WM – Chapter 33: Takatsuki Makoto challenges Laberintos (first day)

“Oi, answer here, elf girly.” 

“You have quite the stimulating outfit there.” 

“Boy, Laberintos is still too soon for you. Go back to mommy.” 

Troublemakers got us. 

There’s more than 10,000 adventurers in this city.

Of course, there will be bad natured people too.

Lucas-san told me that ‘a party of youngsters like you guys will definitely get caught by them’.

Now that I think about it, the adventurers of Makkaren were all good people.

To the point that they even gave me a weird nickname.

Anyways, the way to deal with this kind of situation is to not appear weak.

I am an Iron Rank adventurer.

Let’s act confident.

I was about to speak back to him, so I set my [Clear Mind] to 99% and breath in deeply.

“Huh? What are you saying?! We are the adventurers that subjugated a Griffon in Makkaren, you know?! I am not interested in weaklings like you guys! Scram, shoo shoo!” (Lucy)

“O-Oi, Lucy.” (Makoto)

Lucy is dependable at these kinds of times.

Her attitude is bigger than anyone else’s.

But you were a bit too confrontational there.


The stern faced man that was at the front frowned.

He unsheathed the sword on his waist.

Oi oi, aren’t you a bit too short-circuited there?

“Who are you calling a weakling? Huuh?” 

“You guys, a griffon? Make a better lie.”

“What energetic brats.” 

The hoodlums grin as they surround us.

The guild begins to grow noisy.

The guild staff members will most likely come stop this after a while. 

I feel like if that happens, we will be looked down on from then on though.

The other side seems to not be so stupid as to suddenly come attacking us.

They probably couldn’t back down after being talked back by conceited young adventurers.

I take one step forward in order to protect Lucy.

The unsheathed sword in front of me is shining.

How dangerous.

“That’s quite the nice sword you have there.” (Makoto)

“Ha! Of course it is. This is something that I bought in the best weapon shop of the Sun Country, Highland, and—” 

The hoodlum was doing what they do best and began chattering on…

I unsheathed my dagger, and…

“Urya” (Makoto)


Cut it.

I managed to cut it clean like butter.

A nice clanging sound was made as the blade dropped to the ground.

Due to my experience the other day cutting off the finger of the Giant God, the sharpness of this dagger has been proven, but…

“This really is one crazy sharpness”, is what I mutter.

“Aaaah!! My mythril magic sword!” 

The hoodlum adventurer screamed.

Geh, made from mythril?

I really have done something bad there.

Weapons made from mythril are crazy expensive.

But the ones at fault are them who tried to cause trouble with us.

I will be taking the high ground here.

“That’s one bad quality sword you are using there. Being cut by a dagger like this, I am impressed that you can talk it up that much.” (Makoto)

I say this with a condescending tone.


“You are the ones who came at us first. We are the disciples of Lucas Darmoa from Makkaren. Picking a fight with us means you are picking a fight with Lucas.” (Makoto)

“Geh, the Dragon Slayer Lucas…?” 

Being the disciple of Lucas is a lie.

He is a swordsman and I am a mage after all.

Lucas-san apparently has quite the name for himself in Laberintos.

He told me that it is okay to use his name if we got in trouble with hoodlum adventurers.

“Tch! Oi, you guys, let’s go.” 


The hoodlums left.

Ooh, Lucas-san’s name is pretty effective.

Haah, that got me quite nervous.

“Makoto, you were Lucas-san’s disciple?” (Lucy)

Speaking as if nothing happened.

Whose fault do you think it was that things ended up escalating that much?

“I will explain later. Let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Wait, don’t pull me.” (Lucy)

I left the Adventurer Guild with Lucy.

 “I see, so Lucas-san was that famous of a person.” (Lucy)

“The Dragon Slayer Lucas is apparently a name that any adventurer of a decade ago knows.” (Makoto)

“It is true that Lucas-san had a lot of dragon subjugation requests.” (Lucy)

It reminds me of the many heroic stories of his in the Makkaren stalls.

“Then, let’s explore the dungeon for a bit. Lightly, okay?” (Makoto)

“Okay! This is exciting!” (Lucy)

We head to the giant dungeon entrance that is deep in the city.

The entrance of Laberintos has an adventurer guild receptionist counting the people entering. 

