WM – Chapter 240: The confusion of a certain Ancient Dragon

◇White Dragon Helemerck POV◇

It has been several thousands of years since I received flesh in this world.

…The dragon family has been spreading the rumor that I am an Ancient Dragon that has lived for 10,000 years. 

I am not at that age yet though… Well, that’s fine. 

I don’t like conflict, so I have been living peacefully at the deepest floor of Laberintos. 

I don’t like the fact that the light of the sun doesn’t reach here, but the surface is covered in pitch black clouds. 

That’s why I can’t bask in the sun on the surface which is depressing. 

This unchanging lifestyle. 

A life where boredom reigns over it; days of degradation.

I don’t hate it, but it was giving birth to weariness.

One day strange intruders appeared. 

One was a half-vampire. 

One was a Hero of the Goddesses.

One was a mage woman with a massive amount of mana.

The other one was…what’s with this one? A man that I feel no power from.

Is he a servant of the Hero? 

It was a strange party composition.

They must be what they call adventurers. 

I thought ‘well, I won’t even need to waste my time on them’…but from all of them, the weakest looking man asked me to lend my help. 

So stupid. 

Why should I lend my help to humans?

I ignored the words of the human.

The human must have noticed it would be a fruitless endeavor, so he was going to leave.

That’s good.

The Deepest Floor isn’t a place that humans should be coming to.

At that moment…the youngest dragon from the dragon family meddled with the humans. 

‘That child, geez…’, is what I was thinking, but that dragon was frozen in an instant. 

The one who did that was the female mage. 


At that moment, I noticed…

That mage woman…isn’t a human.

That’s…the Great Water Spirit Undine.

But this Great Spirit has…incarnated? 

No way… That spell is supposed to have been lost in the eons. 

Even I haven’t seen the actual thing. 

The ones who can use that lost magic are the Apostles of Evil Gods.

But that was a story of the long past.

There should be no users of this spell living in the present. 

But the Great Spirit is calling him ‘Our King’.

The remains of the war between Gods.

The one who freely controls Spirits.

The Great Spirit is obeying this man?

This man is an Evil God Apostle?

No, that’s not it.

There’s another Evil God Apostle.

The Black Knight Cain that has been rampaging in the surface world.

He calls himself the Apostle of Noah.

I have seen him once.

That’s broken.

He couldn’t endure the affection of his God.

An Apostle that has received the favor of an Evil God breaks or perishes. 

What about the one in front of me?

From what I can see, he is a plain normal human. 

But a Great Spirit is serving at his side.

There’s no way he is just a normal human.

Is this guy the actual Apostle of the Evil God?

No, that’s not the issue here.

The question is whether it is okay to oppose him…

That question crossed my mind, and the next instant, it was blown away.

Five Undines appeared.


Great Spirits are the very personification of the raging nature. 

A pseudonym of natural calamity. 

And there’s 5 of that. 

In other words, there’s currently 5 natural calamities in this place.

All of Laberintos is going to be sunk! 

A-As if I can oppose something like that! 

“Everyone st—” 

I was too late.





The voices of the Great Spirits resonated as if they were having fun.

A torrent of mana that felt like it could engulf the whole Deepest Floor of Laberintos.

It gave me shivers.

No, this is already not mana anymore. 

A sinister power that made me think that maybe it is the Anima that Gods utilize. 

And then, a ridiculous spell (miracle) activated.

“XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Stopped World).” 

A chant of ancient times in Spirit Language.

I have lived for thousands of years, but it is the first time I heard about that spell.

The Deepest Floor of Laberintos was covered completely in ‘white’. 

The ground, walls, and even the air froze. 

I can’t hear the breathing of the dragon family. 

It became a silent…world of death.

(T-That was dangerous…) 

I deployed a barrier before being hit by that attack.

Because of that, I somehow managed to avoid falling victim to that spell.

But my dragon family is…


When I look around, I see that all of my dragon family was frozen. 

I slowly direct my gaze at the very person that did this.

The one standing there was the Evil God Apostle surrounded by six Undines.

I can barely feel mana from him, but there’s no doubt he is the one that’s the leader of those Great Spirits.

Eyes that could freeze were being directed at me.

(Y-You…) (Helemerck)

The moment I tried talking to that man with a trembling voice…

“You bastaaaaaaard!!” 

The young red dragon that got hit by the first spell had recovered.

We Ancient Dragons don’t die so easily. 


“Oh my, Lizard, nice to see you being energetic. But you are being rude to Our King, you know?” 

The freedom of his body was taken away once again by the Great Water Spirits.

“Guh! …Uh, I wonder about that…”

The young red dragon is no match against Undine.

“Our King, what should we do about this arrogant lizard?” 

“Right… Let’s replenish the lifespan that I lost.” 

The man that was silent until now muttered this and took out the dagger at his waist. 

The moment I saw that blade, I was attacked by a fear that felt as if a stake had been driven unto my heart. 

What’s with that dagger?! 

It was a very small blade. 

But the fearsome mana that was coiling around that blade…

It was different from the Holy Swords of Heroes.

It is a weapon that’s too much for mortal hands; a weapon that shouldn’t be in the hands of a living being of the Mortal Realm.

It feels like the weapon of the Divine Realm God that I met just once in the past…

The man that held this dagger slowly approached the red dragon.

“Hiiih!! D-Don’t come here…!!” 

The red dragon must have had a bad feeling about this, it tried to escape, but the spell of the Great Spirit wasn’t allowing that.

What in the world is he trying to…

The future shows in my eyes.

A Divine Protection that a Goddess of the Divine Realm gave me before.

The magic eyes of clairvoyance. 

It activated and I peeked at the future slightly ahead.

For some reason I couldn’t see the future of that man.

But I could see the future of us.

[Today, we of the dragon family will perish by the hands of XXXXXX]

The moment I saw that, I turned over.

(Please wait!! Please don’t kill my dragon family!) 

I threw away my shame and lowered my head to the Evil God Apostle.

◇Takatsuki Makoto POV◇ 

(Please, don’t kill my family!!) 

The voice of the white dragon that resonated loudly in my head.

It wasn’t the voice filled with majesty, but a flustered voice.

Dia and I looked at each other.

“What should we do, Our King?” (Dia)

“Let’s not go any further.” (Makoto)

There’s no need to continue if the opponent has no will to fight.

“Dia, thaw the frozen dragons.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

Dia gave orders to the other Great Water Spirits.

The ancient dragons regained their breath not long after. 

The ancient dragons that had been brought back were looking from afar as if scared of the Great Water Spirits.

‘Is this good enough?’, is what I thought and looked at the white dragon, and it lowered its head as if relieved. 

(Thanks. Use my power as you please. I will lend you my help in whatever you need.) 

Ooh. I managed to get it to promise. 

It was different from planned, but it looks like we will be able to get the help of the Holy Dragon-san. 

“Then, looking forward to working with you, Holy Dragon-sama.” (Makoto)


I tried my best in giving it a friendly welcome, but the response was hesitant. 

It was thorny just a while ago, but it can’t be helped I guess.

Let’s slowly get along. 

“Then, about our plans from now on…” (Makoto)

The moment I tried to continue our talk…

“M-Master, this is bad!” (Momo)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Momo pulled my clothes.

When I turned around, I saw Hero Abel collapsed with his eyes rolled over.

Wait, eh?! 

“Abel-san? What happened?!” (Makoto)

“Abel-sama isn’t breathing!” (Momo)

“…Huh?” (Makoto)

H-Hold on.

What happened?

Could it be an attack of an ancient dragon?! 

I hurriedly glared at the white dragon and the dragon shook its head to the sides.

(I-I think it was because of your magic. Leaving aside that vampire girl, if someone were to be bathed by the magic of a Great Spirit from up close, their body wouldn’t be able to endure it.) 

