WM – Chapter 356: Invitation Letter – Part 2

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◇Momo’s POV◇

My vision is blurry. 

It is slowly getting clearer. 

Makoto-sama and I are heading to Master White Dragon in the Northern Continent with Teleport. 

(…That’s how it should have been, but…) (Momo)


I heard the flustered voice of Makoto-sama, too. 

I look around. 

Vibrant fresh green plains. 

There are red and orange fruits hanging on trees that can be seen lined up further beyond.

Windmills are spinning here and there in these vast plains. 

The wind is strong. 

The surroundings got dark for an instant, and that was because a cloud had gone by above us. 

I also feel as if the air is a bit thin.

(The clouds…no, the sky is gold in color…) (Momo)

This scenery doesn’t exist in the North Continent -the Demonic Continent- as far as I know. 

“Hey, Momo, did the Demonic Continent have such a big tree?” (Makoto)

“Tree…? Wait, eh?!” (Momo)

I looked back after Makoto-sama pointed this out and was shocked. 

A giant tree that’s more than ten times bigger than the Highland Castle. 

The top of the tree is hidden by the clouds. 

You can only find one tree like this in the whole world.

“That’s the World Tree, Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

I told this to Makoto-sama and he made a dumbfounded face.

“Was the World Tree…in the Demonic Continent?” (Makoto)

“What nonsense are you saying? The World Tree is obviously in the Floating Continent.” (Momo)

The Central Ocean that’s in the very center of the 4 cardinal direction continents. 

The Floating Continent is hanging above it. 

The World Tree that existed since the mythological times towers over the Floating Continent. 

“Hmm? Why are we in the Floating Continent?” (Makoto)

“Uuh, Makoto-sama, how are you activating Teleport?” (Momo)

I asked Makoto-sama, who was tilting his head.

The magic formation of Teleport is complicated. 

The day would pass by if you were to chant the incantation every time, so the user would have a simplified magic circle prepared beforehand or use a magic tool exclusive for teleportation use. 

When you are going to designate a location, you: think of the map in your mind, get as precise of a grasp of the ‘current location’, ‘the place you want to go’, ‘distance’, and then activate the spell. 

The planet is round, so if you move in a straight line, you will be thrown high into the sky, so you also have to adjust your position to the ground. 

In the case you are going to be moving extremely long distances, you have to consider the rotation of the planet, too…

There’s a lot you have to take into account. 

It also consumes a stupid amount of mana. 

That’s why there’s not that many Teleport users. 

“Let’s see… When I use Teleport, I would tell the Time Spirits to ‘please send me over there’…” (Makoto)

“………Hah?” (Momo)

I retorted at what Makoto-sama said. 

What is this man saying? 

“Also, I trail the Thread of Fate and think of the person I want to meet.” (Makoto)

“Wait wait wait wait a moment!” (Momo)

I hurriedly stopped the nonsense Makoto-sama was saying. 

“What about the magic formation for the Teleport? You don’t designate the coordinates?” (Momo)

“Isn’t that a hassle?” (Makoto)

“That’s who it works!” (Momo)

“The method I was taught was simpler.” (Makoto)

“The method of using the Time Spirits and the Thread of Fate…?” (Momo)

“Yup.” (Makoto)

This is weird. 

I at the very least haven’t heard about this method in modern magic. 

There’s way too little room to replicate. 

“What’s the matter, Momo?” (Makoto)

“Uhm… Who taught you Teleport, Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

Makoto-sama nonchalantly told me when I asked.

“The Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

“Uwaah…” (Momo)

The mystery has been solved. 

No wonder I haven’t heard about it before. 

It was the method of a Goddess.

“Is it wrong?” (Makoto)

“Where do I even begin…” (Momo)

I sighed.

Humans can’t handle Time Spirits to begin with. 

That’s why this is most definitely a method only Makoto-sama would be able to use. 

But I can’t believe the Destiny Goddess-sama personally taught Makoto-sama, who is the believer of an Old God.

I heard the Holy Gods and the Old Gods have a sour relationship though. 

Does Makoto-sama get along with them? 

Seriously, this person can get along with anyone. 

“The Floating Continent is pretty~. I would like to get a closer view of the World Tree.” (Makoto)

I see Makoto-sama walking off while I was thinking. 

“Wait, wait, Makoto-sama! We are going to the Demonic Continent to meet Master White Dragon, right?! Where are you going?!” (Momo)

“Let’s sightsee for a bit, Momo.” (Makoto)

“Eeh, but we didn’t go through the station, so it would be better to not stay here for long…” (Momo)

Just as I said this…

“You people!” 


