WM – Chapter 181: Human Demon War 2

“Now then, report the situation of the Demon Lord army amassing in the Demonic Continent.” (Yuwein) 

“Yes, reporting!” 

A knight responded in a loud voice at General Yuwein.

The eyes of the many people showing in the projections gather there. 

“First, I will talk about the army led by the Beast King Zagan…” 

He reads the location of the Demon Lord army, the scale of the army, and the composition.

Everyone is listening with serious expressions.

…But it was all flying over my head since I am not from this world.

Well, even if you tell me the name of locations in the Demonic Continent, and the detailed names of demon tribes, I don’t know much about them. 

When I look back, Sa-san must have gotten bored from listening, she was brushing the back of the black cat. 

You are a Hero too, you know?

(Lucy, Princess, can you explain to me?) (Makoto)

I asked my comrades of this world.

(Hmm, I don’t know much about the Demonic Continent…) (Lucy)

(I didn’t go out of the Moon Country till recently. Sorry, My Knight.) (Furiae)

Lucy and Furiae-san shake their heads to the side with troubled expressions. 

Looks like the two of them don’t know much about outside continents. 

Princess Sofia or Fuji-yan would most likely know about these kinds of things.

Maybe I should ask Captain Ortho later. 

There was a lot of information in regards to the Demon Lord army from the Sun Knights, and it didn’t show signs of ending. 

I then noticed that from the many projections in the place, there was one that showed Princess Sofia’s face.

She is by the side of Princess Noel, so it is most likely a room of the Highland Castle. 

I can also see Oracle Esther there, so it is probably a gathering of Goddess Oracles.


While I was watching that projection, my eyes met with Princess Sofia’s.

Princess Sofia showed a faint smile and moved her mouth lightly. 

(Good luck.) 

She didn’t speak it out, but I could read that from the movements of her mouth.

Should I tell her something as well? 

After long thought, I waved my hand lightly. 

“Oi, Rozes Hero! Don’t go flirting here!” 

(Geh!) (Makoto)

The one who chewed me on it was Gera-san.

The gazes of the people in the meeting all gathered on me.

“Hooh, quite the leisure you got there, Spirit User-kun. If you are that bored, how about coming over here instead?” 

Even the Great Sage-sama joined in with a grin?! 

The gazes of everyone in the projections were cold.

However, Princess Sofia’s face was bright red as if it were going to let out steam at any moment. 

Sorry, Sofia! 

Princess Noel at her side was providing a follow up with a wry smile.

I should apologize later…

“What are you doing, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“Are you an idiot, My Knight?” (Furiae)

“Aah, Takatsuki-kun, you gotta listen properly, you know?” (Aya)

I heard the voices of my comrades from the back. 

Furiae-san and Lucy are one thing, but you are the last person I want to hear that from Sa-san! 

“Well then, it looks like there’s people who have gotten bored, so let’s keep the briefing of the present situation to this much.” 

Even General Yuwein was teasing me. 

…I am really sorry for doing that in this important meeting! (I will apologize later)

“Esther-sama, please explain the future developments from here on.” (Yuwein)

“Got it.” (Esther)

With the cue of General Yuwein, the Destiny Oracle steps forward.

“In these 6 days, the army of the Sea Monster King Forneus will be appearing in the coasts of the West Continent.” (Esther)

The voice of Oracle Esther resonated flowingly. 

“The Earth Country Karilan, the Sun Country Highland, Wood Country Spring Log, Water Country Rozes…the Demon Lord army will be showing up in the coasts of those areas. However, you must not face them. They are all diversions… It is all a trap to disperse us from the place where their main forces are.” (Esther)

The many people in the projections were listening to her words.

“On the 7th night, the Beast King Zagan will attack Camelon. Their aim is the life of the Light Hero, and to lower the national power of Camelon. Even if they don’t manage to take the life of the Light Hero, they plan on weakening the Six Nation Alliance by making Camelon into a battlefield.” (Esther)

“…The logic is sound, but it is a good plan that’s hard to believe was thought by the demons.” (Tariska)

The one who commented to Oracle Esther’s explanation was General Tariska. 

“That’s right, General. The ones who thought up this plan were not the demons, but the devilkin. Archbishop Isaac of the church that worships the Snake God.” (Esther)

“Those parasites… The devilkin should really be eradicated at once. There should be no need to ask whether they are from the Snake Church or not anymore!” 

The one with the radical statement was the Pope. 

“…Tch.” (Furiae)

I heard Furiae-san clicking her tongue. 

Of course it wouldn’t feel good.

Sorry, but endure for a bit.