“Geh!” (Makoto)

It was me. 

Or more like, the magic of Great Water Spirits has friendly fire?! 

“W-What should we do, Momo?!” (Makoto)

“I don’t know, Master! What should we do?!” (Momo)

Momo and I were getting flustered, and the White Dragon-san spoke.

(Let’s see. I will heal him.) 

When the white dragon muttered this, the body of Hero Abel began to shine.

Red slowly began to return to his pale face.

I could hear his quiet breathing again.

“W-What a relief…” (Makoto)

Abel dying from my magic…wouldn’t be funny. 

The world would end. 

Althena-sama would kick my ass.

“You saved me there…Holy Dragon-sama.” (Makoto)

When I thanked it, the White Dragon made a puzzled face.

(It has been bothering me for a while now but, what’s this Holy Dragon you speak of?) 

It asked me as if confused.

Eh? This white dragon isn’t the legendary Holy Dragon?

Could it be that I got the wrong dragon?

“By the way, can you tell me your name?” (Makoto)

(My name is Helemerck. The ruler of the Deepest Floor of Laberintos.) (Hele)


That name is the same as the legendary Holy Dragon.

In other words, Holy Dragon was a name given to it in the future, huh.

“Helemerck-sama, thank you very much for saving Abel-san.” (Makoto)

I lowered my head deeply. 

(You spared our lives. No need to thank me. Also, it would be better to have that Hero rest for a bit. He must have been pushing himself quite a lot. Fatigue has accumulated. I have made a place for humans to rest at the side of the Spring of Life. Have him lie over there.) (Hele)

There was a super out of place bed at the side of the spring that shines in mysterious colors close to Helemerck-san.

It wasn’t there a few moments ago…

Did it make it in an instant? 

Counting the healing magic of before, it seems like the white dragon-san is a user of diverse magic. 

I carried Hero Abel to the bed together with Momo.

Abel was still sleeping.

When I looked by my side, I could tell that Momo was also tired.

“Momo, it is okay to rest for a bit.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes… But you look tired too, Master.” (Momo)

“Yeah…” (Makoto)

It may be because my lifespan was sucked from me, my body has been heavy for a while now.

I want to lie down right this instant.

“I will keep watch.” (Dia)

Dia was the only one who was energetic here and she proposed this.

“Thanks, Dia. Then, I leave it to you.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Our King.” (Dia)

The White Dragon made beds for me and Momo too.

Momo went straight for it and slept just like that.

I slept as if leaning on the bed of Momo and closed my eyes.

I soon dozed off.


I woke up.

How long was I asleep?

I don’t have a clock so I can’t tell the time. 

There’s still some fatigue left, but the dullness in my body has recovered a bit. 


I heard cute breathing from my back.

Momo was still sleeping.

(You are awake now, huh, human.) 

A low voice resonated in my head.

Uo! That scared me! 

The giant body of the White Dragon-san in front of me made me shake. 

I just woke up but this blew away my drowsiness completely.

“I managed to get a bit of rest thanks to you.” (Makoto)

(Umu.) (Hele)

The White Dragon-san nodded exaggeratedly to my words.

Now then, where’s the Great Water Spirit that said she would be keeping watch while we sleep…

“Eh, where’s Dia?” (Makoto)

I can’t see Dia who should be keeping watch.

(If you are talking about the Undine, she has returned to the Spirit Realm. But she said that she will be watching from the Spirit Realm, so if we were to do something strange, she would jump out instantly.) (Hele)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Where’s the Spirit Realm?

Well, that’s fine.

I should thank her later.

Dia has been helping us out a lot.

Now then, I hope Hero Abel wakes up later.

I approach the bed in order to check the state of Abel.

The person on the bed was still sleeping.

I peek at him at a distance enough to check his face.

“Eh?” (Makoto)

My legs stopped.

At the place where Hero Abel was sleeping…

There’s an unknown woman sleeping.

“……Huh?” (Makoto)

I blinked several times wondering if I am still half-asleep and shook my head, but what I was seeing didn’t change.

I once again observe the person sleeping on the bed.

Glossy blonde hair. 

Silk-like skin.

Angel-like sleeping face.

The eyes of the beautiful woman slowly open.

“…Hnngh, eh? I…just what in the world…?” 

She rubbed her saphyre-like eyes as if sleepy. 

Her hair is a bit disheveled because she just woke up.

She said this while I was shocked.

“Makoto-san? Uwa! Why am I sleeping at a place like this?! Moreover, right by the side of an ancient dragon!” 

The attire of the woman that jumped off from the bed was that of Hero Abel.

That body was slender from the very beginning, but it looked even smaller than before. 

That figure and that face as if going ‘awawa’ was…

(P-Princess Noel…?) (Makoto)

It was the spitting image of the Princess-sama of Highland. 

There’s no way that’s possible.

We are currently 1,000 years in the past.

There’s no way Princess Noel would be here.

(So you have woken up, human Hero.) (Hele)

The relieved voice of the White Dragon-san resonated.

But I didn’t have the leeway for that. 

“Uhm, Makoto-san? What’s the matter?” 

In front of me…

The woman that looks exactly like Princess Noel had a shocked face in the clothes of Hero Abel.

Judging from her clothes and her way of talking, she must be Abel.

That’s why I had no choice but to ask.

“……Are you…Abel-san…?” (Makoto)

When I nervously asked this, her face went ‘ah!’.

She hurriedly looked around and noticed there was a spring.

She ran there and confirmed her own face.

And then, it seems like she noticed.

Her own change.

She returned here looking awkward.

Her eyes were swimming around, and she looked at me with upturned eyes.

Those eyes were the same as Hero Abel.

“Yes… I am Abel…” 

She said this while fidgeting a bit and with both hands at her back.

H-Hero Abel turned into a woman?! 

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            Long pants, shoes, and vest with a holster belt is cool enough for me, especially since that’s my go to appearance when dressing up in RDR2.

            The coat makes him looks like someone who owns rich companies in a spaghetti western, or someone from prohibition era. We only need a hat.

        2. But Anna existed first than Noel. Who is Noel then and why does she look like Anna? Are there two exact copies of the same person? I don’t think that Makoto lost his virginity in the past to Anna since that is unlikely.

      2. Sakurai was NTRed plenty already with Furiae falling in love with Makoto, not saying that Sakurai explicitly loves Furi or anything. You know what? Not even Noel got Sakurai’s biggest affection. It’s actually Makoto. So yeah Sakurai is a part of Makoto’s harem huehuehue

    1. I’m so mindfucked right now. So based on the stories, Abel left Anna saying he had someone waiting for him (Lucy’s promise). If we assume that “Abel” is Makoto and “Anna” is Abel, why the fuck does Anna look like Noel then? Abel (Makoto) left Anna (Abel) after the fight against Iblis so it’s doubtful that they had the chance to procreate especially when the legends say that Anna was sad.

      My previous theory was that Anna was in the coffin, but right now I’m so confused since Noel which looks like Anna is already there. What the heck is inside the coffin? Why does Noel look like Anna? Is she Anna’s reincarnation and biggest question of all is, is Makoto going to legally NTR Sakurai if Noel is Anna?

      1. Noel is a descendant of Anna(Abel) with another man. Why does Noel look like Anna? It’s not unheard of that a descendant looks exactly like the predecessor.

      2. Granted, a thousand years later and looking exactly the same means either really strong genes, common appearance, or lots of incest in the royal family. At least, two of these options are nice traits.

      3. There’s multiple theory that I could think of:

        1. Highland being descendants of Anna is a lie. Anna adopted someone.

        2. She switched to Abel for having offspring, therefore her “mates” is a female. It’s possible for him to be a sperm donor only, meaning no body contact whatsoever.