“Who are you?! You are not from this country, are you?!” 

“Show us your entry permit!” 

We were instantly surrounded by people armed with armor and spears. 

Must be soldiers of this country. 

*…Flap!* *…Flap!* *…Flap!*

The sound of the wind resonates. 

This is coming from the big wings on the back of the soldiers. 

“Momo…these people…” (Makoto)

“Heaven Winged Folk. The same as Anna-san.” (Momo)

There are a lot of Heaven Winged Folk living in the Floating Continent. 

A race of only beautiful women. 

I have heard it is not rare for kidnappers and illegal slave merchants to show up.

That’s why there’s a lot of soldiers near the settlements of Heaven Winged Folk patrolling the area. 

“Where’s your entry permit?!” 

The woman that seems to be the captain of the soldiers asked in a strict tone. 

(Now then…what should we do?) (Momo)

It would be easy to reveal my status here, but I have retired from my position as the Great Sage in the Sun Country. 

I don’t want to draw out my past credentials too much to force our way in. 

I glanced at the face of Makoto-sama and his face was completely carefree.

He might have thought of something. 

I thought about leaving it to him just like I did 1,000 years ago. 

“We came here with Teleport.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama?!” (Momo)

Why are you being stupidly honest here?! 

“What?! So you have entered these lands illegally! You are arrested!!” 

—We were captured by the soldiers. 


“Uhm, Makoto-sama, what should we do…about this?” (Momo)

“Hmm, this is troubling.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama and I were tied up tightly with ropes as we were being escorted. 

They are apparently going to be bringing us to the patriarch of the Heaven Winged Folk just like this. 

The patriarch is apparently the one who judges criminals. 

Hmm, there being no judicial system is nothing but worrying. 

(I can easily escape with magic though…) (Momo)

The soldiers here don’t know my face as the former Great Sage and the Legendary Hero of the Water Country, Makoto-sama.

That’s why it is fine to run away, but…

I glance at Makoto-sama.

Makoto-sama is also looking over here and smiling mischievously. 

(Oh well, let’s leave it to him.) (Momo)

I was always in a position where others relied on me the whole time when I was in Highland. 

But right now I am in a duo party with Makoto-sama. 

I am going to rely on Makoto-sama just like I did 1,000 years ago.

At that moment…


I heard an unpleasant scream like glass being scratched. 

And then, a black shadow approached us. 

Giant bat monsters with thin long limbs. 

Several of them were coming at us. 


“Shan Turk Birds!!” 


“In formation! Don’t touch their claws!! You will get cursed!” 

The soldiers raise their spears agitated. 

The monsters fly in circles around us as if targeting prey. 


The black monsters were raising an unpleasant cry as they circle around the place. 

It is taking everything I have to follow their speed with my eyes. It is even making sport of the Heaven Winged Folk that specialize in flying. 

“Damn it!” 

“It is way too fast!” 

“Is there anyone that can use magic?!” 

“Not working! We can’t hit them!” 

(Should we help out here…?) (Momo)

I was hesitating here and…


The air around us changed.

It didn’t take long for me to notice it was because of the cold air. 

“Do I just have to freeze those bats flying around, My King?”

“That’s right, Dia.” (Makoto)


The Heaven Winged Folk soldiers that had captured us turned in utter shock towards the Great Water Spirit that suddenly appeared. 

The black monsters did the same and began to take distance instead. 

“Fufufu…I am not letting you escape.” (Dia)

The Great Water Spirit Dia made a sweeping gesture with her right hand. 

The wings of the black monsters froze the instant she did that and they fell to the ground. 


The wings of the monsters broke. 

“Now!!! Finish them!” 


The falling monsters were being skewered one after the other with the order of the captain. 

The monsters raised ear-piercing cries as they perished. 

The Great Water Spirit went ‘Hmph’ and made a cocky expression with crossed arms. 

“Thanks, Dia.” (Makoto)

“This much is nothing. Please feel free to call me more casually, My King.” (Dia)

“Dia, leave if you are done with your business.” (Momo)

“Hah?! What about you, Shrimp?! What are you getting caught for?!” (Dia)

“We can escape from this any time, you know, Dia.” (Momo)

“Then, bring My King out of here at once already, Shrimp.” (Dia)

“We have our circumstances too!” (Momo)

“It is inconsequential for a Great Water Spirit!” (Dia)

“E-Excuse me…” 

The captain of the soldiers spoke to us while we had our usual arguing. 

