WM – Chapter 358: Invader

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Miasma swirled around the kuroko priest that came from a different world.

The priest is holding a staff with a strange shape.

The tip of the staff that has a thin and long creature resembling a snake coiling around it, had several things that look like grape-like eyes.

Moreover, those eyes are wriggling.

“Cosmos Magic: [Arcturus].”

The spell that the priest activated was something I saw for the first time.

Red light that felt like it could burn my eyes lit up the surroundings and came at us.

“So impertinent! Fire Magic: [Burning Impact]!!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san, clad in Fire Spirits, punched the spell of the enemy.


A big explosion happened and the so-called cosmos spell scattered.

(Eeh…) (Makoto)

That’s how you deal with it?

Not with a barrier or something?

By the way, the Heavenly Winged Folk Matriarch-san went ‘hiih!’ as she took refuge in the World Tree.

“…Sun Magic: [Lightning Flash].” (Momo)


The spell casted by Momo pierced the shoulder of the black priest by the time I noticed.

(Fast…) (Makoto)

There was almost no time lag between the activation and the attack landing.

“Not bad.”

The priest wasn’t that flustered and his expression was the same despite having a hole in his shoulder.

The wound in his shoulder visibly healed without the use of healing magic.

“What was that?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san muttered, creeped out.

“He is not human, right? It doesn’t seem like he used healing magic, so he might just simply be that kind of living being.” (Momo)

Momo is observing calmly.

(I would like to participate too though…) (Makoto)

I have been warned by the Goddesses that I should not interfere as much as possible.

What I can do is observe the battle of Momo and Rosalie-san while holding the monster nest with the Wind Spirits and Wind Magic so it doesn’t drop.

“Now then…let’s go for this spell next. Cosmos Magic: [Spica].”

The surroundings of the priest began to get clad with a bluish light.

That…gives me a bad feeling.

“Fire Magic: [Flame Dragroa]!!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san cast magic without delay.

A giant explosion happened and blew up the spell that the priest was about to activate.

“Wind Magic: [Assassin Blade].” (Momo)

The spell Momo casted was an invisible magic blade.

Even someone like me who has the God Eyes had only detected a minuscule amount of mana by the time the creepy staff and the arm of the priest had been sliced to pieces.


The complexion of the priest didn’t change despite both of his arms having been sliced off.

His arms regenerate.

The staff -sliced into pieces- wriggled back into shape.

“Looks like this will be a long one.” (Rosalie)

“A drawn out battle indeed.” (Momo)

The Crimson Witch-san and Momo looked at each other’s faces.

The 3 of them activate new spells.

Explosions happened in the sky 3 times.


Half a day went by since the battle began.

The sun had sunk and the surrounding was dark now.

“There’s no end to this…” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s body is still clad in Fire Spirits and there’s no end to the mana.

But her voice shows slight signs of fatigue.

“Hmm, him not dying even when piercing his heart or slicing off his head might mean he is not a living being.” (Momo)

The voice of Momo is the same as usual.

I can tell she is a bit fed up though.

“You two ladies…are you really people from this planet? You are not even Heroes of the Goddesses, right?”

The black priest was in a pretty tattered appearance.

The mana and miasma is on the same level as a Demon Lord, but I feel like it is below that of the Immortal King Bifrons who I fought before.

Then, you would think he should retreat, but he does not.

Not only that, he is showing a bold smile while completely in tatters.

“You ladies are truly strong. I heard the Heroes of the Goddesses on this planet are especially strong, but even mages have this combat power. This is truly wonderful. It is truly worth invading.”

That tone sounds like he is not doubting his own victory.

“What a creepy guy.” (Rosalie)

It is as Rosalie-san says. His attitude is creepy.

“We both are lacking a decisive move.” (Momo)

Momo seems to not be that bothered, she is taking a stance without much worry.

At that moment…


A big black shadow covered the skies above us.

The light of the evening sun was completely hidden, and I can’t even see the stars anymore.

It is a darkness different from that of night.

It was so massive I thought it was the sky, but…

(Makoto, the Black Moon has manifested.) (Noah)

Noah-sama’s voice rang in my mind.

“This is the Black Moon…” (Makoto)

Looks like my mutter reached the ears of the priest.

“That’s right! This is our mother planet, the gate from an outside cosmos. I can get infinite mana with the Black Moon this close!”

The wounds of the tattered priest began to heal and sinister miasma was released from him as if to supplement his words.

I see, so he was waiting for this.

“Rosalie-san, Momo, are you okay?” (Makoto)

I implied a ‘want me to help?’.

“What a joke! This is nothing!” (Rosalie)


Rosalie-san said with strength.

Momo didn’t say anything.

She is looking around as if she were thinking of something.

“Fufufu, wouldn’t it be better to ask for help from the Apostle of the Evil God there?”

The black priest showed composure.

That’s how much mana is covering his body.

(Hmm, should I interfere?) (Makoto)

Rosalie-san is saying it is not needed, but just when I secretly decided to do something…

“……XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lend me your strength, Great Fire Spirit, Salamander).” (Rosalie)

The voice of the Crimson Witch-san reached my ears.

Sparks danced in the surroundings.

The air dried.

The temperature rose in an instant.

There’s a girl with her whole body burning in red by the side of Rosalie-san.

“XXXXXX (This looks like fun!) XXXXXX (Is it a fight?!)”

The one shouting with high tension in Spirit Language is…

“Rosalie-san, you could call a Salamander, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it succeeded for the first time!” (Rosalie)

“In a decisive battle?!” (Makoto)

At the last moment?

This person is impressive.

