WM – Chapter 342: Takatsuki Makoto goes to meet the Goddess

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“The place of Noah-sama, huh…” (Makoto)

In other words, the Deep Sea Temple. 

Now that the seal has been undone, Noah-sama can apparently go to the Divine Realm and other worlds, but Noah-sama said ‘the Divine Realm is just asphyxiating!’ and is lazing about in the Deep Sea Temple. 

Now then, how should I go there? 

I am currently in the space of Ira-sama in soul only. 

I direct my gaze at the small Goddess by my side.

“What?” (Ira)

“Want to head to the Deep Sea Temple together?” (Makoto)

“Eeh…” (Ira)

She made a blatant unwilling face.

“Go alone.” (Ira)

“I am actually not good at Teleport…” (Makoto)

“You still haven’t mastered it?” (Ira)

“Isn’t it difficult? I can’t go to the places I want to go to at all.” (Makoto)

“Haah…you are one unskilled man. Here.” (Ira)

Ira-sama extended her small hand to me. 

I grabbed that small hand of hers.

The next instant, the scenery in front of me warped and was wrapped in light. 


When my vision cleared, a silver world spread before me.

(Wait, eh?!) (Makoto)

A blizzard was raging. 

A scenery of intense cold like that of the arctic.

“Ira-sama!! Where in the world are we?!” (Makoto)

I shouted loudly so the blizzard doesn’t erase my voice.

“Where, you ask?! Obviously the Deep Sea Temple!!” (Ira)

Ira-sama shouts back with a loud voice that didn’t lose to mine. 

This is…the Deep Sea Temple? 

“Aah! This is unbelievably hard to talk in!” (Ira)

Ira-sama snapped her fingers and a light film covered our surroundings and cut off the blizzard. 

Looks like she placed a barrier. 

“Takatsuki Makoto, aren’t you cold?” (Ira)

“I am controlling the Water Spirits to adjust the temperature, so I am fine. What about you, Ira-sama? You are wearing thin here.” (Makoto)

“There’s no way a Goddess like me would be hampered by mere cold, right? …That said, that Noah is still in a bad mood. What’s Eir-oneesama doing?” (Ira)

It took me time to understand the words of Ira-sama. 

“This blizzard is happening…because Noah-sama is in a bad mood?” (Makoto)

“Most likely.” (Ira)

Ira-sama easily states this. 


I once again look back outside the barrier and strain my eyes at the blizzard. 

Ah…the Water Spirits and the Ice Spirits are tap dancing. 

The fact that Spirits are involved in this must mean that it really is the influence of Noah-sama, huh.

“Why is she in a bad mood?” (Makoto)

“I am the one who wants to know… Isn’t it because you don’t go meet her?” (Ira)

“But I do go meet her every now and then though?” (Makoto)

“Really? Hmm, seriously, what’s the issue here? Let’s go for now.” (Ira)

Ira-sama advances through the blizzard.

I hurriedly follow after her to not get left behind. 

I would say it has been around 10 minutes since then. 

A giant ice castle suddenly showed up in front of us. 

A beautiful castle that had ramparts, roof, ornaments, and everything made out of ice. 

“It seems like Noah is here.” (Ira)

“Why in a place like this…?” (Makoto)

“Who knows…” (Ira)

Ira-sama and I tilted our heads at the same time. 

But the situation won’t just be solved by staying here.

I slowly opened the door made out of ice. 

This outer door easily opened. 

I thought the inside of the ice castle would be darker, but it was filled with a gentle light. 

Light was reflected on the ice, creating an illusory sight.

“The Light Spirits are here.” (Makoto)

“These guys are cheerful~.” (Ira)

“I wonder why they don’t show displeasure towards a Holy God like you despite them being Spirits.” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it, that’s true. Wonder why.” (Ira)

Even when they are Spirits, Dia would be scared of Ira-sama or be rebellious. 

“…Light Spirits don’t think of anything, Our King. Their heads are all light.” 

“Dia?!” (Makoto)

I jolted at being suddenly spoken from behind. 

It scares me when you appear out of the blue like that. 

