WM – Chapter 191: Takatsuki Makoto resolves himself

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“At this rate, the Light Hero will lose his life.” (Esther) 

“Huh?!” (Makoto)

I raised my voice reflexively.

Why is it turning out like that?! 

Wasn’t it a winning war?! 

“What’s the meaning of this?! Why Sakurai-kun?!” (Aya)

“No way…the Light Hero-sama…?” (Lucy)

Sa-san screams and Lucy spaced out. 

Furiae-san still had a pale face.

“Please explain, Esther-sama.” (Ortho)

Captain Ortho’s voice was stiff.

“…That’s…” (Esther)

Oracle Esther speaks after a bit of silence. 

There’s the Oracles of the Goddesses at her back with Princess Noel as the forefront. 

“…Someone has taken the place of Demon Lord.” (Esther)

Taken their place?

A Demon Lord?

My comrades and I were shocked by this.

“Spirit User-kun, looks like Zagan has passed on the Demon Lord spot to his own son. Not just his blood, but his power as well.” 

The Great Sage-sama said this annoyed.

Her face is pale, and rather than saying she is in a bad mood, it is more like she isn’t feeling well.

“Great Sage-sama, you have returned to Symphonia, huh.” 

“You don’t seem to be feeling well. Are you okay?” 

“I ended up like this after I pushed myself to return. But to think he would pass on his Demon Lord power… That’s why he was weakened, huh.” 

“Is passing on the Demon Lord position something that happens often?” (Makoto)

“No, from what I know…it hasn’t happened once in 1,000 years.” 

Then, there’s no way to predict that would happen, huh…

(Makoto, demons, specially Demon Lord class ones, can live several thousands of years. For the people of the mortal realm, this may be a rare occurrence, but in the eyes of the gods, this is a pretty regular thing.) (Noah)


Then, the Destiny Goddess should have seen that coming.

I made dubious eyes at Esther-san, and she averted her gaze.

Oi oi, that’s not cute at all.

Do your job properly, Destiny Goddess-sama.

“Destiny Oracle, do you have a plan?” 

As if reacting to my sentiments, the Great Sage-sama asks her. 

“…The Six Nation Alliance’s main forces are currently in battle against the Beast King. It is 300,000 vs 300,000, but the enemy has set a barrier that weakens the Divine Protection of Holy Gods, and they are pouring it on full at the Light Hero. Even with my God Eyes, I can’t see anything in detail… Damn it!” (Esther)

At the end, she said something unsuitable for an oracle and slammed her fists on the desk.

“Can’t you call for reinforcements? If I remember correctly, Geralt-sama’s Northern Sky Knights and the Crimson Knights of General Tariska should be closeby.” (Ortho)

“Because of the interference with the transmission magic, we have no means to tell them the information. We have already sent messengers, but it seems like they will take some time to arrive.” (Noel)

“How can this be…?” (Ortho)

The one who responded to Captain Ortho was Princess Noel.

Princess Noel’s voice was trembling maybe due to her uneasiness. 

“We will immediately send reinforcements to General Yuwein and Sakurai-dono. Oi! Call all the wyvern and pegasus riders! Foot soldiers will be on standby! I will entrust the command here to someone later!” (Ortho)

Captain Ortho was giving orders to the lieutenant knight. 

His tone was rough maybe due to his hurry .

“I will rest for a bit and return to the battlefield too. Moving in daytime is going to be difficult though… Destiny Oracle, how much time do we have?”

“…The Light Hero won’t be able to survive the war tonight.” (Esther)

“N-No way!” (Noel)

Princess Noel raises her voice in desperation at the words of Oracle Esther.

When I look back, I see Furiae-san looking down without saying anything for a while now.

“Princess, do you see something with your Destiny Magic?” (Makoto)

“…I can see Ryosuke being eaten by a whole ton of monsters.” (Furiae)

“Sorry.” (Makoto)

I shouldn’t have asked.

This is bad. There’s no good piece of information at all.

“I-It is because the Evil God Apostle and the Moon Oracle are present! It is because we are shouldering such accursed beings that a situation like this has occurred. It is impossible for the Divine Protection of the Sun Goddess-sama to run out. They are the ones who have betrayed us! There’s no doubt they were the ones who leaked the information to the demon lord army! Capture them at once and burn them at the stake, Captain Ortho!” 

The one who said something outrageous was the Pope. 

Looks like he is panicking quite a lot from the fact that the Light Hero might die. 

“This is not the time for that…Your Holiness. The Water Country’s Hero and the Moon Oracle have nothing to do with this. But there’s someone in the Demon Lord army who can fool my Clairvoyance… Of that, there’s no doubt.” (Esther)

“Wonder about that! Your Clairvoyance cannot be relied on anymore, Esther-dono!” 

“Kuh!” (Esther)

The Pope who seemed to be in good relations with the Destiny Oracle has now turned thorny. 

This is not the time to be thinking about that right now.

“Makoto-dono! I will be heading to the Light Hero-dono now to provide reinforcements! Let’s go together with the wyvern riders!” (Ortho)

Captain Ortho was finishing the formation of the reinforcements as he listened to what we were saying.

That’s Captain Ortho for you.

[Will you join Captain Ortho in providing reinforcements for the Light Hero?]



RPG Player asks. 

(A choice showing up here, huh…) (Makoto)

“How long would it take to reach Sakurai-kun from here?” (Makoto)

“Normally, a whole day. But this time around, it is an emergency. We will be pushing the wyverns and the pegasus to their limits, and we are assuming we will arrive in half a day.” (Ortho)


That’s how I felt. 

There’s a high chance Sakurai-kun is losing his life tonight. 

Then, taking half of a day is way too late.

“I will head there with a different method.” (Makoto)


A number of people react to what I said.

