WM – Chapter 56: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Great Sage

What should I do…? 

If I follow the advice of the Goddess, it would be better to not enter.

But, after coming all the way here?

“Are you here, Great Sage-sama?” (Sakurai)

There’s no response from the call of Sakurai-kun.

“Maybe she isn’t present?” (Lucy)

Alright, let’s go back! 

“Eh? Great Sage-sama, have only them enter? …Okay…okay…understood.” (Sakurai)

“…Sakurai-kun, what happened all of a sudden?” (Makoto)

I get scared by Sakurai-kun who was talking to himself all of a sudden.

“A thought transmission from the Great Sage-sama came. She told me that only you guys will be entering.” (Sakurai)

“Eeh?” (Makoto)

My uneasiness increases.

While I was hesitating, Sakurai-kun pushed us in.


“Excuse the intrusion…” (Makoto)

The inside of the tent is dark, and there’s magic lanterns floating in the air.

It was overflowing with things making a pseudo-passage that led deeper inside. 

At the end of that passage, there’s a small mage in white robe sitting on a giant sofa.

Should we go there? 

“Come closer. It is hard to speak from there.” 

Despite her title, it was the voice of a young girl. 

I got a few meters closer to her just as she asked, and I could now see the pure white hair that was hidden within her white hood.

It certainly is the White Great Sage.

“I am the apprentice magician, Takatsuki Makoto. The ones here are my comrades: Lucy Walker, and Sasaki Aya.” (Makoto)

“Nice to meet you.” (Lucy)

“Hello.” (Aya)


The Great Sage-sama walks over to us and looks at all of us.

Her red eyes that felt like they pierced through me were testament to her insight.

She has a pretty little girl face, but there’s a ghastliness to it that makes my back shiver.

How old is she? I don’t think she is as old as her appearance states.

“You, you are the half of an elf and demon, huh”, she says while looking at Lucy.

I was shocked.

I look at Lucy.

She stiffened in place.

“You there are a Lamia, huh. Moreover, on a level that can be designated as a Calamity. Interesting.” 

The Great Sage grins.

This is bad! 

This person has the Appraisal Skill! 

I looked at Sa-san, and it seems like she didn’t understand the situation and was dumbfounded.

Kuh, this is bad.

Demons and monsters are hunt targets! 

I should have listened to the warning of the Goddess! 

“Don’t get so on edge. You helped the Light Hero boy, right? Spirit Users in this day and age are rare. I wanted to meet you. Moreover, your comrades are quite the bundle of unique traits.” 

The Great Sage still had that grin. 

…Does that mean she doesn’t mind that they are a demon and monster?

“Looks like I scared you. Sit here. I will at least pour some tea.” 

There were old-looking chairs around a round table that also looked pretty old.

Are they antiques?

“You sit here.” 

For some reason, I was told to sit by the side of the Great Sage.

I-I’m nervous.

I thought that there would be a servant or something, but the teapot floated its way here, and the tea cups were placed in front of us.

When the tea was poured, a nice scent wafted around.

She does her daily life using magic?

People with mana to spare have it nice.

“For treats…well, this should do.” 

A big plate with a variety of pastries suddenly appeared in front of us with a loud thud.

Where did she bring these pastries from just now…?

“Is this Teleport?” (Makoto)

“Hoh, I am impressed you could tell.” 

C-Chantless Teleport Magic.

This person is on a whole other plane…

We must not fight her.

Or more like, I don’t think we can even run away…

“And so, what business did you have with us?” (Aya)

Sa-san was already munching on the pastries.

Hey, show some restraint! 

“I told you already, didn’t I? I was simply interested. I heard about this Spirit User that managed to drag out the Taboo Dragons with Monarch Magic. From my calculations, I predicted the Light Hero Boy would take 1 month to finish this task.” 

“I heard that if you helped, it would have ended in an instant.” (Makoto)

I remember the words Yokoyama-san said.

“That won’t serve as training. The Great Demon Lord will be reviving. Having the Light Hero getting troubled with 2 mere Taboo Dragons would be problematic.” 

I see.

So she purposely didn’t help.

“By the way…the red haired mage over there.” 

“Y-Yes?!” (Lucy)

Lucy seems to be nervous, she is not speaking much.

“You, have you noticed that your body is being burned by your own mana?” 

“Eh?” (Lucy)

Lucy had an expression of surprise, and me too.

“Did you think that was your constitution? That body heat of yours is the result of your mana running out of control, you know?”

“W-What should I do…?” (Lucy)

“I will give you this. Put it on.” 

The Great Sage gave Lucy a bracelet that was lying around.

“An item that calms down the flow of mana. It is an item that’s worth the price of a house. Treat it with care.” 

“I-Is that okay?” (Makoto)

Being a wary person, I ask in fear.

