WM – Chapter 65: Takatsuki Makoto meets the former guardian knight again

“You bastard, why are you here?!” 

The former water guardian knight walks over here with large strides.

“Right back at you. I heard you got fired.” (Makoto)

Did Princess Sofia lie?

“That’s right! Because of you, I was taken off from my prestigious position as the Guardian Knight of the Oracle-sama, and am now just the knight captain of the castle watch!” 

Ah, moved from posts, huh.

It is not that he was fired.

She certainly did say that ‘I had him quit being my Guardian Knight’.

I feel like it would feel a lot better to be a watch around the castle than to follow around that Princess that seems to have a bad personality though.

“I see, I heard that adventurers of Makkaren had come to have an audience with the King. So it was you guys. That means that you have been given peerage, huh.” 

“No, I didn’t…” (Makoto)

“Then, you will be part of us from today on. Come here! I will teach you about chivalry.” 

This guy isn’t listening.

Or more like, he dragged me to a training field-looking place by the time I noticed.

Lucy and Sa-san were with me.


 “Now, take whichever weapon you want! There’s also staffs for mages!” 

There certainly are worn-out weapons (wooden) lined up.

What should I do?

Hmm, I look at my surroundings with RPG Player.

(T-There’s no Spirits at all…) (Makoto)

Rozes is a country of politics and religion.

The Rozes Castle is the royal castle as well as the largest church of the country.

I heard that the royalty has several years of experience as priests. 

The Princess is the Church’s Oracle and all.

Thanks to that, the power of the Holy Gods has reached through all the nooks and crannies of the Rozes Castle, and it has become an incredibly hard place to live in for the Spirits.

(Well, I haven’t received any peerage, so I am not their coworker or anything. I could tell them that and refuse, but…what to do.) (Makoto)

While I was thinking that, someone spoke from behind.

“Takatsuki-kun, if it is about fighting, I will go first!” 

It is Sa-san.

“Who are you? A comrade of Takatsuki Makoto?” 

“Sasaki Aya, nice to meet you. Takatsuki-kun is our party leader, so I will be your opponent first.” (Aya)

Sa-san says clear and straight.

But she has a flower pattern shirt and a skirt.

It is clothing similar to that of our previous world.

In this world, she looks like a town girl, so the former Guardian Knight man said flabbergasted.

“So that means you are an adventurer comrade. Fighting against women and children goes against my knight’s code. Oi, you guys fight her.” 


Hoh, talking about cool stuff like knight’s code.

The one who came to the front was a female knight.

“I will use this weapon.” 

The female knight chose a wooden sword.

“I am fine with my bare hands.” 

Sa-san didn’t take anything and stood on the front.

The female knight had a displeased expression.

“Don’t blame me if you get injured. Don’t you know about the three-step distance of kendo?” 

No, why do you know about that?

That’s a word of our world.

Is what I thought, but it might be an understanding that’s shared between worlds.

The ones who have a weapon are stronger.


“You seem to be an adventurer. What’s your rank?” 

The female knight takes a stance with her sword.

“Stone Rank? Was that it, Takatsuki-kun?” (Aya)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

Sa-san maintained her normal posture.

Or more like, at least remember your own adventurer rank, Sa-san.

The knights in the training field were gathering and spectating.

Hearing that she is Stone Rank, they made pitying faces.

Everyone must be imagining her losing.


The former Guardian Knight gave the signal.

“Stone Rank, you say… I will finish this in one hit!” 

The female knight lunges towards Sa-san.

Quite the speed.

Sa-san didn’t really move.

The female knight raised her sword and—


A kinda silly sound was made as the female knight was blown around 5 meters away.

Sa-san slapped her.

“Eh? Did I overdo it?” (Aya)

Sa-san scratches her head.


The former Guardian Knight and the knights in the training field had their eyes wide open.

“Aya, that was impressive!” (Lucy)

Lucy hops in place and celebrates.

Well, that’s a given.

“So, who’s next? You guys are a bit too weak.” (Aya)

Sa-san looks around.

They must have taken that as a provocation, the atmosphere got dangerous.

“You are next. Go.” 


The next to come out was a burly man.

Where did your knight’s code go?

Well, he too was also sent flying after 15 seconds though.


The former Guardian Knight was choosing knights that seemed to be his subordinates, but Sa-san would end up smashing them.

