WM – Chapter 165: Takatsuki Makoto spectates

“Winner is Sasaki Ayaaaaaa!! The birth of a new Fire Country Hero!” 

I didn’t hear wrong.

The announcer certainly did say Sa-san won. 

(Didn’t it get settled too fast?) (Makoto)

According to previous years, it took till night though. 

“Ayaaa!” “Strong!” “Isn’t she way too overwhelming?!” “Even though she is so small. Where does that outrageous strength come from?!” “So cute~, I want to bring her back home!” “(*´Д`) Haah…haah…Aya-tan.” 

It was a complete turn from the morning. A lot of people were giving positive cheers. 

No, it is more accurate to call them passionate. 

Looks like it is true that the people of the Fire Country like you more the stronger you are.

There were a few weirdos mixed in the bunch though.

“Makoto! You are back?!” (Lucy)

“Lucy, it looks like…the matches are done.” (Makoto)

“That’s right! Aya finished all matches in one hit! It was amazing.” (Lucy)

I saw Lucy and went to where she is. 

Wait, Sa-san finished all matches in one punch? Dayum.

“Hey, My Knight, why are all otherworlders this outrageous?” (Furaie)

Furiae-san was holding a big umbrella and fanning herself with her hand.

Ah, the black cat is hiding in the shadow of her skirt. 

“Naa Naa.” 

Even though it was hot, you were also cheering, huh.

I scratch the black cat’s chin to praise it.

“I am back, Princess. It is just that Sa-san is special. I am glad she safely managed to win. Thanks for cheering her on.” (Makoto)

Sa-san was waving at the audience at the center of the ring. 

“There was no need to cheer for her. It was a crushing victory after all. But it was amusing to see the people, who were jeering her at first, slowly falling silent.” (Furiae) 

Furiae-san had an exasperated face, but she seemed to be having fun.

She must have had her own opinions regarding the Fire Country.

“Is Sa-san injured?” (Makoto)

She defeated them all in one punch, so I think it should be fine though.

“The healers I prepared served no purpose.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said with a chuckle. 

“But thanks to you, I could have peace of mind in my mission.” (Makoto)

I thanked her. 

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

“Woah, Sa-san.” (Makoto)

Sa-san, who was on the ring just a moment ago, suddenly appeared and hugged me.

“I won!” (Aya)

“Yeah, congratulations. Sorry, I didn’t make it in time for the finals.” (Makoto)

“No, the real deal is from here on.” (Aya)

Saying this, she looks up at the VIP seats.

At the place she was looking at, there’s a brown skinned black hair beauty looking down over here…the Fire Hero, Olga Sol Tariska -their eyes met. 

“Now then, we will be taking a break, and after that, we will be having a special exhibition match with the winner, Sasaki Aya, and Olga-sama!” 

When the announcer proclaimed this with their amplified voice…


Someone landed on the center of the ring. 


The voice of the announcer resonates with confusion. 

The Fire Hero Olga who was at the highest seats of the colosseum until now. 

Eh? She managed to jump off from that high up?

That was more than 10 meters, you know?

The Hero Olga doesn’t say anything and looks down on us with her arms crossed…as if provoking us. 

“Well then, I will be going, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“Wa? Are you fine not taking a brea—” (Makoto)

Before I could ask, Sa-san landed at the center of the ring in one jump. 

Sa-san and Hero Olga were glaring at each other at a distance of only 1 meter. 

“…Oh, what could this be? The match is supposed to be until a while later.” 

The confused voice of the announcer resonated, and the audience got stirred up greatly. 

I picked up the conversation of Sa-san with Hero Olga using Eavesdrop.

“You just finished your match, right? Have them heal you.” (Olga)

Hero Olga pointed at a healer with her chin while she had her arms crossed.

“I don’t need it. All of that until now was a warm-up exercise.” (Aya)

Sa-san answered straight. 

“Heeh…so the real deal begins now? Is this the continuation of the other day?” (Olga)

“That’s right. I am beating you up.” (Aya)

The two smile at each other boldly. 

What’s making the air shake is the aura of those two clashing.

Maybe the audience was hit by that tension, they fell silent. 

“U-Uhm…the match is supposed to be held a bit later though…” 

The referee on the ring nervously speaks to Hero Olga. 

“It seems like this girl wants to begin the fight at once though.” (Olga)

“I can go anytime.” (Aya)

Hero Olga and Sa-san tell the referee that they are both ready.

The referee seemed to have sent some sort of signal to the people at the higher seats. 

“Woah, looks like the two of them are going to be having their match immediately!” 


The audience immediately heated up at this announcement.

“Now, we will be presenting the fighters! In this special exhibition match, the ones facing each other are…the warrior representing the Fire Country: the Scorching Hero, Olga Sol Tariska!” 

Even when her name was called, Hero Olga stood there calmly. 


But the audience cheered on Hero Olga with their voices. 