“Hey, Undine, how’s Noah feeling?” (Ira)

Ira-sama asks Dia.

“I can’t say it myself… Our King, I will be leaving our great Goddess to you.” (Dia)

Dia said this and disappeared.

“What did she even come here to do?” (Ira)

“Maybe she is telling me to go to Noah-sama quickly?” (Makoto)

Ira-sama and I advanced deep inside the castle with quick steps.

We arrived at a grand hall.

Deep inside the grand hall, there’s a giant throne. 

The elegant girl sitting there was resting her chin on one hand while looking displeased. 

It goes without saying who it is. 

My Chief God and the Goddess of freedom and beauty, Noah-sama. 

Ira-sama brazenly walks towards the throne. 

“Noah!! Why aren’t you showing up in the meeting of Gods at all?! …That goes the same for Naia though! It is always so hard to get the opinions in order, so participate!” (Ira)

Ira-sama was shouting at Noah-sama. 


Noah-sama didn’t answer at all.

She glanced at me and Ira-sama. 

……I felt chills run down my spine. 

The pressure of an absolute power which I hadn’t felt in a long time. 

I feel like a sheep that was thrown into the den of a vicious dragon. 

Noah-sama’s so scary!!! 

Or more like, her utter disgust!!

“Hiih!” (Ira)

Ira-sama lost strength in her legs.

“Ira-sama, are you okay?” (Makoto)

“A-About what?! Of course I am okay! More importantly, do something!” (Ira)

Ira-sama shouted angrily at me in tears. 

(Haah. Deep breaths, deep breaths.) (Makoto)

And then, I activate Clear Mind.


Let’s go.

“…Noah-sama, your familiar, Takatsuki Makoto, has arrived.” (Makoto)

I nervously speak to Noah-sama.


There really is no response.

Our eyes meet for a bit. 


And she faced away. 

“N-Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

She is still facing the other way. 

Hmm, this is troubling. 

I look at Ira-sama. 

She shook her head vehemently to the sides.

Seems like she is giving up. 

(…Guess we should come at another time.) (Makoto)

“Apologies for the sudden visit. We will come at a later date.” (Makoto)

Just when I said this and was about to leave…

“Why are you trying to leave as you please?” 


Noah-sama was by my side by the time I noticed, and she was grabbing my arm. 

Her face is as beautiful as always. 

However, I can tell from her expression that she is in a sour mood.

“Come on, sit, Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama snapped her finger and the ice castle disappeared, turning into a flower field. 

A fancy table and a number of chairs appeared there. 

I sat at one of those. 

Noah-sama didn’t say anything, and sat at the chair right by its side. 

Ira-sama hesitated for a bit and then sat at the chair in front of Noah-sama. 

There’s a teapot with steam rising and empty tea cups on top of the table. 

Judging from the scent, it seems to be black tea. 

It is most likely a brand from Earth that Noah-sama likes. 

The first flush from Darjeeling, I think?

I grabbed that and poured it in the order of: Noah-sama → Ira-sama → Me.

Noah-sama picked up the teacup and elegantly carried it to her mouth. 

Ira-sama blew on it with a ‘fuu fuuu’ and then drank it. 

Does she have a cat tongue? 

I also grabbed my cup. 

I wanted to add milk and sugar there for a moment, but I remembered that I was scolded for doing that before. 

I try drinking it straight as it is for now. 

It is a bit bitter. 

I was thinking about how I don’t understand the charm of black tea as I waited for the words of Noah-sama.

There’s warm sunlight showering down on the flower field. 

It is most likely thanks to the Light Spirits which the Great Water Spirit mentioned before. 

I could hear the chirping of birds every now and then. 

A peaceful time. 

“Makoto.” (Noah)

“Yes, Noah-sama, what is it?” (Makoto)

“……” (Noah)

“Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

She spoke to me, but the conversation is not proceeding. 

Ira-sama is drinking the black tea and munching on cookies without interfering. 

It was only after a few minutes.

“Geez~☆, Noah, you just have to say that you were lonely since Mako-kun wasn’t visiting.” 

A blonde Goddess with blue eyes showed up gently. 

