WM – Chapter 148: Epilogue (Sixth Arc)



Princess Sofia and I are currently sitting side by side on the hospital’s bed.

This is a field hospital in the Kanan Village.

In the other beds, there’s the people who were petrified and the ones who were wounded in the battle against the demons and monsters.

By the way, the moment Furiae-san saw Princess Sofia, she said ‘You two take your time!’ and left at an astounding speed. Are you Tsui?

And so, Princess Sofia and I have been left here.

“Looks like you are getting along quite well with the Moon Oracle.” (Sofia)

“Yeah…well…” (Makoto)

I wonder why, even though the expression of Princess Sofia is cold as usual, my back is itchy, and sweat is flowing down my forehead.

“By the way, it seems like the third daughter of the Valentine Household wants to marry the Rozes Hero, Makoto. It is weird, isn’t it? I thought she hated you.” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia says this in a tone as if it doesn’t bother her.

The third daughter of the Valentine Household? 

Is she talking about Janet-san?

“Ah, now that you mention it, I don’t see Janet-san…” (Makoto)

The pegasus knights are not here either.

“She returned to Highland to report about the Demon Lord that was about to revive in Spring Log.” (Sofia)

“Hmm…I see.” (Makoto)

Yeah, the Snake Church was working in the shadows, a subordinate of the Beast King was involved; there’s a lot of stuff to report.

But she is impatient.

At least give me some parting words.

“Hero Makoto, there’s a message from Janet Valentine.” (Sofia)

“Message?” (Makoto)

Ooh, she properly left some parting words then.

“‘I will polish my skills so that I will be able to stand by the side of Hero Makoto in the Northern Expedition. The next time we meet…let’s have a meal with just the two of us’… That woman…how dare she leave a message like this to me.” (Sofia)

The latter half turned into one of irritation from Princess Sofia.

If I remember correctly, the Valentine Household that’s one of the Five Sacred Nobles are on equal rank to royalty of other foreign countries including Rozes.

Even so, there was no need to have the message be delivered by the princess…

No, it must have been on purpose, huh.

“In the short length of time I wasn’t watching, you have been getting along with women here and there.” (Sofia)

“Uhm…that’s not true.” (Makoto)

The hand of Princess Sofia placed on top of my cheek is scary cold.

Isn’t your Ice Monarch Magic leaking?

We look at each other for a while.

“Well, fine. I am relieved that you are okay. I was shocked when I heard that you were petrified though…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia’s expression softens.

The hand placed on my cheek got warmer.

“It must have been rough. Even though your duty was simply to greet the Hero and Oracle of the Wood Country…” (Sofia)

Her tone turned into a kind one that worried for me. 

“Yeah, there was a lot more than I thought there would have been.” (Makoto)

“Ooh! Hero Makoto-dono! You have woken up? I am glad you are okay!” 

The Wind Tree Hero, Maximilian-san, spoke in a loud voice as he entered.

“Maximilian-san as well, glad to see you are okay.” (Makoto)

The last time I saw him was when he was petrified, but it looks like he was safely brought back.

“I am ashamed. To think I would end up getting turned to stone in the peril of the Wood Country.” (Max)

He tightens his fist in vexation.

“If you have gotten lively now, I would love to train with you! Is it okay to borrow you?!” (Max)

“H-Haha…” (Makoto)

I looked at the bulky chest of the dragonborn Maximilian-san as I gave out a vague answer.

With my low stats, I feel like I would be sent flying with a flick on the forehead though.

Maximilian-san gives a hearty ‘hahahaha’ as he leaves.

“Hero Makoto, looks like you have gotten close to the Wind Tree Hero.” (Sofia)

“Well, we went to fight the Demon Lord together after all.” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia said this with a serious expression.

Now that she mentions it, the original objective was to meet the Wood Country’s Hero.

I forgot about it, but that objective was accomplished, huh.

“Oh my! Makoto-sama! You have woken up! You weren’t waking up for a week, so Lucy was getting worried.” 