“T-Thanks for before. These monsters called Shan Turk Bats are showing up often in the Floating Continent as of late and…we were troubled by this… There were no such monsters before…” 

“That certainly is rare. These guys are Moon Monsters. Monsters that are from outside this world.” (Momo)

““Moon Monsters?””

It seems like Makoto-sama and Dia didn’t know and asked this. 

“Hey, Momo, by moon, you mean the moon that’s shining at night, right?” (Makoto)

I shake my head to the sides at the question of Makoto-sama.

“It is true that you can see the moon from here, but there’s a number of others. A special Red Moon that’s said to only appear at a special time; the Blue Moon that’s said to lead astray the minds of the ones that see it, and the sane can’t see; and then there’s the Black Moon that there’s no telling where on the mortal realm it is located. These monsters must be from the Black Moon.” (Momo)

“I see~.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama observed the dead monster with interest. 

“I am sorry to say this after you have saved us, but is it possible for you to come with us to the patriarch?” 

The soldiers asked nervously. 

It is completely opposite to the aggressive attitude of before. 

“It is okay. Those are your laws after all.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama nodded easily at this. 

Dia was slightly dissatisfied by this. 

“I don’t agree with My King and Shrimp being treated in that manner though.” (Dia)

Looks like she doesn’t like that me and Makoto-sama are tied by ropes. 

“It’s okay, I will call you again. Return to the Spirit Realm for now.” (Makoto)

“…Understood, My King. See ya, Shrimp.” (Dia)

Dia turned into mist and disappeared. 

The pressure filling the place disappeared the same time as she did. 


“…I thought…I was going to stop breathing there.” 

A number of soldiers fell in place. 

Looks like they were hit with the mana of the Great Water Spirit. 

“T-Then, please come this way.” 

Only the captain has not shown such unsightly behavior, but she is pretty scared of me and Makoto-sama. 

After that, we arrived in the settlement of the Heaven Winged Folk without any difficulties. 

It is simply a bit bigger than a village, and their population seems to be just around a thousand. 

There’s a big house in the middle. It seems like that was the house of the matriarch, and one of the soldiers went to call her. 

An old female Heaven Winged Folk came out from the residence not long after.

She gives me the impression that she is a good person. 

Makoto-sama and I made eye-contact and looked relieved. 

I heard the conversation of the soldier and the woman that’s most likely the matriarch who were walking their way here. 

“Illegal entry, huh… If they are kidnappers, we would have to execute them as per the law; if that’s not the case, we can just have them fall from the Floating Continent.” 

She looks kind, but what she is saying shows no mercy at all. 

Makoto-sama and I look at each other again. 

Hmm, the death sentence would be troubling. 

We are not kidnappers though. 

“About that… They managed to incapacitate the Shan Turk Birds in an instant. They are pretty strong experts.” 

“High ranked adventurers, then?” 

“That’s…we still haven’t done any detailed interrogation. We don’t much about the outside of the continent. The name of the intruders are a young man named Takatsuki Makoto and a young girl named Momo. Do you know them?” 

“Takatsuki Makoto… I have heard of that name. If I remember correctly, it is the Legendary Hero in the West Continent that fought together with the Light Hero-sama to defeat the Great Demon Lord.” 

“What…?! Then, we were rude to such a person…!” 

“No, it is most likely not him. There should have been prior notice from the country. He is most likely calling himself the name of a Legendary Hero.” 

(It is actually him though…) (Momo)

I retort in my mind. 

Makoto-sama was also making a complicated face by my side. 

“Makoto-sama, a Legendary Hero of a country shouldn’t be entering a country illegally just for the fun of it, you know?” (Momo)

I tell him in a whisper. 

Makoto-sama also answered in a low voice. 

“…Hey, Momo.” (Makoto)

“What is it?” (Momo)

“Is Sofia going to get angry at me?” (Makoto)

“I think it will be fine if you tell her your circumstances…” (Momo)

But what he was thinking about with a serious face was actually the worry that he might be scolded by his fiance. 

I feel like he will be a whipped man in the future. 

“Now then, show yourselves, intruders.” 

The matriarch showed up in front of us while Makoto-sama and I were having a chat. 

The matriarch observed the face of Makoto-sama intently first. 

“Fumu…you are Takatsuki Makoto, huh. Tell me your objective for having come to this country.” 

“I used Teleport to head to the Demonic Continent, but failed and ended up in the Floating Continent.” (Makoto)

The face of the matriarch turned stern at that statement. 