        3. Time Travel shenanigans. Anna did get married with someone in the original timeline, resulting in Highland royals. The inside of coffin is indeed Anna, but the “changed” one due to her love with Makoto. Both stays because of the effect of Ira’s work, other divine entities, or part of RPG Player skill powers.

        4. Clones. Highland royals were clones born from Abel/Anna due to magic thingy.

          1. It’s totally possible though, especially if author is setting up for a distraction until we’re given enough info

      1. Do you think the author will make Makoto lose his virginity in the past? Just on the past cockblocks, that is extremely unlikely especially since Momo is there.

      2. If that’s true. Makoto is the rightful ruler of Sun Country and the great great great great great grandfather in law of Sakurai. Whats the possibilites, the childhood friend as in-law 🤣

    2. I think the more interesting implication is that the “Savior Abel” might not have existed at all. There are confusing logistical implications now.

      If Abel is indeed Anna, then the more likely development is Takatsuki is going to disguise himself as Abel and achieve the feats in cooperation to fulfil the legend.
      She’s still the one with the Light Hero skill, but the Holy Maiden Anna isn’t called the Savior Anna.

      1. Abel did exist. We have confirmation of that. Makoto doesn’t need to disguise himself as Abel as this is a thousand years in the past. No one’s going to remember him and Bifrons did hint that he met someone who looked like Makoto. I feel like this is the continuation of Abel getting the accomplishments of Makoto and that Ira, to hide Makoto from being written in history, changed what happened in the past.

      1. Hasn’t been confirmed as in 100% no doubt. The only thing that say is they have Anna’s blood and I can’t trust that especially after knowing that history’s turning out to be part bullshit. And genetically speaking, it’s impossible to look exactly as your ancestors a thousand years ago since humans evolve. There might be some resemblance but looking exactly is impossible. Even if there are incestuous relationships, that would mess up the genetics of body and might cause some serious disorders in the long run. This is why some royalties are known for having disorders.

        1. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. The fact that this is a fantasy world and we can just suspend our disbelief on that one aspect aside, 1000 really isn’t that big of a deal.

          Humanity has been around for a lot longer, and while some smaller things might’ve changed like skin tone due to there being light, a person’s features can still look similar. I have a strong enough family resemblance for my own mother to need a double-take when looking at similar-aged photos of family members from both sides, and my father resembles his great-grandfather, I believe. That’s already 5 generations, and it’s an eerily identical case. Sometimes genes are just funny.

          Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but there’s no reason it can’t apply here.

      2. @Asphyxia : “humans evolve” is not a reason someone wouldn’t look like their ancestor. Unless you’re talking ancestor in the sense of not only a thousand years, but in the six digits of years, in which case they might not even be the same species Modern humans have been around for something like 200.000 years ago for example.

        And really, Makoto is the one saying they’re identical. Do you even understand how limited a human’s ability to recognize people are? They could have slightly different bust size, hair a slightly different shade of blonde, eyes a slightly different shade of blue, slightly different cheekbones, if she’s slightly fatter or thinner, etc, and it wouldn’t even be recognizable.

        1. it’s really funny how you come up with these ideas that it’s impossible because of this or that and it turns out that this is a fantasy novel.
          It is a fact that Noel is a descendant of Anna (or so the author says), by the clues that have been given everything points to Abel being Anna and the fact that Noel and Anna both look similar well ………

          This is a fantasy novel. Try to leave reality out because the logic of the real world does not apply here.

          1. Because seriously, try to read that again, with the knowledge that the reply wasn’t directed at you. I’m saying that their reasoning (evolution, yadda yadda) isn’t even legitimate logic to refute the possibility of people looking like their ancestor.

            Still, I suppose if you insist on taking that as an attack against you, feel free.

          2. @archeisse You’re missing the point. Makoto did say she looks exactly like Noel. Would you say that Makoto would mistake someone close-up? Even if the details are amiss by a bit that’s just nitpicking at this point. I don’t have sufficient information so I’ll stop at this point.

            @Holow I’m just pointing out that history’s turning out to be rubbish and can’t be trusted. Abel and Anna are the same person, the Holy Dragon was coerced to help etc. There might be more in the upcoming chapters. The one saying that they are of Anna’s bloodline are the royalty not the author and we don’t have proof of that. Do you?

          3. Yes, people miss the little details all the time. Why do you think stuff like visual tricks exist? People are more easily tricked into making assumptions than you’d think.

            Honestly, the issue here is immediately assuming things about how the world works with minimal information. Say even if here on earth it’s literally impossible for a descendant to look exactly like their ancestor, how do you know that the isekai works exactly the same? It certainly is different in a lot of places already, so why could it not be different there? The moment you say that it’s impossible there because it’s impossible here is the moment I’d point out that we don’t have dragons, nor do we have magic, nor do we have demons running around enslaving humans, nor do we actually have vampires. It’s a different world, that’s quite literally what isekai means. Even better, you say the world’s history is rubbish? Well how are you so sure that Noel must be Anna then? It’s another one of those things said by the people who made that same rubbish.

          4. It IS isekai that’s why I am assuming that some magic or shit is involved. Did you even read my reply/main comment properly? Have you properly comprehended what I meant? It is not genetics that is involved but something else i.e magic. I only gave an example in our world why looking exactly the same from your ancestors a thousand years ago is impossible which is evolution and that Anna and Noel might be the same person since this is an isekai.

            Now taking this into context with my main comment here, I think that it is NTR since Noel and Anna looks exactly the same as stated by Makoto. It is given that this is an isekai so I would immediately presume something’s involved. I am coming from the idea/conjecture in the order of: there are gaps and lies in the history such as Abel and Anna being different person > the statement of the Highland royalty that they have Anna’s blood might be a lie > they don’t have the blood of Anna > why does Noel look exactly like Anna > magic/shit is involved and Anna and Noel are the same person = Sakurai might get NTRd by Makoto. My reasoning that Anna and Noel are the same person is not just because they look the same. I already wrote here first that since the Abel (Makoto) of the stories left Anna (Abel) and it isn’t written that they had a child or what, Anna might have reincarnated herself as Noel which is why they look the same. Is it difficult/impossible to reach that conclusion or is my imagination too colorful?

            Now then, do you have an explanation as to why they look exactly the same? I think they are the same person which is why I said that. Then you start saying that he missed something and that they are completely different person when you are going out of context. Why would you say that they are two different looking persons when that hasn’t been described or written in the chapter? Aren’t you starting to assume things here? Where is your proof that they aren’t the same looking person with the given text? Where is your proof that Makoto misidentified Anna for looking exactly the same as Noel?

            You then insert an issue then that I am assuming things. I might have given the wrong idea and I should’ve written “I presume” instead in the comments. (I’ll just write that instead in the next chaps) There’s a difference in the two since I am coming from a conjecture which is, not that I just came up with it from nowhere which is. The isekai’s history is turning out to be rubbish (figuratively) because gaps and lies are showing up which are Anna and Abel being the same person, Cain killing all the heroes except Abel, and the Holy Dragon being coerced to help instead of what the stories say that he joined after the defeat of Bifrons. I already said there too that I trust only the main idea but not the exact details because of this. Would you kindly explain to me why I’m wrong at that?

          5. You mean this :

            > The woman that looks exactly like Princess Noel had a shocked face in the clothes of Hero Abel.

            > Judging from her clothes and her way of talking, she must be Abel.

            > Wtf! Are we just going to ignore the fact that Anna is Abel and looks like Noel? Is this NTR for Sakurai?

            Well, what is there to understand, other than you suddenly jumping into the conclusion of NTR?