For the Fire Country, the Fire Hero is the peak of martial arts. Possessing a beautiful appearance, and power that’s said to surpass that of past generations; the popularity of the Scorching Hero Olga was overwhelming. 

“And facing her is the one who obtained crushing victories in the Martial Arts Tournament, the Water Country’s Warrior, Sasaki Aya! How many years has it been since a warrior of another country became the Country Designated Hero of the Fire Country! I am looking forward to her valorous battle with Olga-sama!” 

With her name being called, Sa-san waved at the audience with a smile. 


Cheers that didn’t lose to Hero Olga’s were raised. 

Looks like she has completely turned the audience into her allies. 

Even when she is facing the Fire Hero, there’s a lot of people cheering for her. 

But well, when I use Eavesdrop to listen to them…

“Who do you think is gonna win?” “Are you an idiot? There’s no way Olga-sama would lose.” “But Aya-chan is strong. I think it is going to be a good fight.” “Yeah, there’s no doubt that she is the strongest amongst the competitors till now!” 

I heard that. 

As expected, for the people of the Fire Country, the Fire Hero is the strongest, and no one is doubting the victory of the Hero Olga.

While this happened, Hero Olga and Sa-san took distance from each other. 

The both of them weren’t taking any special stance. 

Part of the audience jeered ‘begin already!’.

“Well then, the Martial Arts Tournament of Great Keith, the special exhibition match will be starting!” 

The announcer declares the beginning of the match.


The moment the referee gives the signal…Sa-san rushes?! 

Sa-san closed the distance in an instant, and her fist approached Hero Olga. 

She avoided it and unleashed a counter roundhouse kick. 

Sa-san blocked that kick with her arm. 


A heavy sound reverberated, and the legs of Sa-san sank into the ring. 

Oi oi, that ring is made of stone, you know? 

They both exchanged punches several times, but they both evade or guard.

…Or so it looked.

Following them with my eyes is honestly taking my all, and I can’t keep up with the detailed moves. 

“Did you see that exchange just now?” “Yeah, that was amazing. She managed to pull 2 feints in that instant.” “Were those 3 punches?” “Idiot, 4. 2 from the right, and 2 from the left.” 

Aren’t the eyes of the audience way too good?

Why are they explaining as if normal?

“Lucy, you can see it?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, the two of them are gauging each other currently. At the very least, I think Aya is going at around 80% of her actual speed.” (Lucy)

“…I-I see.” (Makoto)

The two of them are not serious yet?! 

An unexpected answer came back at me. 

It seems like Lucy could see it perfectly with her good eyes, and it looks like I won’t be able to see the fight of the two when they get serious.

After exchanging attacks for a while, Sa-san and Hero Olga took distance from each other.

“You are good. You have become far stronger than the last time.” (Olga)

Hero Olga laughed, seemingly impressed.

“Right? I trained after all!” (Aya)

Sa-san responded with an innocent smile. 

“Well then, it is about time to finish this.” (Olga)

The moment Hero Olga said this, an explosive Aura raged with her at the center. 

The ability to change heat into Aura. 

The ability of the Fire Hero Olga who has obtained the divine protection of the Fire Goddess and has maintained her in her seat of the strongest for all these years.

The effect of it is outstanding in the Fire Country. 

All the air that has been heated up plenty by the sun that is shining intensely is the ally of Hero Olga.

The next instant, the figure of Hero Olga disappeared. 


A heavy sound of something colliding was made, and a dark shadow was sent flying to the edge of the ring. 

(Sa-san?!) (Makoto)

I followed it in worry with my eyes, but the one who was sent flying was Hero Olga. 

She got up almost immediately after, but she showed shock in her face for the first time. 

“Alright!” (Lucy)

Lucy pumped her fist lightly.

W-What happened there? 

I couldn’t see at all.

“L-Lucy…what happened there?” (Makoto)

I whispered to Lucy in her ear. 

“Hero Olga most likely got serious there, but Aya used the Action Game Player Skill she has been saving in this Martial Arts Tournament. She brought out 3 times her speed with Dash, and sent her flying with Charged Attack! That’s our Aya!” (Lucy)

Lucy explains happily. 

I-I see… Wait…

“Sa-san won the tournament without using the Action Game Player Skill?!” (Makoto)

“That’s right. She planned from the very beginning to save it, so Hero Olga wouldn’t see it.” (Lucy)

No way.

Even though she was no match against her even when she used it before.

She could fight without using that Skill after evolving, huh…

“Tch!” (Olga)

The Aura of Hero Olga rages once more. 

But Sa-san faces her with a leisure expression.

Hero Olga and Sa-san clashed again.

Sa-san was the one to be sent flying this time around, but it doesn’t look like she received much damage.

She stood up soon after. 

The next one was started by Sa-san, and their third clash happened.

A few minutes later.

Sa-san and the Scorching Hero Olga were completely equal in strength.

…Aren’t you way too strong, Sa-san?

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