WM – Chapter 26-27: Takatsuki Makoto is at his stagnation phase





An army of goblins, orcs, and ogres were chasing me.

They are all steaming in anger.

Well, anyone would snap if someone were to throw a molotov to their home. 

That’s why I continue running.

My job is to lure the monsters to the range of Lucy.

“[Earth Magic: Boulder]! [Fire Magic: Element Grant]!” (Lucy)

Lucy raises her staff.

A giant burning boulder appears in midair.


The monsters noticed that something strange was going on, but it is too late.

“Every single one of you burn with Falling Meteor!” (Lucy)

Lucy-san is totally into it.

By the way, there’s no spell called Falling Meteor.

Lucy just gave it a name herself.


*BOOM!* The burning boulder explodes dragging the monsters with it.

Earth and dust scattered about, and the blast sends everything flying.

What remained was a single crater.

“That’s some power as always, that Falling Meteor.” (Makoto)

“You are impressive as well, Makoto. You lured around 50 monsters, you know?” (Lucy)

“…Haha.” (Makoto)

“Now, let’s return to the Guild! We are getting paid a whole lot today!” (Lucy)

“Before that, we have to extinguish the fire.” (Makoto)

I deal with the aftermath of Lucy’s magic so that it doesn’t turn into a forest fire.

Lately, my water magic has only had this kind of role.

Thanks to the Spirit Magic, I can use water magic even without a water source.

It is not like I learned Spirit Magic to extinguish fires.

We have dinner at the usual skewer stand.

“Boss, 1 more ale.” (Makoto)

“Got it. You drink pretty often recently, Makoto.” 

“I have recently learned the tastiness of it.” (Makoto)

It is as bitter as always though.

Ale is about the feeling when it goes down my throat.

“Haha! Now that you know the taste of ale, you are now a competent adventurer.” 

“Hmm, I don’t really like it.” (Lucy)

Lucy is drinking a fruit cocktail.

It is actually not on the menu, but Boss made it specially for the regular, Lucy.

“Ooi, Lucy-chan, drink over here.” 

“Just leave that mage apprentice. Let’s party together tomorrow.”

“Your magic today was amazing as well.”

The adventurers around were calling Lucy.

You wouldn’t believe that she was a troublemaker that couldn’t join any party not that long ago.

Mages that can use powerful magic are wanted in any party after all.

“I have no intentions of being in any party aside from Makoto’s!” (Lucy)

I am grateful that Lucy says this though.

“Fuuuh.” (Makoto)

After drinking about half of the ale, I suddenly felt a bit lightheaded.

“Oh, drinking here.” 

“Lucas-san as well.” (Makoto)

He apparently had gone to subjugate a water dragon that attacked a fisherman at Shimei Lake.

I still haven’t seen a dragon since coming to this world.

They must be strong.

I wonder if I will be able to fight one someday.

“Oi, Makoto, even though you have the record of the fastest person to reach Iron Rank in the Adventurer Guild of Makkaren, you look pretty gloomy there.” (Lucas)


Lucy and I are now Iron Rank.

We are now Intermediate Adventurers.

“That damn Makoto, he just leeched off Lucy-chan’s magic.” 

“He really lucked out.” 

“Ssh! If you say too much, the person himself will hear you.”

I already am.

I have the [Eavesdrop] skill after all.

“Hey! Makoto is amazing, you know! Don’t say weird stuff!” (Lucy)

Lucy, who had good ears by default, got angry at the adventurers gossipping about us. 

“It is okay, just leave them be.” (Makoto)

“But…” (Lucy)

“Those guys have been stuck in Bronze Rank for 2 years now. They must be jealous of Makoto. It is pathetic how they talk behind other people’s backs.” 

Lucas says exasperated.


Mary-san hugs me.

“Your big sis here is happy that you have been drinking together with her lately~.” (Mary)

“I am a weak drinker, so only for 2-3 drinks.” (Makoto)

I don’t get any stronger to it no matter how much I drink.

Even though Lucy has gotten pretty resistant now.

Is your strength towards alcohol also related to your Stats?

Or more like, I don’t like alcohol that much.

I am dringing in spite of that…because of my mood.

“You are making the face of someone with worries. Go ahead and consult with the Guild Onee-san here.” (Mary)

“Wait, Mary! I am the one who is gonna listen to the worries of my party member.” (Lucy)

“Eeh? It is easier to say this kind of stuff to someone older, you know?” (Mary)

“I am older than Makoto!” (Lucy)

“Oh, really? By the way, shouldn’t it be about time you go to an intermediate level dungeon?” (Mary)

“As I said! Those kinds of things are going to be decided by the two of us!” (Lucy)

“Boss, one more ale!” (Mary)

“Me too!” (Lucy)

“Ooh, you are popular, Makoto.” (Lucas)

Lucas laughs out loud as if it is none of his business.