            Allow me to keep it (relatively) short here, to the core of my issue. Really, I’m not saying that your conjecture is impossible or that it’s wrong. But the way you phrase it, saying it’s impossible for different people to look the exactly the same for example. It’s like completely denying the possibility of it being wrong, that there might be other explanations for it. Jumping to conclusions much? If you’re really going to completely refute the possibility of people looking completely identical despite being a different person, kindly elaborate to us less informed on Evolution and Genetics : how is it that these two scientific subjects apparently explain that a descendant absolutely can’t look identical to their ancestor? That strangers absolutely can’t look identical? Maybe something Darwin said, or Mendel? Some other luminary? How is it that magic/isekai bullshit is the only explanation for it?

            On another note, if we’re really going to just leave IRL Logic behind in finding explanations, it’s not like there’s no possibility to explain it as part of a story. Identical Grandson is a trope, amd so is Identical Strangers. Lots of ways to explain these things happening in a story. It doesn’t all end up in “OMG NTR!!!!”

          6. You’re digressing too much that it hurts my brain and you keep missing the point. Is this your talent? And I keep answering your questions when you haven’t answered mine. You’re just redirecting them. You completely ignored the reasoning as to why it might be NTR. You didn’t read my whole argument did you? Would you kindly read it again and explain to me how I suddenly jumped to that conclusion? Are your reading comprehension skills so low or did you just skim the text and ignore what I wrote there? I should probably copy paste it here too for you to read again but then again, you probably won’t.

            “I am coming from the idea/conjecture in the order of: there are gaps and lies in the history such as Abel and Anna being different person > the statement of the Highland royalty that they have Anna’s blood might be a lie > they don’t have the blood of Anna > why does Noel look exactly like Anna > magic/shit is involved and Anna and Noel are the same person = Sakurai might get NTRd by Makoto. My reasoning that Anna and Noel are the same person is not just because they look the same. I already wrote here first that since the Abel (Makoto) of the stories left Anna (Abel) and it isn’t written that they had a child or what, Anna might have reincarnated herself as Noel which is why they look the same.”

            I didn’t say it was NTR, I said it might be NTR. There is a difference in “might be” and “it is/was”. I even gave out a step by step process on how I got there. And then you just nitpicked and ignored the important details just to claim I’m just “suddenly jumping into the conclusion of NTR.”

            “Honestly, the issue here is immediately assuming things about how the world works with minimal information.”

            Was this not the issue there? Forgive me since I think tunnel-visioned too hard on this.

            Since you asked me to explain, I’ll do so for your convenience then. The given context/statement from the translated novel is “It was the spitting image of the Princess-sama of Highland” and “The woman that looks exactly like Princess Noel had a shocked face in the clothes of Hero Abel.”

            I’ll challenge your comprehension and ask where the hell did you get the idea that they looked identical? It already said there that they looked exactly the same. Are you blind? There’s a difference in looking exactly the same and identical you dimwit and you keep referring to identical when the given context says they look exactly the same. Should I give you the definition of the two as well?

            Without even studying, my logical assumptions are already telling me it’s impossible for a person to look exactly the same as his/her ancestor but I’ll look it up for you.

            I’m not a geneticist and I’m nowhere close to being a health professional so I’ll just put this instead.

            “This is based on the randomness of DNA. When a child is “created” it gets 50% of the DNA of each of it’s parents. Siblings are sharing roughly 50% of DNA with each other. That means that siblings get also 50% different DNA from their parents. Let’s go one generation further. Each child gets 25% of the DNA of each of it’s 4 grandparents. That 25% might be the looks of your paternal grandfather or some specific personal traits (curly hair, red hair, tall/small etc.). So your second eldest brother got some features of your father’s great grandfather (that would make it a 6.25% of shared DNA of this paternal great great grandfather (your father’s great grandfather) and all other siblings didn’t get those “looks” (or the DNA responsible for their look was replaced by some other ancestors DNA).
            Lastly, keep in mind that we as humans always try to look for these attributes and say “oh, you look like your father”. I heard these comments many times about my adoptive father and myself, obviously there’s no chance I could had “his looks”. It was just that people made the assumption based on the fact that they believed he was my biological father.
            We’re all unique because we have a blend of randomness from our ancestors in us. Not just 4–5 generations, many more. But we’re never having all our ancestors DNA in us, as we “lose” already 50% of our parents DNA. Consider this.”

            Basically what it means is that the percentage of genes passing down from an ancestor is lessened the more generations you add therefore we are a blend of different genes and the traits mix making it unlikely for an ancestor’s traits to be dominant in yours. If we assume that we have 10 generations being each of them a century long since a human lifespan as stated in the novel is approximately 100 years long, a single ancestor’s DNA contribution would make up about 0.0244140625% of our genes. The chances of it being dominant? Exponentially even lower.

            So now you mean to tell me that Noel just somehow broke the boundaries of what is near-impossible and gain genes to become someone who looks exactly like same as her ancestor which is impossible in the first place? And I didn’t even add the variable of evolution since I’m getting lazy now. This is just one variable considered and adding evolution would dramatically affect the chances of them looking the same, making it even lower. Now then, could you kindly explain to me how that happened? How else would you explain this to me without using isekai logic? And also please don’t give me “the IRL logic don’t work in isekai”. You asked me and I answered so please satisfy my curiosity too.

            I already gave you my conclusion that it was done using magic/shit which includes as you already said there, tropes (basically no logic bullshit from fictional stories) so there’s that. Please answer my previous questions too. I’m dying to see your explanations. And don’t digress too much. 🙂

          7. And honestly, I don’t think I’m digressing at all. Though I’d admit this : I do get sidetracked by your other arguments unrelated to the issue I started with and that might knot up our discussion. Still, those are still responses to topics you raised and thus IMO not a digression. In any case, I’ll focus things somewhat.

            So, I don’t actually have any issue with you seemingly presenting a “might be NTR” case as an “it has to be NTR!” case, for one. My starting argument is because you raised Evolution and Genetics as your justification to completely refute the possibility of either Noel being merely an identical descendant (the Identical Grandson trope) or even an identical stranger (the Identical Stranger trope). Since as far as I’m aware in my medical education furthered by a passing interest in genetics and evolution, those two topics does not actually have any such statement in them.

            So, in the interest of returning your ad-hominems, here’s something I found regarding Identical, you nitwit :
            > Identical is also noun with the meaning: something which has exactly the same properties as something else.
            Unless you have a definition that says that Identical and Exactly the Same is different, jackass?
            And that’s not getting into that “looking exactly the same” doesn’t mean the same thing as “having exactly the same genes”, both could be true, but it could be that the latter isn’t and is instead “having exactly the same sequence of genes”, I’ll get into that later.

            Your logical assumption is just that, assumption, it makes an ass out of you. Now the thing you quoted? I’d like a link for further perusal please. And I get the feeling that the wordings there are rather questionably leading, and so is your understanding of it.

            First, the only thing you can be sure of is that a child inherits half their genes from their father and the other half from their mother. Anything further on the family tree is based on chance. A grandchild inherits 50% their paternal genes, which is composed of 50% the genes of the paternal grandfather and 50% the genes of the paternal grandmother. This does not equate with the grandchild always having 25% of their paternal grandfather’s gene and 25% of their paternal grandmother’s gene. There is always a possibility of inheriting more of one and thus less of the others, all the way to the possibility of getting everything the father got from the paternal grandfather and none from the paternal grandmother for a male baby however unlikely.

            Otherwise, how do you explain the inheritance of phenotypes dependent on shorter genes? Like the ABO blood type, which is only determined by a pair? You don’t inherit half a gene, you have a 50% chance of inheriting one.

            And further : genes haven’t changed for a long time now. It’s still a sequence of only four types of bases (the letters), Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, Guanine. Put short, there is a finite amount of combinations, and it’s highly improbable that a sequence is completely unique. What this means is, the genetic sequence giving the father his black hair might not be inherited by his son, but said son may very well inherit an identical sequence from his mother, who got it from her father. And then you trace their family tree and you find that they actually share a common ancestor from which they get that sequence. It happens, it’s why people in the same geographic region tend to share traits like hair color or predilection for Thalassemia.

