WM – Chapter 253: Takatsuki Makoto fights Demon Lord Cain

“The Hero is acting separately, huh… I will have you spit out his location.” (Cain)

The man that’s clad in pitch black armor took stance with his giant greatsword as if it were light.

The Apostle of Noah-sama, Demon Lord Cain.

This is the 3rd time we met.

On the 1st time, I was desperate trying to not get killed.

The 2nd time, I escaped right away.

And now…

(Right now it is only me and Mel-san…) (Makoto)

Thinking about it normally, our only choice is to run.


-“I will tell this to you just in case. I don’t really recommend it though…” 

I remember the conversation of Noah-sama.

If Mel-san is gone, I would be in a one vs one against Cain.

Could it be that this is my only chance to persuade him?

“Spirit User-kun, buy time and let’s esca—” (Mel)

“Mel-san, I will distract him, so go to the Sun Temple and bring Abel-san.” (Makoto)

“What?! Don’t tell me you plan on sacrificing yours—” (Mel)

“I don’t.” (Makoto)

Mel-san was startled by what I said, but she reconsidered it after seeing my face.

“Looks like you have a plan.” (Mel)

“A bit.” (Makoto)

“Don’t push yourself, okay? …I will return in half a day.” (Mel)

It is normally a distance that would take 1 day.

“Plenty enough.” (Makoto)

When I say this, I jumped off from the back of the White Dragon-san.

Thanks to the Blue Feather Cloak Ira-sama gave me, I can fly. 

Demon Lord Cain looks at both me and the White Dragon-san.

He was thinking about who to chase, but it looks like he has focused his target on me.

He approached me.

“Dia, ready?” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

Dia appeared by my side.

“To think you would throw away your dragonback yourself. Looks like you don’t treasure your life!” (Cain)

The black armored Demon Lord laughed as if belittling me, and lunged at me. 

I placed an ice barrier, and activated a spell that blocks vision.

“Water Magic: [Blizzard].” (Makoto)

I will eliminate his field of vision first.

The flight of the Blue Feather Cloak isn’t that fast.

Or more like, it is slow.

If we were to do a speed battle, they would catch up to me in an instant.

“Fuhahaha! Pointless struggle!!” (Cain)

The Demon Lord roared, but I ignored him.

I pointed at him and muttered.

“Water Magic: [Ice Block].” (Makoto)

Several giant ice blocks were shot at Cain.

“Argh! How annoying!” (Cain)

The sword of the Demon Lord cuts them away like butter, but some did hit him.

But the damage was negated because of the armor of the Demon Lord.

Even so, it seems like it is aggravating to get smashed by blocks of ice continuously.

“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! I(Fire Spirits! Wind Spirits! Blow them away!)” (Cain)

I heard him shouting in Spirit Language.

A giant fire tornado appeared with the Demon Lord in the center.

I felt the heat immediately.

“Hahahahahaha! Your magic doesn’t work on m—” (Cain)

That sneer didn’t last long.

The giant fire tornado slowly thinned like the fire of a candle, and eventually disappeared.


Because of the armor that was covering his whole body all the way to his head, I can’t see his facial expression, but I can tell that he is confused.

He once again rushed at me, but I hit him with the raging blizzard and the ice blocks. 

“Don’t you understand that this is pointless?!” (Cain)

The Demon Lord shouted and cut away the ice blocks. 

But the next moment, an ice block collided with the armor of Cain.

“XXXXXXXXXX! (Fire Spirits! Wind Spirits!)” (Cain)

Demon Lord Cain shouts in Spirit Language again.

But nothing happened.

Eh? A blank?



“D-Don’t look!” (Cain)

Dia and I stared at him with amazed faces, and Demon Lord Cain shouted agitated.

It is just as Dia told me beforehand.

Demon Lord Cain apparently sucks at using Spirits.

◇A few days ago◇

In the Sun Temple.

I was speaking in Spirit Language so that Hero Abel doesn’t hear it.

“Hey, Dia, if Demon Lord Cain attacks us again, will you be able to fight him? -With him being a believer of Noah-sama and all.” (Makoto)

I was a bit worried, so I tried to confirm.

Noah-sama is like the boss of the Spirits.

Then, can a Great Water Spirit go against Cain when he is the Apostle of Noah-sama in this era?

“Fuh! And here I was wondering what you would say. That question is silly, Our King.” (Dia)

“Really?” (Makoto)

Dia giggled in contrast to my worry.

“Spirits hate that kind of violent man.” (Dia)

“Violent?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. His way of speaking, his way of using magic, and his way of using Spirits; they are all coarse. With how he is, Spirits wouldn’t be attached to him.” (Dia)

“Really?” (Makoto)

In my eyes, it looked like Cain was using all Spirits freely aside from water.

But according to Dia, he is not popular.

“Spirits like people who give them attention kindly. Also, Noah-sama is a personage that loves freedom. There’s no need to forcefully listen to the words of someone we don’t like! I serve the person I like.” (Dia)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Noah-sama isn’t bothered by the small details.

Her base stance is ‘do as you wish’.

Looks like that’s the same for her familiars that are the Spirits.

“Demon Lord Cain is questionable as a Spirit User, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yes, I pity the Spirits that abide by him.” (Dia)

If the Great Water Spirit herself says it, that must be the case.

“By the way, what about me?” (Makoto)

“Our King is…skilled.” (Dia)

Dia directed a meaningful gaze at me.

Why are you blushing?

“When I am touched by you, that sweet sensation makes my body tremble and—” (Dia)

“Wait wait.” (Makoto)

It is obvious, but it is not like I touch Dia every time I use Spirit Magic.

