WM – Chapter 10: Takatsuki Makoto trains with Lucy

“Boss, soda 10%.” (Makoto)

“Me too. Strong one.” (Lucy)

Lucy and I sit at the usual skewer stall completely exhausted.

“Got it. It is rare for you to order alcohol, Makoto.” 

“I am totally worn out today. I want to get drunk.” (Makoto)

“Did something happen?” 

The spell that Lucy shot caused a fire in the Great Forest.

Lucy and I went around extinguishing it.

It was mostly me doing the extinguishing though.

Lucy was going ‘awawawa’ all the time.


In the middle of it, strong-looking monsters in the Demonic Forest began to get drawn by the fire, and we got absurdly flustered.

After that, we returned to the Adventurer Guild, and there was a ruckus. They were going: ‘There’s smoke coming from the Demonic Forest’, ‘Did a monster dangerous enough to burn the forest appear?’.

Mary-san and Lucas-san got thoroughly angry at us, and so now it is forbidden for Lucy to use fire magic in the Great Forest.

We got lectured for 1 hour, and we were released just recently.

“Haha, my condolences.” 

“I can’t laugh at that. It is pretty hard to get teamwork going in a party, huh. Right, Lucy?” (Makoto)


There’s no response.

I glance at my side and it seems like she is feeling down.

Lucy hesitantly speaks.

“Hey, Makoto, are you angry?” (Lucy)

“Hm? Angry at what?” (Makoto)

“Because of my magic, we had a terrible time, right?” (Lucy)

“I don’t really mind it.” (Makoto)

“You won’t disband the party?” (Lucy)

“It is still the first day, you know?” (Makoto)

‘There’s no way I will do that’, is what I said, but it seems Lucy has been thrown out of a party on the very first day numerous times.

There are really short-circuited people, huh.

“Well, just keep the power down next time.” (Makoto)

“…That was the smallest one.” (Lucy)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“I can’t reduce the power anymore than that.” (Lucy)

That crazy fireball is the lowest output? 

That wasn’t Mega Flare…it was Fire.

That kind of line from a Great Demon Lord in an anime surfaced in my mind. <Reference to DQ: Dai no Bouken>

“For now, try using something aside from fire magic”, is what I try to propose.

“I can’t.” (Lucy)

“What?” (Makoto)

Lucy shows me her Soul Book.

Unique Skill; [Fire Magic: Monarch], [Grand Mage], [Spirit User].

“I heard that with Grand Mage you can use Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth though.” (Makoto) 

“I only trained in fire magic the whole time, so…” (Lucy)

Fire magic is the basic of attack magic.

Excluding me who can only use water magic, normally, you train in fire magic.

It has high attack power, and it is a spell that is effective against most monsters.

But only being able to use fire is a problem.

Your Grand Mage skill is crying.

“What’s this Spirit User skill?” (Makoto)

“A skill that most elves and dwarves have. Our religious faith lies in the spirits after all.” (Lucy)

“You can’t use spirit magic, Lucy?” (Makoto)


Lucy averts her gaze in silence.

Well, I did expect her to be unable to though.

“Spirit Magic is difficult. It is not your own mana, you borrow the mana of the Spirits, but controlling it is really hard.” (Lucy)

“Yeah, that does sound like too much for you who can’t control even your own mana.” (Makoto)

“Ugh, t-that’s right.” (Lucy)

Even though you have such strong-looking skills, what a waste.

I would like one.

No point wishing for it, huh.

“For now, let’s train in Fire Magic.” (Makoto)

I tap my glass while munching at my skewer.

“…Yeah…” (Lucy)

Lucy nodded weakly, and fell down flat onto the table. 

Too drunk, huh.

All cause you ordered it strong.

The days of trial and error to find team coordination methods with Lucy and I continued everyday.

Lucy takes a lot of time in her chants for magic.

But if it hits, the power is overwhelming.

And so, the basic of it is that I become the bait, and lure the opponent. 

Lucy finishes them off.

That’s how we managed, but Lucy’s magic just isn’t stable.

At times the fire would split. And at others, it would fly in the completely wrong direction. There was even a time when it went out of control while it was still on top of her, and we almost ended up burning into a crisp.