            Then you get to the concept of a gene pool. Let’s illustrate it thus :
            A starting population of, let’s pick an arbitrary number of, say, 10 pairs of husbands and wives, 20 people total. Assume also that all of them have unique genetic sequences. So we have 40 variations of each Chromosomes 1-22, 30 X Chromosomes, and 10 Y Chromosomes.
            If each pair were to have 4 childrens, there’d be 40 new population. And yet, they all inherit from the starting one hundred. And when those children’s grow up and pair off (let’s also assume that they pair off cleanly) and have 4 childrens of their own each, we’d have 80 children in this new generation. Continue down this line of thought, and eventually there’s too many people and not enough chromosomal variety barring mutations (which aren’t even that often in the first place) then you start seeing people who are ostensibly strangers and yet look remarkably similar. You want numbers? There’s 1600 unique combinations for each chromosomes 1-22, so by the time the population passes that number, you start seeing people exhibiting the similarities from sharing, say, the same chromosome 1 pairs. And then account for the near impossibility of having a perfectly diverse gene pool outside of laboratory conditions, the diversity goes down even further.
            Thus the concept of Gene Pool and Genetic Bottleneck. It’s very relevant when talking about royalties.

            So this :

            > Basically what it means is that the percentage of genes passing down from an ancestor is lessened the more generations you add therefore we are a blend of different genes and the traits mix making it unlikely for an ancestor’s traits to be dominant in yours. If we assume that we have 10 generations being each of them a century long since a human lifespan as stated in the novel is approximately 100 years long, a single ancestor’s DNA contribution would make up about 0.0244140625% of our genes. The chances of it being dominant? Exponentially even lower

            Is to my knowledge, wrong on so many different levels I don”t even know where to start. To begin with, human genetics don’t draw from an infinitely sized pool. Repetitions happen, as mentioned. If in your gene pool there is no gene for blonde hair, only variants of black? Barring mutation your hair isn’t going to be anything but black, just some varying shades of it. And how many shades of black even exists? How many of those are even differentiable with the very limited human eyes?

            The important point is : while a descendant won’t have the exact same DNA as their ancestor, nothing is preventing them fro having the exact same sequence of DNA barring random chance. I trust you can tell the difference between the two bits I italicised. The DNA might be different, but if the sequence is the same, the result is the same. My Guanine is not your Guanine, but they’re both Guanine. The point of not inheriting everything from one ancestor is mostly a philosophical one. Even if you don’t inherit your paternal grandfather’s father’s genes for hazel-colored eyes, you may inherit the genes for hazel-colored eyes from your maternal grandmother, whose genetic sequence for it is only one letter off, say maybe a Cytosine in place of a Thymine, causing the hue to be slightly off, but by a random mutation (it happens, our genes are hardly stable), that one Thymine is substituted by Cytosine making the sequence identical to your paternal grandfather’s father, causing you to have the same hue of hazel. It’s still not his gene, but the phenotypes don’t care. People around you won’t say “you have your maternal grandmother’s eyes, just off by one genetic letter”, they’ll say ” you have your paternal grandfather’s father’s eyes”, it doesn’t actually mean that you do.

            Going back to Noel then. I’ll assume you’ve actually read the above and thus I’ll be as concise as I can : as long as the genetic sequences making up Anna’s appearance are still present in her parents, from whatever line of inheritance, then they just have to come together into Noel’s genetic makeup.

            Genetic inheritance isn’t deterministic, it’s probability based. She could inherit the genes for the bust size from her father’s side that you wouldn’t notice he had because that sort of thing don’t normally manifest the same way in men, as just one example. And they don’t even have to all come from Anna, in fact, it’s fine even if none of them do, they just have to add up into exactly the same sequence.

            So this :
            > So now you mean to tell me that Noel just somehow broke the boundaries of what is near-impossible and gain genes to become someone who looks exactly like same as her ancestor which is impossible in the first place? And I didn’t even add the variable of evolution since I’m getting lazy now. This is just one variable considered and adding evolution would dramatically affect the chances of them looking the same, making it even lower. Now then, could you kindly explain to me how that happened? How else would you explain this to me without using isekai logic? And also please don’t give me “the IRL logic don’t work in isekai”. You asked me and I answered so please satisfy my curiosity too.

            The answer is that this :
            “broke the boundaries of what is near-impossible and gain genes to become someone who looks exactly like same as her ancestor which is impossible in the first place?”

            Is just plain wrong on account of conflating impossible and improbable. It’s improbable, but not impossible. And the tendency for royalties to choke their own gene pool helps the probability immensely. It’s not like we actually know what Noel’s immediate predecessors look like either., we haven’t even gotten any description of her parents, much less any knowledge on their genetic sequence. And we don’t know if there isn’t anyone in Highland Royalty before that looks like that, only that Noel does, and she’s the only one who is both known and is important to the story.

            And you keep saying evolution evolution as if that helps your arguments, honestly it just makes you sound like a know-it-all asshat especially since you just demonstrated a level of ignorance of genetics that is honestly surprising. You wouldn’t happen to be just as ignorant on evolution are you?

            So, Noel looking like Anna :
            Is it impossible? No it’s not. Is it improbable? Certainly. Can it happen regardless? It absolutely can.

            In any case, I’ve answered your question as far as I can now. And I’ve nitpicked enough on your genetics. Hopefully that wall of text can be understood well enough. I’d actually suggest that you ask on an appropriate forum for further knowledge, if only so you can know better what you’re talking about if you were to ever use it as an argument again.

          8. So I look like a know-it-all? Nice to see that. I already said there that I’m not a geneticist nor someone even close to being a health professional so I just took some infromation on the internet which came from researchers. Of course I know you’ll say that trusting or basing information from the internet is unacademic but just to say this again, I have no info for that so I just used it defend my argument.

            Your request for the link too. I picked one which considered generations from not just grandparents to great-grandparents but even further from that.

            I apparently need to do more I’ll just update my argument instead.

            “I’d actually suggest that you ask on an appropriate forum for further knowledge, if only so you can know better what you’re talking about if you were to ever use it as an argument again.” So I guess I’m allowed to use forums such as Quora? Hooray!

            Let’s start first with the text. The keyword there is “It was the spitting image of the Princess-sama of Highland” and “The woman that looks exactly like Princess Noel had a shocked face in the clothes of Hero Abel.”

            “Exactly” there is written as an adjective. I’ll get technical here so just see.

            Do you know the degrees of adjectives?
            Definition of identical from Merriam-Webster

            : being the same : SELFSAME
            ex. the identical place we stopped before
            : having such close resemblance as to be essentially the same
            ex. identical hats

            Definition of exactly
: in a manner or measure or to a degree or number that strictly conforms to a fact or condition
            ex. it’s exactly 3 o’clock
ex. these two pieces are exactly the same size
            : in every respect : ALTOGETHER, ENTIRELY
            ex. that was exactly the wrong thing to do
ex. not exactly what I had in mind

            I follow the given context as best as I could and as far as I know, exactly alike is the superlative form of similar followed by identical. That’s why a legitimate example sentence would be to say that “The twins look identical but not exactly alike.” There’s a slight difference there, you get it? It is the proper term to use we are getting technical but when we flatter someone or casually use it they basically mean the same thing. But I’m not getting casual here. This is extremely nitpicky but I’ll be fine with them having the same definition since this is not the main topic.

            “So, Noel looking like Anna :
            Is it impossible? No it’s not. Is it improbable? Certainly. Can it happen regardless? It absolutely can.”

            You said it there yourself, Noel could look like Anna but can you prove by genetics that she looks exactly like Anna? In the first place, even identical twins can’t look exactly the same as each other. There’s always those slight differences be it a slight skintone, headshape, jawline, etc.