A beautiful elf suddenly appeared in front of us, and grabbed my hand.

Uhm, this person is…the Wood Oracle. Her name was…

“Flona-san, sorry to have worried you.” (Makoto)

“I am so glad… My unskilled curse dispel magic wasn’t working… Furi-san is quite the skilled person in that regard.” (Flona)

“Yeah…” (Makoto)

She is the expert in curse magic, the Moon Oracle.

Also, if you hold my hand so tightly, the gaze of Princess Sofia by my side is going to turn scarier.

“I will call Lucy and Aya-san, okay? The two of them were worried after all. I will be taking my leave now, Princess Sofia-sama.” (Flona)

Flona-san leaves with light footsteps after giving her farewells.

“…Playboy.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia muttered something I couldn’t let go.

“Just to tell you, Flona-san is engaged to someone. She is Lucy’s sister-in-law.” (Makoto)

“Hmm.” (Sofia)

Looks like that’s not the issue.

It seems she is not in a good mood.

Now then, as a Country Designated Hero, how should I better the mood of my superior?

“Hey there~, Boyfriend-kun!” 

“Uwah!” (Makoto)

A blonde hair elf suddenly appeared in midair and hugged me.

“R-Rosalie-san?!” (Makoto)

“T-The Crimson Witch-sama?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia raises her voice in surprise at what I said.

Oh? Looking at her surprise, could it be…this is their first time meeting?

“Ooh, Hero-kun that defeated a Demon Lord, you have woken up! Hm? The beauty sulky at your side, who is it? Are you cheating? Can’t say I condone cheating.” (Rosalie)

“Good morning, Rosalie-san. Was the petrification curse on you okay, Rosalie-san?” (Makoto)

I greeted the mother of Lucy who appeared with Teleport.

Rosalie-san had an arm turned to stone. 

“Hahahaha! Easy peasy, easy peasy. I healed it with guts!” (Rosalie)

“You healed it yourself?” (Makoto)

Isn’t this person way too OP?

“U-Uhm…I-I am…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia is getting all flustered and can’t speak properly.

“Hmm, is this prim lady your kind of type, Boyfriend-kun? Well, Lucy is crude like me after all. But I am sure she would devote herself to you at nights just like me, you know?” (Rosalie)

“Can you please stop with the dirty topics right as I wake up?” (Makoto)

Even though you are talking about your own daughter. What a thing to say.

“Ahahaha! And so, who is this girl that’s looking at Boyfriend-kun so passionately? These kind of diligent-looking girls are unexpectedly perverted, you know.” (Rosalie)

“Wa?! What did you say?!” (Sofia)

The way too out of left field arbitrary opinion of Rosalie-san made Princess Sofia raise her voice in anger.

This is bad. It could become a diplomatic issue.

“I am Princess Sofia of Rozes.” (Sofia)

“Geh?!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san suddenly raised both of her hands up and got away from me.

“Wawawa! Royalty?! Are you royalty?! Am I going to be executed?!” (Rosalie)

“Sofia, is Rosalie-san going to be executed?” (Makoto)

“T-There’s no way I can do that! She is a legendary hero of the Wood Country!” (Sofia)

“So she says, Rosalie-san.” (Makoto)

“Ara, is that so? Then, this interloper will be leaving now, okay? Hey, next time, show me your dagger, okay?! That God Killer Blade!” (Rosalie)

Saying what she wanted to say, she used Teleport and disappeared.



What was that?

She really came and went like a storm.

I glanced at Princess Sofia, and she was also staring at me.

“…What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“You have gotten…pretty close with the important people of the Wood Country… Even though it didn’t go well at all when I sent envoys…” (Sofia)

She ended up with a gloomy expression.

“No, they were all related to Lucy, so…” (Makoto)

The senior at the school of Lucy, the sister-in-law of Lucy, the mother of Lucy.