(…Even so…) (Makoto)

Is it as Oracle Esther said that there won’t be enemies coming to Laphroaig? 

When I was thinking that, the Destiny Oracle looked over here as if she had read my mind.

“Ah, right right. The Demon Lord army is going to appear in the ruined country of Laphroaig, too. There’s only devilkin there, so there’s no need to protect them, but it would be troubling if they were to make a base in the West Continent, so do drive them off, Apostle of the Evil God Noah.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther -the Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama- looks over here with a bad natured smile.

“…Understood.” (Makoto)

I reluctantly nod.

But the gaze of Oracle Esther was cold.

“Do you really? The objective of this war is to defeat the Beast King Zagan. Also, maintain as much war potential for the time the Great Demon Lord Iblis resurrects. We must avoid pointless battles at all cost. Got it, Evil God Apostle that rushes into danger in the drop of a hat?” (Esther)


She says as if she has seen it…which she probably did.

She is the Destiny Goddess after all.

“Around 10,000 sea monsters will be appearing tomorrow in the Moon Country. They will most likely be on standby at a range where magic barely reaches as if to provoke you.” (Esther)

“Tomorrow?!” (Makoto)

That’s fast!

“But you must not take that provocation. If it turns into a fight, the casualties to the Sun Knights won’t be low. There might be a number of monsters specialized in surprise attacks that will assault the people of the Moon Country, but…the ones dying will be devillkin.” (Esther)

“You…!” (Furiae)

I heard the low voice of Furiae-san from the back after that outrageous statement. 

“Obviously. The life of devilkins is worth less than that of insects. There’s no need to use our important armed forces for them.” 

The Pope followed after, but many nodded at this. 

These people…

I should complain about this already.

When I was about to raise my voice…

“Wait, My Knight.” (Furiae)

“Princess?” (Makoto)

Furiae-san grabbed my arm and whispered.

“Your standing is currently bad with your Evil God Apostle title being discovered. Don’t stir the fire even more!” (Furiae)

“But…!” (Makoto)

“Just don’t!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san is going that far, so I guess there’s no choice…

“I will keep it in mind…” (Makoto)

“Good.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther responded satisfied with my words.

“Well then, let’s wrap up today’s meeting here. If anything strange happens, report it at once.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein announced the end of the meeting.

The meeting of the Six Nation Alliance ended in this way.

The projections disappeared one after the other.

There’s a hazy feeling in me. 

I’m not in a good mood. 

Let’s go back and train.

“Hero Makoto-dono.” (Ortho)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

After all the magic projections were cut, Captain Ortho-san called me to a stop. 

“If it is about the devilkin, there’s no need to worry.” (Ortho)


Furiae-san and I tilt our heads.

“Princess Noel has ordered us to protect the people of the Moon Country without discrimination. General Yuwein is of the same mind.” (Ortho)

“Really?” (Makoto)

They didn’t say anything at the meeting just now towards Oracle Esther and the Pope though.

“Due to their standings, they can’t say anything against His Holiness, but in regards to the management of the army, the one who has the last word is the General. Princess Noel is thinking of erasing the race discriminition, and General Yuwein agrees with it. The people of the Moon Country will be treated as people who must be protected.” (Ortho)

Ortho-san says this confidently. 

I see, so that’s the underlying circumstances. 

The 1st Knight Division that Ortho-san leads is a division that has a lot of old time veterans even within the Sun Knights. 

I thought it was a bit strange that a division with that much power would be coming for the defense of the Moon Country, but now I see.

“Isn’t that great, Princess?” (Makoto)

“…Yeah. That woman intends to treat devilkin equally, huh.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was making a complicated expression.

She has her own thoughts regarding Princess Noel, but she has to be grateful for what she has done this time around; is she feeling conflicted because of this? 

Well, whatever the case, it is great that one worry is gone. 

Now then, let’s go back.

I was about to walk off, but Ortho-san grabbed my hand.

“Ortho-san?” (Makoto)

“I am still not done talking, Makoto-dono.” (Ortho)

He is grabbing my hand with a lot of strength there.

“That meeting of just now was one that has the fate of the continent on the line. Even if you are a Hero, it is troubling that you don’t pay attention.” (Ortho)

“Y-Yes…” (Makoto)

Ortho-san is totally correct.

“Looks like Makoto-dono doesn’t know much about the geography of the Demonic Continent, and the tribes of the Demon Lord army. I will be teaching you for future’s sake. Do you have time right now?” (Ortho)

“…Yes, please do.” (Makoto)

Looks like me waving my hand to Princess Sofia in the middle of the meeting was not good from a militaristic point of view. 

