WM – Chapter 146: Decisive battle in the demonic forest (7)

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“You bastard…” 

The Demon Lord shows clear hostility towards me.

No, is this bloodlust?

At that moment, pressure attacked my body even when clad with the God Armor.

Sweat flowed down my cheek.

I noticed that the darkness inside the monster was pulsing red and creepily. 

The Demon Lord Bifrons, that was simply someone having their mana sucked, had woken up and became the one in control.

The highest existence in this place…the Demon Lord had woken up.

(He does have a will, Setekh-san…) (Makoto)

I say that, but the body of the Demon Lord is in tatters, and his limbs don’t seem to be working anymore, but…the pressure he gives out is still present. 

A ghastliness that surpasses any enemy I have faced in the past. 

“…No, my mistake, huh… You are not that person…” 


The Demon Lord calmed down his hostility and made an incomprehensible expression.

The ghastliness of before subsided, and his handsome face warped into a slightly displeased one.

“…Who are you, human?” 

“…A Hero?” (Makoto)

The Demon Lord made a dubious expression.

No, what else could I be?

“…A Hero, huh.. He wasn’t a Hero… You really are someone else, huh. I can’t tell humans apart…” 


Has he really lost his sanity?

We aren’t having a coherent conversation here.

“…Human, who am I?” 

What’s with that tricky question?

“The Demon Lord…Bifrons…aren’t you?” (Makoto)

“Bifrons… That’s my name, but…it is fading away…due to the failure of the Reincarnation Spell…” 

The Demon Lord looks at his own body with unfocused eyes.

His body that’s grabbed by a whole lot of hands doesn’t have limbs, and I can tell that his body is slowly being eaten away.

“…What a terrible magic composition. It is far from the Reincarnation Spell of that great personage…Iblis-sama. What an unrefined spell…”

“Really…?” (Makoto)

A reincarnation spell is so advanced that I can’t understand it at all though.

(What are you doing?! Defeat him already!) (Noah)


(That’s right, Mako-kun! Right now he is weakened. Defeat him with the Sacrificial Technique already.) (Eir)

Eir-sama is also hurrying me.

It is true that the time limit of God Armor is approaching.

I should go in then.

I hold my dagger with both hands.

Eir-sama, I offer—” 

“You are the Apostle of an Evil God, right? That’s the same weapon as Cain. But that spell will simply serve as a tribute for the Holy Gods, you know?” 


Is he pleading for his life here…?

“If you want to finish me, it would be better if you don’t use that spell. If you make me an offering to the Holy Gods, I will simply be reborn as a fighting force for them.” 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

(Eh?) (Noah)

Oh, Noah-sama didn’t know either?

(Eh? No way. Something like that is…) (Noah)

It seems she really didn’t know.

“The souls offered as a sacrifice to them are reborn as their loyal servants. I, who was feared as a Demon Lord, would like to be spared from becoming a slave to them. That would be incredibly inconvenient for you too, right?” 

(Acha, got found out☆.) (Eir)

She easily admitted it?! 

She was scheming something like that, huh…

In that case, Shuri ,who I offered, will one day be reborn cleaned up?

(Fufu, I have actually had her reborn already. 10 years in the future, I am sure she will become a splendid Water Hero~.)

Uwah, that’s dirty.

So that’s how the Sacrificial Technique: Offering works, huh…

(You! You were planning that by using Makoto?! How dare you deceive us!) (Noah)

(It is your fault for not noticing~. I did my part and his lifespan did increase, didn’t it?) (Eir)

(Wait! I am going to slap you real hard!) (Noah)

(Kya~.) (Eir)

They seem to be having fun.

I face the Demon Lord again.

I silently take a stance with my dagger.

“…You…won’t resist?” (Makoto)

The Demon Lord made an unamused expression at my words.

“Evil God Apostle, what’s your objective?” 

He returned my question with another one.

