WM – Chapter 31: Sasaki Aya is a Lamia

Mother, father, little brothers, are you doing well? 

I am doing well.

I am doing my best in a far away world.

But…I am feeling the worst, though…

I have been reborn as a snake.

I thought this was a nightmare, but I wasn’t dreaming.

This is something I recently learned.

This is not Earth.

There’s the chance that I might have been reborn as a never found UMA, but there shouldn’t be a living being like this on Earth.

The race I am is apparently the Lamia race.

This is something I heard from Mother-sama who gave birth to me.

I have recently gotten used to being surrounded 360° by snakes. I am amazing.

I am glad I am a girl that’s okay with reptiles.

Also, the biggest grace was that…

“Hey hey, wasn’t the frog just now delicious?” 

“I prefer bugs.” 

“Earthworms taste bad.” 

My sisters that were completely snakes when born, their upper bodies have become cute girls.

Their conversations are not cute at all though.

I am also not just a snake anymore.

I repeated shedding several times, and have obtained a human-like upper half.

“Now, little sisters. It is time for the meal.” 

The meals of us little sisters are being brought by our older sisters (snake women).

Mother-sama apparently doesn’t work. 

She is our pillar after all!

There’s no father it seems.

I tried asking once to my sister whether we have a father, and she told me with a scary face: “I recommend you don’t say that to Mother-sama”.

There must be an underlying reason.

Now then, food.

I am a few months old.

I have the hearty appetite of a growing child.

We as the youngest children can apparently eat first, but…

Mouse, frog, lizard, spider, hornworm, bird, crucian carp-looking fish, and there’s also a mountain of something that resembles nuts. 


My sisters swarm it.

(I wonder if this can be eaten…) 

For now, I choose some nuts and begin eating.

But with only these, the nutrients will end up getting skewed.

I had no choice but to look at the other things too…

(Haaah…it is impossible.) 

Lamias don’t have the custom of using fire or spices. They normally just swallow their food whole.

With a side glance at my sisters who are swallowing things like rats and frogs, I munch a small fish that seems edible.

(Eh? The older sisters seem to be carrying something here.) 

They are carrying a heavy-looking something in what seems to be a jute bag.

It seems like they are carrying it to Mother-sama.

I have seen this before. They always carried the valuable food to mother.

A few days ago, it was a big cow-like animal.

“It was called a Minotauros! To defeat one, you would have to be as strong as Elder Sister-sama!” 

I remember my older sisters talking proudly about that. 

Elder Sister-sama is like a leader of ours, and is apparently the highest position after mother.

The no.2 in our family.

“Go ahead, Mother-sama.” 

They open the bag.



What came out was a human.

The person who is wearing what seems to be a metal armor was shouting something.

I can’t understand his words.

“Quite energetic.” 

Mother-sama coils around the human with her long body, and brushes his hair gently.

The human’s face turns pale in fear and he is trembling.

Mother-sama grins, and in the next instant, she ate him in one bite. 


I held my head.

I was even wondering if in this world there’s only monsters, but it was a world where there’s humans.

And it seems like we eat humans. 

“What do humans taste I wonder.”, “I heard they are tastier than monsters.”, “The older sisters apparently have eaten some.”, “I am jealous.”, “I want to go hunt soon.”

I could hear the innocent voices of my sisters.

The contents of their conversation are scary though.

“Haaah… It will be impossible to live together with humans, huh…” 

I thought that if there’s actually humans in this world, I could secretly sneak out and go to a human settlement.

Cause you know, the food isn’t good! 

But judging from how scared the human was just now, and my mother who swallowed him whole…

The chance of coexisting is despairingly low.

“You look down there. What’s the matter?” 

Elder Sister-sama caught me while I was sighing.

“N-No, it is just that I was thinking I would like to go out too sometime soon.” 

I answered with whatever came to mind.

“Hmm, you were the one who hatched out the fastest within the little sisters, right? It is true that it is about time you girls also get your own prey.” 

Ooh! I can get out from here? 

We actually haven’t taken a step out of this nest yet.

Our den is a dark place like a cave. It is plenty wide, but they said that the outside is dangerous, so we weren’t allowed outside.

“Tomorrow will be your first outing. Tell your other sisters too.” 

Elder Sister-sama left with those words.

Hm? I have to tell them all?

What a pain.


“Waah~, amazing.” 

“The outside is so bi~g.” 

The sisters are going kya kya.

And me, I was dumbfounded.


Our den was a cave behind a big waterfall. 

The closer we got to the exit, the higher the sound of a massive amount of water coming down was heard.

The sprays of water became mist and made the surroundings white and hard to see. 

If you tried to go through the waterfall, you would just get slammed down, so we come out from a path at the side.

“Niagara Falls?” 

I haven’t seen the actual thing, but the wall of water that covers a whole side of my vision reminded me of one of the largest waterfalls in my previous world.

This giant waterfall created a big lake.

To think there would be such a big underground lake! 

This is so amazing! 

“Hey! Don’t space out and come here already.” 

Hurried by an older sister, we were made to move without being given the time to enjoy the superb view.

“This place is the hunting grounds of you girls.” 

The place the older sister pointed at was one of the lakes in an open space where the splashing water of the waterfall doesn’t reach.


The sisters disperse wilfully. 

“Don’t go too far, okay?! The places with deep water have monsters, got it?!” 

‘Aren’t we monsters, too?’, is what I thought, but I didn’t say.

I move around by hopping from one rock to another.

I was wondering if there were any fishes, but because of the waterfall, the water is waving, and I can’t see the inside of the water properly.

I look up, and the surroundings of this underground place have a massive waterfall falling endlessly.

Moreover, on top of that, I could see the light of the sun coming in.

Looks like up here is working as an atrium of sorts.

I was spaced out watching the sunlight that it has been so long since I haven’t seen, and there I saw a shadow flying.

A bird?

The dark shadow was flying as if drawing a circle.

“Oi! You girls! Come back!” 

I heard the agitated voice of the older sister.

“It is a harpy!”


The moment I thought that, it was too late.


That thing raised a cry and lunged at us.

The upper body was that of a woman, the lower was that of a bird monster.

“Eh? Eeeeeeeh?!” 

By the time I noticed, I had been grabbed by the legs of the harpy and was being carried away.

“Everyone, return quickly. That girl is already done for!” 

Eh?! Is she referring to me?! 

Wait, don’t give up, Onee-sama! 


The woman face bird body monster grabbing me warped her beautiful face into a disgusting grin, and was laughing.

Damn it, she is looking down on me thinking I am a child.


I forcefully wrench open the claws grabbing me.

What, this monster is totally weak! 


In the time the harpy was surprised, I wrapped around her body.

And just like that, I constrict her.

“G-Get off me!” 

Idioot, as if I would.

We are falling down while entangled.

We drop right into the water just like that.

It was kind of rough there, but I managed to land safely. 

Okay, let’s run.

I swim inside the water smoothly, and aim for the back of the waterfall where our den is.


I heard a scream from my back, and when I look back, the harpy of before was being eaten by a gigantic crocodile-like monster.

(Eeeeeeeh?! What’s that?! Scary! There was something like that?)

I hurried with everything I had and regrouped with my sisters.

When I returned, everyone praised me for defeating a harpy in my first hunt.

No, I am not happy at all! 

What’s with this wo~rld?! 

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