Isn’t this person a bit too kind?

She won’t be demanding a crazy amount of money later, right? 

“We are currently searching for strong talents after all. We can’t let capable mages sleep. Oi, the lamia there who only eats.” 

This time she looks at Sa-san.

“Yeph?” (Aya)

Sa-san! At least swallow before replying.

“The [Change] Skill that you have is powerful. You don’t have to turn into that half-assed human form with bluish skin, you can transform into a perfect human. Not only that, it is a skill that lets you transform into anything. Even a Dragon or Demon.” <Switched Transformation of Aya to Change.>

“Hm? It was taught to me by my sisters as Human Transformation Magic though.” (Aya)

“That’s a skill that Lamias have. Your skill is above that.” 

“Hoh, is that so… Thank you very much.” (Aya)

That’s incredible. 

This person gives useful items and advice. 

Isn’t she a support character?

“So, the problem is you, Spirit User-kun.” 

“…I am a normal human.” (Makoto)


The eyes of the Great Sage curved into a smile, and a hand was placed on my head.

Her fingers are cold like Sa-san’s.

“Let’s look at your Status. It is easier to do Appraisal when my hand is in contact… You have quite the one-sided Stats. Even though they are extremely low, your Water Proficiency is abnormally high.” 

It is kinda ticklish.

“Muuh…this ain’t good.” 

She suddenly grabbed my head.

“You…are the believer of an Evil God?”

Time froze.



Lucy and I were silent.

Only the sound of Sa-san munching on pastry could be heard.

“No, you are mistaken.” (Makoto)

For now, I try to fool her with a smile.

An Evil God believer is guilty no questions asked.

It is the common knowledge of Fuji-yan, Nina-san, and Lucy.

“The believer of the Evil God Noah, huh… You are the second I have met.” 

The Great Sage is making a complicated expression.

Her small hand is still holding my head.

“No…as I said, isn’t there some sort of mistake here…?” (Makoto)

“If I remember correctly, 1,000 years ago…it was one of the 9 Demon Generals serving under the Great Demon Lord, the Forbidden Black Knight.” 

“Eh? The legendary Hero Killer?” (Lucy)

Lucy says.

What’s that?

“Lucy, who is the Forbidden Black Knight?” (Makoto)

“The sworn enemy of humanity that appears in the story of the Saviour-sama. It is said that he is the right hand of the Great Demon Lord, and a legendary warrior that slaughtered everyone except the Light Hero. In the end, he was defeated by the Saviour Abel… That is the Apostle of the Evil God Noah…?” (Lucy)

Lucy who was saying this began to feel anxious.

Eh, what are you doing, Noah-sama?

I didn’t hear anything about this.

“But…the Apostle of the Evil God was a lot crazier than you. At the very least, he couldn’t hold a proper conversation.” 

How was he, my Apostle senpai.

“You speak as if you saw him personally.” (Makoto)

“Yeah…I have the memories of 1,000 years ago after all.” 

Is it the so-called Inherit Skill?

“Will you continue being the Apostle of the Evil God?” 

The Great Sage-sama asks.

H-How should I answer this?

“No, as I said…I am not the believer of an Evil God…” (Makoto)

It is getting painful already, but I continue making the same excuse.

“Fumu…well, let’s leave it at that.” 

She let go of my head.

And then, she rustled my hair.

“When you guys come to Highland, come to my place. I will train you people.” 

Eh? Done?

“U-Uhm…is it okay?” (Makoto)

We are talking about a demon, a monster, and the Apostle of an Evil God.

It is triple the trouble and I feel like it is a red flag party though.

Is she gonna let us go?

“I said this before. I want to get as many talented people as possible for when the Great Demon Lord revives. If you guys turn into enemies, I will take responsibility and end you.” 

She smiles. Scary.

“We don’t have any intentions of fighting the Great Demon Lord though.” (Makoto)

“Eh, really, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

Sa-san, why are you making a face as if it was unexpected?

I am not a hero, and I am not strong.

“When the Great Demon Lord revives, the people will fall into a war with the demons. If we lose the war, everyone will become the livestock of the demons.” 


Meaning that we can’t run away, huh.

“Spirit User-kun, I recommend you to stop being the Apostle of the Evil God by the next time we meet. Obeying that Evil God will only end in misery.” 

Saying this, the Great Sage-sama lies sideways on the sofa.

In the end, she was a good person who gave us items and advice.

If only the last part of the conversation wasn’t there, it would have been the best though…

We return to our table with hazy feelings. The banquet was close to ending. 

I sobered up already.

My appetite is gone too.

I was spacing out with a blank head.

“Takatsuki-sama, there’s a guest”, Nina-san pokes my shoulder.

The one there was the Water Oracle, the Princess of Rozes, Sofia Rozes. 

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