WM – Chapter 219: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Holy Maiden

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“Uhm, got some time?” (Furiae)

A faint purple…negligee…is what’s called, right?

Furiae-san had an alluring nightwear as she entered my room.

“Yeah, of course.” (Makoto)

I was surprised by the difference in her usual atmosphere, and I invited her to have a seat in my room.

But Furiae-san sat on my bed.

Why there?

Is it a serious conversation?

When Lucy and Sa-san came to my room, they were having a conversation while I trained though…

After thinking about it, I stopped my training and sat on the seat.



Furiae-san isn’t saying anything.

“Princess?” (Makoto)

Before I could say ‘what brings you here?’…

“Sit by my side!”, and she slaps the bed.

“O-Okay.” (Makoto)

I said this and sat by the side of Furiae-san.

And then, I peek at her face.

She isn’t making eye contact.

But I could tell that she was trying to say something.

Is it something that’s hard to say?

It might be about leaving the party since she has become a Holy Maiden and will be founding a nation.

If Furiae-san plans on focusing on that, I intend to help her out. 

Ah, but I promised Sakurai-kun that I would help him in the fight against the Great Demon Lord.

When that happens, we would have to separate.

Also, I personally would want to show up in the last battle. 

I waited for Furiae-san to speak while I thought about this.



I could hear the slight hustle and bustle of the city afar.

The nights of Symphonia are long.

But the inside of the room was silent.

“U-Uhm! My Knight!” (Furiae)

“Yeah?” (Makoto)

Furiae-san held my hand and faced here.

Her eyes were serious. 

What is she going to say…?

“The other day…you saved me from the Sun Hero… Thanks for that.” (Furiae)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Talking about that at this point?

I thought for sure that it would be a talk about the future.

“I…was happy. My Charm doesn’t work on you, yet you risked your life for me…” (Furiae)

“Dying wasn’t part of my plan though…” (Makoto)

Moreover, by the hand of Eir-sama.

Noah-sama also scolded me real hard.

I sighed lightly.

“Hey, My Knight.” (Furiae)

“Y-Yes?” (Makoto)

My head was in reflection mode from my past, so I changed gears.

I face Furiae-san again.

“I have been given a lot from you. You helped me in Highland, brought me to a whole lot of countries, saved me from the Sun Hero, and made me a Holy Maiden…” (Furiae)

“Hmm…” (Makoto)

She became a Holy Maiden thanks to Althena-sama though.

The others were also not only thanks to me.

“I became your Guardian Knight and received the Charm Skill. That’s why we are even, right?” (Makoto)

“That alone isn’t enough. It isn’t even. But I don’t know how to pay you back, what to do to make you happy, or what to do to tell you about these feelings…” (Furiae)


‘There’s no need to be so reserved’, is what I wanted to say, but when I saw the tears welling up in Furiae-san’s eyes, I swallowed the words.

By the time I noticed, Furiae-san’s slender body leaned on me, and her face was so close that it felt as if it would reach my face.

Her obsidian-like damp eyes looking up at me.

“Makoto…” (Furiae)

Furiae-san called my name.

According to my memories, she has only called me that at the time when we formed the Guardian Knight pact.

“Don’t be so reckless anymore…” (Furiae)

“Princess…” (Makoto)

Furiae-san’s eyes were looking straight at me as if piercing right through me, and I couldn’t move.

Clear Mind is active, right…?

The sound of my heart beating is loud.

Furiae-san silently closed her eyes.

Her beautiful face slowly approached, and her lips were pushed against mine. 

The moment I was kissed, I caught a slight flowery scent.

I held her shoulders, and when I was wondering about whether to close my eyes…

“Makoto! Let’s train!” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun! I made a late-night snack!” (Aya)

The door was opened with a bang!

Lucy was talking about training yet she had a bottle of wine in her hand, and there’s Sa-san showing up with a food plate on hand.


The gazes of four people interconnect.

Furiae-san separated from me in an instant.

“Y-You’ve got it wrong!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san shouts.

Lucy and Sa-san ignore her and come here.

“Haah… Makoto, for now, drink this.” (Lucy)

Lucy who supposedly came to train was for some reason filling up a glass with wine.

“For the predator Takatsuki-kun, here’s some bone meat for a late-night snack~.” (Aya)

Sa-san placed a giant plate down with a smile! 

…I am the type that doesn’t eat much at night though…

“U-Uhm…Mage Lucy-san? Hero Aya-san?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san’s voice was trembling.

