WM – Chapter 124: Crisis of Makkaren (3)

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A horde of more than 10,000 monsters are all gone.

I release the synchronization with Lucy.

“Haah, that was seriously rough…” (Makoto)

I was really flustered…

“Ahaha, good work, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“My Knight…you did well.” (Furiae)

“Thanks, you two.” (Makoto)

Sa-san and Furiae-san direct slightly tired smiles at me.

The two really helped me out.

But there’s no doubt that the one who contributed the most was…

“Lucy, thanks. I have to heal your wounds… I will call someone who can use healing magic.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay… Hey, Makoto, you don’t have the Fire Magic Skill, right? Why can you use Fire Magic in that way?” (Lucy)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

I was worried about the wounds of Lucy, but it seems like Lucy is interested in the magic of just now.

“Uhm, the basics are the same as water magic. When I sync with you, I can temporarily use the Fire Magic Skill, I think.” (Makoto)

I don’t understand the logic clearly though.

I should try asking Noah-sama next time.

“What’s that? That’s unfair.” (Furiae)

For some reason, Furiae-san retorted.

“But it was harder to control than water magic. It felt like my proficiency was reduced by a 100 levels.” (Makoto)

“By the way, how high is your magic proficiency, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“260? Maybe a little higher than that?” (Makoto)


What’s with those eyes, Lucy, Furiae-san? 

“Makoto-kun, Lucy!” (Emily)

Emily appeared. Nice timing.

“Emily! Lucy is injured. Please use healing magic.” (Makoto)

A familiar priest came.

“Leave it to me!” (Emily)

Emily chants and the wounds of Lucy begin to heal.

Alright, Lucy should be alright with this.

Now all that’s left is heading to where the Ancient Dragon is.

“Sa-san, we are going to where Nina-san is together—” (Makoto)

(Wait, Makoto!) (Noah)

“Wait, My Knight!” (Furiae)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Noah-sama and Furiae-san call me at the same time.

(The Ancient Dragon is bad news! The one here has lived for more than 2,000 years and it is a senior even within Ancient Dragons. You won’t be able to win against it.) (Noah)

“You must not fight the Ancient Dragon. That place has a ruinous future… But maybe My Knight will be okay…” (Furiae)

Noah-sama’s serious voice.

Furiae-san seems to waver around the end. What’s the matter?

(One question then, Noah-sama. Can Lucas-san and the others win against the Ancient Dragon?) (Makoto)

(…Makoto. I think that’s going to be hard, but there’s things that you just have to give up on—) (Noah)

“Alright! Let’s go, Sa-san!” (Makoto)

(Hey!) (Noah)

I refuse to give up.

“Alright. To where Nina-san is, right?” (Aya)

“Yeah, we are going to defeat the Ancient Dragon!” (Makoto)

(I am telling you, you can’t!) (Noah)

“Now now, we won’t know unless we try.” (Makoto)

“Who are you talking to, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“The Goddess. Princess, you stay here please.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay…” (Furiae)

“Makoto, be careful!” (Lucy)

Being seen off by Furiae-san who seems to be worried and Lucy who has a smile even though she seems to be in pain, we head deep inside the forest.

Sa-san and I passed by the corpses of monsters and ran inside the forest.

…Correction: we were running through the burned field.

“I hope Lucas-san and the others are okay.” (Makoto)

“They are all veterans, right? I am sure they are fine.” (Aya)

I talk with Sa-san as we hurry to where the Ancient Dragon is.

I am worried about Nina-san and the others.

(…Makoto, listen.) (Noah)

Noah-sama’s cold voice resonates.

“What is it, Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

(Aya-chan and you as you currently are…won’t be able to defeat the Ancient Dragon, that’s definite. Turn back now.) (Noah)

“But Lucas-san, Nina-san, and the others are fighting. I can’t run away by myself.” (Makoto)

“Takatsuki-kun, what is the Goddess saying?” (Aya)

“She is saying you and I won’t be able to win against the Ancient Dragon… Sa-san, I am sorry to say this after you came this far, but…I want you to go back—mgh!” (Makoto)

Sa-san suddenly pinched my cheek.

That hurt.

“Who is the one saying those silly things? Is it this mouth~?” (Aya)

“Sorry, I won’t say that anymore.” (Makoto)

No going back after coming this far, huh.

…If worst comes to worst…Sa-san has the Remaining Lives Skill.

Her chances of surviving are far higher than mine.

