WM – Chapter 151: Takatsuki Makoto appears in the Fire Country

The morning of the next day.

“…In the future, I won’t pick a fight with the Great Sage-sama… I am deeply reflecting on this; deeper than the Deep Sea Temple…” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san is prostrating and hanging her head down heartbroken.

(…Wow, she got a perfect victory against the Crimson Witch.) (Makoto)

There’s not a single scratch on the Great Sage-sama.

Well, she is an undead, so her wounds might have regenerated immediately though.

“Why do you take the brute force approach so much…? Even though you pass me in talent alone.” 

The Great Sage-sama crossed her arms in exasperation, and looked down at Rosalie-san.

“…Geez, Mama…” (Lucy)

“Do the Great Sage-sama and your mama not get along?” (Aya) 

“It is just Mama one-sidedly making her her rival. Even though it is obvious she can’t win.” (Lucy) 

I hear the conversation of Lucy and Sa-san.

Lucy is merciless towards her own mother.

Furiae-san seemed to not be interested in this, she is rubbing the chin of the black cat.

“…Kuh, I will remember this for next time.” (Rosalie)

“You…You haven’t reflected at all.” 

Rosalie-san glared at the Great Sage-sama bitterly, and the Great Sage-sama sighs heavily. 

The Great Sage-sama really is the number one mage of the continent.

I was looking at them absentmindedly, and Princess Sofia got close.

“Hero Makoto, it is about time we depart from the Wood Country. We stayed here for quite a long time.” (Sofia)

“Got it, Sofia.” (Makoto)

I nodded at the words of Princess Sofia.

I have already recovered, so I guess we should head to the Fire Country, Great Keith.

“Let’s return in our carriages till Makkaren. The carriages have monster repelling magic on them.” (Sofia)

“Right. Let’s head to Great Keith using the Flying Ship at Makkaren.” (Makoto)

In the Fire Country territory, there’s apparently no flying dragons. 

There’s Sand Dragons on the way, but they are the type that can’t fly.

“Wait, you people.” 

The Great Sage-sama stopped us.

“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“Don’t return to the base of the Spirit User-kun. There’s Sun Country nobles waiting for you there.” 

“Geh.” “Eh?” 

I frowned at that, and Princess Sofia let out her surprise.

“It isn’t strange. It is already known that the base of Spirit User-kun is a city at the edge of the Water Country. Then, the best choice would be to wait for you there.” 

“But that’s troubling…” (Makoto)

We can’t use the Flying Ship if we don’t return to Makkaren.

“What should we do?” (Makoto)

“Right… It will take time, but we have no choice but to go through the land route then…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia and I looked at each other and pondered. 

“Spirit User-kun, I have a good method.” 

The Great Sage-sama looks at the prostrating Rosalie-san meaningfully.

“Oi, Crimson Lass, send them there with your super super long distance Teleport.” 

“Eeeh~, but I can only bring one person at a time~!” (Rosalie)

“Then use it several times. You have pointlessly high mana, so use it for something.” 

Oh, we can do that?

I go to where Lucy is and whisper to her.

“Lucy, is it okay to ask for your mother for this?” (Makoto)

“She normally would find it a pain and won’t do it, but with the Great Sage-sama telling her to, I think she might.” (Lucy)

Lucy also whispers back.

Right. Asking the legendary hero of the Wood Country an odd job like this makes me feel a bit bad though.

But this really helps us out.

“I don’t wanna~!! That’s a pain! You do it then! You are the Great Sage and all!” 

“I am not like you. I don’t have any leeway to waste my mana. I have to prepare myself for the revival of the Great Demon Lord. You elves have a surplus of mana, so use it for the sake of the Hero.” 

“Haah… Can’t be helped. Boyfriend-kun, when you are ready, I will bring you there.” (Rosalie)

“T-Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

Looks like it has wrapped up.

We hurriedly prepared to depart.

We finish the farewells with the Village Chief, the Wind Tree Hero Maximilian-san, the Wood Oracle Flona-san, and the people of the Kanan Village.

“Makoto-dono, let’s meet again in the Northern Expedition! Next time, let’s fight the Demon Lord together!” (Max)

“Yeah. Stay well too, Maximilian-san.” (Makoto)

I exchange handshakes with the Wind Tree Hero.

The number one harvest this time around was getting along with Maximilian-san.

His hand is rugged and big.

Compared to that, mine is like that of a child.

“Are you ready? Then, the first one will be Lucy~.” (Rosalie)

“Eeh, me first?” (Lucy)

“Lu-chan’s Mother-san, I am fine with being the first.” (Aya)

“I prefer being last.” (Furiae)

When I looked at where Rosalie-san is, the group was making noise about the order of Teleportation.

I think the Guardian Knight Old Man of Princess Sofia could go first though.

He must have gone there sometime after all.

Aah, Lucy was taken first.

(Okay, I should also prepare myself for departure.) (Makoto)


“That was the last one…” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san says this languidly.

She has bags under her eyes.

She probably used Teleport too much and her mana has dropped really low.

…Is she okay?

“Rosalie-san, thank you very much.” (Makoto)

“Aah, I was wrung out~. Damn it, that Great Sage, I won’t lose next time!” (Rosalie)

Saying this, a magic circle appears around Rosalie-san.

The amount of magic circles are more than the many other times she used Teleport before.

