WM – Chapter 330: Goddess Noah

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TLN: Dear lord, this chapter was massive in a lot of meanings. I am amazed that the author is throwing out so many chapters so fast that are THIS long. It is crazy.

Anyways, enjoy this one big chapter!


◇Goddess Noah’s Recollection◇

…I woke up. 

A short sleep of mere centuries. 

‘Fuuh’, I yawned lightly. 

I string up words just like that. 

—My cute Spirits. How is the world doing? 

Almost all of my Divinity has been sealed, but I can hear the voices of the planet’s Spirits. 

I have the Spirits tell me what happened while I was sleeping. 

I don’t know things in really close detail. 

Only a rough idea of history. 

I directed my ears towards the whispers of the Spirits. 


I sigh.

Nothing has changed. 

It is a boring world that has been tied up by the rules of the strict Althena. 

I space out looking at the ceiling of the Deep Sea Temple. 

Just when I was thinking about taking another nap…

“Good morning, Noah~! Feeling good~? You finally woke up, you sleepyhead☆.” 

A carefree voice resonated in the silent Deep Sea Temple. 

When I faced there, there was the frivolous-looking Goddess with a frilly dress directing a smile at me. 

Water Goddess, Eir. 

The Goddess that was left with the management of the Deep Sea Temple by Neptune. 

She is also the Goddess that would come here every so often to keep an eye on me (play).

…A noisy one has come. 

“There’s no need to make such a headache-inducing voice like that. I can hear you.” (Noah)

“Eh~? Are you in a bad mood from just waking up, Noah? Here, you have bed hair~. I will fix it up for you☆.” (Eir)

Saying this, she hugged me from behind and began to fix my hair without my permission. 

It is hard to think that she is an Olympian Goddess that is a natural enemy of us Titan Gods. 

“Fufu~, beautiful hair as always~.” (Eir)

“Hmph, that’s obvious.” (Noah)

I sighed and let her touch my hair as she pleased. 

Eir is a young Goddess.

She wasn’t even born before the Divine Realm War 15 million years ago. 

That’s why she can mingle with me carefreely despite me being a rival God.

That said, the only one who acts so familiar with me is this Water Goddess.

That’s probably why she is the one given the job to keep an eye on me though.

“Hey hey, Noah, the Great Demon Lord is soon going to be reborn into this planet. Did you know that?” (Eir)

After Eir finished fixing my hair, she whispered that into my ear. 

Looks like this was the main topic. 

Of course, I have heard that from the Spirits of the planet. 

“Heh, is that so? I didn’t know.” (Noah)

There’s no way I should know since I am imprisoned in the Deep Sea Temple and sealed. 

That’s why I had no choice but to say that. 

“Then, I will tell you, okay?!” (Eir)

The Water Goddess said that and spoke nonstop all proudly. 

However, I really didn’t know the details about it, so there was a lot of new information. 

What made me the most curious was…

“…You are going to summon otherworlders? The world is going to get chaotic.” (Noah)

“That was the decision of Althena-neesama. Also, there’s no Hero that is suitable for the Light Hero skill in this world.” (Eir)

“The Light Hero… The skill given to the Hero 1,000 years ago, right? The skill that goes ‘if you are showered by the light of the sun, you can win against any enemy’, was it? I am impressed she could make a crazy skill like that. Won’t that person become the next Great Demon Lord if they get such a skill?” (Noah)

“That’s why we summon a person with a heart of gold! There was a kind girl called Anna-chan 1,000 years ago, but humans have become arrogant~.” (Eir)

“You are saying it as if it is someone else’s business, but it is the world you people are managing.” (Noah)

What a baffling statement. 

That said, the Water Goddess is a Goddess that doesn’t interfere much with the Mortal Realm which makes her values the most similar to mine. 

My style is to lend my hand a little bit only when my believers are in trouble. 

She also made me listen to her complaints about how the Water Country is being looked down upon by other countries, saying ‘War sucks, right?’.

I honestly don’t care. 

“Then, I will come again, okay~?☆” (Eir)

“You don’t have to come ever again.” (Noah)

“There you go again~. I know you are happy to see me.” (Eir)

After chatting for a bit, she easily brushed off my insults and left. 