            Just check it since it’s too long.

            I think the best way to dispute your argument about genes and yadda yadda is by asking for an example. Percentages and theoretical bullshit don’t mean a thing if the practical example isn’t there right?

            Let’s assume you are correct. (Hooray! You’re right! :D) Prove it then. Can you give me a picture of two adults starting from head to toes, from every conceivable physical category, who look exactly the same that they could be said to be indistinguishable? If I could find fault or any kind of difference whatsoever, that would disprove the statement that two people can look exactly alike. If we’re going by Makoto’s words that they look exactly alike (take it literally meaning like a copy of each other), we should also find examples as stated by your argument. Unless you could show me that proof, your point is basically false until then. But if you’ll say that it’s impossible since we don’t have pictures of all people to prove your argument, it’s still false until then. This by the way, is a legitimate, scientific way to prove an argument. Falsifiability is what disproved the ancient thinking that all numbers are rational. (This is just an example so don’t say I digress) You’ll just have to give me a picture of two people who look exactly the same with my requirements above and then you’ll have proven your argument. Easy right?

          9. I’ll add that the example is from an ancestor a thousand years ago and a modern person. You can do this @archeisse!

  2. Ohh nooooo! Oh no the hero is actually a reverse trap! I’m actually happy but this makes things kinda bad since that means the hero and the saintess are the same person. It is kinda convinient though…

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Why would it be bad though? The convenience of needing to only ensure the safety of one person is definitely good. The added convenience of not needing to worry about accidentally NTR-ing Abel is also good. It’s just good all around.

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      1. Well, you got a point. But not what actually I meant. They Underestimated Makoto for being weak, thus there clan got almost extinct. Their overwhelming Pride kinda make them stupid. Well from my perspective they shouldn’t underestimate a being who confronted them with no fear, they didn’t think that something was wrong or ask a question “why would a weak human just ask something unreasonable for them, clearly something was wrong on that human” or something about that line. As story goes, s/he let the dragonkin attack them, which almost gone extinct 🤣. For me thats kinda stupid move from an ancient dragons who live for a thousand years. Well this just my point of view, not the dragons. Ohh well😂. I thought this will hajime dragon treatment level. ICE ICE rod😂. Damn i can’t move on the previous comment of dragon being an M

        As for makoto’s power. Well just have to wait if the author decides to give him a new power.

        1. Actually she was not wrong because she was wary of Dia but again Makoto is weak as fuck but has the plot armor that let him use the power of others .

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      The obvious solution is this : it’s your problem now, because if you don’t help all of you will have a bad case of death by sacrifice. Even better, Makoto doesn’t even need to voice the threat!

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        I have question. Which you shouldn’t answer because that’d be a spoiler. Was there an OG Hero Abel that died what she replaced or is she OG Abel? Well, since she’s already claimed the form of Abel, I guess Makoto’s going to have to take the form of Anna.

  4. Welp. Suddenly, a lot more makes sense.
    Makoto is actually the hero “Abel”
    “Abel” the hero who rode the dragon around is actually the holy maiden
    The holy maiden never had a kid with Abel because he suddenly disappeared was Makoto going back to the “present”.
    The “holy dragon” helping them was because it got scared of Makoto…
    And the great sage who knew all this would happen, didn’t tell anyone, because who would believe her?

  5. Dude, who the hell made the prediction that Abel is a woman?? I remembered someone here made a predicition that Abel is a woman. Damn it, you’re right on the spot.

    That mean…Abel in the picture book is actually Makoto and the real Abel turn into Anna??

    1. I didn’t read it, but considering what Reigokai had said until now and other things that I had personally seen, is plenty possible that the comment were a hidden spoiler actually, I could be wrong but well.

      1. i didn read ahead but i also reach the conclusion that abel is anna base on someones comment regarding iblis is prophesied to reincarnate on that day because the cause of his demise did not return to the past till that particular day.

        Assuming history changes and makoto did not actually go to the past, then the cause of iblis demise become null….thus he “reincarnates”. or lets just say he never died to begin with.

        so the extension of this conejcture is, makoto = abel due to reasoning of “cause of death”

        1. I didn’t understand half of what you said, but based in what I understood I don’t see a reason to think that abel= anna, I mean, to this point is plenty obvious that the real Savior is Makoto but the history say is Abel because of history correction, in this point I seriously doubt someone believe that Makoto isn’t the real Savior, but I don’t get the logic that Abel don’t been the real Savior mean that he is anna, more considering that it was already clearly said that he is a man.

    2. I remember someone posting a comment about Ranma 1/2 so I had already an idea of what might happen, but there wasn’t any cold water just cold mana.
      Also is Annabel her… his? full name???

        1. There’s this line of “the body which looked slender before now becomes even smaller” implies that he did turn into a woman as opposed to being one from the start. So for whatever reason, he really did turn into a woman

      1. Yeah, I’m commenting about the word that combine Anna and Abel and it got removed. I swear I’m not throwing spoiler though, it’s just my theory. In the first place the idea that Abel is female already exist in the comment section since the first time(or second time?) Makoto meets her, I’m just expanding that idea and it got deleted

        1. The problem is there’s no clue at all that Anna and Abel were the same person at that point in time.
          If there’s no good argument for it with information prior, I just HAVE to assume it is spoiler disguised as “theory”.
          Saying Abel might be a girl was fine in my eyes, but saying Abel is Anna was a bit too sus for me.

      2. I never posted it, but after time travel was mentioned I kinda just guessed Anna = Abel. By way of plot tropes. It’s not that hard of a guess when you look at the previous things that were mentioned. *shrugs*

      3. It could be side effect of whatever the holy dragon did to restore Abel. Holy Dragon>Holy Maiden, maybe? Judging from how there’s no apparent trace of Anna as Abel childhood friend, it would be easy to assume that he’s Anna, especially with the similarity with Noel

    3. Depends on the timing. Those in the early part of this arc, also the end of previous arc, all were people who give spoilers. I believe they’ve been cleaned up.

      After we met Abel and get to know him a bit though? Almost everyone thinks that he’s secretly a woman or can change genders, since his act is too girly.

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          1. I know, right? I feel the same, man. Adding another harem is just boring. I would prefer to see more dynamic or connection between males, like Makoto and Fuji-yan or Makoto and Sakurai, but this time the dynamics between the two heroes from different eras.

    4. I thought it would be funny if Abel was a woman dressed like a man, although I thought it incredibly unlikely. this technically isn’t the same thing though, so I’m still very surprised.

  6. !? Wait-, what!? Are you telling me that Abel is actually a girl or for some reason gender bender in some moments!? And that he is actually the Holy Maiden!? What th-, if is like that then that mean that Makoto would get two new harem members in the past, Momo and Holy Maiden Abel-chan, wow, that’s weird, but I don’t exactly dislike it.

    This make me think in the earlys chapters when various persons wondered if Noel would join the harem of Makoto, I suppose the respuest is a half-yes?

      1. @nathaniel Black: if you never read Ranma 1/2 you totally should!
        It’s a really funny classic and I guess the origin of several tropes…
        Panda rules!

    1. Well, people certainly seem to act as if fem!Abel is Anna. But I’m reminding folks here : no explicit confirmations yet. Still, the description of looking exactly like Noel is either a big hint or a red herring to end all red herring, so there’s that.

      In any case, it’s not likely that Abel is actually a girl under mundane disguise. If that was the case, Makoto should have noticed something while he’s carrying the unconscious Abel to bed.

      Now the big question is : if fem!Abel really does end up in Makoto’s harem, and she makes it to the present, what will happen? Because you know, that’d at least mean there’s two Light Heroes now, and it’s someone who look exactly like Princess Noel.

