WM – Chapter 96: Takatsuki Makoto has a clandestine meeting with Princess Sofia

The dress of Princess Sofia that was waiting deep in the room was a vivid red.

Even though she normally uses blue or light color dresses. What’s the matter?

“Sorry for the wait, Princess Sofia.” (Makoto)

I sit at the seat in front of me while apologizing.

“I didn’t really wait for long. I just arrived.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia is cool today as well.

“What’s the matter, calling me here today?” (Makoto)

“Y-You said that we should have a meal together, right?” (Sofia)

“Eh? I was thinking about inviting you…” (Makoto)

Is she talking about that time when I said ‘let’s eat together sometime’?

No good, to think the girl was the one who ended up inviting me.

But Princess Sofia smiled and said: “Next time, you invite me.”

Yeah, I really lack the qualities to be popular.

Kuh, I don’t have enough experience to deal with these kinds of situations intelligently!

While I arrived at my seat thinking about such stupid stuff, instead of course food, a variety of dishes came in all at once.

The drinks had alcohol and soft drinks all lined up.

“If there’s anything you need, please tell us.” 

The waiter bows once and leaves. 

Only Princess Sofia and I are left in the room.

“Only royalty is allowed to use this place. Princess Noel and I use this place often when talking to each other.” (Sofia)

In other words, to have confidential talks.

On top of the table, there’s a lot of food for lunch. 

Princess Sofia said while we were having a silent meal.

“We have apprehended the leaders of the beastkin rebellion.” (Sofia)

“Yeah, I heard that.” (Makoto)

It is information that even the Castor Family knows.

I heard that from Fuji-yan.

“It is still in the middle of investigation, but their connection to the Snake Church is still unknown.” (Sofia)

“There’s no progress in our investigation either. The mafia also didn’t know anything.” (Makoto)

I drank a little bit of the foaming drink from my glass.

Is it champagne? It looks expensive.

“However, there’s apparently monsters gathering bit by bit around Symphonia. There’s the chance that the monsters are being controlled by the Snake Church. The Sun Knights and the Four Sky Knight Orders are currently protecting the castle gates.” (Sofia)

“What’s the Four Sky Knight Orders?” (Makoto)

I feel like they were mentioned in the meeting with the nobles.

“The Eastern Sky Knight Order of the Rolland Household, the Western Sky Knight Order of the Whitehouse Household, the Southern Sky Knight Order of the Belize Household, and the Northern Sky Knight Order of the Valentine Household.” (Sofia)

“Ah, so the military force of the Five Sacred Nobles then.” (Makoto)

“Yes, with the captain inauguration ceremony of the Light Hero, Sakurai-sama, the current capital has the army of the Five Sacred Nobles gathered.” (Sofia)

Would the Snake Church really attack at such a timing?

Wouldn’t the best timing to attack Symphonia be when the Four Sky Knight Orders have gone back to their own territory?

“Wouldn’t the Snake Church attack after the inauguration ceremony is over?” (Makoto)

“Yes, Princess Noel thinks the same. That’s why we are concentrating on calming down the beastkin rebellion.” (Sofia)

If that’s the case, that would be easy, but…is it really going to be that simple?

After that, she told me a couple of new pieces of information, but there wasn’t anything big.

The view from the windows of the restaurant was good, and we could see the whole capital from here.

The sunlight was warm, and I could slightly hear the singing of the birds from outside.

It was a calming time.

I pour white wine into a glass, and pour it to Princess Sofia too.

“By the way, I asked something to the Water Goddess Eir-sama that bothered me a little bit.” (Sofia)

The conversation changed suddenly.

What is it?

“About the Goddess that the Water Country Hero, Takatsuki Makoto, follows.” (Sofia)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

The unexpected words made me let out a dumbfounded voice unintentionally.

About Noah-sama?

Why did Princess Sofia do that? 

Calm down, put [Clear Mind] at full power.

“The name of the Goddess is Noah… The name of an Old God that shows up in myths.” (Sofia)

Sweat was flowing from my back.

I feel like my breathing is going to stop.

“Uhm…Princess Sofia… That’s…” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia is as expressionless as ever.

This is bad this is bad this is bad!

Princess Sofia is the Oracle of one of the Six Great Goddesses.

If it is discovered that I am the believer of an Evil God, at worst, I will be executed.

That thought surfaced in my mind.

“This is the first time I have seen you have a surprised expression.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia laughs.

I was still frozen and unmoving.

“You don’t have to be so tense. I have heard from Eir-sama that there’s no problem for Hero Makoto to continue being the Hero of the Water Country.” (Sofia)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

“Or more like, I was told that you already know about this. I heard that Eir-sama and Noah-sama are old friends, and in this time’s Great Demon Lord battle, they plan on joining forces.” (Sofia)

“I-Is that so?” (Makoto)

(And that’s how it is, Makoto.) (Noah)


I thought my heart was gonna stop! 

It is true that I did know about Noah-sama having a talk with Eir-sama though.

(If you asked me in more detail, I would have told you, you know? I thought you had no interest.) (Noah)

I certainly didn’t mind it much.

I was a bit too happy about becoming a Hero and ended up absentminded in a lot of areas.

“Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia looks at me worried since I fell silent.