(Hey, Makoto, the adventurers might have been wiped out by now…) (Noah)

“Meaning, they still haven’t been, right?” (Makoto)

If they really were, Noah-sama would have been straighter in her words.

(Can you stop reading my personality?!) (Noah)

“You are easy to understand, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

Even so, Noah-sama is being pretty persistent about stopping me this time around.

Is it that dangerous?

“Takatsuki-kun, got any plans?” (Aya)

Sa-san asks me uneasy.

She has no intentions of turning back, but hearing that the Goddess said we can’t win must have made her uneasy.

Well, at this kind of time, it is this.

I should utilize my special favor from the zero believer Goddess.

“Noah-sama, please help me.” (Makoto)

(………Eh?) (Noah)

“Your one and only believer is going to die at this rate. Please help.” (Makoto)

The Praying to the Gods.

(That’s quite straight…) (Noah)

I thought that I should ask straight every now and then.

So, how about it? 


Well, if you can’t do it, I will think of something myself.

Maybe I should try asking for RPG Player again for advice?

Or ask the Great Spirit…I honestly can’t rely on that.

Any other thing…hmm…

(……It is not like there’s not anything.) (Noah)


(…Aah, I didn’t want to teach you this, Makoto…) (Noah)

“So you have a method?!” (Makoto)

(…It is a dangerous measure. Make this the only time you use it.) (Noah)

“I will consider it.” (Makoto)

(Hey!) (Noah)

“I am joking. And so, what’s this method?” (Makoto)

(…Uuh.) (Noah)

Noah-sama holds her head.

After constant refusals, Noah-sama speaks about that ‘method’.


The Ancient Dragon is in sight.

The veteran adventurers are facing the Ancient Dragon.

Lucas-san is at the center of it.

There’s several dragons aside from the Ancient Dragon.

He even has his dragon gang?! 

Nina-san and several others are fighting against those dragons.

They are having a tough battle.

“Lucas-san!” (Makoto)

“Makoto?! You idiot! Why did you come?!” (Lucas)

Lucas-san scolds me. I ignore that.

There’s no way I can leave you!

“Sa-san, please help out Nina-san and the others.” (Makoto)

“Got it! Be careful, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

The weight the adventurers have on the Ancient Dragon as well as the normals dragons is heavy.

There’s several who are bleeding and collapsed.

Sa-san charges into that and sends one of the dragons close by flying by hitting its head with her Fierce God Hammer!


The temple of the dragon’s head got a direct hit from the giant hammer, and the eyes of the dragon rolled back.


Ah right, I have to defeat the Ancient Dragon.

I get close to Lucas-san.

They are also wounded all over.

Their armor and weapons were in tatters, and blood was staining their whole body.

“…Just a warning here, but practically all of our attacks haven’t been able to reach. The situation is despairing.” (Lucas)

Lucas-san says this bitterly with a fatigued expression.

I look at the other adventurers. They don’t seem to have given up, but their expressions were not bright.

I take a stance with Noah-sama’s dagger facing the Ancient Dragon.

“…Guh, you damn insects. Popping out one after the other.” 

Uoh, the Ancient Dragon spoke! 

“Takatsuki-kun! That monster is talking!” (Aya)

Even though Sa-san should be busy with her own battle, she reacts to everything! 

“Aah…yeah.” (Makoto)

Sa-san, you are a monster too, you know?

A talking monster ain’t really rare.

The black scales of the Ancient Dragon are slightly damaged, but it looks fine.

Compared to that, our adventurers here are in tatters.

It is an easy to understand inferiority. 

“Makoto, do you have a plan or something?” (Lucas)

“…I came with a ‘hidden technique’ of sorts.” (Makoto)

“How much time should we buy?” (Lucas)

“Won’t you ask what it is?” (Makoto)

I look at the face of Lucas-san slightly surprised.

“If you say you have a chance with it, I will believe in it.” (Lucas)

He says with a smile.

Looks like the other veterans are of the same mind.

“It is Quest 100% Success Rate Makoto after all.” (Lucas)

“What’s that?” (Makoto)

“You don’t know? That’s your nickname. It seems Mary noticed it after arranging the quest files. You are the only adventurer who hasn’t failed a quest in the Adventurer Guild of Makkaren, Makoto.” (Lucas)

“Well, more than 90% of those are goblin hunt quests though.” (Makoto)

“Ah, you did have the Goblin Cleaner nickname too.” (Lucas)

“I only knew about that one.” (Makoto)

I got a nickname without being aware of it.

