WM – Chapter 135: The Kanan Village ablaze

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The one who noticed the abnormality first was Sa-san.

“Takatsuki-kun, doesn’t it smell weird? As if something is burning…” (Aya)

“No, not really…” (Makoto)

By the time we came out from the Demonic Forest and arrived at the Great Forest, it was just before dawn. 

It had been several hours since we departed.

Honestly speaking, the tension I had had cleared up by that time.

That’s why I was late in noticing the abnormality.

“Hey, look at that. Smoke is…” (Aya)

“That’s the direction of Lucy’s village!” (Makoto)

The closer we got to the village, the stronger that bad feeling got.

Dry air and the strong smell of smoke were stimulating my nostrils.

“Let’s hurry!” (Makoto)

I run.

“Takatsuki-kun, hold onto me!” (Aya)

I was pulled by Sa-san, and hurried to the Kanan Village.

The closer we got to the village, the clearer we saw the fire rising.

(Damn it! This wasn’t the time to be leisurely exploring!) (Makoto)

The Great Forest is burning.

The magic trees that are difficult to burn were being covered in lively fire.

We avoid the fire as we head towards the Kanan Village.

We found a charred corpse.

My heartbeat grew faster.

I could hear myself gulping.

I hesitantly approach that corpse and…check it.

(One of the elves in the welcoming banquet of yesterday…has…hm?) (Makoto)

At that moment, I noticed.

“Takatsuki-kun! This corpse is a zombie!” (Aya)

“…Looks like it.” (Makoto)

Not an elf.

It is charred so it is hard to tell at a glance, but when looking at it from up-close, I could tell immediately.

One of the many undead we met at the Demonic Forest.

What’s the meaning of this?

Undead attacked the Kanan Village?

“Sa-san, let’s go!” (Makoto)

“Okay!” (Aya)

We move deeper into the village.

“Uwaaa…” “That’s incredible…” 

It was like a hellscape.

There were charred corpses here and there.

They were all former undead.

(Wasn’t regular fire magic ineffective against undead?) (Makoto)

I think I learned that at the Water Temple.

What’s most effective against undead is sun magic.

Well, I couldn’t use fire magic or sun magic, so I didn’t listen seriously though…

While I was thinking that, we arrived at Lucy’s home that’s deep in the village.

“Makoto! Aya!” 

An elf with bright red hair runs towards us.


“Lu-chan!” “Lucy!” 

Sa-san and Lucy hug each other tightly.

I am glad she is alright.

I could see Furiae-san, Prince Leonard, and Janet-san together with the other knights.

And it looks like Lucy’s family as well as the elves of the village are okay. 

“Lucy, what happened?” (Makoto)

“A High Demon that’s the confidant of the Immortal King, Shuri, brought a whole lot of her undead subordinates and attacked the village.” (Lucy)

“Immortal King’s confidant, Shuri…” (Makoto)

One of the other executives of Bifrons that Setekh was talking about.

“And so, any casualties?” (Makoto)

Just how many people were…

“Eh? No one really got injured.” (Lucy)


The flat response of Lucy made Sa-san and I let out dumbfounded voices.

Wait a moment.

No one injured?

With this big of a fire?

“The village is burning though! Also, did Shuri come with low numbers?” (Makoto)

“Aah…the village is burning because…” (Lucy)

Lucy seemed like she was having a hard time trying to say it, and when I look at where her eyes are pointing at…

“Everyone, extinguish the fire in a way that the fire doesn’t reach the sacred tree!” (Wolt)

“Yes, Ojii-chan!” 

“It would be terrible if the barrier of the village were to be gone!” 

“The fire magic of Mama isn’t going out at all though!” 

“What do we do about the burning houses?!” 

“Give up on the houses! We can remake them quickly with wood magic!” 

“More importantly, can you tell Rosalie-san to hold back on her magic a bit more…?” 

“…If I could do that, we wouldn’t be suffering this…” (Wolt)

I could hear those conversations.


“Lucy, could this possibly be…” (Makoto)

“…Y-Yeah, Mama is fighting the confidant of the Immortal King and his army all alone. These are…the sparks of it?” (Lucy)

The village burning was the doing of a relative?! 

