to have a normal conversation.


Lucy and Sa-san were watching that intently.

{Hey, Aya, otherworlders have accepting hearts, huh.} (Lucy)

{They don’t! I feel like Saki-chan was a person that got jealous easily…} (Aya)

I heard their whispering with my Eavesdrop.

“What’s the matter, My Knight?” (Furiae)

“Ah right, you became the Guardian Knight of the Moon Oracle?” (Saki)

“Y-Yeah…” (Makoto)

Yokoyama-san and Furiae-san turned over here.

Oops, was I staring for too long?

Furiae-san grins.

“It is a mystery to you why I can talk all friendly with the Holy Knight-san, right? I got to know her when I was captured by the Sun Country’s Sun Knights.” (Furiae)

“I-Is that so…” (Makoto)

I don’t see any factor that would make them get along in that…

“…I…am sorry for what happened then.” (Saki)

Yokoyama-san’s expression darkened.

“It is okay. You and Ryosuke didn’t know anything. The ones at fault are the damn Sun Country Templars pieces of shit and the Pope that ordered it.” (Furiae)


I can’t tell where this is going.

What I can see is that they have their circumstances.

“Do you want to know, My Knight? It is not a fun story though.” (Furiae)

“No, not at this time.” (Makoto)

From what I can see in the dark expression of Yokoyama-san at her side, I don’t think she wants her to say it.

Let’s fix this mood.

A different topic.

“By the way, Fuji-yan, there have been a lot of people I haven’t seen before here in Makkaren. Do you know something about that?” (Makoto)

“Aah, that’s because you are here, Takki-dono.” (Fuji)


What does that mean?

“There have been people wishing to migrate here where the Rozes Hero, Takatsuki-sama, resides.” (Chris)

“The ones who don’t have work are provided assistance in finding work by the Fujiwara Company.” (Nina)

Chris-san and Nina-san add.

“Hoh, that’s impressive, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“When I walk around the city, I would sometimes be asked about you, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san are saying this happily, but…

(Seriously…?) (Makoto)

I was the reason for it.

The place grew lively with Chris-san talking about the plans for development in Makkaren, and Fuji-yan talking about his business plans for the future.

I look around.

There’s Fuji-yan, Sa-san, Sakurai-kun, Yokoyama-san, and I.

Lucy, Furiae-san, Nina-san, and Chris-san.

(There’s more otherworlders?) (Makoto)

It made me feel as if I have returned to the 1-A class.

Everyone is doing well I guess.

The celebration continued till late in the night, but Sakurai-kun was still asleep.


That day, late at night.

Everyone was asleep, but I couldn’t sleep, so I was training alone in the backyard. 

“Nauuu~, nauuu~.” 

The usual black cat came.

I use water magic to grab a fish and give it to the cat.

It devours it greedily.

I rub the fur of that cat and ruminate about what happened during the day.

(…In that battle with the Green Dragon, it would have been dangerous without Sakurai-kun.) (Makoto)

Honestly speaking, we were just lucky that there were no casualties.

According to Fuji-yan, there have been more people moving to Makkaren.

There’s a Hero after all.

When danger comes to the city, the one who stands at the front and faces that danger is the Hero.

The soldiers, templars, adventurers, and everyone in that profession are all under the command of the Hero.

(Haah…the duty of the Hero, huh.) (Makoto)

…That’s heavy.

In the past, at the time when I played my first RPG for the first time, the protagonist saved the kidnapped princess from a dragon all alone, and then defeated the Demon Lord.

(I would have liked something like that.) (Makoto)

It seems like the reason why I don’t have comrades is because of my capacity.

Lucy and Sa-san are fine, but taking responsibility for strangers is a bit…too much pressure, and I really find it hard to take that duty.

Am I being selfish here?

I look up at the cloudy sky that I can’t see the moon of, and I spaced out thinking.

“Hey there, Takatsuki-kun.” 

The one who called me from behind was Sakurai-kun.

Maybe the black cat got surprised when a stranger came, it ran away.

“You awake now, Sakurai-kun?” (Makoto)

“Sorry, I fell asleep.” (Sakurai)

“You can’t drink, so you could have just refused.” (Makoto)

Last time it was I who made him drop, but I purposely left that out.