Please notice it sooner.


The Ancient Dragon roars and flaps its wings powerfully.

A gust of wind was made, and the leaves of the trees were blown into the air.

…It waited for us?

No, that’s not it.

It can use healing magic.

The wounds it got from Lucas-san have all been healed.

Good grief, a healing enemy is problematic.

“Let’s go! Cover Makoto!” (Lucas)


The adventurers all charge at the Ancient Dragon together.

Lucas-san’s swordsmanship clad in aura and high rank magic attacked the Ancient Dragon.

(It ain’t damaging the dragon…) (Makoto)

They won’t be able to defeat it like this.

The only thing that’s dealing damage to the Ancient Dragon is Lucas-san’s swordsmanship.

The Ancient Dragon seems to only be concentrating on Lucas-san.

I see practically no effect from the attacks of the other adventurers.

I tighten my grip on the dagger that has been charged with the mana of Fire Spirits.

It is the last bit of mana I charged it with when I synced with Lucy, so there’s no second time.

Only one shot. 

(…Alright.) (Makoto)

I try the method Noah-sama taught me.

I pressed the blade of my dagger on my own hand.

…It hurts.

But endure the pain.

The blade cuts my skin and blood drips.

Noah-sama’s dagger sucks the blood and it shines dimly.

I offer it to you, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

At that instant, I felt like ‘something’ was taken away from my body.

My body feels sluggish.

The dagger at my right hand begins to shine ominously.

This is Divine Energy, huh…

I hold the dagger in the same way I do when I pray to Noah-sama.

And do exactly that -pray.

Believe in it, in the miracle of the Goddess.


(Makoto…cut yourself with the sacred treasure. Put the blood on your blade, then say you are offering it to me, and pray.) (Noah)

“…Uhm, and what would happen with that?” (Makoto)

Sounds like a scary ritual.

(Sacrificial Technique… Mortals these days call it Self-Destruction Magic, I think? You will be using that.) (Noah)

“Self-Destruction Magic!” (Makoto)

The one used by the Snake Church in the Sun Country?! 

The one that can be used without mana but expends lifespan?

“Won’t I die with that?” (Makoto)

(You would die anyways if you were to fight the Ancient Dragon normally.) (Noah)

“Can’t I win by just using Fire Spirit Magic instead of Self-Destruction Magic?” (Makoto)

I glance at the dagger of Noah-sama as I ask this.

(Impossible. You don’t have the Sword Magic Skill, so even if you managed to deal with the weaklings at the horde, it won’t defeat an Ancient Dragon.) (Noah)

“What happens if I use Self-Destruction Ma…a Sacrificial Technique?” (Makoto)

(I can lend you my power. In exchange for your lifespan… I don’t really like that though.) (Noah)

“Why?” (Makoto)

(Listen here! It would trouble me if you don’t get stronger and live a long life! I felt that if I were to teach you this method, you would nonchalantly use it in the future!) (Noah)


Honestly speaking, I feel like I would really be using it if it is useful.

(No, definitely don’t!) (Noah)

Then, I will use it with care.

(Make sure to! Understood?!) (Noah)

I promised Noah-sama, and obtained a new power.


Noah-sama, please lend me your strength.

I finish praying and…

“Lucas-san! I am ready!” (Makoto)

“Got it! You guys, spread out!” (Lucas)

Everyone takes distance from the Ancient Dragon at once with the shout of Lucas-san.

I raised my dagger, and my eyes met with the Ancient Dragon.


I ignore those words and shoot my Sword Magic.

[Fire Dragon Claw].

3 fire claws attack the dragon.


Looks like that attack didn’t reflect as a threat in the eyes of the Ancient Dragon.

“Makoto…” (Lucas)

I could see Lucas-san had a slightly discouraged face.


That magic has the prayer of a miracle.

The miracle I wished for was ‘certain hit’ and ‘god strike’.

The Certain Hit miracle, I saw it at the time when Nina-san was poked by the finger of the God Giant in the past. 

Even though it looks like it is going slowly, with that miracle, it will hit for sure.

God Strike is a miracle that the dagger of Noah-sama already has.

I always think this dagger cuts real well.

Looks like it had that kind of dangerous name.

I buffed my magic with that God Strike.

“Gaha?! The immediate follower of the Dragon King, Astaroth-sama, by a weakling…” 

Those were the last words of the Ancient Dragon.