“……You were hiding a trump card like this one, huh.”

The smile of the black priest disappeared.

Looks like he thinks they were hiding their trump cards.

(I think it is actually true that this is the first time she managed to call a Great Fire Spirit though.) (Makoto)

Rosalie-san is honest by nature.

She wouldn’t hesitate in using her trump card.

Today must really be her first success.

“Now, White Thing, can you keep up with—hm? Wa?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san turned to where Momo was, full of confidence, but her face changed into a dubious one.

“…Lady… That appearance…”

“Momo?” (Makoto)

That was the same for me and the black priest.

The air changed.

Air that’s even heavier than when the Black Moon appeared.

The one at the center of this is…


Momo sighed with pure white hair and blood red eyes.

Momo went to Hades and was brought back to a human.

She returned to her black hair and black eyes appearance she had when she was alive.

She should have been in that appearance the whole time, but…

“My vampire form really is more comfortable when it is night. Haah… I can finally get serious.” (Momo)

“White Thing…how did you do that?” (Rosalie)

“It is just Transformation Magic.” (Momo)

Momo said as if nothing.

Looks like she can return to her vampire appearance using Transformation when it is night.


An abnormal amount of mana began to gather around Momo.

This is not the mana of Momo herself.

This is…

“Night Spirits… You got along with them, Momo?” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, Makoto-sama, I have spent 1,000 years worth of nights, you know? Of course I would have friends at night.” (Momo)

Momo chuckled and the Night Spirits grew merry with ‘Kya! Kya!’.

The Night Spirits were flooding the night sky.

They are all the allies of Momo.

(This…would be impossible for me.) (Makoto)

She spent 1,000 years as a vampire.

A spell that only Momo can use after learning Spirit Magic once she returned to a human.

The ruler of the night that commands Night Spirits.

Right now, at this instant, Momo has surpassed even the Immortal King Bifrons.

“XXXXXXX (That’s impressive).”

The Great Fire Spirit muttered in admiration.

“What’s this? …That’s cheating.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san puffed her cheeks.

It must be because her spotlight was taken away despite this being the first time she managed to call a Great Fire Spirit.

But the one frowning the most is…

“W-Well then, I think I will be…”

Looks like the black priest noticed he was at a disadvantage.

He is trying to retreat here.

(Oi oi, isn’t that too convenient?) (Makoto)

I don’t mind him leaving, but he should suffer a bit at least.

“Dia.” (Makoto)

I called my partner.

“Yes, My King. What should I do?” (Dia)

“Please freeze the surroundings of the Black Moon.” (Makoto)


The eyes of the black priest open wide.

The next instant, a white curtain covered the black shadow that hid the sky.

The white curtain is an ice barrier that has my Divinity.

With this, I should be able to block the kuroko priest from using Teleport to the Black Moon.

The priest made a bitter expression just as I imagined.

“Heeh, as expected of Lucy’s boyfriend-kun. Then, as for me… Salamander, Fire Summoning: [Scorching Heat Hell]!” (Rosalie)

“XX (Kay~).”

The surroundings of Rosalie-san were surrounded by a strange fire with a mix of red, blue, and black.

The flames of the Scorching Heat Hell are from the 7th Hell of the 8 Hells.

(She can call the flames of Hell. Not bad.) (Noah)

The voice of admiration from the Goddess-sama.

The black priest had a pale face.

It shows just how dangerous the flames the Crimson Witch-san has summoned are.

“Hey, White Thing, keep him in place for only 5 seconds. If you do, I can burn him down with the fire of the Scorching Heat Hell.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san seems to be pushing herself a bit here, she said this with a slightly pained voice.

“Okay. —Dark Magic: [Chaos Hand].” (Momo)

Momo activates magic in her vampire form.

Thousands of black hands sprouted from the night sky and stretched out to capture the priest.

“Kuh! I won’t be caught by something like th—”

There’s a lot of black hands, but their speed can be followed with the eye.

Momo and I were watching how the priest was avoiding them well and…

“Destiny Magic: [Random Control].” (Momo)

Momo activated the next spell.


A shocked voice echoed.

The next instant, it looked as if the black priest went himself to the magic hands to be caught.

Thousands of black hands coiled around the kuroko priest one after the other in an instant, and eventually became a black sphere.

“Caught him, Crimson Thing.” (Momo)

Momo said nonchalantly.

“……What was that just now?” (Rosalie)

“Destiny Magic. A spell that made certain he would get caught by me.” (Momo)

“…Teach it to me later.” (Rosalie)

“That’s fine by me.” (Momo)

Rosalie-san is asking for lessons from Momo.

Or more like, I would like to learn too.

(Don’t. Ira would get angry at you.) (Noah)

(Aah, so it is that kind of spell.) (Makoto)

It is apparently the type of spell that I can’t use as a God.

“Now then, let’s wrap it up!! Doryaaaah!!” (Rosalie)

The Crimson Witch-san clad herself in the flames of hell and rushed towards the priest that is caught in the Chaos Hands of Momo.


I thought I heard something.

“Sacred Fire Magic: [Agni Fist]!!!” (Rosalie)

The priest was swallowed in the burst of flames together with the Chaos Hands the moment the bright red burning fist of Rosalie-san landed.

The flames spread as if it were burning the heavens.


A dying cry echoed within the rumbling of the flames…and disappeared.


This is how the Great Sage Momo and the Crimson Witch Rosalie-san defeated the invader.

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>I am curious if Momo-chan will be able to show enough power to be called the strongest mage in the continent.

-This should have shown it!

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Who should I bring out next~.

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