“I heard rumors about it, but the magic of the Crimson Witch really is on another level. Facing an army of 5,000 undead alone…” (Leo)

“5,000?!” “Alone?!” 

Sa-san and I were shocked by what Prince Leonard said.

“I thought of helping her out too, but I was stopped and told that I would just get caught in it and die…” (Janet)

Janet-san seemed to be dejected.

“Ah! Look there!” (Aya)

At the place where Sa-san pointed at.


A Dragon Zombie was punched by a person burning bright red, and was sent flying.

When I look at the red person with [Farsight], I could tell that it was the elf that resembled Lucy who I met the other day.

She really was Rosalie-san.

But her body was burning red.

Or like, she is literally burning?

“Lucy, is that your mother? Isn’t she burning?” (Makoto)

“That’s…Mama’s Spirit Armor technique.” (Lucy)

“What’s that?” (Makoto)

It is the first time I hear about that technique.

Is it a special skill?

Fire and Wind Spirit summoning!” (Rosalie)

Using [Eavesdrop], I heard the voice of Lucy’s Mother.

At that moment, I saw as if the mana in the air was boiling.

(Wow. Spirit Summoning? You can do that…?) (Makoto)

I couldn’t see them, but I could hear the Spirits getting noisy.

They are probably at the side of Lucy’s Mother -the Fire and Wind Spirits.

And then, Lucy’s Mother began to shine an even stronger red.

A giant fire pillar suddenly appeared.

A spell that is several times more powerful than the high rank spell, Firestorm.

A large number of monsters were caught in it and were burning.

The houses of the Kanan Village were also burning along.

“Aah! My hooouse!!” 

One of the elves screamed.

Was one of the houses his…?

My condolences…

Even more monsters were gathering around the mother of Lucy.

They all seemed to be undead, but there were also zombies that resembled wyverns, griffons, and harpies.

It easily surpassed a 1,000…

I could see Lucy’s Mother’s mouth warp into a grin.

She is a person that enjoys fighting.

“[Fire Magic: Phoenix Flock]!” (Rosalie)

Several Fire Phoenixes appear.

“Ahahahahaha! Burn! Sticks!” (Rosalie)

I could hear the loud laughter of the Crimson Witch-san.

Uwaah, she is shooting a whole lot of Monarch Spells while laughing.


“She kinda resembles you, Lu-chan.” (Aya)

“Aah, true. The part about ‘turn into ashes’.” (Makoto)

“Makoto! Aya?! Do I get like that?!” (Lucy)

Lucy looked at us as if saying that’s rude.

But you do resemble her a bit, you know?

You are not as crazy though.

After a while, the explosions from the spells subsided and it got silent.

“Is it over?” 

“Did she defeat the Demon Lord confidant too?” 

“In the first place, why did the High Demon Shuri come here?” 

There’s hundreds of villages in the Wood Country.

Why the village that I am in from all of them?

“…It is probably my fault.” 

The one who came apologetically was the Wood Oracle, Flona-san.

“Flona-oneechan?”, Lucy asks.

“Shuri came here to kill the Hero and Oracle.” (Flona)

“I see.” (Makoto)

The executive of the Beast King Jinbara also said they would be clashing with the Hero.

So they are really aiming for key figures like the Heroes and Oracles.

“I am sorry…Chief. Because of me, this situation…” (Flona)

Flona-san lowers her head.

“Listen here! The fire still hasn’t been extinguished! Be careful when dealing with the fire! …Flona, don’t worry about it. Being targeted by the Demon Lord army is practically like the destiny of an Oracle. We are family. We have to help each other out.” (Wolt)

“…Yes, thank you very much.” (Flona)

The Village Chief kindly comforts Flona-san as he gives orders.

What a busy person.

“Or more like, is Lucy’s Mother not coming here?” (Makoto)

I want to meet her once more.

And have her teach me Spirit Magic! 