The magic that the Ancient Dragon thought had been avoided hit it instead, and without making a single sound…the body of the Ancient Dragon was split in 4.

The corpse falls onto the ground and makes it shake.

The ominous light of the dagger disappears.

My body gets heavy like lead.

…I feel like my energy has been sucked dry. 

If I had to compare it to something, it would be like the moment right after playing a game for three days straight and seeing the ending.


Everyone including Lucas-san were looking over here as if they were seeing something unbelievable.

…The dragons who saw that also stopped moving.

“You bastards! Do you want to taste that same fate by the hands of Takatsuki-kun?!” (Aya)

Looks like the [Intimidation] of Sa-san dealt the final blow.

The remaining dragons flew away.

…What a relief.

I can’t move a single finger anymore.

I fall down on my knees right then and there.

…I am sleepy.

“Takatsuki-kun!” (Aya)

Sa-san supports my body and I somehow manage to maintain my consciousness.

“Makoto…that just now…no, nothing. You saved us. Let’s go back to the city.” (Lucas)

Lucas-san had a complicated expression.

He might have noticed that I used the Forbidden Self-Destruction Magic.

“Muh! There’s someone!” (Nina)

Nina-san suddenly rushed into the forest and drags a robed woman out.

“U-Unhand me!” 

Her face had a snake tattoo, and there were horns on her head.

A Demon.

…And a Snake Church member.

“What do we do with this one?” 

“Let’s tie her up and hand her over to the guild or the church. She might be involved with the stampede this time around.” 

“The demons were pulling the strings from the shadows then?” 

“The rumors of them making their preparations for the revival of the Great Demon Lord must be true.” 

The veteran adventurers don’t seem to be surprised and were speaking calmly.

I had a terrible experience in the Sun Country, so I honestly didn’t want to meet them again.

These guys seriously don’t do anything good.

(Ugh…) (Makoto)

I suddenly feel dizzy.

My vision gets hazy.

…No good.

“Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“…Sorry, Sa-san. I am gonna sleep for a bit.” (Makoto)

I lose consciousness.


When I woke up, Lucy, Sa-san, and Furiae-san’s faces were there.

“Are you okay, Makoto?” (Lucy)

“Haah, what a relief! Takatsuki-kun has woken up.” (Aya)

“My Knight has pushed himself.” (Furiae)

I worried them, huh.

“Sorry, I will get up.” (Makoto)

Looks like I was laid at the usual resting room of the guild.

I head to the guild entrance for now.

The bar in the Adventurer Guild was basically a festival.

They survived a stampede of over 10,000 monsters after all.

There’s not only the members of the guild, but also the soldiers and templars as well.

I could also see the merchants with Fuji-yan among them.

The whole city was celebrating this time’s victory.

Looks like people couldn’t fit in the entrance anymore and were celebrating outside too.

We joined the celebration since we were there already.

I went around greeting a lot of people for a while.

After that, I checked around while sipping drinks bit by bit. 

Lucy was surrounded by young adventurers.

In that situation where everyone had run out of mana, that figure of hers dropping rocks one after the other must have been awe-inspiring in the eyes of the adventurers.

“How can I become like you, Lucy-san?!” 

A bronze adventurer is directing glittery eyes at her.

She is popular.

And Sa-san…

“Hey, your Intimidation is impressive.” 

“Hey hey, Aya-chan! What rank are you right now?” 

“Hmm, Stone Rank?” (Aya)


She is surrounded by veteran adventurers, and they were surprised by her being Stone Rank.

Well…a person scaring off dragons with Intimidation being Stone Rank is unbelievable, right?

I was with Furiae-san, Mary-san, Nina-san, Fuji-yan, and Chris-san at the same table, drinking.

I was on the verge of being surrounded by adventurers because of the magic I showed when I synced with Lucy, but I am in the same table as the coming feudal lord, Chris-san, so they can’t approach easily.

That’s right! Chris-san has safely been pushed into the closest to become the feudal lord!

That’s great, that’s great.

And so, we were celebrating the safety of Makkaren and Fuji-yan’s future wife for being the next feudal lord.

(Hm…?) (Makoto)

Within all the noise…a black haired beauty slowly gets up from her seat making sure no one notices it.


Her profile I caught a glance of didn’t seem to be spirited.

The Moon Oracle that rushed to help Lucy and me when we were in trouble.

I was bothered by the fact that she went outside with a sad face, so I followed her.

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