“Lucy, I have a request.” (Makoto)

“Eh, Makoto? M-Me?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun…?” (Aya)

I face Lucy and Sa-san who were listening to the conversation a while ago uneasily. 

“Please use Teleport to bring me to the place of Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“Is that possible?!” (Ortho)

Captain Ortho reacts to my words.

But Lucy herself shook her head with a pale face.

“T-That’s impossible! I haven’t gone to that place, and using Teleport to a super duper long distance like that is impossible unless it is Mama!” (Lucy)

“Now that you mention it, Rosalie-san isn’t participating, right?” (Makoto)

“The Crimson Witch-dono isn’t participating in this war. We sent a request for assistance to the Kanan Village, but she wasn’t present…” (Ortho)

She did say that she would be training on the moon.

Is she there?

Is she not gonna come? 

But we can’t go relying on people that are not present. 

“Please, Lucy. Even if it doesn’t work, please help us out here.” (Makoto)

“……But I don’t know if it will work or not… No, got it! I will try!” (Lucy)

Lucy didn’t seem confident at first, but it seems like she is willing to do it now. 

She switches gears fast.

“Lucy-dono, if that’s possible, us as well.” (Ortho)

“Don’t, Captain Ortho. I have looked after that red haired elf, but the chances of her failing are higher. The only ones she would succeed with are most likely the Spirit User-kun there and the Fire Country’s Hero. In order to teleport someone, they need to know them well. You can’t just do that with anyone.” 

“…I see. Understood. Then, I will be heading there on wyverns as planned. Makoto-dono, let’s meet up there.” (Ortho)

“Understood, Captain Ortho.” (Makoto)

Our plan has been decided.

“Lucy, do it.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Can someone show me a map?” (Lucy)

“Here, Lucy-dono.” 

When Lucy says this, a subordinate of Captain Ortho swiftly gives her a map.

“Where’s the place of the battlefield?” (Lucy)

“Here. The coast area of Dannet in the Commercial Country of Camelon. The landmark is the Naido Hill…” 

“I haven’t gone there before, so I can’t picture the location we are going. Tell me the direction and distance only.” (Lucy)

“That method requires a heavier cost of mana though… It is quite the distance, you know?” 

“It is okay. I have mana to spare.” (Lucy)

Lucy’s words were reliable. 

I am truly glad she is my party member. 

“Makoto, I have never been to the battlefield where the Light Hero-sama is at. That’s why I don’t think I will be able to send you to the precise location. No, there’s no doubt there will be a discrepancy.” (Lucy)

“Got it. I will manage somehow with that.” (Makoto)

I nodded at the words of Lucy. 

“Then, here I go.” (Lucy)

Lucy holds her staff tightly with both hands.

I then feel a massive surge of mana.

A chant was being weaved from the voice of Lucy.

Destiny Goddess who resides in heaven. I pray to you. Please grant us this miracle…” (Lucy)

Teleportation is a gold element space spell.

The one who governs that is the Destiny Goddess, Ira-sama.

I glance at Esther-san.

She noticed my gaze and directed an awkward look at me. 

Can Ira-sama increase our success rate? 

(That’s not possible, Makoto. The current Ira has dropped her mana to human levels, and doesn’t have Divinity. She can’t cause miracles.) (Noah)

I see. 

Even though she is closeby. 

While we were having that exchange, magic circles began to appear one after the other in midair. 

The mana in the air trembles. 

I felt like the ground was also shaking.

“Ooh… What unbelievable mana.” 

“I can’t believe this… This is not mana that a single mage should be able to control.” 

I heard people saying that. 

According to Lucy, her mana has been increasing more and more lately.

Is she still in her growth period? 

My mana has stopped at 4 though.

Isn’t there way too much of a disparity here?

“My Knight…be careful.” (Furiae)

“I pray for your success, Hero Makoto.” (Sofia)

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

Furiae-san and Princess Sofia on the other side of the projection wished me luck.

“Makoto-sama… I leave Ryosuke-san in your hands.” (Noel)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

Princess Noel was holding both hands together as if praying. 

“Lu-chan, do your best. Takatsuki-kun, I will catch up to you later.” (Aya)

“No, please stay with Princess and Lucy, Sa-san. It would leave this place with too little manpower.” (Makoto)

“Hmm, I see. Got it. Leave this place to me! Be careful, okay?” (Aya)

I nodded lightly at the response of Sa-san. 

“Here I go, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“Alright.” (Makoto)

Lucy’s red hair was waving and shining lightly. 

Her hair was waving not from the wind but the raging mana. 

That figure of hers was reminiscent of the Crimson Witch.

“[Teleport]!” (Lucy)

The moment the voice of Lucy resonated in my ears, her spell activated, and I was enveloped in light. 

That ethereal sensation lasted for just a few seconds, I think.

I was wrapped in a strange floaty feeling within this pure white space.

I lost track of what was up and down, and I felt as if I had been thrown in a space that expanded endlessly. 

The next instant, my feet touched the ground.

My view opens up.

“Cold!” (Makoto)

A massive amount of water hits my face like a shower. 

It is raining. 

And a big one that feels like a storm.

“Water Magic: [Water Dragon].” (Makoto)

I use water magic to control the movement of the rain.

That’s how I somehow managed to see in front of me. 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

The moment I opened my eyes, the first thing I felt was that something was off.

It is dark.

Despite not even being noon yet. 

There’s no way it would be this dark as if it were right before dawn.

Could it be that time passed from the failure of the Teleport?

No, that’s time travelling. 

It is a completely different spell.

I look around.

I couldn’t notice immediately due to this downpour…but what was responsible for this off feeling of mine was above. 

I look up at the sky. 

(…So that’s the cause.) (Makoto)

What was covering the sky were dark clouds that stretched on as far as the eye can see.

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