“Stop the lies! A mistake in the Teleport wouldn’t send you to the wrong continent!” 

(Yeah…) (Momo)

That’s the normal conclusion. 

The distance is totally different to begin with, and it is impossible to coincidentally wound up in the Floating Continent that’s always moving in midair. 

“But it is true that—” (Makoto)

“Can’t even have a proper talk. Well then, I will ask your other companion.” 

The matriarch said and stood in front of me. 

That’s when I noticed.


Could this person possibly be…

“Now then, young girl, you said your name is Momo. What is…your objec…tive…in coming…to this conti…nent…” 

The matriarch who was talking to me with a sharp gaze suddenly couldn’t speak properly. 

Her eyes opened wide and she trembled profusely. 


“What’s the matter?!” 

“You scoundrels! Could it be that you attacked the matriarch?!” 

The soldiers surrounding us began to gather. 

“T-That’s…not it.” 

“Matriarch, should we cut these people down?!” 

“U-Undo the ropes!!! Quick!!!” 

The last one was a shout.


“Just listen!! Make it quick!!” 


The soldiers don’t seem to agree to this, but the ropes tying me and Makoto-sama were undone.


The matriarch is drinking water. 

Her breathing eventually calmed down and she spoke to us again. 

“The Heaven Winged Folk are a race with a good memory. And so, I don’t think there’s a mistake, but I will ask just in case… You are the White Great Sage-sama of the Sun Country, aren’t you?” 

She discovered my identity. 

“That’s right.” (Momo)

There’s no real reason to lie here, so I nod. 

The faces of the soldiers that tied me up grew pale. 

“Then, the person alongside you is…” 

“The Legendary Hero of the Water Country, Takatsuki Makoto-sama.” (Momo)


This time around it was the face of the soldier that was rude to Makoto that turned pale. 

“Uhm…by the way, what was your objective for coming here? O-Of course, if it is something that you can’t tell, I won’t pry deeply about it!!” 

“It is as Makoto-sama just said. We simply came here due to the mistake of his Teleportation. Come on, apologize, Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

“Sorry.” (Makoto)

“D-Don’t mind it! I got it! I won’t ask any further!!” 

It doesn’t seem like she believes us.

I at least know why the Heaven Winged Folk matriarch is scared here. 

Right now the Sun Country who has the Light Hero that defeated the Great Demon Lord is currently the strongest major country in the world. 

Moreover, the Sun Country’s queen, the Holy Maiden Noel, is famous as the reincarnation of the Savior’s comrade, the Holy Maiden Anna.

It is widely known in the present that the Holy Maiden Anna-san was a Heaven Winged Folk. 

I heard there’s a lot of envoys from the Sun Country being sent to the Floating Continent recently. 

She probably doesn’t want to incur the rage of the White Great Sage who is the teacher of Queen Noel who is holding the banner of racial peace. 

Maybe she is simply scared of me as the strongest power in Highland. 

It might be both. 

“Makoto-sama, staying any longer would cause trouble for them.” (Momo)

“…Right. I did something bad here.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama seems to be apologetic towards the scared Heaven Winged Folk. 

Why did we even stay here so long to begin with?

We could have run away at any moment. 

“We have no business here anymore, then?” (Momo)

“No, I was guided here by the Thread of Fate, so I am supposed to be meeting someone who has a connection with me though.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama muttered something that bothered me. 

“So that’s why you were staying put.” (Momo)

“But there doesn’t seem to be any familiar faces.” (Makoto)

“This is your first time coming to the Floating Continent to begin with, right?” (Momo)

“I did come here 1,000 years ago.” (Makoto)

“There’s no one left.” (Momo)

“Makes sense.” (Makoto)

Makoto-sama and I were chatting.

“I am sorry, we will be—” (Momo)

It was at that moment…

“Eh?! I thought I felt a familiar mana, but it was the boyfriend-kun of Lucy?!!” 

A familiar noisy voice pressed on us.

A magic circle appeared in front of us and a single elf soon teleported to that place. 

“Uwa.” (Momo)

My voice leaked unconsciously.


And she did, too.

“Why is the White Thing here?!” 

“Why is the Crimson Thing here?!” (Momo)

She shouted, but I also shouted.

“Rosalie-san?” (Makoto)

I heard the voice of Makoto-sama.

Rosalie J Walker.

The one that showed up in the settlement of the Heaven Winged Folk was for some reason the granddaughter of Johnny-san and Legendary Hero of Spring Log. 

And also the mage elf that would come rushing at me like a rival at any given moment. 


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