WM – Chapter 141: The decisive battle in the Demonic Forest (2)

“E-Eh…?” (Makoto)

The one I was pulling by the hand was a blonde hair golden armor female knight. 

The captain of the pegasus knight division, Janet-san.

The moment I noticed this, the blood drained from my face.

(What about Lucy?!) (Makoto)

Calm down.

I push Clear Mind to max.

Lucy is from the Wood Country. 

She knows the Great Forest and the Forest of the Lost.

She also knows the dangers of the Demonic Forest and how to hide herself. 

Also, there were a lot of Lucy’s siblings there.

If they act together, they should be able to run away.

(The other worry is Sa-san and Prince Leonard.) (Makoto)

Sa-san has the history of being able to survive in Laberintos, and has powerful Skills.

I have left Prince Leonard to Sa-san.

They should all be okay…most likely.

Alright, I have arranged my thoughts.

My head has cooled down a bit now.

“Rozes Hero, Makoto, now that it has come to this, we have no choice. Let’s return for no—” (Janet)

“Let’s head to the Demon Lord’s grave.” (Makoto)

“…What are you saying?” (Janet)

Janet-san directs eyes of doubt at me.

“Hero Makoto, there’s only us two here, you know?” (Janet)

“Maximilian-san said scatter, but he didn’t say retreat.” (Makoto)

As long as I didn’t hear wrong, that is.

That’s why they should still be in the Demonic Forest.

“But it will take several hours for reinforcements to come from the villages! What do you think we can do with only us two?!” (Janet)

She would be worried about her mother and move forward -I am sure.

She is the type that only has forward in her mind when she heats up.

“Also, Prince Leonard has a strong sense of responsibility. He wouldn’t run away on his own.” (Makoto)

“…That’s…I can kind of understand that, but won’t your ally, Sasaki Aya, propose a retreat…?” (Janet)

“No, I don’t think that would happen either.” (Makoto)

Sa-san would think ‘this is what I would do’ and match that.

We have been hanging out for several years already, so she can somewhat predict what I would do.

That’s why…if I were to turn here, we won’t be able to regroup.

“But that’s my selfishness here, so you can go back if you want, Janet-san.” (Makoto)

“Don’t mock me! As if I could leave you and run away on my own. Princess Sofia has requested me to protect the Water Country’s Heroes.” (Janet)

She got angry. 

To be honest, it would help me out if she were to come. 

Janet-san is a knight with top tier spearmanship and wide range Detection.

She is a reliable comrade.

“Well then, let’s go. I will be using Stealth, so grab onto me please.” (Makoto)

“I thought you were a more cautious man. You are the same as my brother in the part that you would rush into danger.” (Janet)

She says her gripes in a low voice.

Gera-san, your little sister is speaking ill of you, you know? 

(You are in that same vein, Makoto.) (Noah)

(Mako-kun, fighto~☆) (Eir)

The amount of Goddesses retorting in my mind has increased? 

It is noisy. 

Janet-san and I slowly advance through the thick mist. 

“…But that Setekh of the Petrification Eyes, to think that his magic eyes had come back.” (Janet)

Janet-san says bitterly as she grinds her teeth.

“Are the petrified people okay?” (Makoto)

There were brothers of Lucy within that group of people…

They can come back from that…right?

By using items or magic.

“If it is the petrification curse, Flona-sama who is a Goddess’s Oracle should be able to undo it.” (Janet)

“A Goddess’s Oracle…” (Makoto)

Furiae-san as well then.

Moreover, curses are her specialty.

Was having her stay in the Kanan Village the wrong decision?

No, we need the people that can undo the curse to stay safe so that they can undo the curse at the end of the battle. 

That’s why it shouldn’t have been an error to have them stay at the village.

We advance through the Demonic Forest silently.

(Hmm, it is quiet.) (Makoto)

“By the way, the people of your unit are okay, Janet-san?” (Makoto)

Half of the female knights of the pegasus knight division stayed at the village, and the other half came along.

Everything has gone astray though.

“There’s no problems. The Northern Sky Order is always ready to give their lives in order to defeat the Demon Lords.” (Janet)

“…I-I see.” (Makoto)

I am not asking that though.

Janet-san is so serious. 

She resembles Princess Sofia a bit.

Is Princess Sofia doing well?

“The point that bothers me is that the demons were waiting in ambush. It seemed like they were aware of our actions. Is there possibly a spy in the Wood Country? What do you think, Rozes Hero?” (Janet)

That’s certainly a point that’s bothering me too.

“We were let go pretty easily too.” (Makoto)

Even the Wind Tree Hero was there.

They could have cornered us thoroughly so that we wouldn’t be able to escape.

“We can’t understand the thoughts of demons… Please stop, Hero Makoto.” (Janet)

The Detection Skill reacted. 

The one who found it first was Janet-san.

“Hero Makoto, there’s a pack of monsters ahead.” (Janet)

“My Skill still hasn’t reacted…no, there it is. There’s a lot. They are probably monsters of the Beast King’s subordinate…” (Makoto)

In that case, an immediate follower of the Beast King, Jinbara of the Ten Claws might be there.

