WM – Chapter 221: The oracle of the Sun Goddess

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The one who appeared from the shining magic circle was the Sun Goddess, Althena-sama.

She gives a sweeping look at everyone from high up.

She doesn’t seem to be in a good mood…

It is not like the lukewarm descent of Ira-sama. It is a pressure that made it hard to breathe.

Sweat comes flowing out like a waterfall just from being exposed to the gaze of Althena-sama.

No one could speak.

Silence ruled over the Great Church.

“The situation…is dire…” (Althena)

Althena-sama says silently.

“The resurrected Great Demon Lord must have judged that they can’t defeat you with their current strength… In order to overturn that, they utilized a forbidden technique.” (Althena)

“Forbidden technique…? What is it?” (Noel)

Princess Noel represents everyone by asking this question.

History Rewrite… It is a destiny spell that interferes with the past.” (Althena)

I could hear gulping.

Rewriting of history…?

Just what in the world…

“The Great Demon Lord Iblis is trying to kill the Hero Abel of 1,000 years ago with their spell. If that happens, all history will go haywire… No matter how many times you defeat the present Great Demon Lord, it would be pointless…” (Ira)

Ira-sama continued with a dark expression.

Silence covered the place until everyone could understand the meaning of that.

Then, a scream rang in the church.

“T-There’s no way something like that is possible!”

“That’s on the level of a god!” 

“It is impossible!” 

I have heard about it.

Magic that can affect time.

Many a mage would desire it, and no one has been able to achieve it even now -the realm of gods.

Unlimited youth, time stop, time travel…

There’s no mage who has been able to achieve it. 

People would die, time wouldn’t stop, and history can’t be changed…that should be how it is.

“I don’t know what method they used. There’s a high chance that Devils have lent them their help…but there’s no leeway to investigate that. The change of history is already proceeding… The memories regarding Hero Abel are being lost.” (Althena)

The people in the church gulped at the shock.

“Sofia, Lucy?” (Makoto)

I tried asking.

“No way…why was I about to forget about the Savior-sama…?” (Sofia)

“M-Makoto…I can’t remember the story of the Savior Abel clearly… Even though I read about it from picture books, was told about it countless times, and had memorized it all…” (Lucy)

Princess Sofia and Lucy had pale faces.

History…is really being rewritten?

“Althena-sama, please guide us. How should we overturn this situation…?” (Noel)

Princess Noel asks with composure.

But her voice was trembling slightly. 

“Althena-sama, can’t we use the same spell? If the enemy has begun to interfere, by us using the same spell…” (Sakurai)

“That would be impossible…Light Hero-kun.” 

The one who denied the thought of Sakurai-kun is the Great Sage-sama.

She said she would go to the Earth Country, but it seems like she returned already.

“Why, Great Sage-sama?” (Sakurai)

“There’s no user of it in the humans. I can use destiny magic to a certain extent, but…the most I can do is look a bit into the future. Using a spell that can interfere with the past of 1,000 years ago is totally impossible…” 


There’s no mage who surpasses the Great Sage-sama in this continent.

If the Great Sage-sama says she can’t, there’s no one who can.

“The Great Demon Lord must have used several thousands…no, tens of thousands of people as sacrifices to the Snake God Typhon… It isn’t a spell that you people can use.” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s words made everyone despair.

Ten of thousands of sacrifices…

A forbidden technique.

“Then…is there any other spell?” (Noel)

The voice of Princess Noel steadily got lower.

The Sun Goddess doesn’t answer.

The Destiny Goddess is also silent.

Hey…please say something.

“There’s nothing you people can do.” (Ira)

Ira-sama said.

I could hear people saying ‘No way…’.

“This matter…is my fault as the Destiny Goddess for not seeing through the change of history… That’s why I will lend a hand.” (Ira)

Ira-sama said silently.

Everyone held their breath as they waited for the words of Ira-sama.

“Normally, it is prohibited for Gods to directly get involved with the mortal realm. It is established in the regulations of the Gods… In the case when the Divine Realm Regulations are broken, the other Gods will begin to get involved too, and in the end a war between Gods will happen, and the world…will perish.” (Althena)

“But I -the Destiny Goddess- will be breaking that… The punishment for breaking the Divine Realm Regulations is that I will be prohibited from descending to the mortal realm. I will also be unable to grant Skills to the Heroes and Oracles… Camelon will lose their faith, and will decline… I am sorry for my country, but it should be better than losing to the demon lord army…” (Ira)

Hearing this, the nobles of Camelon and the warriors raised voices in dejection.

However, there were no people who were objecting to the Destiny Goddess herself.

“Ira-sama, how will you be lending your help exactly…?” (Noel)

Princess Noel hesitantly asks.

Ira-sama looked around the church and said as if she had resolved herself.

“With the miracle of a God, I will send you 1,000 years into the past. That person will help out Hero Abel so they don’t die.” (Ira)

Voices were raised with an ‘oooh!’.

Something like that can be done?

“I will go.” (Geralt)

The one who immediately offered to do it was the Lightning Hero, Geralt-san.

So cool.

“Wait, I will go too!” (Olga)

The one who raised her voice after was the Scorching Hero, Olga-san.

These people have so much resolve!