In Laberintos where missing people is like a daily occurrence, the guild has to check the entrance and exit of people. 

It feels like an amusement park.

We told the receptionist that we would be doing a daylight adventure.

With this, if we were to not return by evening, we would be placed in the Adventurer Guild’s missing people list.

“Hey, Makoto, which one do you want to go to?” (Lucy)

“Hmm, right…” (Makoto)

I look at the Map of Laberintos (Upper) that we bought at the guild, and think.

Honestly speaking, the Upper Floor has been explored to dead, so there’s practically no unexplored area.

[Where will you go?]

Left: Green Cave ←

Middle: Water Cave

Right: Fire Cave

“Oh, it has been a while”, RPG Player skill.

“Did you say something?” (Lucy)

“No, it is nothing. Then, let’s go to the Water Cave.” (Makoto)

“Well, I figured that would be the case with you, Makoto.” (Lucy)

The giant dungeon’s (cave) entrance was divided in three. 

I chose the one that fit me the most from within those.

Just as the name states, the Water Cave has streams and canals at the sides of the road.

The source of that water is the water that’s coming out from the walls in the whole cave.

Thus, Water Cave.

“Because of the neverending stream of water, the walls of the dungeon have weakened and are brittle. That’s why it is weak to strong impacts, so we can’t use your Meteor Fall, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“Eh?! Really?” (Lucy)

“You didn’t listen to the explanation of Mary-san…?” (Makoto)

I sigh.

“The monsters in the Upper Floor are weak after all. I don’t think there will be a problem.” (Lucy)

“But there’s Minotaurs. Those are High Class, right?” (Makoto)

“The Minotaur protects the stairs going down to the Mid Floor. As if gauging the adventurers heading to the Mid Floor.” (Lucy)

“Hmm.” (Makoto)

There’s puddles of water of varying sizes formed at our feet. 

We step on them making splashing sounds as we move forward.

“Hey there, beginning now?” 

“Hello, going back now?” (Makoto)

In our way, a party returning called out to us.

I could see adventurers here and there as well.

As expected of the dungeon that prospers the most in the continent.

I have heard that there’s also brave spirited merchants that open shop inside the dungeon.

By the way, the goods apparently cost 10 times more than outside.

“Monsters have been getting active lately. Be careful.” 

“Is it signs of the Great Demon Lord reviving?” (Makoto)

“Don’t say scary stuff like that.” 

“Okay, thank you for the advice.” (Makoto)

I wave my hand and give my thanks. 


“Hoop.” (Makoto)

I creeped my way to the back of a kobold that was wandering the dungeon. 

Then created mist to take away its vision, and erased my footsteps with [Stealth].

Finishing it with the dagger of the Goddess.

“I am done, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“This isn’t any different from the goblin hunting.” (Lucy)

Lucy pouts her lips in discontent.

The only things coming out are things like slimes, goblins, and weaklings of different types.

“Well, with enemies of this level, there’s no need to use the magic of Lucy.” (Makoto)

“That’s true, but…” (Lucy)

Well, yeah, it is a bit of a letdown.

The dungeon is big, so there’s a variety of monsters, but…with this, the Demonic Forest offered a better fight.


A scream reverberated in the place.

“Lucy!!” (Makoto)

“Let’s go, Makoto!” (Lucy)

“No, we are not going.” (Makoto)

What’s she saying?

“It is okay to not go.” (Makoto)

“Eeh~? We are not going to go save them?” (Lucy)

“I confirmed with my [Detection] skill. Even if we don’t do anything, they will come to us. Begin chanting. A large scale Stone Bullet.” (Makoto)

“Got it!” (Lucy)

The Detection skill is ringing loudly in my head.

(This sound is from a High Class monster.) (Makoto)

The Upper Floor of the Grand Labyrinth, Laberintos. 

A floor that normally only has weaklings.

But there’s only one type that’s a High Class monster.

“It is here!” (Makoto)

“A Minotaur!” (Lucy)

The gatekeeper of the Upper Floor showed up.

A battle axe in both hands.

Only one.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be deep in the dungeon only?!” (Lucy)

“Must be a stray. Or maybe the result of the monsters growing active.” (Makoto)

I take a stance with the dagger of the Goddess as if praying.

It has gotten Grand Labyrinth-like.

I watch the Minotaur approach, as blue lights circle around the area…

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