      1. I called her Holy Maiden because of looking like Noel, and yeah, the change was something weird like some kind of magic/curse/disease, that or a really high level of disguise because until now he looked like a man and now suddenly look like a girl, I’m expecting the revelation next chapter.

        1. Not calling you out specifically there. Just that lots of people seem to be thinking it’s a given that fem!Abel is Anna in this whole comment section. Hints point there, certainly, but the author has pulled too many flips for anything implicit to be trustworthy, at least to me.

          1. Yeah, with the girl reveal and her resemblance to Noel, I feel like it’s now a better chance of her actually being Anna than not-other circumstances notwithstanding.

            Chalking it up as a coincidence makes no sense, but it’s not like there aren’t ways to explain it. Anyway, at this point my stance is that she’s Anna and Noel’s ancestor. Not set in stone, but new information will be challenging this assumption instead of Anna still being out there somewhere.

  7. Thanks for the chapter~!
    Hey I’m kinda early

    Well, then we’re going to the genderbender route. Some of you have already guessed Abel’s identity correctly. No one’s getting NTR-ed in the past, so just go for it, Makoto!

    And, just like how it’s supposed to be, dragon bullying ensues. By the way, the dragon looking like very concerned about its age, so maybe we’ll have female humanoid form.

    P.S: Those who have been waiting for the raw, we got new chapter yesterday. We’re about, maybe 39 chapters to catch up

    1. If Anna is added to the harem of Makoto, what happens to the Highland royal family ?
      Don’t tell me that they are the descendants of Anna and Makoto. It would make Noel the descendant of Makoto. But Makoto is supposed to stay a virgin until the very end, so it shouldn’t be possible. At the end, with whom Anna had children ? Who was her husband ? She definitely had children because Noel looks like her.

      About your theory Helemerk being the white wyvern of Sakurai, I find it interesting.

      1. Or maybe she really is Anna’s reincarnation. She did say in her own opinion that she felt like she was Anna’s reincarnation. And Makoto losing his v-card wouldn’t happen since Noah-sama is the one who’s supposed to take it. (Go Noah-sama!)

      2. I mean, looking exactly alike isn’t a guarantee that Noel is indeed Anna’s direct descendant or reincarnation. Lookalikes are a thing, even complete strangers can look like identical twins. And…, I dunno, isn’t it possible that Anna really doesn’t end up with Makoto? Though I suppose there’s the concern of backlash. In any case there’s a lot of things to be done if Anna is to end up with Makoto, especially with the implicit requirement of keeping her virginity for Makoto.

        The big one is the question about Highland’s royalty, as mentioned. They’d have to be at most only somewhat related to Anna. Maybe from one of her relatives (there’s no mention on whether or not she has relatives, Schrödinger’s Relatives!) Or maybe through some divine intervention she’s given a child to raise as her own to be the next king, in which case the part where Noel look exactly alike can be explained away as the first heir to Highland’s throne being a literal designer baby.

        Or maybe the Highland’s Royalty is really just somewhat related to Anna, and they’ve been undergoing an extensive eugenics project to legitimize themselves, would line up with their eagerness to snap up Sakurai too. In any case, lots of implications.

        Man, at least in Death March there was no Mito lookalike, so the explanation can be a quick “I adopted him.”

          1. An honestly, that wasn’t directed at you, but more to @savioroffrance. Still, I have to ask : how’d you reply to my comment up there? I can’t seem to reply to comments beyond the second level. Are you using the WordPress app or desktop or something else?

      3. I’m not saying that wyvern is Helemerk

        I’m saying since that is a normal white wyvern and not Helemerk, perhaps Helemerk is in the middle of training somewhere in preparations for fighting the present Great Demon King

        Also, might be since it only allowed original party members and Makoto to ride on its back

          1. I mean, Momo can still visit them from time to time. that’s why I brought up Makoto’s death and ascension to Water Spirit King when fighting Alex.

            Momo wasn’t in the capital at the time but checking up on Forneus instead right? My guess is that she might’ve gone not only to not interfere with the supposed fates, but also to hold herself back and visiting an old friend in training.

          2. What you are saying seems rather plausible and interesting.

            It would be interesting to have a side story of Momo in the present about her first meeting with Makoto, her reaction when Makoto died or her feelings when Makoto left for the Dark Era.

            There are many people who are throwing theories about how Makoto will become back. (Coffin, Spirits of Time, etc)

            However, at the end, we all know that Makoto will somehow be able to come back to the present, so the method isn’t that important.

            What matters if there are other people who will come to the present aside from Makoto. There are people who speculates that it is actually Anna who is in the coffin.

          3. I’m one of those people who thinks Anna will follow him. At first, I think it’d be Abel due to bromance. Then we got this reveal, so it doesn’t actually matter which one since Abel/Anna were one and the same.

            Remember, to save Sakurai you need someone that can use revive to standby beside him. Noel can use revive. If there’s Anna, you can use her as a substitute for Noel’s original position in the battlefield, so Noel can be on standby beside Sakurai. Or Anna is the one who’s on standby for better damage dealing against Iblis since she wields double hero skills too.

            Out of all major allied character in the past, we can predict their fates somehow. Momo is still alive. Helemerk is definitely too, since its a long lived dragon though we never met it in the future. Johnny died of natural causes. Abel-Anna is the only mortal who have the incentives to chase after Makoto.

            The rest would be Cain and the past Moon Oracle. If Makoto manages to befriend Cain, he might chase after him out of loyalty to free Noah.

            We never heard anything about the Moon Oracle so far, but remember Tsui? She might lose to Makoto and cursed or reincarnated as a cat for atonement, might explain how fast it was attached to Furi too. Though I’m still heavily leaning on “Naia’s critter that she uses for spying on the mortal realm” theory.

      4. About Highland royal lineage:

        1. The lineage is a lie. Anna got someone adopted. Noel’s resemblance is just total coincidence

        2. She switched to Abel and mate with a random girl. Might or might not have direct body contact (e.g. merely donating sperm)

        1. These are interesting possibilities. I think there was someone who mentioned something about cloning. What do you think of it ?

          For Noel’s eesemblance, it could just be isekai/fantasy logic. A pure coincidence or Noel might really be her descendant and look really like Anna just because of that said logic.

          1. Cloning is the least possible one, but there’s a possibility. Let’s hold back this speculation for now since we only got details either next chapter (if reigokai didn’t skip intermission this time) or the one after.

            Yeah, I too believed Noel’s resemblance is merely a coincidence or a red herring. Since I still believed the reason why Makoto were given Anna is because author wants to give Noel as a waifu but without NTR-ing Sakurai.

            Our MC needs to have ALL the princess

    2. “maybe we’ll have female humanoid form”

      To the tune of Never gonna give you up.

      “You know the tropes, and so do I”

    1. They probably did it on purpose.
      You see, I believe at some point, both Momo and Anna/Abel will knows Makoto’s secret. And for the sake of the future to not be disrupted, 3 of them created a story that we all know in Makoto’s picture book.

      I have another speculation that Anna is actually alive since she was also gone missing after found a country.

      1. He brought the picture book along so why would they even need to make up a story. Just use the picture book as the representation of what happened.

        1. It is more like the Bootstrap Paradox.
          “The Bootstrap Paradox is a theoretical paradox of time travel that occurs when an object or piece of information sent back in time becomes trapped within an infinite cause-effect loop in which the item no longer has a discernible point of origin, and is said to be “uncaused” or “self-created”. It is also known as an Ontological Paradox, in reference to ontology, a branch of metaphysics dealing with the study of being and existence.”
          Source: https://www.astronomytrek.com/the-bootstrap-paradox-explained/

          1. Well, it depends how much of Takatsuki’s presence in the past is established, but yeah, the journey of Abel is based on a plan that has no origin.