The daily occurrence lately has been exchanges like this between Lucy and Mary-san.

It is not to the point of fighting, it feels as if Mary-san is teasing Lucy. 


Seriously, why are you guys pointing your glares at me.



 “Lucas-san, how can I get stronger?” (Makoto)

I whisper that to him.

It is my worry lately.

“Huh? You are plenty strong already, Makoto. What are you saying after defeating a Griffon and a chimera that has been around for more than a 1,000 years.” (Lucas)

He looks at me with eyes as if saying: ‘are you an idiot?’.

“The Griffon was defeated by Jean, the Chimera was defeated by Nina-san.” (Makoto)

“But they wouldn’t have been able to defeat those without you there, right? I heard that.” (Lucas)

“I wonder about that. I think it hinged a lot on Lucy’s firepower though.” (Makoto)

“That’s how party’s work. They are divided in the roles of supporters and attackers.” (Lucas)

“That’s true, but…” (Makoto)

I finish drinking the ale.

“Boss, one more…” (Makoto)

“Got it. Don’t drink too much, okay?” 

“This will be my last one today…” (Makoto)

I am actually pretty drunk.

This ain’t good, I don’t have self-control.

Lately, I have been leaving the attack to Lucy while I act as the bait all the time.

The last time I defeated a strong monster on my own was the Ogre.

That one I baited it into a trap though.

“What’s your level right now, Makoto?” (Lucas)

“I am now 20.” (Makoto)

“It hasn’t been 1 year since you became an adventurer, and yet you are Iron Rank and level 20.” (Lucas)

“What is he dissatisfied with.” 

Lucas-san and Boss were looking at each other puzzled.

“It is not that I am displeased.” (Makoto)

I opened my own Soul Book.

“Oh, the Soul Book of Makoto-kun?” (Mary)

 “Mary-san, it is bad manners to look without permission.” (Makoto)

“I am a guild staff so it is okay~, hehehe.” (Mary)

No good, she is completely drunk.

“Hmm…but a level 20 with these stats, huh. It is true that this is way too low—wait, ueeeeh?!” (Mary)

“What’s the matter, Mary?” (Lucas)

“T-This here! The water magic proficiency!” (Mary)

“Hm, where…eh, 99?!” (Lucas)

“So there’s people who go all the way to 99 in proficiency…” 

The three look at me as if they are looking at a maniac.

“You really are amazing after all, Makoto!” (Lucy)

Lucy already knew.


“This is the source of my worry.” (Makoto)

“Why?” (Lucy) 

“I didn’t become that strong even when I got to 99.” (Makoto)

Yeah, even I with low mana could increase my proficiency if I trained.

The highest level of proficiency is 99.

This is the end point.

But it simply increased the precision and activation speed of my magic, and the power is still low.

Even though I did my best to raise it, it wasn’t what I hoped for.

I thought I would get a mastery bonus.

“I-I see. Then, the Spirit Magic?” (Lucas)

“I am also stuck in that.” (Makoto)

I heard from the old man giant, but I can’t see the Spirits at all.

Can I really do it?


“Makoto! It has been a while.” 

“Lucy, you are wearing thinly as always.” 

“What, got a problem?” (Lucy)

We met Jean and Emily next.

Behind them there was a brawler man and a mage girl.

It seems to be their new party members.

That was a bit of a shock too.

I for sure thought that we would be going on adventures together every now and then.

No, it is my fault for not speaking out to him.

“Yo, Jean.” (Makoto)

“I thought that we could have a meal together, but it looks like the seats are full today.” (Jean)

Jean says this disappointed.

The Boss’s skewer stall only has one small bench.

With Lucy, Lucas-san, Mary-san, and I sitting, there’s already no space.

“I heard that you have been earning quite flashily lately.” (Jean)

Jean places a hand on my shoulder and smiles at me.

Was he this refreshing of a guy?

It looks like the swordsman that complained about me is not there anymore.

“The one who is flashy is Lucy. I am the background assistant.” (Makoto)

“That’s…well, I have heard the rumors about it.” (Emily)

Emily has a face that says she couldn’t find words for it.

She can read the atmosphere after all. She can tell that I am discouraged.

“Then, let’s do our best in getting to Silver Rank!” (Jean)

Jean said this with a smile and left to a different stall.

The brawler man and the mage girl bow lightly.

They are apparently rookie adventurers that joined recently and were helped out by Jean. They are now friendly with him.

Magic swordsman, brawler, mage, priest; it is a good party.

“Hmm, I  thought Jean-kun wanted to form a party with Makoto-kun though”, is what Mary-san said.

I thought so too.

“I don’t wanna. You know that I don’t get along with Emily.” (Lucy)

No, I wonder about that.

