WM – Chapter 34: Takatsuki Makoto fights the Minotaur

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The Minotaur is around 5 meters tall. 

It is as big as the Big Ogre of before, huh.

The battle axe that it is holding in its hands is dyed in blood.

I wonder if the one who screamed managed to run away…

“Ma-Makoto, w-will it be okay?” (Lucy)

Lucy is already scared.

“Since I have the chance here, let’s test out the Spirit Magic that has gotten stronger.” (Makoto)

I take a stance with my dagger and look around.

With the RPG Player perspective, I could see that there were a countless amount of blue lights around.

Yup, there’s a whole lot.

“Hello there, Spirit-sans”, I call them.

It hasn’t been long since I have met the Spirits of Laberintos.

I gotta give my greetings in an energetic manner.

“Want to play for a bit?” (Makoto)

I could feel the attention of the Spirits gathering onto me.

Looks like the Spirits of Laberintos are pretty cooperative.

“H-Hey! The Minotaur is already pretty close, you know?! [Stone Bullet]!” (Lucy)

Lucy released her magic while letting out an agitated voice.

The rock that was shot approached the Minotaur at high speed and hit him, the rock crumbling into pieces.

But…it doesn’t seem like it was too effective.

“N-No way.” (Lucy)

Lucy mutters, but it was a rock that was far smaller than the usual one she makes when doing Meteor Fall.

She lowered the output way too much.


The Minotaur howls in anger, and with battle axe overhead, it rushes towards us.

We might get our heads opened by the battle axe in a few seconds.

“Hey, Makoto!” (Lucy)

Lucy was in tears.

It should be about time.

“[Water Magic: Grand Water Chamber].” (Makoto)


Water begins to gush out with my feet at the center of it.

The whole corridor was filled with water in an instant, only covering this corridor alone without gushing outside of it. The Minotaur, Lucy, and I were now underwater.

“Hnnn! Hnnnn!!” (Lucy) 

Ah, crap.

Lucy can’t use [Underwater Breathing].

I hurriedly held her hand.

With this, the effect of the magic should be shared onto her.

“Guo! Glub! Gag!” 

The Minotaur was struggling to escape from the water-filled chamber.

Well, that’s gonna be impossible though.

[Water Magic: Water Current].

“Hoi hoi.” (Makoto)

I spin my finger.

I create a whirlwind like a washing machine, and the Minotaur is made to spin inside it.

The giant monster had its eyes spin, and just like that, it turned silent.

I get rid of the water called, and give my thanks to the Spirits.

“Haah…Haaah…” (Lucy)

Lucy was out of breath.

Even if we used Underwater Breathing magic, I must have surprised her by suddenly throwing her into water, huh.

“I-I’m sorry. Are you okay?” (Makoto)

“I’m okay… Hey, that was amazing! That was High Grade magic, right?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, it went well.” (Makoto)

“What’s going on?! You can use High Magic now?” (Lucy)

“No, I had the Spirits help me out. The Spirits apparently have infinite mana, so it seems like that level of magic is a piece of cake for them. It is problematic that they can’t deal with fine control though.” (Makoto)

Thanks to that, Lucy and I were caught up in it.

“By the way, what should we do about this guy?” (Makoto)

I look down at the Minotaur we defeated. 

It is a big one we managed to defeat after all.

“We can’t carry it, huh.” (Lucy)

“It is at times like this when I would like storage magic.” (Makoto)

Fuji-yan not being here is regretful.

“Oi, you guys. You defeated the Minotaur?!” 

“Y-You saved us…” 

“Thank you, thank you!” 

Adventurers who were in tatters came out.

The people who were screaming before maybe?

According to what they said, in the time they were running away from it, the Minotaur saw Lucy and changed targets to her.

Did it react to her red hair?

“Lucy, you are really loved by monsters.” (Makoto)

“That doesn’t make me happy at all…” (Lucy)

“Hey, if you are troubled with carrying this monster, we will help you.” 

Ooh! That would really help us out.

