WM – Chapter 69: Lucy and Sasaki Aya speak to each other

-Lucy POV-

“I am heading out to hunt goblins!” 

Makoto said this first thing in the morning.

How abrupt.

“Lucy, Sa-san, what will you do?” (Makoto)

He invites us with an excited expression.

“I think I will pass. I am going to walk around the city.” (Aya)

I didn’t miss the fact that Makoto made a sad expression when Aya refused. 

“I will also do some shopping in the city.” (Lucy)

I ended up refusing.

It was my chance to be alone together with Makoto.

“Fine! I will be adventuring alone!” (Makoto)

Muttering this as if sulking, Makoto quickly left.

“Hey, Lucy-san, where do you want to go?” (Aya)

Aya asks this as if it is natural that we will be going together.

“A cafe that has tasty cakes, maybe?” (Lucy)

There’s something I want to talk with Aya about.

With only the two of us.


I went together with Aya to places like clothing stores and accessory stores.

Had lunch at a pasta restaurant.

And there was a small park, so we bought drinks and decided to take a break there.

I look at the side-profile of Aya who is drinking fruit juice from a big cup.

(Cute…) (Lucy)

Chestnut color eyes and gestures like that of a small animal.

The sight of her flailing her legs on the bench was child-like.

(And yet she is as strong as a hero. That’s just not fair…) (Lucy)

But well, it seems like she can’t use magic.

If she were able to use magic, she would most likely be recognized as a hero.

In terms of adventurer status, it would be the highest rank, Orichalcum.

Our party’s vanguard and our strongest fighting force.

Someone necessary for us.

“Hey, Lucy-san.” (Aya)

As if she were about to begin some casual talk, Aya speaks to me in a natural manner.

“The marriage of Fujiwara-kun was a surprise, wasn’t it?” (Aya)

H-Here it comes.

The matter about Fujiyan-san’s marriage, who is someone from the same world as theirs.

“Y-Yeah, having two wives was a shock, wasn’t it?” (Lucy)

The human nobles having a lot of wives isn’t actually that rare.

That’s why this is simply a thread to connect to the actual topic.

“I wonder what Takatsuki-kun thought of it.” (Aya)

“He said he was relieved. Nina-san and Chris-san get along now.” (Lucy)

“Ahaha, I feel the same way.” (Aya)

How to say it, it was as if it was hard to breath all the time.

Today’s breakfast, we could finally eat in a calm atmosphere.

I think that’s a good thing. 

“…Having people close to you fall in love with the same person is really rough, isn’t it?” (Aya)

“…Yeah.” (Lucy)

Those words Aya muttered…made the air change.

This is that, isn’t it?

She is talking about different people here, isn’t she?

“What do you think about having two wives, Lucy-san?” (Aya)

“Elves in principle only marry with one person.” (Lucy)

“I said Lucy-san, though.” (Aya)

That way of saying it peeved me a little bit.

“What about you, Aya?” (Lucy)

“In my world, there was no one who could be bigamous. It was the law.” (Aya)

“I was asking about you though, Aya.” (Lucy)

It somehow turned into a battle of trying to oneup each other.

But the question of Aya was unfair in the first place.

Our eyes met.

We looked at each other for a while.

“I wonder what Takatsuki-kun thinks.” (Aya)

She once again diverts the topic.

No, this is the real topic.

“Makoto said he was fine with one wife.” (Lucy)

“But maybe he actually is the same as Fujiwara-kun. Men apparently like harems, you know?” (Aya)

“Makoto isn’t like that.” (Lucy)

“You know everything about Takatsuki-kun huh, Lucy-san.” (Aya)

Those words annoyed me a little bit.

“You have been with Makoto for more than 4 years, didn’t you, Aya? Aah, I can’t match that.” (Lucy)

“Eeh? Match me in what? You are not making sense here, Lucy-san.” (Aya)

“You are the one that’s not making sense here, Aya. What is it you want to say?” (Lucy)

“Nothing.” (Aya)

“I see, don’t want to say it, huh.” (Lucy)

“What?” (Aya)

“Who knows.” (Lucy)



By the time I noticed, the two of us were glaring at each other on a narrow bench. 

(Eh? Why did it turn out like this…?) (Lucy)


 -Sasaki Aya POV-


Why did it turn out this way? 

There’s Lucy-san with a piercing glare in front of my face.

Even her glaring face is beautiful.

She is even more beautiful than the number one and two class beauties, Yokoyama Saki-chan and Kawamoto Eri-chan (my opinion).

(Haah, I can’t compete.) (Aya)

My heart was heavy.

The first comrade of Takatsuki-kun, loves Takatsuki-kun, and is an incredibly beautiful elf girl.

Even though she is a mage with amazing potential, her magic is unskillful, and she relies a lot on Takatsuki-kun, which gives her a lot of points.

(Takatsuki-kun likes to look after others after all.) (Aya)

It is kinda like you can’t leave her be.

The type that Takatsuki-kun likes.

That’s not fair.

Anyways, what should I do about this situation?

It is kinda like I spurred it on, right?

Even though I should have spoken with more calm…




W-What should I do?