And then, I look back at the conversation from just now. 

(…Otherworlders, huh.) (Noah)

A rash action unlike that of Althena who prefers to do strict management and I haven’t seen for a while. 

That’s probably just how on edge she is about the revival of the Great Demon Lord.

“I wonder if there will be a wonderful child that will become my believer.” (Noah)

I mutter this. 

At that moment, I didn’t even feel the slightest of chances. 

Time felt like an eternity since I was sealed.

An unchanging scenery. 

Anything that happens outside the Deep Sea Temple has nothing to do with me. 

I can’t get out from here anyways.

I laid on my side and closed my eyes just like that. 

◇Few Months After◇

“Hey hey, Noah, which child piques your interest?” (Eir)

“All the main ones have already been recruited by you Holy Gods…” (Noah)

I watch the video of the Water Temple that was projected with the magic of Eir. 

As Eir said before, there were people who wandered into this world there. 

Around 30 otherworlders in total. 

By the way, they weren’t forcefully ‘spirited away’, but brought here just when they were about to lose their lives from an ‘unfortunate accident’.

And so, they have been brought to this world.

Otherworlders usually get powerful skills, but it is extremely rare for so many to appear at once. 

Because of that, the Goddesses that are in charge of the West Continent ordered their Oracles to invite the otherworlders to their own territories. 

Using fame and wealth as bait.

(Can a self-interested group like that win against the Great Demon Lord?) (Noah)

It is a point I am curious about, but it has nothing to do with me. 

And so, the ones staying in the Water Temple are the ones who weren’t blessed with powerful skills. 

Even though they were classmates in their original world, a clear difference had been created, and their hearts seem to be wasted. 

(Aah, so pitiful…) (Noah)

The world is unfair, right? 

But it can’t be helped. 

Do your best. 

At that moment, I noticed that the Water Goddess was staring at me intently. 

“What?” (Noah)

“Was there anyone who caught your eye, Noah?” (Eir)

None. Isn’t that obvious? The strong ones have already been made the believers of you all.” (Noah)

“There’s decently strong ones within the remaining… Of course, they will seem lacking compared to your Apostle 1,000 years ago though.” (Eir)

“Cain…huh. What I did to that child was bad.” (Noah)

He was a strong child. 

He held outstanding strength even within the Apostles until now. 

That’s why I used almost all of the adamantite that I had hidden to create his sacred treasures. 

Because of that, he has carved his name in history as the Hero Killer even after 1,000 years. 

…Thanks to that, my infamy as an Evil God has increased though.

Compared to Cain, I don’t see any shining talent from the children that are currently in the Water Temple. 

They are peaceful children. 

“See you later, Noah. When you have decided on a believer, tell me, okay?☆” (Eir)

Eir left with her usual smile. 

Even though she knows that I can’t recruit them when they are still in the Water Temple. 

I think back on the conversation of just now in the Deep Sea Temple where there’s no one now. 

—Was there anyone who caught your eye, Noah?


I lied. 

There’s actually one child that caught my eye.

But I am not sure. 

Even though I usually would go ‘let’s make that child my Apostle!’ at one glance. 

Despite his friends with strong skills leaving one after the other, there was only one peculiar young boy who was training his magic with glittery eyes. 

A pitiful child that, despite being a water magic user, he was told by the Water Oracle ‘you lack training’.

He must have taken that to heart, he continued training the whole time day and night. 

And yet, he is not getting any results at all. 

He is the one with the lowest stats and skills within the otherworlders. 

—His name is apparently Takatsuki Makoto.

For some reason, he piqued my interest. 

“…What to do.” (Noah)

I can only make one of them into my believer. 

I must choose carefully. 

That said, I have infinite time. 

It is not like I have to force myself here to choose someone. 

I could see him off and that’s it, but…

“Heya there, Noah-kun. You are making quite the complicated expression there. That’s a waste of your cute face.” 

A pretentious and annoying voice rang from my back. 

The one there when I turned around was a silver haired and darkish skin woman looking down at me with a grin. 

“Nyaru? What did you come here for?” (Noah)

I say this in a sour tone. 