“Ah, it is okay. Princess Sofia…you don’t mind even if I am the Apostle of an Evil God?” (Makoto)

The power of the church in the Water Country is strong.

Is it okay for the Water Oracle to approve of this even though she is supposed to be their core?

“If Eir-sama allows it, I will obey. Also, I heard that the Goddess Noah can’t increase her followers at present. Right now, we need as many people as possible for when the Great Demon Lord resurrects.” (Sofia)

After saying that, Princess Sofia smiles with a sad countenance.

“Those are all words from Eir-sama. I wouldn’t have been able to make such a decision by myself. When I heard that you were the Apostle of an Evil God, Hero Makoto, my head went completely blank.” (Sofia)


Could it be that the reason she wasn’t energetic lately was because of me?

Princess Sofia stands up and places her slender hand on top of mine.

“Hero Makoto…I didn’t grant you a Divine Protection at the Water Temple, so you ended up becoming the Apostle of an Evil God, right? Please forgive my foolishness.” (Sofia)

She apologized in a voice that felt like it could disappear with the wind.


You were still bothered by that?

“U-Uhm, I am not bothered by that matter at all anymore.” (Makoto)

I answer with a different kind of nervousness than the one of before.

I held the hand of Princess Sofia.

“At that time, why didn’t I listen to your words…? Does the Water Oracle even have eyes? It can’t be helped that people would say that of me.” (Sofia)

“That’s…” (Makoto)

I know that rumor.

Fuji-yan told me.

So Princess Sofia knew about it too.

What should I say…?

When I take a good look at Princess Sofia’s face, I can see fatigue in it.

“You don’t seem to be feeling well.” (Makoto)

“…I have hardly gotten any sleep lately. But the royalty of the Water Country can’t be carefree when the Sun Country is in danger. They have helped us out several number of times after all.” (Sofia)

Those words were filled with strength.

She really is one diligent princess.

Even though she is working this hard…

Princess Sofia should get some rest.

“What plans do you have after this?” (Makoto)

“I have 1 dinner plan, and 2 appointments.” (Sofia)

“Then, rest until then in your room. I will escort you.” (Makoto)

When I was about to let her hand go, she grabbed it back tightly.

“…Please stay with me.” (Sofia)

She said with an upward glance and a weak voice.

Eh, what’s with this girl? So cute.

I can’t reject this.

Or like, Princess Sofia’s cheeks are slightly red.

Is she drunk?

With just one glass of champagne?

No, we also had one bottle of wine, huh.

“Then, how about we sit over there?” (Makoto)

I don’t for what purpose it is there, but there’s a big sofa at the corner of the room.

I had Princess Sofia sit there, and after hesitating a bit, I also sat at her side.

Uuh, it is so fluffy.

About half of my body sunk in it.

“Can you lend me your shoulder for a bit?” (Sofia)

Saying this, Princess Sofia puts her head on my shoulder.

Like a highschool girl that is at the neighboring seat of the train, leaning on you and sleeping.

Her long hair tickled my cheek and a sweet scent reached my nose.

“This is my first time leaning on someone like this aside from father and mother.” (Sofia)

“…I-Is that so.” (Makoto)

“This is relaxing.” (Sofia)

I can’t relax at all though! 

Uhm, what should I do?

What do I do at a time like this?! 

Please tell me, Fuji-yan, Sakurai-kun!

(Push her down, Makoto!) (Noah)

Shut up, Noah-sama! 

Damn it, my Goddess is no good! 

My hand was held tightly.

The fingers of Princess Sofia entwined between my fingers. 

Is this what they call…the lover’s handhold?

“Fufu, your hand is warm.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia’s tone turned slightly childish.

It is like she is a bit drunk, and a bit spaced-out.

“…Will you…be staying in the Water Country from now on too?” (Sofia)

“Yeah, I will be.” (Makoto)

“For sure?” (Sofia)

“It is okay.” (Makoto)

“It…is…a promise…okay?” (Sofia)

Her voice gradually got lower.

“Kuuh…” (Sofia)

I could hear Princess Sofia’s breathing. 

She fell asleep, huh.

I should let her sleep for a while.

She seems to be tired.

(Haah…that really got me nervous. But this behaviour of Princess Sofia…) (Makoto)

I thought she didn’t hate me, but…

This is already…that, right?

I am not being way too self-conscious here, right?

I look at the beautiful profile face of the princess leaning on me.

Her straight and glossy hair was on her white skin.

Long eyelashes and small lips.

A beautiful sleeping face.

(Let’s not stare at the sleeping face of a girl.) (Makoto)

I began training my water magic using the side that Princess Sofia isn’t leaning on and killed time like that.


 After a while, I noticed a gaze and looked at my right shoulder.

…Two eyes were staring intently at me.

Princess Sofia had her eyes open.

“Princess Sofia, you have woken up?” (Makoto)

There’s no response.

The corners of Princess Sofia’s mouth slowly rise.

A chill ran down my back.

Sofia-sama’s smile.

(…No, this isn’t Princess Sofia.) (Makoto)

“Who…are you?” (Makoto)

With the face of Princess Sofia, with the voice of Princess Sofia, she said.

“Nice to meet you, child of Noah. I am the Water Goddess, Eir.” 

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