And then, she sat down on a chair as if it were natural, poured tea on her own cup, and drank it with glee. 

The familiar face is the Water Goddess.

“Eir-sama, so you were here.” (Makoto)

“Eir-oneesama!! Where were you?!” (Ira)

Ira-sama and I speak to her. 

“Hey, Eir, can you please not just say whatever you please?” (Noah)

Noah-sama glared at the Water Goddess.

“Pushing yourself~☆. You lost your temper so much when Lucy-chan and Aya-chan were having ‘se—’ with Mako-kun… Wait, don’t choke me. It is a lie. I will shut up. Don’t kill me.” (Eir)

“Oh, Takatsuki Makoto. So you graduated from virginity? Congratulations.” (Ira)

“…Is it because of me that you are in a bad mood, Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

“M-Makoto?! T-That’s not it. That’s not it at all!” (Noah)

It has turned chaotic. 

I watch Noah-sama who is getting all flustered here. 

I don’t really get it, but it seems like I am at fault. 

I stand up and kneel at the side of Noah-sama.

“I will be increasing the frequency of my visits from now on. If that’s not a problem with you, that is.” (Makoto)

“It is obviously not a problem! Well, coming a whole lot is a good mindset.” (Noah)

Noah-sama’s expression loosened up a bit. 

She is in a bit of a better mood?

“But you are bad at Teleport, right? Can you really come so often to the Deep Sea Temple?” (Ira)

Ira-sama retorts. 

…Yeah, that’s the issue.

“I have no choice but to do my best and practice.” (Makoto)

“Fuh, that’s where I come in, Takatsuki Makoto! I will accompany you every night in your Teleport practice! In exchange, help me out in my work!” (Ira)

“Eh, really? Please do.” (Makoto)

Saying this, I was about to exchange a handshake with Ira-sama…but my arm was grabbed.

The one grabbing my arm was Noah-sama.

Ira-sama’s arm was being grabbed by Eir-sama.

“Ma~ko~to~, why are you asking for the teachings of a different Goddess? You can just ask me!!” (Noah)

“Ira-chan, I have been telling you countless times already! That you shouldn’t easily let a familiar (man) of a different God into your room so easily!” (Eir)


Ira-sama and I were overwhelmed by the threatening attitude of the 2 Goddesses.

But there’s something I would like to say. 

“Noah-sama, Eir-sama, forgive me for speaking out here.” (Makoto)

“What, Makoto. If you have a problem, say it.” (Noah)

“Mako-kun, Noah is saying she will teach you directly. Are you dissatisfied with that?” (Eir)

“Noah-sama, you taught me Teleport before, right?” (Makoto)

I have actually been taught by Noah-sama when I recently became a God. 

“I have.” (Noah)

“Oh my, is that so, Noah?” (Eir)

Looks like this is the first time Eir-sama has heard of this. 

“You also taught me how to use Teleport…” (Makoto)

“That’s right! I can teach you anytime you ask me! Why are you asking Ira instead of me?!” (Noah)

Noah-sama was fuming here. 

That sight of hers is really cute, but…

“Noah-sama, can you please explain to me once more, here, how to use Teleport?” (Makoto)

“Got it. Listen up.” (Noah)

Noah-sama turned into her teacher outfit and raised a finger.


①You imagine the place you want to go, right?

②Then, you go ‘pyon!’ and fly to that place! 

See? Simple, right?” (Noah)

“…Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

I thank her first.

By the way, what she taught me before was practically the same. 

“How was that, Eir-sama, Ira-sama?” (Makoto)


Eir-sama was holding her head and Ira-sama had an ‘eeh…’ face. 

“W-What’s with that reaction?! In the first place, Gods can use Teleport from the day they are born! How am I supposed to explain in any other way?!” (Noah)

The words of Noah-sama.

Looks like Teleport is like breathing or blinking for high ranked Gods.

It would be troubling if someone were to ask you ‘how do you breathe?’.

Because of that, Noah-sama is by no means airheaded. 

Not at all. 

There’s no faults in the perfect and happy Noah-sama.