1,000 years ago, I rode on her invitation and added my precious Apostle Cain to the subordinates of the Great Demon Lord. 

—“The Great Demon Lord this time around is strong, Noah-kun! I am sure he will be dyeing this world in darkness! The ruling of the planet Noah will change to the Devil Gods! Instead of being on the receiving end, you should take away the control of the Holy Gods from this planet! Want to ride on this wave together? My Oracle has already turned! Don’t worry, I have already finished talking with the Devil God King, Typhon. If you join their side, I am sure they will even destroy the seal of the Deep Sea Temple.” 

In hindsight, what she said was suspicious. 

But I was already dead tired of this world controlled by Althena, so I ended up going along with that suggestion. 

…The result was…a resounding failure.

It is true that he was a decently strong Great Demon Lord compared to the ones that have shown up before, but he didn’t have the power to erase the control of the Holy Gods.

In the end, the Great Demon Lord and my Apostle were defeated by the cheat-like skill that Althena made, the Light Hero skill.

I was labeled an Evil God, and I was now in a situation where it was difficult to even make a single believer. 

The country that worshiped Naia fell. 

But Naia was originally a Goddess that had no interest in the Mortal Realm. 

She didn’t try to rebuild her fallen country and just left it be. 

The only one who got the short end of the stick was me. 

“Because of you, my standing worsened even more. Disappear already.” (Noah)

“Standing? Oi oi, I find it hard to believe that’s coming from the Goddess of freedom, Noah, who tried to cause the last Divine Realm War by picking a fight with the heavens. Could it be that you want to get along with the Holy Gods? Since when did you become such a loser?” (Naia)

Forget leaving, Naia got close to the point that our noises would touch as she provoked me. 

Angered by that, I pushed her down and said this in a low tone.

“I will kill you.” (Noah)

“Oooh, scary scary. Your angry face really is the most beautiful, Noah-kun.” (Naia)

Naia had a happy face for some reason. 

…What’s with this girl? 

“I don’t even feel like getting angry…” (Noah)

I subdue my anger. 

“And so, what’s your business here?” (Noah)

“Fufufu…I have come with a nice proposal for you. I wanted to apologize for the matter of 1,000 years ago, you see.” (Naia)

“You think I am going to believe you?” (Noah)

“It is understandable that you wouldn’t believe me, but can you look at this?” (Naia)

Saying this, the Moon Goddess snaps her fingers. 

When she did, a whole lot of projections appeared in midair. 

“Aren’t those the otherworlders…?” (Noah)

Just when I was about to say ‘why now?’ I noticed something.

There’s a lot of unfamiliar faces. 

These people…are not the ones that are in the care of the Water Temple? 

“Nyaru, who are these ones?” (Noah)

“The ones who couldn’t be transferred to this world.” (Naia)

“Couldn’t be transferred… So transmigrassion.” (Noah)

I get it now. 

The ones that Eir has sheltered in the Water Temple are transferees. 

And the ones that Naia is showing me are the transmigrated.

“Don’t you think the Holy Gods are stupid? Even though they are the ones who called them, they missed this.” (Naia)

“A Lamia Queen child…an Ancient God human…there’s even the daughter of the Ice Queen that has ruled the Arctic for a long time… Hmm.” (Noah)

The children that their bodies couldn’t handle the parallel world transfer and were reborn. 

There’s a lot who have stronger abilities than the ones transferred. 

“Look at the abilities of the Lamia child. She has as many as 5 souls.” (Naia)

“Heeh… Interesting. Isn’t that the same power as a Legendary Hero of ancient times?” (Noah)

The great dungeon of the West Continent. 

There was a girl that had been transmigrated as a Lamia child. 

She has outstanding physical power and powerful skills. 

It is true that she would become an outstanding warrior if she were to be raised.

There’s a lot of them with Hero class strength. 

“This one here is also interesting.” (Naia)

The one Naia pointed at was a plump man. 