You two are always arguing, but I have seen you two going to lunch together a number of times. Don’t you actually get along? 

Well, working together is not the same, huh.

“I will be going to sleep for today. Good night, Lucy.” (Makoto)

“Eh? O-Okay. Good night…” (Lucy)

“Let’s take a break tomorrow. We have been earning quite a lot lately after all.” (Makoto)

“I-Is that so. Then, how about going shopping together…” (Lucy)

“I will be showing up at the store of Fuji-yan tomorrow.” (Makoto)

“I see, got it…” (Lucy)

I tottered my way to the guild’s resting area.

“You got rejected~.” (Mary)

“Shut up, Mary!” (Lucy)

“Alright, let’s drink again!” (Mary)

I heard those voices coming from my back.

  • Chapter 27: Takatsuki Makoto receives the advice of the Goddess


“I am sorry, Takatsuki-sama. Goshujin-sama is currently absent…” (Nina)

Fuji-yan wasn’t here.

Nina-san was speaking to me in his stead and said this sadly.

I am at fault for coming here without an appointment.

I am sorry for the trouble.

“When is Fuji-yan coming back?” (Makoto)

“About that, it seems to be a big transaction, so they are not planning on returning for 2-3 days…” (Nina)

“Is that so…” (Makoto)

That’s a shame.

The only person I can spill out my complaints with is absent.

Can’t be helped, let’s just hunt some goblins solo today.

While I was thinking that…

“By the way, Takatsuki-sama! Please look at this.” (Nina)

What Nina-san showed me with a smile was shining at her chest.

“Gold Badge?” (Makoto)

“Yes! Thanks to the divine protection from the acquaintance of Takatsuki-sama’s God, I have gone up to Gold Rank!” (Nina)

“That’s…congratulations.” (Makoto)

That’s impressive.

Gold Badges are the highest rank that a branch guild can issue.

Platinum and above ranks can only be obtained in the head offices at the capital.

In other words, Nina-san has reached the highest point in the Adventurer Guild of Makkaren.

“To be honest, I thought Silver Rank would be my limit. You really don’t know what life has in store, huh.” (Nina)

“No no, the martial art of Nina-san was incredible.” (Makoto)

It is because of that leg technique that she was able to rank up.

“Goshujin-sama has been hyped up and doing big trades with the magic crystal he obtained. This and that are all thanks to Takatsuki-sama!” (Nina)

Nina-san raised both hands and praised me.

But rather than happiness, I felt a bit empty.

Everyone is doing well.

And yet, I…

“T-Then, please give my regards to Fuji-yan.” (Makoto)

“Yes! Please come again!” (Nina)

Being seen off by a smiling Nina-san, I left the store of Fuji-yan.

My plan for today is gone. 


In the end, I decided not to go goblin hunting, and decided on training at the plaza close to the guild to pass the day.

I wonder if Lucy is here too, is what I was hoping for, but she wasn’t.

After finishing the training, I did my daily prayer to the Goddess.

“Fuuuh…” (Makoto)

I check my Soul Book while lying down.

[Lifespan: 11 years], it has increased a little bit. The result of my daily monster hunting.

[Water Magic Proficiency: 99], end route. I reached this number 1 month ago, and there’s been no change since then. I thought I might surpass 100, but this is apparently the highest. 

What’s left is low stats that have no drastic change.

(What to do…) (Makoto)

At first when I came to this parallel world, I was excited.

After that, I learned about how low my stats were at the Temple, and was shocked.

I trained for 1 year, yet didn’t get that strong.

Even so, I pushed everything I could from the skills I had, and somehow managed to keep up as an adventurer. 

Lately, the evaluation others have of me has increased.

There’s not really that big of a problem.


(Is this all I can give…?) (Makoto)

It was fun not that long ago.

The day I first defeated a monster. 

The day I was given an uncool nickname for the first time.

The day I got my first party member.

The day I was on the verge of dying for the first time, and the day I got the divine protection of the Goddess.

The day I was able to go on an adventure together with a classmate for the first time.

It was stimulating.

Lately…it has been boring.

I was thinking that, and soon, drowsiness attacked me.

I was in a place where there’s nothing.

No, it would be rude to say there’s nothing.

Let’s call this The Space of the Goddess.

“My my, it has been a while, Goddess-sama.” (Makoto)

There’s no surprise at this point, so I place both hands together and greet her.

But we haven’t seen each other in a while.

The last time I heard her voice was at the time with the old man giant.


“Hm? Goddess-sama?” (Makoto)

I was wondering why there was no response, and raised my head, and she was crazy close.


She is so close our bangs might touch.

Also, her eyes are cold.

Did I do something to make her angry?

I haven’t done anything but safe adventures lately though.