“And so, I am having trouble mastering Teleport.” (Makoto)

“Can’t you have that elf comrade of yours, Lucy, teach you?” (Ira)

Ira-sama asked.

I obviously have also tried that out already. 

“The Teleport that she uses on her own effort and mine, which is activated by asking the Time Spirits, are different. That’s why Lucy told me ‘I can’t teach you’.” (Makoto)

“…Got it.” (Eir)

Eir-sama spoke. 

“The one teaching magic to Mako-kun will be Ira-chan! But the place where the teaching happens is in the Deep Sea Temple!” (Eir)

“Hey, why are you the one deciding, Eir?” (Noah)

“At this rate, Mako-kun will find it hard to come to the Deep Sea Temple, you know? Also, fix your lack of Angels already, Ira-chan. Have you been hiring?” (Eir)

“…There’s no applicants…” (Ira)

Ira-sama’s shoulders droop.

She has it rough. 

I would like to help out if possible, but that’s apparently no good since we are of different God factions. 

“At those times, you either increase the pay, or loosen the conditions… Wait, I already told you that, didn’t I?” (Eir)

“But I don’t have the funds… Also, wouldn’t it be vexing to have them do work that’s easier than mine?” (Ira)

“Fix up that black company mentality, Ira-chan.” (Eir)

The two Goddesses are having a complicated talk over there. 

“Alright, you over here, Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama grabbed my face tightly and she forcefully made me face the front. 

The beautiful face of Noah-sama was in front of me. 

Or more like, isn’t it too close? 

It is a distance where our noses might touch. 


She is staring at me. 

I feel like I am going to get sucked into her gem-like deep blue eyes.

“N-Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

“Speaking of which, you are the type who would not feed the fish you reel in.” (Noah)

“……Eh?” (Makoto)

The scenery in front of me is warping. 


I came to meet the Goddess in the world of dreams, so I have to wake up eventually. 

“Next time, come here sooner.” (Noah)

The words of Noah-sama resonated in my ears. 

—I woke up.


When I woke up, I saw a pretty familiar ceiling. 

Wall paintings of the Water Goddess and Angels. 

There’s no doubt that this is the Rozes Castle in the Water Country.

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Why am I in the Rozes Castle? 

Wasn’t I in the residence of Lukich-kun? 

Did I sleepwalk here?

No matter how you think about it, it is not a distance where I could achieve that. 

“Oh, you woke up.” 

The one who opened the door and came in was Princess Sofia. 

“I heard of it from Lucy-san and Aya-san. Thanks for your investigation concerning the human sacrifice tradition of the remote village. Moreover, you even confirmed the safety of the sacrificed children.” (Sofia)

“Uhm…why am I here?” (Makoto)

“Lucy-san and Aya-san carried you here. It seems like you were tired. You weren’t waking up even when they tried to, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

“Is that so.” (Makoto)

I did something bad to Lucy and Sa-san.

I was knocked out cold on the bed while the two were off to report their duties. 

“The Ancient Dragon was apparently an acquaintance of yours 1,000 years ago.” (Sofia)

“No, that was just a coincidence…” (Makoto)

“What’s most important is that we have resolved it all peacefully.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said this as she sat down on the bed I was lying on. 

And then, she slowly drew nearer.

“Sofia?” (Makoto)

“I heard from Lucy-san and Aya-san.” (Sofia)

“What?” (Makoto)

“It seems like…you had fun last night.” (Sofia)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

The expression of Princess Sofia didn’t change. 

It is the usual cool beauty. 

I can’t read her emotions as always.

“What’s the matter, Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

“Ah, nothing.” (Makoto)

(Eir-sama! Princess Sofia is not angry, right?!) (Makoto)

I called her, but there’s no response. 

Kuh, even though you would speak to me at unnecessary moments! 

“Can you please tell me in detail?” (Sofia)

She smiled at me. 

It doesn’t look like she is angry, but maybe she actually is?

And so, I had to explain the details of last night to my fiancee, Princess Sofia.

■Comment’s Response: 

>So who was the one that got the virginity of Makoto?

→Lucy. She won in rock-paper-scissors.

>Momo must be pissed~.

→I plan on telling this story at a later time. 

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