Looking at his abilities…

“Heart Voice Record… On a different planet, it is a skill that could have managed world domination.” (Noah)

“Exactly! If it only read your mind, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The difference is that you can keep a record of it forever, and you can read it at any time. If it had been a world with a bit more of an advanced civilization, he could have obtained hegemony. Depending on how he plays it, it would be easy for him to take over a country. Are you interested, Noah-kun?” (Naia)

“But it seems like he is a believer of the Destiny Goddess, Ira, you know?” (Noah)

“About that…Ira-kun hasn’t noticed how important he is. Even though he is the owner of such a skill, she is leaving him be. Him being a merchant in a small city of the Water Country is proof of this… Then, shouldn’t it be fine to steal him away?” (Naia)

Naia grins. 

A transmigrated that the Goddesses missed and the transferee that has hidden potential, huh…

It certainly might be interesting. 

Especially that transmigrated Lamia, she isn’t a believer of any Goddess. 

I think about it for a bit. 

And then, I speak. 

“I won’t. I am thinking of making this one my believer.” (Noah)

Saying this, I pointed at the boy that is training in the Water Temple. 

The one who is doing his best training his really weak Water Magic: Elementary. 

“…Him? Won’t he die immediately?” (Naia)

Naia made a dubious expression.

“His abilities are…hmm, it seems he at least has a unique skill. However, he is way too weak. I don’t think he is worth becoming your Apostle, Noah-kun.” (Naia)

“Isn’t that fine? It isn’t that bad to support a child that is working hard, right?” (Noah)

“You are whimsical after all, Noah-kun. Well, do as you please. I will be leaving now. I am being called by a different world.” (Naia)

“You show your face at way too many places.” (Noah)

“I am popular after all☆.” (Naia)

At the end, Nyaru threw a ‘Different from a certain someone’, so I kicked her back with full force. 

‘So cruel~’, Naia said laughing as she left. 

I once again look at the young boy training in the Water Temple.

Eir and Naia had the same opinion. 

They don’t feel any possibilities from that boy. 

But I felt a faint something as if a small bone was stuck in my throat. 

That’s why I was thinking of meeting him.


“Then, can you please lend me your Soul Book?” (Noah)

The boy that had been driven out from the Water Temple after the 1 year shelter time had passed…Takatsuki Makoto. 

I made contact with him. 

I used the little adamantite I had left and created the best sacred treasure knife. 

I casted a disguising spell and threw it from the Deep Sea Temple. 

I asked the Spirits of the planet to send it to him. 

Passed it from creature to creature, and at the end, a goblin wandering the Water Country picked it up, and after Takatsuki Makoto defeated it, it ended up in his hands.

A connection was made between him and me, and I called his spiritual body to my place. 

Until then, it had gone exactly as planned. 

The problem came from here on. 

(M-My Charm isn’t working…?!) (Noah)

Even though I should be able to Charm even Gods! 

What with this boy?! 

Strange, strange, strange, strange, strange, definitely strange. 

My mind was in chaos, but I somehow managed to make him my believer after pleading. 

And in this way, I somehow managed to obtain a believer after 1,000 years, and I got his Soul Book in order to confirm his skills. 

I pass an eye over it. 

It doesn’t even take 1 second if it is just understanding what’s written. 

Low stats and skills that are not that strong. 

But within those, my eyes stopped at some strange letters. 

RPG Player skill. 

—[M■■■■E■■■■■] activation times (2).

(What’s this?) (Noah)

I couldn’t read it.

I should be able to decode any language in this universe with just a few seconds, yet I can’t do it even when I strain my eyes. 

That I can’t read it means that even the Sun and Moon Goddess can’t read it. 

Those two have almost the same level of Divinity as me. 

That’s why no one knows what this power is about. 

What could be possible with it? 

No, more importantly, is it fine for this boy to be my believer? 

I don’t know what he could do. 

In other words, this is a gamble. 

(It might be interesting…) (Noah)

A boy who my Charm doesn’t work despite not even Gods being able to resist it. 

A skill that even a High Divinity like me can’t understand.

Just what will this boy bring about? 

It excites me. 

(But it seems like it would be better to hide this skill.) (Noah)

I tinker with the Soul Book. 

The cryptic [M■■■■E■■■■■] letters were invisible now. 

With this…we are good to go! 

“I have high expectations of you.” (Noah)

I told him that at the end and directed a smile at him, who is now my believer. 

He directed me a dubious look all the way through, but he showed a smile at the end. 