While we did that, they taught us a variety of things about Laberintos on our way back.

“So, it has been half a year since you guys came to Laberintos?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, we became fresh Iron Ranks, so we were slowly training in the Upper Floor.” 

“But the monsters have been growing active lately.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, the situation is a bit strange.” 

“Rumors say that a Taboo Dragon has appeared in the Lower Floor.” 

“Taboo Dragon?” (Makoto)

“An abominable dragon. A type of evil dragon that served the Great Demon Lord 1,000 years ago. It releases miasma from its body, and spits out curses from its mouth. I heard that they suck your life if you get close to it. Did it really appear?” (Lucy)

Lucy explained to me.

“It has nothing to do with intermediate adventurers like us, so we don’t know in detail.” 

“But you guys are impressive. Easily defeating a Minotaur with just the two of you.” 

“Silver Rank? Could it be that you are Gold, at that young of an age?” 

“No no, we are also Iron Rank.” (Makoto)

“Hoh! Then, your futures are bright!” 

We had an energetic conversation as we returned to the exit. 

There, we told the guild staff member that we have returned, and passed them the monster.

The assessment result of the defeated monster will be told to us later at the guild it seems.

More importantly, there’s something that bothered me.

“It is kind of noisy.” (Makoto)

“Did something happen?” (Lucy)

“Aah, it seems like the Highland Army from the Sun Country has come.”

The person of the guild told me.

“I see. If it is the Sun Country, that must mean the Sun Knight Order, the Sunshine Knights?” (Makoto)

“Maybe it really is to subjugate the Taboo Dragon?” (Lucy)

“But what’s with the army getting involved in a city of adventurers?” 

“Moreover, from a different country.” 

Looks like the adventurers who came with us were also interested. 

“Let’s go check it out.” (Makoto)

“Let’s go!” (Lucy)

We head back to the gates of the city.


 “So this is the Sun Knight Order, huh…” (Makoto)

The forest around the area of the city’s gate had been lumbered, and had become the camp of the army. 

There were many tents there.

Around the area there were horses and wyverns slightly further away and tied up.

It is called a Knight Order, but there’s knights, warriors, archers, mages, priests, and many other jobs, making it a giant party of sorts. 

At their chest there’s a crest of a big sun with a phoenix shining.

They all look strong.

The people of the adventurer city seem to be interested in it as well, the onlookers are increasing more and more.

“Kyaaa! Look, it is the Light Hero-sama!”

“Aah, so gallant…”

The female adventurers raise cheers.

“Wow! That’s the Light Hero! This is the first time I see him!” (Lucy)

Lucy seems to be merry too. 

I don’t really know how to feel here.

The person there is my classmate here that I separated from 1 year and a half ago, Sakurai-kun.

At his side there’s a classmate of mine too, Yokoyama-san.

Hm? Wasn’t there one other?

They are wearing equipment several times better-looking and expensive-looking than that of the people around.

It is not like I am jealous, okay?

Don’t tell me this is the good meeting you were talking about, Goddess-sama.

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    1. “The whole corridor was filled with water in an instant, only covering this corridor alone without gushing outside of it. The Minotaur, Lucy, and I were now underwater.”
      The Spirit Magic become much more stronger…

      “According to what they said, in the time they were running away from it, the Minotaur saw Lucy and changed targets to her.”
      Still a monster magnet like before…

  1. Maybe that other girl that had been with Sakurai died. Noah already did say that some of Makoto’s classmates already did die because they overestimated themselves and got into situations that were over their heads. Either that or maybe she is on some other assignment. I think I remember that they recently said that the fire country is supposedly keeping watch over the oracle of the Moon Goddess and these knights are from the fire country so maybe they ordered that other girl to watch over the oracle because she’s also a girl.

  2. So Makoto is already able to see spirits, huh.
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  3. Oh. Infinite mana, is it? Well that’s terrifying. I guess the main game is to master control, which…is exactly what Takki’s been doing up until now. Actually, if the requirement is level 105, you’ve got to already have really good control to interact with them. Hmm.

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