I don’t do moves like that of an eroge.

“It was just a metaphor, a metaphor. It means that’s how skilled Our King is.” (Dia)

“That’s great.” (Makoto)

It was that kind of conversation.


It has been a few hours since Cain has been deflecting the attacks of Dia.

Our attacks are being nullified, but his attacks aren’t reaching us either.

The stalemate continued.

“Tch! This is endless! Damn it!” (Cain)

Demon Lord Cain was waving around his greatsword.

The black sword attack approached me, but I easily defended myself with an ice barrier.

What haphazard attacks.

He lacks concentration.

Isn’t it about time?

At this rate, the short-tempered Demon Lord might leave.

It should be about time to talk to him.

The attacks of Demon Lord Cain were losing steam.

Looks like his fighting spirit has thinned.

I stopped the blizzard, and stopped smashing him with ice blocks.

“You…have you finally ran out of mana?” (Cain)

The Demon Lord said something that was way off target.

“Water Magic: [Ice Block].” (Makoto)

Giant blocks of ice surround us as if enclosing us.

“Tch!” (Cain)

He clicks his tongue as if annoyed by this.

In the first place, a Spirit User doesn’t run out of mana.

“I wanted to talk to you.” (Makoto)

I opened.

“Pleading for your life? If you spit out the location of the Hero obediently, I have no interest in you, so—” (Cain)

I say this as if cutting off the words of Cain.

“Cainhart Weeloch.” (Makoto)

When I said this, Demon Lord Cain twitched lightly.

“…Why do you…know that name?” (Cain)


I didn’t answer that question and grinned.

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            I wasn’t expecting a chapter after 7:00 (they usually are posted between 6:00 and 7:00 pm my local time) and started washing the dishes when the chapter came.

          3. While in my local time the posts are usually 6:00 -7:00 am
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    1. “D-Don’t look!” (Cain)
      Dia and I stared at him with amazed faces, and Demon Lord Cain shouted agitated.
      It is just as Dia told me beforehand.
      –Demon Lord Cain apparently sucks at using Spirits.

      Now I understand why Noah said that Makoto is the best apostle ever. He’s the only one who truly understands the spirit and could use them freely. And finally, we will learn about Cain past and how he meet Noah.

      “By the way, what about me?” (Makoto)
      “Our King is…skilled.” (Dia)
      Dia directed a meaningful gaze at me.
      Why are you blushing?
      “When I am touched by you, that sweet sensation makes my body tremble and—” (Dia)
      “Wait wait.” (Makoto)

      Also the only person who unconsciously doing something lewd his contracted spirit

    1. ““D-Don’t look!” (Cain)
      Dia and I stared at him with amazed faces, and Demon Lord Cain shouted agitated.
      It is just as Dia told me beforehand.
      –Demon Lord Cain apparently sucks at using Spirits.”
      Lol, I didn’t expect Cain, the Apostle of Noah, to be bad at using Spirits.

      ““Cainhart Weeloch.” (Makoto)
      When I said this, Demon Lord Cain twitched lightly.
      “…Why do you…know that name?” (Cain)
      I didn’t answer that question and grinned.”
      So, Cainhart Weeloch is the full name of Cain. Very interesting.

      ““When I am touched by you, that sweet sensation makes my body tremble and—” (Dia)
      “Wait wait.” (Makoto)
      It is obvious, but it is not like I touch Dia every time I use Spirit Magic.
      I don’t do moves like that of an eroge.”
      Wait, what the hell did you do to Dia, Makoto ? Also, you do move like that of an eroge. Remember when you synced with Sofia for the first time ? That was extremeley lewd.
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    1. “When I am touched by you, that sweet sensation makes my body tremble and—” (Dia)
      “Wait wait.” (Makoto)
      It is obvious, but it is not like I touch Dia every time I use Spirit Magic.
      I don’t do moves like that of an eroge.

      So it also happens to spirits? So that’s why Dia is so obedient ahhhh.

      Cain is strong but he sucks at using spirits and is impatient. Good thing that spirits can fight one another though they are being forced.

      “Cainhart Weeloch.” (Makoto)
      When I said this, Demon Lord Cain twitched lightly.
      “…Why do you…know that name?” (Cain)
      I didn’t answer that question and grinned.

      This is an alliance! I call it now, they’re going to team up to kill the Great Demon Lord for tricking Noah in the future and free her after. Senpai acquired!

      1. I would think it would be hard to convince Anna to forgive Cain in order to have him join in fighting Iblis. I mean Cain did kill Anna’s surrogate mother-figure.

        1. I’m not necessarily saying that Anna would allow it. I’m thinking more that Cain and Makoto have a secret agreement for Cain to act like a spy and help the party when they fight Iblis. It wouldn’t need Anna’s consent then but it would make for a great plot twist when it gets revealed to the party.

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  2. “By the way, what about me?” (Makoto)
    “Our King is…skilled.” (Dia)
    Dia directed a meaningful gaze at me.
    Why are you blushing?
    “When I am touched by you, that sweet sensation makes my body tremble and—” (Dia)
    “Wait wait.” (Makoto)
    It is obvious, but it is not like I touch Dia every time I use Spirit Magic.
    I don’t do moves like that of an eroge.
    “It was just a metaphor, a metaphor. It means that’s how skilled Our King is.” (Dia)

    “That’s great.” (Makoto)

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        Though I certainly don’t know what form Makoto’s harem will ultimately take. It just keeps growing. So in the end, I can’t completely exclude the possibility that could be like that (even though I doubt it). The story isn’t over til its over, and it isn’t over yet.

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