“Eh…? What’s with this guy? He is not listening to me at all…” (Noah)

I have spoken to my only believer, Takatsuki Makoto, for a variety of things to guide him, but…he is a man that doesn’t listen to instructions. 

Even when I told him to treasure his life, he would plunge into monsters far above his mettle.

He would synchronize with a fire mage despite not having the affinity, almost dying. 

(This is my first time…having an Apostle like this…) (Noah)

Even with all that, he didn’t skim on his prayers and his faith was the real deal. 

I gave him the Spirit User skill.

It is a quirky skill that requires long training.

Now then, how far can he make it his own? 

While I was watching with that carefree attitude…

He saved the Light Hero at Laberintos. 

He became the Country Designated Hero of the Water Country. 

Won against the Lightning Hero at the Sun Country. 

Stopped the revival of a Demon Lord at the Wood Country.

He would walk on a tightrope every single time, mastering the use of the Spirits at every single instance.

Despite being my Apostle, he has good popularity with the Olympian Goddesses. 

The Water Goddess seems to have taken a liking to Makoto.

The Destiny Goddess has begun to acknowledge Makoto.

On top of that, even though it was because of the mess up of her little brother, the Sun Goddess lowered her head at him. 

I have never seen Althena lower her head in 10 million years. 

And then, Makoto stopped being my believer and journeyed off to the past. 

At that time, I already had a rough idea about the skill of Makoto.

But is there really a power like that? 

No matter how many times I see the Soul Book of Makoto, I still can’t read the weird letterings of the skill. 

In other words, it is a skill that I can’t control either. 

I continued observing that. 

Once Makoto returned from the past, he had become an inhuman being that has more than 5,000 Water Magic Proficiency. 

There has been no Mortal Realm resident in history who has been able to master water magic to this extent. 

(So Makoto seriously intends to come all the way to the Deep Sea Temple, huh.) (Noah)

If the Holy Gods were to hear this, they would snort. 

It is called one of the 3 Last Dungeons of this planet, but the reality is different. 

Leviathan, who protects the Deep Sea Temple, is a monstrosity for God use that has destroyed several planets in the Divine Realm War.

It is not a being that a mortal could stand against. 

(But…if it is Makoto…maybe…) (Noah)

He had something that made me think like that.

There’s only little I can do now. 

Just wait and believe. 

Unnecessary interference will instead be a hindrance.

That’s probably how that skill is. 

The type that has its possibilities widen with freedom.

The foolishness of a mortal challenging an interstellar scale Divine Beast.

The unbelievable possibility of actually doing it. 

When will that happen? 

That moment came faster than I thought. 

The secret scheme of the Moon Oracle. 

The remains of the revived Great Demon Lord.

Those have casted a fatal curse onto this planet.

This planet will slowly die. 

The Divine Realm must be in chaos right now. 

…Actually, I knew this would happen from way back.

The Holy Gods haven’t noticed.

The only ones who knew were me and the Moon Goddess.

The Moon Goddess has been coming to my place often recently. 

“Looks like the plan is going well.” (Naia)

This girl that is a sucker for interesting things seems to be having fun. 

As for me, I am half in doubt. 

“Hey, Nyaru, is this going to go well?” (Noah)

“Hmmm, the dangerous one would be the Ancient Dragon King. He is the only one the Apostle-kun might lose to.” (Naia)

“Then, I will lend a hand in that part only. Help me out in sending my spiritual body only to the Demonic Continent.” (Noah)

“You are a slave driver, Noah-kun. Well, that much is fine though. We get along so well after all.” (Naia)

She said this and wrapped her arm around my shoulder all familiarly. 

I slap it away. 

“More importantly… He definitely won’t be able to win against Leviathan on his own. Do you really plan on helping him? You would go against the Divine Realm Regulations, you know?” (Noah)

I directed a gaze of suspicion at my friend Goddess that I have known for long but have no trust in. 

“Fufufu…I will circumvent it properly. If the prediction of your Clairvoyance is perfect, the Divine Realm shouldn’t be able to notice my descent.” (Naia)

“…Will it really be okay?” (Noah)

We had that conversation. 

—And then, Makoto got through the defense of Leviathan and arrived at the Deep Sea Temple. 