(The magic circles are different?) (Makoto)

“Rosalie-san, where are you going? Those magic circles…are different from the ones until now, right?” (Makoto)

“Eh? Mama, you are not returning to the village?” (Lucy)

Lucy reacts to my words.

“Ara, Boyfriend-kun, you are good. You are properly looking at the magic circles. I am going to the moon to train again! I still haven’t reached the Great Sage after all!” 

“U-Uhm…before challenging the Great Sage-sama, I would like you to cooperate in the Demon Lord subjugation of the Northern Expedition though…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia says nervously towards Rosalie-san who is spinning her arm.

True! This is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves.

“Aah, what father was saying, right? Half a year later you will be going to pick a fight in the Demonic Continent, was it? Okay. I will be participating too, so leave me a Demon Lord to defeat, okay?!” (Rosalie)

Saying this, Rosalie-san disappeared with Teleport.

What a free person.

Leaving that aside, we have arrived at the Fire Country, Great Keith.

The ones here are Lucy, Sa-san, Furiae-san (a black cat on her shoulder), and Princess Sofia with her bodyguards.

“Hey, Takatsuki-kun! This is Great Keith, huh!” (Aya)

With the words of Sa-san, I look around at the capital of the Fire Country, Gamuran.

It is a city that’s white all around.

The buildings are built from sun-dried bricks? 

The clothes people are wearing are mostly white. 

There’s a lot of people whose skin color is darkish. 

(It is like the arabian night world…) (Makoto)

A view that reminded me of the so-called Middle East in our world.

And most of all…

(It is hot…) (Makoto)

I feel like the temperature is close to 40°C.

Even though the latitude shouldn’t be that different from the Water Country…

The difference is apparently due to the power of the Fire Goddess, Sol-sama.

Great Keith is a tropical country. 

I prefer it being hot.

If I set Clear Mind at 99%, it doesn’t bother me much.

The problem is…

(…There’s no Water Spirits at all.) (Makoto)

When I learned about the climate of Great Keith in the Water Temple, I had a feeling it would be like that.

Looks like I won’t be of much use in this country…

I let out a small sigh.

“Sofia-sama, the procedures to enter the country have been finished.” 

The Guardian Knight Old Man came over noisily. 

It would be bad if we were to just enter illegally in the capital with Teleport, so we are going through the procedures in that part.

But Rosalie-san said ‘Eh? I always enter as I see fit, and leave when I wish to though?’.

I wonder where she forgot her common sense?

“Then, let’s go to the inn I always use. Hero Makoto, you have contacted your friend, right?” (Sofia)

“Yeah, when I told Fuji-yan, he said he was on his way here.” (Makoto)

I contacted Fuji-yan with a transmission magic tool.

It seems like Fuji-yan had some business in the Fire Country in good timing. 

We can apparently meet up in 2-3 days.

We can stay in the same inn as Princess Sofia until then.

“It is hot. Let’s move already.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san is wiping off her sweat with her hand.

Her clothes are a bit disheveled, and she is flapping the chest area to create wind.

Each time she fans with her clothes, her chest is giving out an exquisite charm from the teasing.


The men passing by all stopped their feet and were staring. 

We are standing out.

“Lu-chan, are you okay?” (Aya)

“It is hot… Uuh, Aya’s skin is cold…” (Lucy)

Lucy, who couldn’t stand the heat, was being carried on Sa-san’s back. 

We should move quickly. 

We departed to the inn.

On the way, we were taught about the Fire Country by Princess Sofia.

The Fire Country is a militaristic country that dispatches their army on the request of other countries. 

It is a land that isn’t fit for agriculture, but hunting and fishing are apparently prosperous. 

They have also placed strength in the trading side.

There’s presently a lot of people in the capital.

The reason for that is apparently because of the greatest martial arts tournament that will be happening soon.

The winner of the martial arts tournament will become the Fire Country’s Country Designated Hero, and is promised the best treatment from the country for 1 year. 

(There really are a lot of differences between countries.) (Makoto)

I listen to the talk of Princess Sofia as I observe the city with RPG Player.

And then, after a while, at the time when we were resting for a bit…

Princess Sofia and the girls were drinking cold fruit juice at a shop.

I was at a place a bit further away, searching for any Water Spirits.

…Yeah, can’t find any.

Just then…


The Detection Skill’s alarm began to ring.

(Eh? We are in the middle of the city though?) (Makoto)

Detection suddenly activated, but I can’t tell the location of the enemy.

“W-Watch out! Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

I was held by Sa-san and was taken away from my position in an instant. 

At the next second…


At the place where I was walking just a moment ago, something heavy landed, creating a thunderous sound, and a cloud of dust was made.


Terrorist attack?! 

But once the cloud of dust calmed down, the shadow of someone showed up.

A human fell?

“…Aah, it was evaded. As expected of the Hero-sama that defeated a Demon Lord.” 

The one who said this with a tone as if playing dumb was a woman. 

Darkish skin, glossy black hair, narrow eyes like that of a carnivorous cat, and a slender and toned body of a female warrior.

She is wearing lightweight equipment, but her shoulders and legs are showing their skin.

However, the fact that I don’t feel like she is lacking protection must be because of the massive Aura I feel around her body. 

“Nice to meet you… I am the Scorching Hero, Olga Sol Talisker…” 

With eyes that make me question where she is even looking at, the attacker introduced herself with an aloof tone.

“Hey…want to fight to the death with me?” (Olga)

That woman warped her mouth into a crescent smile.

A dangerous person appeared! 

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