“Yeah, totally! She’s gotta deal with the aftermath of her own fire! Burning everything on her own whim!” (Wolt)

“Now now, Ojii-chan. Thanks to Mother Rosalie, we managed to fight off the demons…” 

The sister of Lucy calms down the angry Chief.

A slightly relaxed air flows.

At that moment when the tension loosened…

“Oracle of the Wood Goddess!” 

A female demon rained down from the sky?! 

Black hair and pure white skin; a beautiful woman with red eyes.


“This one is Shuri!” 

“Protect Flona!” 

We and the elves of the village run to protect Flona-san, but…

“Too slow!” 

Shuri swings down her red bladed sword!

She was faster!

“Flona-neechan!” (Lucy)

The desperate voice of Lucy echoes.

We could only watch as Flona-san was about to be killed…

“Too bad, you are the slow one.” 


A burning red elf suddenly appeared and grabbed the neck of Shuri with one hand.

By the time I noticed, the sword in her hand had been slapped off.

“You are the legendary Demon Lord’s subordinate, Shuri? I heard you were the confidant of the Demon Lord Bifrons that ruled over half of the West Continent though… I was expecting you to be a lot stronger than this, but this was quite the disappointment.” (Rosalie)

The mother of Lucy tightens the grip on Shuri’s neck with a sadistic smile.

Let me correct myself.

Lucy has never made that kinda face.

She doesn’t resemble her at all.

“Dark Magic: [Cloak of Darkness]!” (Shuri)

Shuri’s body is covered by a black Aura.

“Woah.” (Rosalie)

The mother of Lucy let go of her neck.

“You bastard…” (Shuri)

Shuri warped her pretty face into one of anger and glared at Lucy’s mother.

She was exuding dark mana into her surroundings.

A bad atmosphere spreads in the area.

“…Wuuh.” (Lucy)

Lucy grabbed the sleeve of my clothes.

The miasma that’s released from a strong demon apparently has the effect of chipping away on the mental strength of people with a weak heart.

“Lucy, use your [Calm] Skill.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah, I am, but…” (Lucy)

“Sa-san, are you okay?” (Makoto)

“I am…okay, I think. But that demon is strong.” (Aya)

Sa-san asserts. 

My Detection is also ringing out alarms and giving me a headache.

That’s a Calamity Designation.

But the one who is currently facing this Demon Lord confidant is the Crimson Witch, Rosalie J Walker.

“You are an energetic girl. I will be your opponent.” (Rosalie)

The Crimson Witch beckons her with composure.

Shuri glares at that gesture of hers with killing intent. 

The black mana Shuri is releasing has a pressure that makes it hard to breathe.

When I looked around, I could see that the elves of the village, and the knights of Janet-san were pale and stepping back.

The ones who can resist it are Sa-san, Furiae-san, the Chief, and Flona-san.

“Lucy, Prince Leonard, stay at the back of Sa-san and me.” (Makoto)

I stand in front of the two.

I may be unreliable, but it is better than having nothing.

“Thanks, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“I’m sorry, Makoto-niisan.” (Leo)

Against a Demon Lord executive class, [Calm] is not enough to maintain composure, huh…

This might be a topic to solve. 

In the time we were doing that, Shuri who is releasing her dark mana miasma was facing Rosalie-san who has a bright red Aura around her, and the tension was powerful enough that it felt like they might begin fighting at any moment now.

“Die!” (Shuri)

Shuri closes the distance on Rosalie-san in an instant.

A slash like that of a giant claw flew out from the right hand of Shuri.

Rosalie-san takes that attack head on?! 

“Mama?!” (Lucy)

Lucy screams.

But Lucy’s Mother was simply just slightly happy.

“Heeh…it hurt a bit. Then, it is my turn now.” (Rosalie)

“What?” (Shuri)

Before Shuri was able to say anything with a dubious expression…


With a sound like that of a traffic accident, the burning red fist of Rosalie-san pierced Shuri.

The moment her fist made contact, a gust of wind as if an explosion had happened spread out, and the pitiful demon is blown away.


We who were watching the battle were dumbfounded.

In one hit? 

Shuri had been sent flying into the burning fire.