Honestly speaking, I feel like I would be on the winning side just by bringing Lucy.

“Princess Sofia sighs and looks at me with a serious expression.

“Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

“Y-Yes, what is it?” (Makoto)

“The King of Highland has called you.” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Highland again?

I went there not that long ago.

“Why are you making a questioning look? You defeated a Demon Lord, you know?” (Sofia)

“Can that…be called defeating?” (Makoto)

It felt more like I just had a short talk, and he died on his own though.

The only battle I won was with the demon Shuri who was weakened by Rosalie-san.

Or more like, it was mostly the power of Eir-sama.

Hm? What did I do?

“The one who defeated the strong demons was Rosalie-san, you know?” (Makoto)

“…Is that so? But according to the Crimson Witch, the one who contributed the most this time around was the Water Country’s Hero, so she said that she will be giving the whole achievement of defeating the Demon Lord to the Hero Makoto… I heard this from the Chief of Kanan.” (Sofia)



You are definitely just pushing the stuff that’s a pain towards me! 

Damn it, where did she go? 

I am going to find her and complain.

“Also, according to the secret messenger of Princess Noel, she said that it would be best if you don’t come to Highland.” (Sofia)

“…What does that mean?” (Makoto)

The King of Highland is the father of Princess Noel. 

Her father called for me, but his daughter is stopping me -that smells.

“It is simple. The Highland royalty must have prepared nobles who would want to marry the Hero that defeated a Demon Lord. If you go to Highland, you won’t be able to come back. You will be able to choose from any noble’s daughter as wife and have as many concubines as you want in Highland. Isn’t that great?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia says indifferently.


Oi oi, are you serious?

Isn’t this the same route as Sakurai-kun?

The 20 wives thing?

“What will you do?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks me with an upward glance.

At that moment, choices showed up in midair. 

[Will you have a Harem End in Highland?]


No ←

The way of putting it! 

RPG Player-san, that’s malicious! 

“I won’t go.” (Makoto)

I answered immediately.

Hearing this, Princess Sofia was slightly surprised and had her eyes wide open.

“If you marry into the royalty or nobility of Highland, you will be able to obtain all the riches in the world, you know? It is not a weak country like the Water Country but the biggest and strongest country.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks with a serious tone.

(No, but…) (Makoto)

I remember the conversation with Noah-sama and Eir-sama.

The chances of being defeated in the war between humans and demons is high. 

(It is not the time to join the nobility and play around.) (Makoto)

I have to train.

“I will think about those things after defeating the Great Demon Lord. First, we should increase the strength of the Water Country. 10 more Heroes would be desirable -according to Eir-sama.” (Makoto)

“H-Heroes don’t increase in numbers so easily! Eh? According to Eir-sama? Just what are you saying…?” (Sofia)

I suddenly changed the topic, and the calmness of Princess Sofia crumbled.

“Let’s think about the scenario where we are defeated by the Great Demon Lord too. It would be good to have a fortress for refuge.” (Makoto)

“Wait a bit. Losing against the Great Demon Lord… If the Goddess-sama were to hear that, it would be terrible!” (Sofia) 

I heard that from that Goddess-sama though…

Hmm, why does the Goddess-sama hide so much from her own Oracle? 

Because it would make her anxious?

(Also, does Sakurai-kun know about this future talk?) (Makoto)

Sakurai-kun has the Divine Protection of the daughter of the highest God, Jupiter, the Sun Goddess Althena-sama, so I thought defeating the Great Demon Lord would be easy for him.

With what Eir-sama said, my doubts have increased drastically.

“Sofia, I want to pass a message to Princess Noel.” (Makoto)

“Wait please. I haven’t been able to keep up with the conversation for a while now…” (Sofia)

At the time when Princess Sofia and I were talking…



Lucy and Sa-san rushed to hug me.

I was pushed by their momentum and fell into the bed.