“Alright. Then, together with Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess!” (Makoto)


I don’t wanna stay back alone! 

The lecture took several hours.

◇Next Day◇

“Enemy sighted! There’s around 10,000!” 

There was a report from the lookout of the Sun Knights. 

“It is just as Esther-san said.” (Makoto)

“Just as foretold, huh, Makoto-dono.” (Ortho)

Captain Ortho responded seriously to what I said.

We were standing at the coast in the back of the Moon Palace remnants. 

We are at a distance where I can finally see the enemies by using Farsight. 

I could see the faint figure of giant sea monsters faraway. 

All the monsters have a size of at least that of a fishing boat. 

“Ortho-sama, we have finished deploying our forces on the coast!” 

“Alright, do as Esther-sama said. We are not going to attack from our side no matter what. Their objective is to provoke us.” 

“What about the cases when they attack us?” 

“Pull them in as much as possible. However, don’t allow them to reach land.” 

“Yes sir!” 

“What do we do for night surveillance?” 

“We will be doing 24/7 surveillance, with an 8 hour rotation. The shifts have been relayed to everyone already.” 

“Alright, now the other worrying points are…” 

The tense conversation of Captain Ortho-san and his subordinates continued.

By the way, wouldn’t it be safer to have the sea monsters reach land? That’s the notion I had, and I learned in yesterday’s lecture that that’s a mistake. 

They may be sea monsters, but it is not like they can’t come out to land. 

The sea monsters normally live in water, but they can function in land for several days. 

I once again look at the ocean spreading in front of me. 

This is the first time I see the ocean since coming to this world.

30% of the country of Rozes is made up of the giant lake, the Shime Lake, so I have seen huge waterfronts. 

But there’s a clear difference here.

“Hmm…” (Makoto)

“What’s the matter, Makoto?” (Lucy)

While I was crossing my arms thinking, Lucy placed her head on top of my shoulder.

She stuck her face to my cheek. 

I could feel her high temperature.

“I was just thinking there’s a lot of Water Spirits in the ocean.” (Makoto)

My field of vision was filled up with more Water Spirits than any other place I have been to before. 

“Heeh, really? Can you see it too, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

Sa-san wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped on me. 

I could feel a soft sensation from my back.

“I can’t see them. I haven’t trained my water magic proficiency.” (Lucy)

“Hmm, but you can eventually see them if you train, huh. You two have it nice~.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san stuck closer and closer while having a normal conversation.

“You two, you are stickin—” (Makoto)

“You are sticking too much to My Knight.” (Furiae)

“Wa!” “Eh?” 

Furiae-san grabbed the back collar of Lucy and Sa-san, and lifted them up like cats.

So strong! 

“Hey, My Knight, isn’t it better to return to the tent?” (Furiae)

Actually, Ortho-san told us to stay on standby at the base. 

Apparently to be prepared for the time when the monsters attack.

But I wanted to see it with my own eyes, so I accompanied them.

Furiae-san was urging me to go back, but her eyes were peeking at the monsters in the open sea every now and then. 

Of course she would be worried about the demon lord army that might attack her own homeland. 

“Furi, let us down already!” (Lucy)

“Fu-chan, let go~.” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san were flapping their legs.

They really look like cats.

 “Princess, let those two down. Also, wait for a bit.” (Makoto)

There’s something I want to confirm.

I raised my right arm to the sky. 

“Spirit-sans, Spirit-sans.” (Makoto)

When I called…the clouds gathered and it began to rain.

Even more Water Spirits began to gather.

And then, a massive amount of mana gathered in my right arm.

Enough mana to shoot several monarch rank spells.

“My Knight…did you control the weather just now?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san looked here slightly pulled aback.

“M-Makoto, that mana…” (Lucy)

Lucy was staring intently at my right arm.

“Uwa, cold! Ei! Ei!” (Aya)

Sa-san is waving away the rain falling her way. That’s impressive.

Even when all of that happened, mana continued gathering. 

The air trembled, and the waves of the sea rose slightly as if reacting to all this. 

(This is the first time it has been this easy to gather mana from the Spirits…) (Makoto)

(Makoto, the influence of the Holy Gods is low in the Moon Country, so there’s a lot of Spirits.) (Noah)

(Noah-sama. I see. Understood.) (Makoto)

This is nice info. 

I can gather plenty enough mana even without using the Spirit Arm. 

“U-Uhm…Makoto-dono, just what are you doing?” (Ortho)

Ortho-san asked with a slightly trembling voice.

I looked at the face of Ortho-san, my own right arm, and the monsters far in the open sea…and thought this.

“Ortho-san, is it okay to drive away the demon lord army there?” (Makoto)

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