I tried asking what bothered me.

“Did you hear the voice of us two?” (Makoto)

“Obviously.” (Lucy)

“Loud and clear.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san easily answer.

“Wa?!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was shocked, but Lucy has the terrifying ears of an elf, and there’s the Lamia Queen Sa-san who can detect the slightest of vibrations as sound.

A conversation in the same building as these two is the same as having a conversation at their side.

“But I didn’t expect you to be kissing.” (Lucy)

“Yeah, Fu-chan is pretty aggressive.” (Aya)

“W-Wait! You heard everything?!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was getting all flustered at Lucy and Sa-san who were acting all normal.

…I am also not that calm.

Just what in the world was that kiss just now…

“Now, Furi, looks like you have finally admitted your feelings for Makoto.” (Lucy)

“I won’t forgive you if you try to wriggle out of this one~.” (Aya)

“No way! You were letting me swim around on purpose?!” (Furiae)

“No, that’s not it…” (Lucy)

“You know…just listening to what you were saying made my heart beat faster.” (Aya)

“Wuuh…to think you were listening…” (Furiae)

The 3 girls were having a lively conversation there.

This is my room though…

“Here, Makoto. Come and drink.” (Lucy)

“What about the training?” (Makoto)

“You can do it while drinking, right?!” (Lucy)

Today’s Lucy is more pushy than normal.

“Takatsuki-kun, you put your hands on Fu-chan, huh~.” (Aya)

“S-Sa-san?!” (Makoto)

Your eyes are scary!

Furiae-san at my side had a bright red face even before drinking.

In the end, it ended up in a drinking party.

“So, Makoto, are you going to go out with Furi?” (Lucy)

“Aah, Fu-chan too, huh~.” (Aya)

“Hmm…” (Makoto)

Lucy and Sa-san were probing me.

“Wait! It is not like that!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san cuts in.

“Hm? Furi, even after doing something like that, you can’t become honest?” (Lucy)

“Looks like she hasn’t drunk enough, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“Also! You drink too, Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Why me too…” (Makoto)

The two who were kind in the evening are being scary. 

Lucy and Sa-san made me drink a whole ton.

Furiae-san was also made to drink a lot.

Even when it had gotten late into the night, Lucy and Sa-san were not freeing us.

“…I will sleep here today!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san laid down on my bed.

Oi oi…

“Then I will do that too.” (Lucy)

“I will go get pillows, okay~?” (Aya)

Looks like Lucy and Sa-san will be sleeping here too.


“You people, even though you stay the night in My Knight’s room so nonchalantly, why are you two still…” (Furiae)

“Wa?! Isn’t that fine?!” (Lucy)

“T-That’s right. It is because Lu-chan always gets in the way!” (Aya)

“You plan on making it my fault?! You also get in the way all the time, Aya!” (Lucy)

“That’s not true! It is Lu-chan’s fault!” (Aya)

“Fine… I am the one at fault for asking… I’m sleepy.” (Furiae)

The 3 seem to be getting lively.

I lied sideways at the corner of the bed.

It didn’t take long before I couldn’t endure the drowsiness and fell asleep.


The next day.

I woke up later than usual.

When I look at my side…Furiae-san was sleeping.

A string of her negligee was slipping off, so I put it back in place.

Further back there’s Sa-san and Lucy hugging each other as they slept.

You two really get along well.

More like, the population of this bed is crazy.

I sat at the corner of the bed.

The Great Demon Lord Iblis is resurrecting today.

I can somewhat tell that the whole city is noisy.

Alright, let’s prepare to go out! 

Just at the moment I was about to leave the bed…


The door opened up without even knocking.

“Hero Makoto, the Great Demon Lord has resurrected! Please come to the Holy Maiden Anna’s Great Church at on—” 

The one who entered was Princess Sofia.


Princess Sofia looked at my face, and then directed her eyes at Furiae-san, Lucy, and Sa-san, and then she returned her gaze to me.

I averted my gaze.

Princess Sofia walks over here.

Cold sweat runs down my back.

Princess Sofia makes me look forward with outstanding strength.

In front of me there’s the beautiful face of Princess Sofia who is smiling kindly…yet there’s a vein popping out. 

“Last night must have been fun.” (Sofia)

“It is a misunderstanding!” (Makoto)

(Liar~.) (Eir)

(Lying is bad.) (Noah)

Eir-sama and Noah-sama retorted.

I pampered Princess Sofia a whole lot, and somehow managed to fix her mood.

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