            Presumably, the paradox is resolved with a hypothetical fourth (or possibly second if we seem to be in a stable time loop) “original timeline” where the Savior Abel succeeded and didn’t have any time traveler try to mess with the Hero Party at all. The events are still in line with the Heros’ general goal, after all. Given that, here are the possible timelines as far as we know:

            1. The Savior Abel and the Hero Party struggle until they somehow managed to win. No assassination from the future and no Takki.
            2. The Hero Abel gets assassinated and history is changed so the Demon side wins. This one might never have existed and just been merged with the next one though.
            3. Takatsuki Makoto is in the past along with the Hero’s Party helping them shape history.
            4. The story of Weakest Mage as we know it once Takki has finished his business in the past and gone back to the future. This one might also merge with 3 if it’s a stable time loop, but there seems to already be some odd differences here and there. Time will tell if they will fall into place and match with history as the Present tells them.

            Based on the statue in the present time, history CAN change, and the question becomes, from the reader’s perspective, when did it start changing? Which of the timelines are we on?

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      1. Will it be an end like that ? Makoto has to return to the Salvation Era and Anna in tears say those words while bidding him farewell :

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        From Rokujouma no Shinryakusha volume 8.5

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      1. I don’t remember that sort of comment, but I do remember a lot of people talking as if Abel’s a girl long before the reveal. Even as a guess, it should be more theory and less certain.

        It’s in the “they thought it was obvious because it’s in hindsight” category of spoilers.

        1. @simple
          Well yeah, that time travel thingy. before I was just reading until I encounter that comment. So i thought to myself that’s kinda interesting, so i started, well predict what will happen based on that comment. Then it did happen.

          well it’s kinda sus that how can it be so accurate. Or just me overreacting or misinterpret it😔

          1. Tbf, people on syosetsu has been predicting on time travel ever since Makoto random comment with Noel’s story, where hero Abel supposed to left Anna and goes somewhere. We’ve also given clues of the statues changing bit by bit after all.

            There’s also the guy with riyo arash pfp who did passive-aggressive spoiling by hiding spoiler comments in a bunch of seemingly random predictions. Only with hindsight you realize that it’s a spoiler, since there’s no way of knowing certain information at that time.

          2. Tbf? 😅, what does Tbf means? Sorry I don’t quite understand this 3 letters from.

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    2. The description of Abel’s chest was mentioned in Chapter 227. Along with the description of him being possibly mistaken for a girl (which is probably what prompted Makoto to check in the first place). I’m personally still questioning Noah’s statement about how Althena just gives her blessing based on how the recipient looks. Althena’s reaction at the time reminds me more of Furiae’s reaction when she realized that Makoto was present while she’s clinging on Sakurai in her effort to needle Noel.

      I’m with you on the “no particularly feminine gestures by Abel” thing. Personally, the way Abel acted reminds me more of Sakurai, at least after Abel worked past that depression.

    3. Nah, there were some who secretly gave spoilers, but I think most guessed after we got time travel confirmation based on Makoto is going to be Abel theory, so when we actually met him, people assumes either he’s secretly a reverse trap or got genderbend.

      1. Obviously if I was wary of harems in general I would not have started reading this story at all. But that doesn’t mean every single character needs to be a love interest, jesus, this is just pathetic. You may have forgotten if you’ve been reading this daily for a while, but this story used to contain other male side characters doing their own things and having their own romance. It’s a pretty recent developpment that everything other than big pp mc is ignored.
        Anyway, combined with the complete lack of thought the author put into this time travelling shit, it’s just the final straw, it’s not like I had a sudden realization.

        1. If you’re out, then stay out and stop bumming everyone else out.

          We’ve been through this in other WNs too. There is no reason to announce you’re dropping a story other than to take the sails out of other readers that want to keep reading.

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    1. Not necessarily. It probably signifies Makoto’s immunity to foresight. That is, even if the foresight can tell that the dragons are about to go the way of the dinosaurs, it can’t tell who is causing that. Same case with Ira’s situation earlier, she can tell that Sakurai is going to die getting stabbed, but she can’t tell who stabbed him, thus casting suspicion on Furiae (and Makoto, which she dismissed as him being too weak)

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  15. This makes things a little complicated. Noel’s family is supposedly descendant from Abel and Anna – childhood friends who after defeating the Demon King married, forming the foundation of the dynasty of the Sun kingdom. That she looks so similar to Noel strongly suggests that Noel is her descendant, but (as with many others) I suspect that the ‘Abel’ of legend was actually Makoto – except I cannot see him staying in the past, so it seems Anna / Abel will eventually marry another.

    My guess is that – if Anna falls for Makoto – then at some point (perhaps after everything is over) he will reject her, and she will react by asking Althena to lock her in her male form [Abel] and remove her memories of Makoto – which will also happen to remove most of her memories of the journey to defeat the Demon King.

    Althena will probably be willing to go along with this, as it would make it easier for Ira to change history (not the past, but the record of the past). It will also allow history to say that everyone involved strongly supported the ‘holy deities’ rather than including someone whose loyalties were less certain. Stories will become forgotten or slowly altered until they resemble the future telling of what happened. Only those who were still alive 1000 years later (the goddesses, the holy dragon, and the Great Sage) will know the truth. So long as they agree not to tell anyone, then Ira’s job becomes much easier.

    Also, I seem to recall that the Great Sage’s future home is made of un-melting ice and in the Sun kingdom’s capital where nearly no water spirits are found? If Makoto is truly in that black coffin, then maintaining an ice home in that place – which would have slowly lost its water spirits over a thousand years, as belief in the holy goddesses grew – could act as resistance training, allowing him to eventually become able to use extreme water magic even in places (nearly) without any water spirits. We already know that he can do training even while asleep, so at least in theory it should be possible….

    1. The situation in Symphonia is curiously different than in Horun. At the very least, the lack of spirits doesn’t apply to the whole capital since there’s actually a decent amount of Water Spirits even in Highland Castle. Makoto posited that this is because of the Cathedral centralizing Althena’s influence. If so, then there’s the possibility that Momo’s home is still pretty comfy for spirits. IIRC we’ve never been told specifically the spirit situation there.

  16. There’s the big twist right there. So, what exactly is Abel? Stay tuned and enjoy the cliff!

    Interesting that the Holy Dragon isn’t actually that old. Still pretty old, but not 5 digits old. Being depressed because there’s to sunlight in a cave is one thing…, but it’s not like there’s any sunlight up in the surface either.. There’s no sunlight, period.

    So at least the way she reacts to Makoto is somewhat novel. Just plain listless boredom, giving way to surprise. Interesting how she seem to be keeping up with the surface though. Shame she’s a bit late in reining in her kids, whoops?

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    The red dragon though, still lively. Would indeed make a good sacrifice maybe, good for him mommy intervened. Now we’re seeing Makoto’s immunity to foresight from the POV of the one doing the foresight. Since it’s a Divine Protection, the Holy Dragon could be a clue for Makoto to finally meet Ira again.

    So this is notably the second time Makoto’s use of Spirit Magic involves the people around him. And IIRC the first time it seems to endanger the life of people aside from his target (the time with Gera it doesn’t go that far). This is probably the source of Momo’s concern back during the Gera incident.

    And…, Holy Dragon could very well just be a title slapped onto her later. Being the dragon of the Savior and all, that seems like a natural progression of things. I mean if you look at the relics associated with the J-man…, comparatively a dragon being holy seems pretty normal.

    Dia is quite reliable. Not only is she a reliable Undine that Makoto can count on, she can ensure he doesn’t get sleep deprived under regular conditions. Pretty funny seeing how the White Dragon made a bed from magic, reminds me of Skyrim.

    Makoto is too shocked seeing the mysterious girl. That said, her reaction does confirm that yes, it’s Abel. And s/he looks exactly like Noel.

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