Stealth doesn’t work on that guy.

Several thousands of monsters.

Most likely monsters that have lived for more than 1,000 years and are from the Demonic Continent.

(Now then…it would be rough to advance any further.) (Makoto)

We only have 2 here.

A superior rank knight and an apprentice mage.

“…Hero Makoto, I can’t agree to plunging into that.” (Janet)

“Please don’t talk as if I am suicidal. I won’t fight.” (Makoto)

Now then, what to do. 


When in trouble, gather information.

The sound of beasts was noisy, but I searched to see if there’s anyone who I can understand what they say. 

The higher in rank a demon is, the more they apparently like to have intellectual talks. 

“Thanks for before, Setekh-sama. For driving away the Heroes.” 

“Unfortunately, the witch that was our objective wasn’t there though.” 

I hear something that matches.


“The ritual to revive Bifrons-sama has safely finished. But to think dark magic could be done even in broad daylight. The progress of magic is remarkable after 1,000 years, huh.” 

The owner of the voice I am familiar with is Setekh.

He really is here. 

But the contents of the conversation bothered me.

{Janet-san, it seems the ritual to resurrect the Demon Lord has finished.} (Makoto)

{N-No way! There’s no way the Immortal King could revive at a time when the sun is still up…} (Janet)

The village chief said something similar to that.

That the revival of the Demon Lord would be performed at night when the power of the demons is stronger.

“It takes time for the revival ceremony to activate. I am counting on you with the defense of this place, Jinbara-sama, Setekh-sama.” 

“To think they would challenge my army, what fool that Crimson Witch is.”

I heard those voices too.

One of them is the Beast King subordinate I met the other day, Jinbara.

The other one is…most likely the Archbishop Isaac?

“But it is surprising that you were a user of Destiny Magic. You have the same ability as that great personage, Isaac-dono.” (Setekh)

“No no, Setekh-sama, being compared to the Great Ruler-sama would be presumptuous.” (Isaac)

(I see.) (Makoto)

These guys speak a lot.

“Janet-san, at this rate, the Demon Lord is going to be coming back. Probably before night even reaches.” (Makoto)

“How can this be…” (Janet)

“Also, the reason they were able to ambush us was thanks to the Destiny Magic of Archbishop Isaac.” (Makoto)

The same power as Furiae-san.

“There wasn’t a spy then…?” (Janet)

“There might be though. The Snake Church does love doing stealthy stuff.” (Makoto)

“…What should we do from now on…?” (Janet)

“Hmmm…” (Makoto)

That’s the issue. 

There’s high ranked demons and several monsters around the grave of the Demon Lord.

I feel like Lucy and Sa-san won’t be here.

I personally don’t intend to stay for long here if Lucy and Sa-san aren’t here.

“Let’s go back for now and regroup with the people of the Wood Country, maybe?” (Makoto)

I feel like, if worst comes to worst, it would be better to call Sakurai-kun for when the Demon Lord revives.

Or maybe Gera-san would happily do it? 

When I was thinking that, something passed by above us.


Janet-san and I ready ourselves, but that thing that was going at blinding speed slammed into the pack of monsters. 

And then an explosion and a raging fire was raised.

It wasn’t only once.

When I looked closely, giant fireballs were being thrown one after the other.

(Lucy’s Meteor Shower? No, this is fire magic…) (Makoto)

“She is here! The Crimson Witch!” 

“An unrefined mage has stepped into the sacred precincts of the undead.” 

“A legend of the humans, huh. I will bring her down.” 

So Rosalie-san hadn’t attacked yet. 

She might have unexpectedly been listening in on their conversation too.

Every time the giant fireballs hit the ground and explode, raging fire was spread.

I can’t see the mage from here.

Is she attacking from quite the distant place?

Even as I was scanning the place, more and more fires were raised, and it was burning the Demonic Forest.

The demonic beasts began to make noise, surprised at the fire.

But as expected of the monsters of the Demon Lord army. 

They weren’t rampaging or running away like wild monsters.

The smell of burned magic trees reached all the way to where we were.

The fire was spreading fast.

“Hero Makoto! At this rate, we will be caught in the fire.” (Janet)

“…Yeah, let’s move back.” (Makoto)

If the one using this magic is Rosalie-san, it wouldn’t be funny to get caught in it. 

“Attacking us from afar is so shrewd. I will go and crush you.” 

I heard that voice.

A black wind blew. 

At the same time as that happened, an overwhelming swirl of mana occurs. 

The owner of that mana is most likely Jinbara.

Mana that surpasses the Demon Lord confidant, Shuri.

Is Rosalie-san going to be okay?

“Jinbara-dono, it may be presumptuous of me, but I would like to help you out—oh? What’s that?” (Setekh)

The same time as the voice of Setekh rang, a powerful light lit up the surroundings, and a terrifying heat ruled the area. 

(The light of the sun…? No, it isn’t.) (Makoto)

The mist was being cleared by that light.

“H-Hero Makoto?!” (Janet)

Janet-san shouts flustered.

“This is bad… We have to run away.” (Makoto)

What was shown after the mist cleared up was a red sky. 