“Save Noah-sama from the Deep Sea Temple.” (Makoto)

I have a lot of other things too though.

The Demon Lord just gives a short: ‘I see’.

“In due time, my self will disappear…and I will turn into a Taboo Monster. Perishing before that happens would be an option. Once that happens, you will obtain the magic crystal that’s the source of the Immortal King’s power. Use it as you wish, Evil God Apostle. Being forced to become a warrior for the Holy Gods is the last thing I want.” 

“…Got it.” (Makoto)

Looks like I will somehow be able to accomplish one of the missions that is defeating the Demon Lord.

So there’s a Demon Lord like this… One that can be reasoned with and is so sportsmanlike. 

“…If you were the Hero of a Goddess, I would have brought you down with me though.”

The Demon Lord-san says with a malicious smile.

Yup, still scary.

(…Right, I have to tell him this.) (Makoto)

“Setekh asked me to send you his regards.” (Makoto)

“…Setekh? That name…I remember it. Him, huh… That upstart.” 

That way of calling him is a bit terrible though.

“Even though I worked him to the bone, he is still loyal to me…? What a fool of a guy.” 

“Oi, there’s no need to put it like that…” (Makoto)

I should just kill him already.

“Oi, Evil God Apostle, I have a message.” 

“…What?” (Makoto)

“Your loyalty is praiseworthy. From now on, become the strength of that great personage. Tell him that.” 

“Tell him when you meet him.” (Makoto)

Would it fall into the category of a praise?

“Do it already. My consciousness isn’t going to hold on for long.” 

“Alright!” (Makoto)

I resolved myself and held the dagger tightly.

And then, I take a few steps forward…

And stab the dagger of Noah-sama into the chest of the Demon Lord.

The next instant, a massive amount of mana was released, and the shockwave sent me flying. 




The voices that felt like the dead were raising a chorus straight from hell resonated in the area.

The body of the Demon Lord began to disappear.

A magic crystal the size of a fist rolled in front of me.

I pick it up.

(Hot…) (Makoto)

That crystal was literally pulsing powerfully.

So this is the magic crystal of a Demon Lord, huh…

(Between humans, it is also called the Philosopher’s Stone, Makoto.) (Noah)

(Aah, if I had that, I could have made a strong Hero though~.) (Eir)

This is…a Philosopher’s Stone?! 

The one that’s said that you can play around for 7 generations if you were to sell it! 

(You are not troubled with money though.) (Noah)

(Well, that’s true.) (Makoto)

I remembered something I was taught at the Water Temple. 

I have no need to get money urgently.

What should I do with it? Maybe I should consult with Fuji-yan?

At that moment, the light of the sun lit up my face.

The pitch black darkness cleared up and rays of light were coming in one after the other.

(So bright!) (Makoto)

The body of the monster was crumbling.

The abnormal monster that was on its way to transforming into something through the Demon Lord has perished.

What remained was the Philosopher’s Stone that’s in my hand.

(Noah-sama, Eir-sama, I am done.) (Makoto)

I report to the two Goddesses.

I think they were watching though.

(Good work, Makoto. As long as you have the Philosopher’s Stone…) (Noah)

(Aah, too bad. I didn’t manage to get the soul of a Demon Lord~☆.) (Eir)

I was saved by the Goddesses this time around too. 

I then felt a gaze on me.

“…Apostle-dono, you are alive? Did you defeat Bifrons-sama…?” 

You were still here, Setekh-san?

What an honest demon. 

“…Bifrons-sama, please rest in peace.” (Setekh)

Setekh kneels in a direction no one is in.

“By the way, I was entrusted a message.” (Makoto)

“You spoke with him?!” (Setekh)

His shoulders quiver and he turns my way.

“‘Your loyalty is praiseworthy. Become the strength of that great personage from now on’.” (Makoto)

“Oooh! Those words are wasted on me. Too great of an honor for someone like me… Someone of lowly upbringing like me…” (Setekh)

Setekh-san was trembling in emotion.