(It is rare to see the Moon Goddess obediently do as she says.) (Noah)

That’s unexpected.

I thought she would definitely pull something weird there. 

She might have taken a liking to Makoto. 

(Well, that’s my prided Apostle after all.) (Noah)

A smile leaked out from me. 

…He will soon be arriving here. 

Going through such recklessness, my cute cute Makoto.

How should I praise him?

My Divinity has returned already. 

I have regained my powers as a Goddess. 

I can do anything. 

I could also twist the neck of the annoying Leviathan that has been imprisoning me this whole time. 


I can do something like that at any time.

The plan is still midway. 

The last touches. 

It is from here on.

…Now, come. 

My cute cute Makoto. 

◇Takatsuki Makoto’s POV◇

…I walk through the tough marble corridor of the temple while making echoing footsteps.

The inside of the building is overflowing with a strange light. 

How long have I been walking? 

After I parted from the Moon Goddess and Queen Noel, and entered the building, my sense of time has become vague. 

Was it just recently? Or has it already been 10 minutes? 

I can’t even tell that. 

“Noah-sama…?” (Makoto)

But I didn’t slow down my walking speed.

For some strange reason, I am sure that Noah-sama lies ahead. 

(Should I try calling her in a loud voice?) (Makoto)

Noah-sama should be the only one here. 

Deciding this, I take a deep breath and…


A beautiful melting voice resonated in my ears.

And then, rainbow light covered the surroundings and the scenery changed. 

A breathtaking flowerbed blooming in the whole area. 

I was being taken in by the ephemeral flowers that I have never seen before. 

I thought it was an illusion created from magic, but the scent of the flowers, the sensation of dirt at my feet, and the petals I could feel the dampness of when touching them were all things that make me think this is real. 

And there’s countless Spirits playing around in that beautiful flowerbed. 

Water Spirits, Fire Spirits, Earth Spirits, Wind Spirits…and Spirits that I have never seen before. 

Spirits that I normally shouldn’t even be able to see had shown up.

My heart was taken away by that sight. I looked around…and my gaze stopped at a certain place.

“Nice to see you have come.” 

Long, pretty, and glittering silver hair.

Blue eyes sparkling like a star.

White skin as pristine as snow. 

At the time when I fought the Great Demon Lord…

At the time when I faced the Moon Goddess and the Sun Goddess…

The time when I challenged Leviathan…

—There was pressure and awe that surpassed any of those instances to the point that I couldn’t breath.

The appearance of Noah-sama when I was talking to her in my dreams is unchanging. 

And yet, the trembling of my body doesn’t stop. 

“What’s the matter, Makoto? Making a weird face like that.” (Noah)

Noah-sama made a dumbfounded expression.

There’s Noah-sama who I can touch if I were to take 10 steps to the front. 

I still haven’t opened my mouth. 

Even though I should say something, I couldn’t think of anything. 

“You are so weird, Makoto.” (Noah)

Noah-sama giggled and slowly approached me. 

The beautiful flowers were being crushed under the feet of Noah-sama…or not. It is as if the flowers were opening up a path for her like living beings.

Noah-sama advanced through that flower path. 

“Hey, what’s the matter~? Are you not happy to meet me~?” (Noah)

Noah-sama arrived right in front of me and tilted her head, peeking at my face. 

This is when I finally returned to my senses. 

I hurriedly kneel like usual.

“I have conquered the Deep Sea Temple and have come to meet you, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I was watching. Thanks. As expected of my Makoto, who I am so proud of.” (Noah)

She placed a hand on my shoulder and spoke words of appreciation. 

Her hand placed on my shoulder was so hot I felt as if I would burn for a second there. 

And then, I finally feel the reality of it. 

The Noah-sama in front of me is not a dream but the real deal. 

And she is a Goddess that has regained her power after the seal has been undone. 

The Noah-sama shining rainbow had the sense of omnipotence that made me feel as if she would be able to grant me any wish. 

A beautiful voice was strung with her pretty light pink lips.

“Hey, Makoto, what is your wish?” (Noah)

Noah-sama makes the most exquisite of smiles as she looked straight into my eyes and asked me this. 

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