Above the Demonic Forest, there was a red light covering the skies as if trying to burn it.

The identity of that red light is…a fire giant. 

Several hundred fire giants were surrounding us. 

Most likely, each and every one of them are Monarch Rank Spells.

The Monarch Magic that I managed to create after synchronizing with Undine. 

She created several hundreds of them at the same time. 

(No no no, you must be kidding, right…?) (Makoto)

If it were fireballs, that would be understandable, but…Monarch Magic that requires a massive amount of mana for each one of them…she managed to activate several hundreds of them. 

Is that really something a human could control?

(She probably asked for the mana of Spirits… That’s why it took her time. But even so, Monarch Spells with mana that can cover the whole Demonic Forest…) (Makoto)

It really tells me just how outrageous of a mage Lucy’s mother is.

Wait, this isn’t the time to be spacing out! 

“Let’s run away, Janet-san.” (Makoto)

“We won’t make it in time! [Lightning Spear]!” (Janet)

Janet-san shoots a magic spear on the ground.

A big hole that 2 people could enter was made.

“Go in!” (Janet)

Janet-san pulled my hand and we took cover within the hole.

The inside of the hole was narrow, and it was just after taking a posture as if hugging Janet-san that we were able to enter completely into the hole. 

Monarch Fire Magic: [March of Giants].” (Rosalie) 

I heard the voice of Rosalie-san with my Eavesdrop.

At that moment…


I heard that kind of sound.



The ground shook, and a storm blew due to the heat. 

If we had been standing on the surface level, we wouldn’t have come out unscathed. 

An explosion that could destroy the eardrums and a fire that could burn down the skin passed by the hole. 

(I hope Lucy and Sa-san are not nearby.) (Makoto)

Being caught in this would be no joke.

I want to believe that she won’t be bombing her daughter with magic by accident.

“Crimson Witch…what unbelievable magic…” (Janet)

When Janet-san said this, her breath reached my face lightly.

“Looks like it would be best to not move for a while.” (Makoto)

“Hero Makoto, your face is close… Can’t be helped.” (Janet)

Janet-san blushed and looked at me.

Clear Mind, Clear Mind.

That goes both ways.

In order to distract myself, I use Eavesdrop to check the state outside.

I was hearing the sounds of utter destruction without end.

There’s no point in Eavesdrop…

At that moment, one of the fire giants noticed us and looked at us.



Janet-san and I reflexively let out our voices.


The giant and us stare at each other.

Only around 10 seconds passed, but the pressure and heat made it hard to breathe.

But now that I look closely, there’s no hostility from that giant’s eyes.

(…It is differentiating enemies from allies?) (Makoto)

The fire giant leaves.

What a relief. 

We weren’t mistaken for monsters.

We continue hearing explosions outside.

“The magic of Rosalie-san seems to be differentiating between enemy and ally. Looks like there’s no fear of having Lucy and Sa-san caught up in it. As expected of one of the powerhouses of the continent, the Crimson Witch.” (Makoto)

Is what I said when I looked at Janet-san, but…


Janet-san was flapping her mouth.

Breathing through her mouth?

“Janet-san?” (Makoto)

I tap her cheek a number of times.

“! I am okay… Stop hitting my cheek. Haah…honestly, I was preparing myself for death there.” (Janet)

She directed me a tired expression.

“That was impressive pressure, wasn’t it? Anyways, it is pretty hot.” (Makoto)

I waved my hand on my face, but it isn’t cooling me down at all.

“…Why are you so calm?” (Janet)

“I am flustered internally, you know.” (Makoto)

“It doesn’t look like that at all…” (Janet)

After that, we talked for a while and waited for the sound of the magic to stop.

After more than 30 minutes passed…

“It has gotten quiet. I am going to check outside.” (Makoto)

“Be careful.” (Janet)

I carefully peeked outside the hole.

The Demonic Forest was gone.

There’s no magic tree forest. 

No monsters. 

Everything was burned down to the ground.

(What unbelievable firepower… The outside doesn’t seem to be dangerous anymore…?) (Makoto)

I try coming out.

“Uwa! So hot!” (Makoto)

The ground of the Demonic Forest was like the heated up surface of a stove.

The magic trees were burned down and had become charcoal.

I pull Janet-san outside.

…H-Heavy (her armor).

I somehow managed to pull her up.

Janet-san looked at the state outside in disbelief. 

(The vision is too good. We are in plain view now. We have to get away from here.) (Makoto)

When I was thinking that…

“…You bastards…are not residents of the Wood Country… That armor, you must be a descendant from the annoying Hero Abel’s country, huh.” 


A voice filled with hatred poured from our backs.

A giant jet black centaur was there.

This is bad. It is Jinbara.

He survived the magic of Rosalie-san?! 

“My army that was entrusted to me by Zagan-sama… How can this be…” (Jinbara)

I see. The subordinates of Jinbara-san have been wiped out, huh.

But the one who did that was Rosalie-san. 

Looks like his target of hatred didn’t matter.

“Die, lower lifeforms.” (Jinbara)

A giant hoof aimed to crush Janet-san and I.

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