“U-Uhm…” (Makoto)

“Hey, Makoto…” (Noah)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“You are my believer, right?” (Noah)

“Of course, I have not missed a single day of prayer.” (Makoto)

“I know. They reach me.” (Noah)


“Do you know the job of a Goddess?” (Noah)

“The job of a Goddess? Gather donations? Ah, could it be that prayers alone were not enough?” (Makoto)

“That’s not it! Why do I need to gather money like the guys in the God Realm?! I don’t need that!” (Noah)

“So that wasn’t it.” (Makoto)

What is it, I don’t know.

“Idiot! The job of a Goddess is to guide their lost lambs! You are worrying a whole ton! Then come for advice! Rely on me!” (Noah)

She is ruffling my hair.

It doesn’t hurt.

But in that position my face and her chest…

“U-Uhm, it is touching my face.” (Makoto)

“It is on purpose.” (Noah)

She said it outright!

“Uuh, I am sorry, Goddess-sama.” (Makoto)

I take distance from the Goddess’s attack(?).

This Goddess comes seducing me all the time.

“You pray everyday, and yet, why are you not relying on me?” (Noah)

“That was the last resort.” (Makoto)

It is scary to be too indebted with a God after all.

“It is okay. Rely on me more. Don’t be bothered by debts. You are my only believer.” (Noah)

I feel like your interest rate is high, Noah-sama.

Well, it is true that the Goddess was missing from my consultation candidates though.

“Does that mean you will be making me stronger with your powers, Goddess-sama?” (Makoto)

“Hm? I already gave you the divine protection, right? I can’t do more than that.” (Noah)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

That’s no good then!

“But a Goddess can do this.” (Noah)

What she took out was…

“My Soul Book again?” (Makoto)

This Goddess really has some sticky fingers.

“A little work here and…” (Noah)

Did she write something?

“See, look here.” (Noah)

She grabbed my head and showed me the Soul Book.

As I said, you are too close.

“It is fine, look, look.” (Noah)

“Let’s see—eh?!” (Makoto)

[Water Magic Proficiency: 101].

“G-Goddess-sama, this is?” (Makoto)

“You are the type of person that raises your level to 99 in RPG games, right? And so, you reached a bottleneck in your proficiency and lost heat, right?” (Noah)

She saw through me.

Obviously, huh.

We are talking about a Goddess here.

“Fufufu! I will tell you one more nice piece of information. If you get to Proficiency 105, you will be able to see Water Spirits.” (Noah)

“Eh?!” (Makoto)

Is it okay for it to be so simple? 

Even though I troubled myself so much training in the rain, meditating under a waterfall, and passing a whole day inside water! 

“Well~, that training was pointless. I am impressed that you were able to do all that.” (Noah)

“Please tell me that at least!” (Makoto)

“Ahaha!” (Noah)

What a bad personality!

No, that’s not it.

“Thank you very much, Goddess-sama.” (Makoto)

I put both of my hands together and bow deeply.

With this, I can continue training my water magic proficiency!

“Oh my, so honest. Yup yup, do your best.” (Noah)

“I was at my wit’s end this time around, so you really helped me out.” (Makoto)

“What’s most important is that you are happy. Ah, but there’s something you have to be careful about.” (Noah)

“What is it?” (Makoto)

An impossible task right on the get-go?

“That’s not it. 99 is the highest one can reach in the stats of the Soul Book. That’s how the guys in the God Realm set it up like.” (Noah)


“Is that so.” (Makoto)

“In reality, there’s no limit point, so you can increase as much as you work hard. It just isn’t shown in the numbers. What I did was modify your Soul Book so that it can show numbers higher than 100.” (Noah)

Hohoh, I have heard something nice there.

So there’s results befitting your hard work.

It is hyping me up.

“But the modification of Soul Books is against the law of the world. If the Church discovers it, you might get interrogated.” (Noah)

“Eh? What?!” (Makoto)

“By the way, in countries like the Fire Country and the Water Country, if they were to discover you are an Evil God believer, you will get executed. How barbaric, don’t you think?” (Noah)

“Why are you telling me this now?!” (Makoto)

“You didn’t know?” (Noah)

No, I didn’t!

I avoided the Church all this time after all.

…I should be careful in the future.

“Then, it is almost time.” (Noah)

The figure of the Goddess is beginning to disappear.

“It is always so short.” (Makoto)

“Oh? Did you want to talk with me more?” (Noah)

“Well, I do think I would like to talk with you a bit more.” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, you are slowly becoming a nicer boy. You can go ahead and fall for me, you know?” (Noah)

Please don’t give me that sidelong glance.

It is going to make my heart skip a beat.

“Ah, right! There’s something I want to tell you before you go!” (Noah)

“What is it?” (Makoto)

Is it the usual vague instructions?

“Head to Laberintos. A good meeting awaits you there.” (Noah)

After saying this, the Goddess disappears.


She gave me quite the specific instruction…

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