“I appreciate your bravery. However, only one person can be sent…” (Ira)

Ira-sama said apologetically.

“Then there’s no other than me. There’s no problems, right?” (Geralt)

Geralt-san said and stepped further forward as he said to Ira-sama.

He is the highest Hero after the Sakurai-kun, and has the same ability as the Savior Abel, the Lightning Hero Skill.

Judging from the face of the people around, they seem to agree to this.

I think there’s no problem with this selection.

“No…Lightning Hero Geralt, you are a well known Hero that has had his name reverberate in the West Continent for a long time. With just that alone, you will be noticed by the Devils immediately if you were to be sent 1,000 years ago. That’s the same for the Scorching Hero Olga. We will be taking this incident as a mistake from the Destiny Goddess. That’s why we are not going to be sending a person that’s famous in this world, and it would be best for it to be someone who was nameless until recently…” (Althena)

Ira-sama’s mistake, huh… That does sound like something that could happen…

Ah, Ira-sama glared at me.

Even so, if Geralt-san and Olga-san won’t work, then who should it be?

“Someone who hadn’t made a name for themselves until recently… The otherworlders?” 

Someone muttered.

“A-Are you talking about Ryosuke-san?!” (Noel)

The one who shouted was Princess Noel who had been calm until now.

It is true that if we are talking about sending only one person that’s an otherworlder and is strong, it would be Sakurai-kun…

“Noel, the Light Hero has the role of defeating the present Great Demon Lord. We can’t send him 1,000 years to the past.” (Althena)

Althena-sama denies it immediately.

“I-Is that so…” (Sakurai)

Sakurai-kun must have thought that he would be sent too, he let out a dumbfounded voice.

“Ira-sama, there’s powerful warriors in the Sun Country and the Fire Country that are Orihalcum Rank and are comparable to Heroes. Should we call them?” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein reports.

It is true that there’s no need for it to be a Hero.

“No, that won’t work… We should try our utmost to not have the Devils notice that the Destiny Goddess is sending a warrior to the past…” (Ira)

But Ira-sama shook her head to the sides with a dark expression.

“I will tell you the conditions for the warrior that is suitable to be sent 1,000 years in the past.” (Ira)

Ira-sama says with a clear tone.

“If we were to send someone who has powerful Skills like Heroes and Oracles, the Devils will notice it. That would be the same for the Skills that you people call Saint Rank and Monarch Rank.” (Ira)

“That means the Great Sage-sama and Mother aren’t qualified either…” (Lucy)

Lucy mutters.

It is true that Rosalie-san would be reliable, but she doesn’t fit the requirements of Ira-sama.

“Then, how strong in specific would it be okay…?” (Tariska)

General Tariska asks what everyone was interested about.

“If we were to put it in the standards of humans…someone who has Skills that are lower than Mid Rank. That is the requirement to be sent 1,000 to the past.” (Ira)

“…That’s quite the harsh requirement.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein groans.

That’s true. It is way too harsh of a requirement no matter how you cut it.

“But there’s no point in lamenting that. Let’s recruit a warrior that can go 1,000 into the past. Someone who has Mid Rank Skills or below that can be of help to Abel-sama…” (Noel)

Princess Noel speaks positively in this place that had been surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere.


“That’s not necessary.” (Althena)

Althena-sama says bluntly.

“We had the Destiny Goddess confirm all the futures.” (Althena)

“I-Is that so…?” (Noel)

Voices of surprise were raised.


You saw all the futures of the whole continent…Ira-sama?

No wonder she had a tired face.

“Sadly to say…no matter who of the Goddess believers in the whole continent we send to 1,000 years into the past, they couldn’t change the past of the Hero Abel dying.” (Althena)

Althena-sama speaks out the cruel reality.

“N-No way…” (Noel)

Princess Noel mutters in despair.

No, it wasn’t just Princess Noel, but everyone in the Grand Church was losing the light in their eyes.

The ruler of the world and Sun Goddess has basically confirmed the death of Hero Abel. 

‘…We are done for’, I could even hear those kinds of words.

“But there’s still a possibility.” (Althena)

The people who had their heads hanging down raised their heads at the words of Althena-sama.

And then, as if they were pleading, they waited for the next words of the Goddess.

Althena-sama’s gaze drifted about for a while as if she were hesitating, and then slowly turned here.

Her sharp gaze was directed over here.

The Sun Goddess speaks.

That voice sounded as if this were someone else’s business.

Takatsuki Makoto, I have a request.” (Althena)

I have a bad feeling.

I don’t want to listen to the next words of Althena-sama.

Silence covered the Great Church, and everyone’s gazes were directed at me.

“You are the only one…” (Althena)

As if hesitating…

Althena-sama continued her words in a tone that was even more apologetic than the time she was in the Deep Sea Temple together with Noah-sama.

“You who has a future even the Destiny Goddess Ira can’t see…has the possibility of changing the future of the Hero Abel losing his life.” (Althena)

Princess Sofia gulped at my side.

Oi oi, give me a break…

“Takatsuki Makoto…can you please go 1,000 years into the past, save Hero Abel…and save the world?” (Althena)

The voice of Althena-sama sounded like the judge of hell.

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