I want to run away!

But I must not run!

“Aya-sama, Lucy-sama, what a coincidence running into you here.” 

Nina-san appeared! What a relief.

Looks like Nina-san was also in the middle of shopping.

“I went shopping with Aya for a bit here.” (Lucy)

“Right right! Shopping with Lucy-san. It is about time we go back, don’t you think?” (Aya)

“Yeah, Aya! Lets!” (Lucy)

“Come with us, Nina-san!” (Aya)

We were in complete sync.

“O-Okay…?” (Nina)

Nina-san was confused as she nodded.

We three walk in the path that goes back to the inn.

“Hey, Nina-san, when you marry, are you going to become a noble?” (Aya)

When that happens, would it be better to change my way of calling her?

“Hmm, I wonder. It is not like I want to become a noble. I just wanted to become the wife of Darling.” (Nina)

She calls him D-Darling…

How nice.

“You have it nice, Nina-san.” (Lucy)

Lucy spoke it out.

I can’t be more jealous.

But I have heard what Nina-san has been worrying about until now in the time when I was learning martial arts from her.

That’s why I give my blessings to the marriage of Nina-san from the bottom of my heart. 

While I was thinking that…

“Aren’t you two going to marry Takatsuki-sama?” (Nina)

Nina-san threw an explosive statement with a smile on her face.


Lucy-san’s voice overlaps with mine.

“I was talking with Chris this morning. That maybe your marriage ceremony would come before ours. The marriage ceremonies of nobles apparently take a lot of time to prepare.” (Nina)

“I-Is that so.” (Aya)

“S-Sounds like a lot of work.” (Lucy)

Lucy-san and I respond with dry laughs.

On our way back after that, she talked about her loving events from beginning to end.

“Well then, I will be going to Darling’s place.” (Nina)

Nina-san hops up the stairs.

Every hop takes 5 flights of stairs…as expected of a rabbit. 

I was once again alone with Lucy-san.

When I looked by my side, our eyes met.

“…Sorry about before.” (Aya)

“…Same here, sorry. That was wrong of me.” (Lucy)

“No…It was the same for me.” (Aya)

We somehow managed to patch it up.

But I feel like leaving it unresolved like this won’t be good.

“Let’s properly talk this out next time.” (Aya)

“Yeah, next time.” (Lucy)

We will properly talk it out.

We are party members after all.


 “There were no goblins…” 

Takatsuki-kun trudged his way back before dinner and was a bit sullen which was a bit cute.

 -Takatsuki Makoto POV back in the morning-

The main job of adventurers is to exterminate monsters.

I have been training all the time lately, but I have to regain my sharpness as an adventurer…is what I tried to play it cool as, but…

“…There’s no monsters.” (Makoto)

Not only goblins…there’s not even a single big mouse or horned rabbit.

I am in a small forest that’s at one of the lakes.

It resembles the forest close to Makkaren a little bit.

That’s why I thought there would be some kind of prey here…


“So Lucy and Sa-san were right…?” (Makoto)

It is great that I didn’t bring them with me.

I was about to waste their time coming with me.

Had no choice but to train my water magic with the water of the Shimei Lake.

The capital of Horun and Makkaren have the lake in between each other. 

I continued training for a while and…

“…Takatsuki Makoto, huh.” 

I heard a voice from my back.

When I turned around, the former guardian knight that Sa-san beat up was there.

Wait no, the ones beaten up were his subordinates.

“You have a strange way of training.” 

I was standing on top of the water and was playing with a pack of birds created from the water of the lake.

It requires quite a lot of concentration, so it increases my proficiency a whole lot, and it is my most used method lately. 

“I actually wanted to hunt goblins though.” (Makoto)

I muttered this, and he laughed at me after making a surprised expression.

“Hahahaha, our country’s capital has a barrier that repels monsters. There’s no way goblins would be able to come near here.” 

“What…did you say?” (Makoto)

I trembled in shock.

How can this be? 

Then I can’t hunt goblins in the capital! 

“Then what’s the point of knights patrolling the area?” (Makoto)

I try retorting.

“You fool! Lowering your guard because of that can cost you your life. There’s also bandits and evil doers. Our daily patrols keep those in check.” 

“I see…” (Makoto)

His motive is commendable.

His personality leaves a lot to wish for though.

“I came here after receiving a report that there was a weird mage here, but…it was you, huh. Don’t scare the people too much.” 

Oops, so I was reported, huh.

I used magic with the same perception I had in Makkaren.

Let’s be careful with magic that stands out.

The former guardian knight turned around and was about to leave…

“Our Water Country of Rozes relies heavily on adventurers when it comes to monster subjugations. You have my gratitude for heading out to hunt goblins when you came to the capital.” 

“Okay…” (Makoto)

What’s this all of a sudden?

“Sorry for all I did.” 

He apologized in a low voice.

Eh? Tsundere?

After seeing the rare tsundere moment of an old man -which I am not really that happy about- I returned to the inn.

Lucy and Sa-san apparently went shopping for the whole day.

“The two always get along so well”, Nina-san says with a smile.

 I should have gone with them.

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