WM – Chapter 262: Demon Lord Battle 2

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◇Anna’s POV◇

I could only watch that strange spectacle absentminded. 

What is that…?

The Demon Lord Castle wasn’t standing in a chasm but on a plain. 

And yet, why is it that the city around the castle has been sunk in water, and the lower part of the Demon Lord Castle has been submerged…?

“Oh, everyone’s looking good!” 

A light sound was made and a small girl appeared. 

It is Momo-chan. 

She has completely mastered Teleport. 

“D-Did Makoto-kun do this?” (Julietta)

“Quite the amusing thing. This was done by the Spirit User-kun, right?” (Mel)

Momo-chan made a wide smile at the question of Julietta-san and the White Dragon-sama.

“It is amazing, isn’t it?! Master Makoto-sama made it look like a river had overflowed, and flooded the Demon Lord Castle! Thanks to that, the monsters of the city have evacuated, and more than half of the demon lord army have gone to fix the river issue.” (Momo)


We were at a loss for words at what Momo-chan said. 

They are saying that they have managed to divide the demon lord army with just the two of them. 

“‘Those who use water as their aid to attack are the stronger ones’…huh. I was questioning whether a water siege tactic would have an effect, but if the aim was to divide the enemy forces, then I can understand.” (Johnny) 

Looks like only Johnny-san was able to calmly analyze the situation. 

He is the only one that’s calm. 

An expert in magic and a master of the blade. 

Moreover, even siege warfare… Johnny-san is also a mysterious person. 

“With this…” (Volkh)

I could tell Volkh-san’s voice had excitement in it. 

I felt the same. 

This time for sure…

“Wait! At the time when we came close to the Demon Lord Castle, we were assaulted by Demon Lord Cain… We must not lower our guard.” (Julietta)

I returned to my senses after Julietta-san said that. 

Right, we were wiped out by that before. 

That black armored Demon Lord is whimsical. 

Who knows when he will appear in this situation. 

“If that’s what you are worried about, then you don’t need to be.” 

A voice resonated, and everyone turned there. 


The Destiny Oracle that has come with us from Laberintos. 

The White Dragon-sama objected saying ‘It is dangerous!’, but Esther-sama just said ‘There’s no problem’ and came along. 

She said straight ‘Demon Lord Cain won’t be showing up’.

She apparently could tell with her Clairvoyance. 

“Not only that. The Demon Lord Setekh is also absent. Of course, there’s other powerful Demon Lord underlings, but these two not being present is big, right?” (Esther)


We cheered at those words.


Is it really okay for things to go this smoothly?

“Uhm…is it really okay to state it that surely?” (Mel)

“W-What’s with that? Are you doubting me, White Dragon-chan?!” (Esther)

“N-No! That’s not it, but…the basics of Clairvoyance is that there’s no 100%, right? Ira-sama herself said this before…” (Mel)

I could hear the whispering talk of Esther-sama and the White Dragon-sama. 

Esther-sama is also a mysterious personage. 

The first time we met her was in the Moon Country’s capital. 

And now she came to Laberintos. 

This should be her second time meeting us…that should be the case, and yet, she is awfully close to Makoto-san.

“Well, just trust me. This information is certain…or more like, that person promised…” (Esther)

“Sorry, what was that last part?” (Mel)

I couldn’t hear a part of the low mutter from Esther-sama.

“N-Nothing! More importantly, where is Takatsuki Makoto?” (Esther)

True, I don’t see Makoto-san. 

“I am here.” 

“Wa?!” (Anna)

I almost fell on my butt from that. 

Someone suddenly appeared by my side from inside the mist. 

No, the mist turned into a person.

“Makoto-san! Please don’t scare me like that!” (Anna)

“Ah, sorry, Anna-san.” (Makoto)

That really gave me a fright. 

Makoto-san laughed without a single shred of guilt. 

He looks fine. 

Even though it has only been a few days, I felt relieved seeing his face.

“That’s quite the peculiar spell you used there, Spirit User-kun. How did you do it?” (Mel)

“I used water magic to Transform my body into mist and moved like that. It isn’t on the level of the Teleport from Momo, but it is pretty useful.” (Makoto)

“You, that’s a movement method that vampires specialize in… There’s no need to use a spell like that, right?” (Esther)

The White Dragon-sama seemed deeply interested and Esther-sama looked baffled. 

“I had nothing to do while we were waiting, so I had Momo teach me. Anyways, quite a lot came. Thank you for your cooperation, Johnny-san.” (Makoto)

“Don’t mind it. Everyone here has the will to fight the Demon Lord… We will charge at your word, Makoto-dono… We entrust our lives to you.” (Johnny)

The air around changes at the words of Johnny-san.

We nodded resolutely.

It is finally the fight against the demon lord army.

Tension runs around the place. 

“Alright. There’s a lot to do before that… Julietta-san, do you have the thing I asked of you?” (Makoto)

“Uhm, Makoto-kun, is this good enough?” (Julietta)

Julietta-san gave Makoto-san something made out of wood. 

That’s…a wooden mask? 

“Ooh, looks cool. Thanks.” (Makoto)

“I think I could have made something better if I had a bit more time though…” (Julietta)

“It is plenty enough. As long as it hides my face.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san puts on the mask that’s carved into the shape of an animal. 

“How is it, Momo, Dia?” (Makoto)

“Yes, looking cool, Master Makoto-sama!” (Momo)

“Aah…you look lovely, Our King.” (Dia)

The two responded in less than a second.

(Eeh…) (Anna)

I honestly see it as a bit weird. 

He looks cooler without a mask…

Are Momo-chan and Dia-chan’s eyes clouded? 

“Uwa, that’s lame. What’s with that, Takatsuki Makoto?” (Esther)

The unfettered voice was from Esther-sama. 