Sakurai-kun just gives a light ‘haha’.

“Takatsuki-kun, are you training your magic?” (Sakurai)

“Hmm, rather than calling it training, it is more like I am reflecting here.” (Makoto)

I explain to him about the battle with the Green Dragon this morning, and about my weak magic and how hard it is to use Spirit Magic.

“I see. You can’t show your true strength unless there’s water… And whether there’s Spirits or not, your firepower is completely different, huh.” (Sakurai)

“Yeah. I am a problematic Apprentice Mage.” (Makoto)

I covered it up as a joke, but Sakurai-kun’s expression was serious.

“You should tell that information to the staff officers in the headquarters.” (Sakurai)

“What’s that?” (Makoto)

“The people who are drafting the plan of the Demon Lord subjugations at the northern continent. The reason why I am going around the countries is in part also to remind the people about it.” (Sakurai)

“I see… So defeating the Demon Lords really is your role, Sakurai-kun?” (Makoto)

He is treated as the reincarnation of the Legendary Savior after all.

But Sakurai-kun shakes his head to the sides.

“The ones facing the Demon Lords will be a combined team of Heroes from the six countries. But because the Water Country’s Hero is too young, he wasn’t supposed to be in the main force.” (Sakurai)

“‘Wasn’t supposed to be’?” (Makoto)

Past tense?

“Just a few days ago, a Hero that managed to defeat 5,000 Ancient Monsters appeared after all.” (Sakurai)

“Geh.” (Makoto)

Me, huh.

“I don’t know the details about the plan either, but I am sure you will become part of the main force, Takatsuki-kun. The staff officers there were talking about it.” (Sakurai)

“Seriously…?” (Makoto)

I am here worrying about a single Green Dragon though?

“But if that’s the case, instead of fighting the Beast King Zagan, you might have a better affinity with a different Demon Lord.” (Sakurai)

…A different Demon Lord, you say?

“If I remember correctly…the Ancient Dragon King, Astaroth, and the Sea Monster King, Forneus, was it?” (Makoto) 

The Beast King Zagan that rules the land of the Demonic Continent. 

The Sea Monster King Forneus that rules the surrounding ocean of the Demonic Continent.

The Ancient Dragon King Astaroth that rules the skies of the Demonic Continent.

The 3 Demon Lords that basically are the land, air, and sea forces of the Demonic Continent.

“But I heard the objective of this Northern Expedition was to subjugate the Beast King though?” (Makoto)

I was told this by a knight captain of Highland.

Fighting against all the 3 Demon Lords would create way too many casualties on our side.

Also, when the Great Demon Lord comes back, it is said that the one who would come to attack the West Continent and try to control it is the Beast King.

The Sea Monster King is managing the ocean around the Demonic Continent. 

The Ancient Dragon King is the guardian of the Demonic Continent, so it apparently doesn’t go too far away from its own territory most of the time.

“Yeah, that’s why the main force will fight the Beast King, and the other units will be holding the Sea Monster King and Ancient Dragon King so that they don’t provide any reinforcements.” (Sakurai)

“I see. They certainly wouldn’t just silently watch as we defeat the Beast King.” (Makoto)

Then, since the battle with the Sea Monster King will be at the sea, I would prefer that position.

“I will inform the staff officers”, is what Sakurai-kun said and took the job upon himself.

Friends really are a treasure.

We chat for a while and…

“I should learn from you and train as well.” (Sakurai)

Saying this, he unsheathes the sword at his waist. 

He begins to swing it.

The indigo black blade shone lightly and drew beautiful arcs.

I have seen the sword of Sakurai-kun a number of times already, but was it always that color?

Also, that light of mana…

“Sakurai-kun, is that a magic sword?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, the sacred sword the Highland royalty lent me, Aroundight. A magic sword that’s said to never break.” (Sakurai)

“Hoh! So that’s the legendary sword of the Savior, huh. Can I touch it a bit?” (Makoto)

It must be the number one sacred sword of the continent! 

I want to check it out!

“No…unfortunately, this is not the sword of Savior Abel. It is the property of a Hero from 1,000 years ago though. Wanna try holding it?” (Sakurai)

I received the sword from Sakurai-kun.