It does feel as if I did something good here, so I am happy, but…he is basically an enemy.

“And so, what will you do? Are you going to fight?” (Makoto)

“No way! I personally want to make you an ally!” (Setekh)

“No, I don’t think Noah-sama will accept me going to the demon’s side…” (Makoto)

(That’s right! Nothing to do with the demons anymore!) (Noah)

Noah-sama, don’t show your middle finger, that’s bad manners.

She was apparently deceived 1,000 years ago. 

And she got deceived by Eir-sama just a moment ago.

Isn’t my Goddess too gullible?

“Kuh! All Apostles of the Evil God-sama are practically fanatics… ‘The words of our god are absolute!’, is what they would say. So you are the same as Cain-dono…” (Setekh)

I wonder about that. 

I am not affected by the Charm of Noah-sama, so I think it is a bit different.

“Then, I will wait for the change of heart of the Evil God-sama—” (Setekh)

He stopped his words short.

“Is something the matter?” (Makoto)

“…U-Uhm…Apostle-dono? Y-You see…” (Setekh)

The bright red eyes of Setekh suddenly opened up wide, and pointed over here.

What is it?

“Noah-sama’s Apostle-dono! You are being petrified!” (Setekh)

“Eh?” (Makoto)


That’s true, my left arm is petrified! 

Or more like, my body is slowly unable to move?! 

“Weren’t you immune to the petrification curse?!” (Setekh)

“Aah, time ran out, huh.” (Makoto)

The God Armor of Noah-sama has lost its effect.

“Moreover, you are petrifying fast! You are a Hero, so can’t you resist it to a certain extent? It is not like you are being petrified by surprise like the Wind Hero.” (Setekh)

Aah, Maximilian-san was caught by surprise.

But for me, it is because I have zero magic resistance~.

“Can’t you undo it?” (Makoto)

I tried asking the person with the eyes.

Ah, can’t move my legs.

So this is how it feels to be petrified.

“P-Please wait… I can petrify, but I am not good at undoing it…” (Setekh)

He says this as he wraps his eyes with a cloth.

“You can’t control your magic eyes?” (Makoto)

“I was scolded by Bifrons-sama about that in the past! I ended up petrifying everything I saw! Enemies and allies alike! That’s why I always acted alone!” (Setekh)

So that’s how it was.

And so he acted together with the Apostle of Noah-sama who was a loner like him.

Setekh-san is strong, but not suited to be a Demon Lord.

At that moment, I heard the footsteps of people approaching.



Ooh, Lucy-san.

Everyone else has also come.

Did they defeat the Taboo Monsters?

“The Crimson Witch is coming, you know?” (Makoto)

I don’t have the God Armor anymore, so I would like Setekh-san to leave.

Rosalie-san, come fast!

“Kuh, I can’t beat that Witch! I wanted to speak for a bit more though…” (Setekh)

Setekh was looking around restlessly with cloth wrapped around his eyes.

You can’t see like that…

“Please tell me your name at least, Apostle-dono of Noah-sama!” (Setekh)

“Hm? I didn’t tell you?” (Makoto)

Right, I didn’t.

What a lack of etiquette.

“My name is Taka—” (Makoto)

The petrification made me unable to move my mouth at that moment. 

Isn’t the effect of the curse too fast?

(You lack way too much in magic resistance, Makoto.) (Noah)

Haah…my stats are really showing off here…

“I-I will have you tell me your name next time, okay?!” (Setekh)


My mouth is petrified, so I can’t answer.

Setekh spits out this and leaves at incredible speed.

I could see Lucy and Sa-san running hurriedly towards me.

No one seems to be heavily injured.

I am glad they are okay.

(…Haah, it was tiring this time around too…) (Makoto)

I heard hard rugged sounds from my whole body. 

Most likely the sound of petrification.

It is a bit uncomfortable.

I lost consciousness.

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