“Is your body okay? Only you were not getting your curse undone no matter how much time passed…” (Lucy)

“Wuuh…I was worried.” (Aya)

“Lucy…Sa-san…” (Makoto)

The eyes of the two had a whole lot of tears flowing down.

They were hugging me tightly and were showing no signs of separating.

The hands of the two were trembling slightly.

(Right…I was petrified for a week…) (Makoto)

Of course they would get worried.

“Sorry for worrying you.” (Makoto)

I pat the head of the two.

“Yeah, I am glad you seem okay. Right, Lu-chan?” (Aya)

“Yeah. H-Hey, is it alright for you to be moving already?” (Lucy)

“It is fine, but my body is still a bit heavy.” (Makoto)

I can manage to walk at the very least.

But the next words of Sa-san and Lucy were different from my expectations.

“Come on, Lu-chan! Do your best!” (Aya)

“Eh?! I am the one to say it? Uuh… Hey, Makoto, a Hero is a dangerous job that one doesn’t know when they will end up dying, right…? This time around, things turned out this way after all. That’s why…” (Lucy)

Lucy fidgets as she moves her face closer.

She whispers into my ear.

“D-Do you want to do more…lover-like stuff?” (Lucy)

Something ran down my back, and I felt my temperature rising.

“Takatsuki-kun, your face is red.” (Aya)

“S-Sa-san?” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, the face of Sa-san was close to mine.

(Wait wait, this is strange.) (Makoto)

This is such a sudden development, there must be someone who pulled the strings to make this situation happen.

I look around restlessly.

Deep in the room I could hear with Eavesdrop the voice of Rosalie-san urging them on ‘Go go! Push him down!’. 

What’s that person doing?

“Playboy.” (Sofia)

(Huh?!) (Makoto)

I heard the same word as before from my side.

Crap! Princess Sofia is right here! 

“You must not make your comrades worry too much.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia, who was making a sulking expression, said this in a tone that sounded like that of someone comforting a small child.

She is not angry?

“Sofi-chan, you say that, but in these 3 days, you didn’t leave the side of Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“Right? She said she would wait at night too in case he wakes up then, despite her bodyguards trying to stop her, isn’t that right, Aya?” (Lucy)

“W-Wait! You promised not to tell him!” (Sofia)

Sa-san and Lucy said this as if teasing Princess Sofia, and she got flustered.

“‘…Aah, I should have gone together with him. Hero Makoto…’.” (Aya)

Sa-san began to act out something.

Is that her imitating Princess Sofia…?

“S-Stop it! Any more and I will get angry!” (Sofia)

Saying this, Princess Sofia grabbed the shoulders of Sa-san and shook her.

“Awawawa!” (Aya)

Sa-san suddenly began to twitch.

“Stop! Princess Sofia, your ice magic is leaking!” (Lucy)

Lucy hurriedly tries to stop her.

Aah, Sa-san’s weakness is cold after all.

Sofia-san, isn’t your mana a bit too loose?

While I was watching the three lively girls…

“…Everyone, what are you doing~?” 

Aah, Furiae-san returned.

A black cat is on her shoulder.

Looks like she got lonely after hearing the ruckus.

(It really is a relief that everyone is okay.) (Makoto)

We somehow managed to overcome this with everyone. 

I entrusted my still dull body to the bed and closed my eyes.

I should sleep once more. 

While listening to the voices of my comrades…

And in this way, our adventure in Spring Log ended.

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    File 1
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    Church : church of Noah (apostle)
    Goddesses met = 2
    Jobs : Guardian knight of the Moon oracle ; state hero of Rozes ; water spirit mage ; adventurer, ; apprentice water mage (waterbending assassin)
    Titles : Demon lord slayer (new), shameless pole hero, lover of the great Sage, Quest 100% success rate Makoto, Goblin cleaner
    Heroes met = 4
    Heroes friends = 4
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    Oracles friends = 4
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    Number of people still allies after knowing his Goddess’ identity = 6
    Number of people still allies after knowing his Mission = 5


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