“Uah…heavy!” (Makoto)

I was already expecting this. I can’t carry it.

But Sakurai-kun could mindlessly swing it.

“I am giving it back. Thanks. But, did it always have this color?” (Makoto)

At Laberintos and the battle this morning, I remember it having a brighter color.

“I changed the light of the sun into mana, and had Aroundight absorb it. Light Sword is a Skill that releases the mana charged in the sword all at once. At that time, the sword shone in the color of the sun.” (Sakurai)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Have the magic sword absorb mana, huh. 

So there’s that way of using it.

“Should I try it out?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Sakurai)

I unsheathe my dagger and…

(Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans.) (Makoto)

I raised the dagger of the Goddess to the sky.

I concentrate in my dagger to have the mana of the Water Spirits gather in the dagger.

“Hm? The Spirits themselves were…absorbed into the dagger?” (Makoto)

A few of the Spirits became one with the blade of the Goddess’s dagger.

The blade began to release a blue light so strong it was dazzling.

At the same time as that, the dagger began to pulsate as if it had life.

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun shouts slightly agitated and it returns me to my senses.

The dagger of the Goddess began to make a ‘jijijijiji’ unsettling sound.

Aah…my control on the magic was a bit too lenient.

This is the sound of magic on the verge of exploding.

I control it with Clear Mind.

When I controlled the mana that was trying to rampage unrestrainedly and fixed the wild whirling of it, the sound released from the dagger…changed into a ‘clink clink’ like that of a chime.

“Y-You managed to…control it?” (Sakurai)

“Sorry sorry. The mana of the Spirits was more than I expected.” (Makoto)

“It looks as if there’s Monarch Rank amounts of mana put into that dagger though…” (Sakurai)

“This is nice. Looks like it would be better to charge mana to the weapon before using it.” (Makoto)

When a mage gathers magic in their own body, you can get mana dizzy or it can go out of control.

This is nice!

I will be making use of this in the future.

“…You have more than 200 magic proficiency, huh. The Great Sage-sama said that there’s no mage that’s faster at magic activation than Takatsuki-kun in Highland.” (Sakurai)

“Isn’t she just exaggerating there?” (Makoto)

I will keep the former part in mind.

I swing the dagger at the sky.

The clouds hiding the moon were cut.

“Oooooh!” (Makoto)

Nice power!

But the control can still be polished.

Sakurai-kun said to me with an amazed expression.

“By the way, I will be leaving Makkaren in the morning.” (Sakurai)

“Eh?! Already?” (Makoto)

Didn’t you come just yesterday?

“Why don’t you take it easy for 2-3 days?” (Makoto)

Furiae-san is gonna be sad, you know?

“Princess Sofia is apparently going to be returning in the morning. After my greetings, I have to head to the next country. The schedule is tight, so I can’t stay for long.” (Sakurai)

“I see, that’s a shame.” (Makoto)

I would have liked him to tell me more about sword magic.

Sakurai-kun and I talk about sword magic and the Northern Expedition till morning.


At the time when the sun was rising.

A splendid carriage was parked in front of the church.

The one who came out from the carriage was Princess Sofia.

Sakurai-kun kneeled and talked about something.

Ah, they are done talking?

Sakurai-kun stood up and rode the white giant wyvern that’s close by. 

The other knights have normal wyverns and pegasus, yet Sakurai-kun’s ride was slightly different.

“So that’s the white dragon that protects the Highland royalty, huh. This is the first time I see it.” (Lucy)

I heard the mutter of Lucy.

I see…so it is exclusively for the Light Hero?

“The dragon of Sakurai-kun is nice. Will he let me ride on its back?” (Makoto)

When I mutter that, Sa-san and Furiae-san turn my way.

“I think he would easily let you if you ask him, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

Sa-san chuckles.

“Hey, My Knight, I haven’t rode one before either.” (Furiae)

“I was kidding. Kidding.” (Makoto)

…Next time, I will try asking him secretly without Furiae-san knowing.

Sakurai-kun, Yokoyama-san, and the Sun Knights wave their hands at us and fly off.

We also wave back.

They are going to the Fire Country next, right? 

Being the Light Hero is rough.

Ah, Princess Sofia walks towards us.

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