Isn’t that saying too much…?

“Listen here, Ira-sama. We are going to be facing the Demon Lord Bifrons, you know? Then, wouldn’t it be bad if he were to see my face? This is me being considerate with you, Ira-sama.” (Makoto)

“I am Esther! …Ah, that’s true. If that’s the reason, it can’t be helped.” (Esther) 

“Also, isn’t a fox mask cool?” (Makoto)

“I told you it is lame. Also, the ceremonies that use fox masks are for good harvest. That’s under the jurisdiction of Freya-oneesama.” (Esther)

“Aah, jealous, huh.” (Makoto)

“Wrong!” (Esther)

“Don’t kick me! I can see your panties!” (Makoto)

“If you are going to look, cough up cash!” (Esther)

“So unreasonable!” (Makoto)

Esther-sama and Makoto-san are flirting again…

What they were talking about is also something that only the two of them understood. 

That’s not fair. 

“So, you putting on that mask means…the time is now?” (Johnny)

Even Johnny-san was a bit shaken by this as he entered the conversation. 

“No, that’s not it. I was thinking about reducing the numbers of the demon lord army a bit more… It is coming.” (Makoto)

“Spirit User-kun…you should learn to give a bit more detailed explanations…Hm?” (Mel)

The White Dragon-sama seems to have noticed something while she was talking and looked up. 

A number of people were pulled by that and looked up. 

And then, what was reflected in my eyes was…

-A lump of ice the size of a big mountain that had pierced through the clouds had showed up. 

“W-W-W-What is that, Makoto-san?!” (Anna)

“[Comet Fall]. A spell of Our King, Hero.” (Dia)

The one who answered my question while I was flustered was Dia-san. 


This sight that’s as if the world is about to end is the spell of Makoto-san?! 

It was as if the sky itself was falling. 

“What an outrageous size… I have never seen a spell like this…” (Mel)

“Well, that’s no surprise, White Dragon-chan. Comet Fall is a large-scale slaughter spell that’s used for destroying cities. It is one of the spells that the Holy Gods have banned. It is an inhumane spell that turns a whole place into a naked plot of land… Takatsuki Makoto, we will be okay, right?” (Esther)

We were startled at the words of Esther-sama. 

It is true that there’s distance between us and the Demon Lord Castle, but with that size, I feel like the shockwave of the destruction would reach all the way here. 

“Well, just watch. It is far smaller than the one that was about to fall on the Fire Country. If it is on this size, I can control it.” (Makoto)

Saying this with a nonchalant tone, Makoto-san pushed his right arm out to the front. 

“Transform.” (Makoto)

The moment Makoto-san muttered this.


The air turned heavy. 

(I-I can’t…breathe!) (Anna)

Mana that held overpowering pressure to the point that it felt like my breathing would stop was gathering into the right arm of Makoto-san. 

When I look around, I could see a number of the Laberintos fighters have fallen on their butts. 

“[Spirit Arm].” (Makoto)

Makoto-san’s voice resonated and his whole right arm shone blue and transparent-like. 

“You are turning your own arm into a spirit…?” (Mel)

“That’s also a banned technique, but…I will turn a blind-eye.” (Esther)

I somehow managed to hear only the voice of the White Dragon-sama and Esther-sama. 

Mana was stagnating the air around like muddy water. 

I am feeling dizzy…

I somehow manage to maintain my consciousness and not get mana dizzy as I look at what’s in front of my very eyes. 

There’s currently a gigantic lump of ice that’s being called a comet, and it is about to crash. 

The Demon Lord Castle is being crushed like an egg. 

Not long after, the comet itself was breaking. 

“The shockwave is coming! Brace yourselves!” (Johnny)

Everyone made their bodies smaller at the shout of Johnny-san. 

I also follow suit. 

“It is okay, Johnny-san. There’s no shockwave coming.” (Makoto)

Makoto-san laughed lightly and raised his blue shining arm up. 

“Water Magic: [Flowing Stream].” (Makoto)

The next instant, the explosion of the comet spread into the sky. 


Everyone was dumbfounded by this except Esther-sama. 

Even the White Dragon-sama and Johnny-san were dumbstruck. 

A gigantic explosion that covered the whole sky. 

The sky turned bright red and an explosive sound that could break eardrums roared. 

My vision turned pure white, and soon stabilized. 

I noticed that that was because my eyes were closed. 

I take a deep breath and nervously open my eyes. 

(Ah…) (Anna)

I was watching that sight as if I were in a dream. 

The Demon Lord Castle has been crushed. 

An out-of-place refreshing breeze was blowing. 

The sky was clear

This is my first time seeing the blue sky from the ground. 

“Using the explosion shockwave of the comet to blow away the Pitch Black Clouds. Not a bad move.” (Esther)

Contrary to us who were shocked mute, Esther-sama spoke to Makoto-san with her arms crossed.

“It went well. By the way, what’s the forecast for the future, Ira-sama?” (Makoto)

I can’t tell the expression of Makoto-san because of the mask, but he seemed to be having a lot of fun. 

“Don’t talk about it as if it were a weather forecast, Takatsuki Makoto. Hmm…looks like the Pitch Black Clouds have disappeared in a radius of several hundreds of kilometers. It will be more than half a day before they return to normal. Even I pity the Demon Lord here. His city was submerged, his castle was destroyed by a comet, and below the light of the sun that the undead hate the most, they will be attacked by Heroes.” (Esther)

Makoto-san and Esther-sama’s conversation came in one ear and out the other. 

“Then, the preparations are over, so let’s go defeat the Demon Lord, Anna-san.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay…” (Anna)

I could only nod awkwardly. 

…Aren’t you fine on your own, Makoto-san? 

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