WM – Chapter 215: Takatsuki Makoto speaks to the Goddesses

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The Sun Goddess Althena-sama’s gaze swam as she approached me.

Where did those cold eyes that could kill a person go?

It is completely different from the time in the Great Church. It is an expression as if she is feeling awkward. 

Just what is she going to talk about…?

I steel myself and wait for her next words. 

I’m sorry!” (Althena)

Althena-sama lowered her head.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

I stiffened from the shock.

“Althena-oneesama?!” (Eir)

“Oh my, that’s quite the commendable attitude, Althena.” (Noah)

Eir-sama raised her voice in shock just like me. 

Noah-sama was the same as usual.

“Ira, you have something to say, right?” (Althena)

Althena-sama glared at Ira-sama with a strong tone.

Ira-sama slowly turned over here like a zombie. 

“There waph no fault in Makoto thish time around… I am a usheless Goddesh.” (Ira)

“I-Ira-sama?!” (Makoto)

She prostrated to me with a tearful voice?! 

W-What’s this?! 

Help! Help me here, Noah-sama! 

“Well, it just means that the mistake of the Sun Hero Alexander was the mistake of Ira.” (Noah)

“Is that so…” (Makoto)

No, I don’t understand anything at all though?! 

“Then, I will explain what happened in order, okay?” (Eir)

Eir-sama hopped and came here with light steps.

Noah-sama snaps her fingers and a whiteboard floated in midair. 

“This time’s topic of discussion! About Alex-kun!” (Eir)

By the time I noticed, Eir-sama had glasses, was wearing a formal white shirt, and a black skirt in a female teacher style. 

Eir-sama has bountiful proportions, so wearing a tight shirt was making the lines of her body more defined, and it was pretty erotic. 

It is an attire that Noah-sama wore before, but the impression it gives here is quite different. 

There was a beauty like that in the eroge that Fuji-yan lent me…

“What are you doing giving that lecherous look to Eir?” (Noah)

“I’m not looking. I’m not looking.” (Makoto)

Noah-sama read my mind and she did a nelson hold from the back in an instant. 

“I will state the conclusion first. Us Goddesses only learned about the existence of Alexander recently.” (Althena)

Althena-sama said.


But Ira-sama knew about him…

Also, he is the Sun Country’s Designated Hero, right?

“Ira-chan kept it hidden from us Goddesses.” (Eir)

Eir-sama wrote on the whiteboard ‘Alex-kun (secret)’.

Is that…even needed?

“It was a shocking development. To think my father had secretly gone to the lower planes and had made children with the humans…” (Althena)

Althena-sama held her head. 

Now that she mentions it, he apparently has 1,000 wives, and not having enough with that, he was even aiming for Noah-sama; a lustful God…

“That’s right. That lust demon would make a child once around every 50 years.” (Noah)

Noah-sama had a foul mouth.

Lust demon, she says.

“It hasn’t been that much lately! …I thought. That damn lustful father!” (Althena)

“A-Althena-sama?!” (Makoto)

Your words are a mess! 

When I retorted, she made a ‘hm?’ face, and coughed.

“And so, the problem comes here. Mako-kun, how old do you think Alex-kun is?” (Eir)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Eir-sama suddenly threw that question to me. 


I remember the figure of Alexander that has a good physique and is quite burly.

Judging from his appearance, he looks like he is in his late 20s.

But with the flow of things here, he must be quite young. 

It is possible he is 13-14? 

So he was younger than me…

“Around 13?” (Makoto)

I answered with a quite low number.

“Fufufu.” (Eir)

Eir-sama gave me a meaningful look and fixed her glasses.

It is the gesture Noah-sama did…and while at it, she was showing me her cleavage. 

So sly. 

“The answer is….1 year old!!! Too bad, Mako-kun, you were wrong~!” (Eir)

“I see, 1 year old, huh… 1 year old?!” (Makoto)

Wait a moment.

There’s no way that 2 meter guy is 1 year old. 

Is this that? The one where 1 year of the god’s realm is 20 years in the human realm kinda thing?

“That’s not it, Makoto. The 1 year Eir is talking about is the same 1 year for the mortal realm people.” (Noah)

“No way…” (Makoto)

He was talking crazy fluently, he was crazy strong, and he was using magic nonstop. 

My definition of a 1 year old is breaking.

At the time I was shocked, Eir-sama wrote ‘Alex-kun (1 year old)’ on the whiteboard.

When it is listed like that, it makes Alex-kun look like a cute infant. 

He was a really evil dude.

“He is a demi-god that has inherited the blood of the God King. His body can grow plenty enough within 1 year. However, there wasn’t enough time to educate him, so he was lacking common sense. Of course, what he did was unforgivable though…” (Althena)

Althena-sama kept her bitter expression.

“The one in charge of that education was Ira-chan though~.” (Eir)

“Uwu…” (Ira)

Ira-sama groans at the words of Eir-sama.

I remember the first time I met the Sun Hero.

It is true that he followed the words of Oracle Esther -inside was Ira-sama though.

“But if that’s the case, shouldn’t his education be perfect?” (Makoto)

If Ira-sama herself is educating him, there should be no problems.

She is a Goddess after all.