Then, what about other things aside from fire magic?

We tried them out.

But the fact that she hasn’t trained until now was clear, her chanting speed was abysmally slow.

“This isn’t good. Can’t even rely on it.” (Makoto)

I played around with a giant rat at the north forest for around 10 minutes, but the earth magic of Lucy was showing no signs of activating, and I immediately gave up counting on her in that battle.

[Water Magic: Ice Floor]

I make the giant rat slip and fall.

I throw the dagger at that moment, and the dagger penetrates the giant rat, and dies.

My magic cannot kill a giant rat, so I always have to go for: Stop them with magic -> Finish with the dagger. 

It really is a pain.

While I was thinking that, I felt a gaze.

What is it, Lucy?

“No matter if it is chantless, isn’t the activation speed of your magic way too fast?” (Lucy)

Lucy looks at me straight.

“Yeah, if you compare it to someone who can’t activate theirs even after 10 minutes of chanting.” (Makoto)

Lucy immediately tears up.

I am not bullying you here! Don’t cry!

“Did your magic proficiency increase?” (Makoto)

“1 level…in 1 week…” (Lucy)

“Your proficiency is 11 now, right?” (Makoto)

Chantless requires proficiency of 50. It is gonna be a long way.

“By the way, I am 91. It raised 1 level.” (Makoto)

“That’s strange! I have heard that once you hit 50, it barely goes up anymore! Why are you growing at the same speed as me?!” (Lucy)

Like I know.

Should be because I am training everyday together with you.

I cut out the hide of the giant rat while sighing.

The sharpness really is good. It feels good in my hand.

Thank you, Goddess-sama.

“Isn’t that dagger a bit weird? Are you using some skill?” (Lucy)

Lucy sharply points out.

“This is a magic weapon.” (Makoto)

“Hmm, even though you are a mage, your weapon is a dagger, huh.” (Lucy)

“Ain’t that fine?” (Makoto)

I am keeping it a secret that I received it from the Goddess.

I did also get warned by Fuji-yan telling me that ‘it is better to not reveal it to others unless necessary’.

Well, there’s no need to go out of my way to tell others I am the believer of an Evil God.

“Let’s finish for today. I am going to hunt goblins now, so let’s meet at the usual place in the evening.” (Makoto)

If we just train all the time and don’t earn some money, we cannot eat, so I still hunt goblins.

But my hunt time has been shortened, so the earnings have reduced too.

This is a troubling situation.

“Okay… I will train my magic in the city then.” (Lucy)

Lucy heads to the city with weak steps.

Hmm, she seems to be listless.

What do I have to do to console a woman at times like this?

Maybe I should consult Fuji-yan who has the Galge Player skill.

 “Lucy, thanks for the hard work today as well.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, Makoto, too. I am sorry for leaving all the hunting to you.” (Lucy)

“Don’t worry about it. We are a party, it is all about helping each other out, right?” (Makoto)

We are at the usual guild entrance where the stalls are.

But the skewer stall of Boss was full, so we changed locations and were having dinner on one of the benches in the area.

What we are eating is the sandwich of vegetable and chicken meat that Lucy says she likes, along with soup. We also bought some juice that for some reason has alcohol in it.

‘Gave you a little extra there’, is what the stallkeeper old lady said as she winked at me, but I don’t need that extra though…

“Aah, geez! Why isn’t it working?!” (Lucy)

Lucy has finished her second glass as she scratches her head.

She is losing her temper.

But it is better than being listless.

“Well, let’s just take it slow.” (Makoto)

I munch on my sandwich and play with the ice in my glass by making it float. And then, I put the floating ice into my mouth.

Nice and cold.

“…Hey, are you using that chantless magic in front of me to spite me?” (Lucy)

“I am just training.” (Makoto)

“Seriously, in just magic activation speed alone, your speed is god-like. Not even in the elf village were there people who could activate magic so willy-nilly.” (Lucy)

“But the attack power is at the bottom of the pit, you know… It would be great if you were to cover for that part, Lucy.” (Makoto)

Only a ‘khu’ came from Lucy, and I heard gulping sounds from my side.