“W-What unbelievable strength.” “This, and yet, Stone Rank…” “Are the adventurers in Makkaren a bunch of monsters…?” 

No, they are not. Makkaren is a peaceful countryside.

Sa-san is a Lamia.

Lamias may be Mid Rank, but they have higher physical strength compared to humans.

On top of that, Sa-san is an otherworldler reincarnator whose Stats are 10 times more than that of your regular Lamia.

She even has Skills that can amplify her speed and attack power by 3 times.

‘If it is solely in physical power, she is on the level of a hero’, the words of Noah-sama came back to my mind.

Well, of course you wouldn’t be able to win.

Or more like, if she hadn’t noticed that I was Takatsuki Makoto in Laberintos, I might have ended up like this… Scary.

While I was spaced out watching, all knights in the training field had been defeated by Sa-san.

The only one remaining is the former Guardian Knight.

“You are the last one.” (Aya)

Sa-san wasn’t out of breath at all.

…All my classmates are cheats.

“Y-You bastard, how cowardly! You are having a woman fight, and you yourself are just watching on the side?! Takatsuki Makoto, you fight!” 

Ooh, so now your plan is to change the direction of your spear to me? 


Sa-san is without doubt the strongest one in terms of physical combat in our party.

The remaining two are mages.

“…What are you saying?” 

The air changed.

“A-Aya…?” (Lucy)

Lucy lets out a slightly scared voice.

“Sa-san? What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

‘Now, calm down’, is what I was about to say, when I felt it.

It is the same pressure as the time when I encountered the Earth Dragon.

This…is the [Overpower] Skill.

I heard that beastkin are good at this. Maybe Nina-san taught her?

The defeated knights grew pale and were trembling.

The female knight that was sent flying first had her legs trembling and was on her butt.

“You are the one that was horrible to Takatsuki-kun in the past, right?” (Aya)

“Sa-san, I just exaggerated that a little bit.” (Makoto)

I often complained to Sa-san and Lucy about how ‘the Guardian Knight of Princess Sofia had insulted and made fun of me’ while I am drunk.

Looks like she remembers that.

The pressure of Sa-san slowly increases.


The pitiful former Guardian Knight can’t speak properly.


Sa-san takes a step on the floor. 

The stone floor cracked and it spread out.

“…No way.” “That floor is reinforced with magic.” “This is bad. If you get kicked by that…” “You would die.” 

I heard the voices of the knights around.

Woah, looks like it is high quality floor.

They won’t ask us to reimburse them, I hope.

“I will show my full power to you.” (Aya)

Sa-san takes a stance for the first time.

That is the stance she takes when using her Action Game Player Skills: [Dash] and [Charged Attack].

It is the ultimate technique of Sa-san who opened a big hole on the body of the Harpy Queen.

…No, that’s not good.

He is gonna die.

I am happy that she is angry for my sake, but getting a death from it would be bad, so I was about to stop her.

“What are you doing?” 

A clear voice resounded.

It must have brought Sa-san back, her [Overpower] Skill calms down.

What a relief.

“What’s with this ruckus?” 

The one who came was Princess Sofia.

I thought we wouldn’t meet again, but we ended up meeting again.

Princess Sofia saw us and says in a slightly displeased tone.

“Heroes of the other world, I am grateful that you are participating in training, but the knights of our Rozes are weak, so please keep it to a reasonable extent, okay?” (Sofia)

We don’t know how to respond to that, so we just lightly nod.

The former Guardian Knight had an incredibly pathetic face which really stood out.

“U-Uhm! Are you the adventurers that saved Laberintos?”

A young boy of around 10 years old that was at the back of Princess Sofia spoke to us.

He has a knight-like outfit, but now that I look closely, what he has on him is of different quality.

…That’s expensive.

“Nice to meet you, I am Takatsuki Makoto. This here is my comrade, Lucy J. Walker, and Sasaki Aya.” (Makoto)

Lucy and Sa-san lower their heads.

“Nice to meet you, I am Leonard Eir Rozes.” 

He places his hand on top of his chest, and makes a noble style greeting.

Eir is the Water Goddess’s name.

It is also the family name of the Rozes royalty.

In other words, this boy is…

“Prince Leonard?!” (Lucy)

Lucy raises a voice of shock.

So he really is a prince.

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