“About that, Ira apparently gave the guardianship of him to a human just because he became 1 year old.” (Eir)

“But that’s cause…that’s cause…! Alex has been rebellious lately and didn’t listen to me at all! The Pope pampered Alex, so he ended up being a complete grandpa boy! He had the blood of Holy Gods and had become 1 year old, so I thought it would be okay…” (Ira)

“No, 1 year old is not good.” (Eir)

Eir-sama wrote ‘Ira-chan (X)’.

Yeah, give her 3 Xs more. 

That’s why Ira-sama is sitting on her knees right now, huh.

Meaning that the reason for this incident was because Ira-sama messed up the education of the Sun Hero…

What a pain…

“Ira-sama, why didn’t you tell the other Goddesses about Alexander?” (Makoto)

I asked.

“I wanted to make everything perfect before the Great Demon Lord battle…” (Ira)

Ira-sama began speaking.

1,000 years ago, the mortal realm was ruled by the demons, and the faith towards the Holy Gods dropped to the ground. 

The people of the mortal realm were disappointed by the gods of the Divine Realm, and had lost their faith. 

She apparently didn’t want to repeat that disgrace…

She searched for a variety of ways to raise their chances of victory, but there wasn’t anything decisive. 

Ira-sama grew impatient, and by staying in Oracle Esther-san, she observed every corner of the mortal realm.

Searching for people that could be useful.

…The result of that was the illegitimate child of the God King. 

“The moment I found him I thought ‘this is it!’…” (Ira)

As expected of the God King that rules over the world. His ability to suppress information seems to be top tier too.

Althena-sama, the other Goddesses, and even the Devils didn’t notice at all when he visited his mistress. 

“And so, Ira-chan decided to educate the child of God King Papa.” (Eir)

“Why as the Sun Hero? Wouldn’t it have been okay for him to be the Hero of the Commercial Country of Camelon…?” (Makoto)

“No. If the Commercial Country were to suddenly hold such a strong Hero, the power balance of the six countries would crumble. Having the Sun Country be the center is the most peaceful way. Having two countries at the top will only serve as a fuse.” (Ira)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Being able to consider those kind of stuff too is as expected of a Goddess.

She doesn’t think about stuff like pushing her own country of Camelon to the top.

No, she ended up messing up big though…

“Also, if the Great Demon Lord is defeated by the Light Hero without any problems, I was thinking it would be fine to bring Alex to the Divine Realm. However, I wanted to keep Alex as a reserve Hero trump card in the case the Great Demon Lord side wins…” (Ira)

“Just from hearing your story, your plan was quite scrupulous.” (Makoto)

It is the Demi-God Hero that defeated Sakurai-kun in one hit after all.

Even the Great Demon Lord would be no match for him.

“Well, that was the mistake of Ira’s supervision. The plan was crushed though.” (Noah)

Noah-sama speaks into my ear while still hugging me. 

Her breath was hitting me…

Why is the breath of Noah-sama so sweet?

At any rate, is Noah-sama not in a bad mood?

She contrasts the Sun Goddess that has her brows furrowed.

“The current state is the worst. The Devil side has seen that the Holy Gods have interfered with the mortal realm. There’s a high chance that they will be interfering with the mortal realm as well…” (Althena)

“But, Althena-neesama, we explained to the Devils that this time’s interference was to stop the Spirit Weapon, right? A Spirit Weapon is a threat to the Devils too after all.” (Eir)

“Yeah…but they won’t be convinced with that.” (Althena)

“Spirit Weapon?” (Makoto)

It was a serious conversation with Althena-sama and Eir-sama, but I ended up interrupting. 

Is it different from the Spirit King that Ira-sama mentioned before? 

“It means the same, Mako-kun. Spirit Weapon…Spirit King. It is what you became this time around.” (Eir)

Eir-sama tells me.

“Me…Spirit Weapon?” (Makoto)

Did I use such a grandiose spell?

“Apostle of the Titan God, by becoming a sacrifice, you can turn into a being that can order Spirits. The people of the mortal realm call that a Spirit King.” (Althena)

“By the way, the return of a Spirit King or Spirit Weapon goes against the Divine Realm Regulations. If found out, it would be immediately disposed of and erased, but you were resurrected as a special case, you know, Mako-kun☆.” (Eir)

Eir-sama follows cutely at the words of Althena-sama…no, she said something fearsome. 

…Looks like I crossed a pretty dangerous bridge there.

“…Well, this time’s incident was outside of expectations even for Noah. Isn’t that right, Noah?” (Althena)

“Isn’t that obvious?! Makoto is my only believer! I would return to zero if Makoto were to die!” (Noah)

“Noah got really agitated when Mako-kun became a Spirit Weapon, you know~.” (Eir)

“…I’m sorry, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I apologized to Noah-sama who was hugging me from the back.

I can’t see her expression, but I was sure she was angry, so I slowly looked back.

I gulped.

The clear eyes of Noah-sama were looking at me.

The smile of Noah-sama was the same as usual.

She had eyes as if looking at a bad-mannered child, filled with affection.

Aah…so beautiful.

What a beautiful Goddess…

And yet…

“N-Noah…-sama?” (Makoto)

Why is my voice trembling?

“Hey……Makoto…” (Noah)

A voice that has love in it.

Even though her voice was by no means that of someone angry…

I forgot to breathe.

Couldn’t blink.

Hesitated to even move my fingers.

And my body had frozen in place.

Silently, gently, filled with affection, Noah-sama whispered in my ears.

“At the time when you became my believer…do you remember our first promise?” (Noah)

…Crap, she is angry. 

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