Lucy-san has been drinking a bit too much lately.

I am a bit worried.

“Hey, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“What?” (Makoto)

“Oba-chan, another one.” (Lucy)

“Oi, don’t just stop mid-sentence.” (Makoto)

Geez, you are already drunk.

Lucy seems to like alcohol, but isn’t that strong with it.

After drinking her 4th glass to around half of it, Lucy begins speaking.

“You know…my mother is my goal.” (Lucy)

“Hmm, what does your mother do?” (Makoto)

“Mage. An incredibly strong mage.” (Lucy)

“Ooh, is she famous?” (Makoto)


Lucy falls silent.

Meaning she doesn’t want to say it?

“Do you have a goal, Makoto?” (Lucy)

She returned the question.

Hmm, goal, huh.

I do, but…it is a bit embarrassing. It would be weird to hide it from a party member though.

“Deep Sea Temple.” (Makoto)

The moment Lucy heard that, her face went wide in shock.

“Eh? That highest difficulty one? The unexplored dungeon?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, that’s my goal.” (Makoto)

Goddess-sama is there after all.

“Why there of all places? If you want the same difficulty, you can clear the Zenith Tower, and it is said that if you clear it, you can become immortal; and it is said that in Hades, there’s amazing treasures and weapons dormant there. The Deep Sea Temple isn’t only difficult, but it is a dungeon that nobody knows what’s even in there, you know?” (Lucy)

What terrible popularity.

Goddess-sama, aren’t you lacking in your publicity?

(Ah, shut up. I cannot interfere with the mortal plane, so nothing that I can do.) (Noah)

I can imagine the Goddess’s sulking face.

“The Deep Sea Temple is in the ocean, right? If I master my water proficiency even more, maybe it will go well?” (Makoto)

Since it is my end goal, I am at least gathering information about it. 

Because it is in the ocean, it isn’t a popular dungeon among adventurers, but that’s great for me. I don’t have to worry about lacking water after all.

“What are you saying? The Water Spirits are spinning around the ocean currents there at the bottom where the Deep Sea Temple is, and there’s water dragons and sea monsters, on top of that, it is even said that the Sea King, Leviathan, is there as well. A human would get swallowed whole and that would be the end of it.” (Lucy)

“Well, I will go there while hiding from the monsters with Stealth.” (Makoto)

 “You cannot escape from Spirits, you know. They are everywhere, and they like to play pranks on you on a whim.” (Lucy)

“Hmm, I didn’t know that.” (Makoto)

I gulp down the berry flavored cocktail.

This was a bit too sweet.

“Speaking of Spirits…what are they?” (Makoto)

“Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth; the world is made up of those 4. The Spirits rotate the world. That’s the teaching of the Old Gods.” (Lucy)

Oh? An interesting word came out.

“Old Gods?” (Makoto)

“Uhm, humans call them Evil Gods, I think? Do you know about the Titan Gods?” (Lucy)

I know.

I am a believer after all.

“The Gods of the long past got along with the Spirits, but the Holy Gods ruling the world right now hate the Spirits. That’s why Spirit Magic is unpopular.” (Lucy)

Lucy says with a displeased expression.

“Then, in order to go to the Deep Sea Temple, we need to do something about the Spirits.” (Makoto)

“That’s what people say, but I don’t know the reality of things, okay? It is mythology. But you are one reckless man. To be aiming for the Deep Sea Temple even though you are a mage apprentice.” (Lucy)

“A goal is better the higher it is, right?” (Makoto)

“R-Right?! The higher the better, right?!” (Lucy)

Lucy suddenly agreed strongly.

“Makoto! We are working hard tomorrow as well, got it?!” (Lucy)

Looks like Lucy has regained her energy.

“How shall we train tomorrow~.” (Lucy)

“Right.” (Makoto)

After that, we ate our food while gulping down alcohol, as we conversed.

It is the usual.

What’s not the usual is that there were people who spoke to the troublemaker mage duo party. 

“Hey, Makoto, got some time?” 

The ones who spoke to us were Jean and Emily.

The former party of Lucy.

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