“Okay~, we are done here~.” (Rosalie)

“As always, you use monstrous magic.” (Wolt)

“That’s horrible, Father! Calling your daughter a monster.” (Rosalie)

“Mother! You burned the village too much!” (Lucy)

“Aah, sorry sorry. But Flona-chan is okay, so isn’t it fine?” (Rosalie)

“It has been a while, mother-in-law, Rosalie-sama. I will help out in the restoration of the Kanan Village.” (Flona)

“You idiot! You are the Wood Goddess’s Oracle, you know?! There’s no way we can let you do such manual labour!” (Wolt)

Looks like they have switched to family talk.

The village is still burning though.

With the help of all the elves, the fire was slowly being extinguished. 

The moment everyone breathed a sigh of relief…

“You idiot!” 

A black lump jumped! 

That black shadow crashes onto Rosalie-san.

“Mama!” “Rosalie!” 

Lucy and the Village Chief as well as the other elves scream.

In the hand of Shuri there’s a red bladed sword, and it was pierced in the chest of Rosalie-san.

Rosalie-san slowly fell with a slightly surprised expression.

“Hmph, what stupidly powerful magic… But did you forget that I am an undead?” (Shuri)

Rosalie-san was still collapsed.

Shuri’s pure white skin, red eyes, and black hair…there were no noteworthy wounds. Only her clothes were in tatters, but her body was fine.

She regenerated completely?

“Now then, the hindrance is gone. Time to kill the Wood Oracle.” (Shuri)

Shuri glares at Flona-san.

“I won’t let you!” “Everyone, protect Flona-san!” 

The warriors of the elf village, Janet-san, and Prince Leonard take stances with their weapons while trembling.

“…That hurt a little bit. Now’s my turn, right?” 


Lucy’s Mother stands up while covered in fire.

The blade that had pierced her chest slid off and fell onto the ground.


Sa-san, the elves of the village, and me were taken by surprise.

“Impossible… Are you immortal?” (Shuri)

The Demon Lord confidant mutters dumbstruck.

“That’s rude. It is the Saint Rank Fire Magic, Flames of Rebirth. Don’t know about it?” (Rosalie)

She lightly brushes the place at her chest that was stabbed as she asks this.

The wound was already gone.

“B-But you can’t kill me with fire magic!” (Shuri)

As if saying the battle isn’t over, Shuri takes a stance with her sword.

But the smile of Rosalie-san was ever present.

“Really? Then, how about this?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san raises her hand into the sky.

She silently chants.

This might be the first time she chants something.

Massive amounts of mana begin to gather in the right hand of Rosalie-san.

“No good! Rosalie, that’s…!” (Wolt)

The Village Chief shouts in panic.

The village’s elves were moving back.

(Should we be taking cover too?) (Makoto)

While I was thinking this…

Saint Fire Magic: [Authority Angel, Principality].” (Rosalie)

That spell slowly took form.

What was floating in the air was a Fire Angel with big wings and humanoid form.

When compared to the Monarch Spell Phoenix, this spell is small.

However, the pressure it gives out can’t even be compared.

(The Seventh Seat Angel of the Saint Rank…) (Makoto)

What I was taught in the magic classes of the Water Temple is that Saint Rank Magic is a miracle that allows us to borrow the power of the Holy Gods.

Because of that, the magic takes the form of the subordinates of the Gods, Angels.

Saint Rank Magic can burn any enemies regardless of whether they are undead or not

“Kuh!” (Shuri)

Shuri must have understood that she was no match. She began to run away.

She disappeared in an instant.

“Ah! She is gone!” (Aya)

I could hear the mutter of Sa-san.

She ran away, huh…

But Rosalie-san smiled boldly.

“Destroy that demon, Authority Angel, Principality.” (Rosalie)


(T-The spell spoke?!) (Makoto)

The fire angel blurred out in an instant.

It chased after Shuri?

After a few seconds…


A terrifying fire pillar that shaped into a cross was raised far away.


A scream echoes.

(Exploding into a cross shape is just like the Light Sword of Sakurai-kun.) (Makoto)

I am reminded of that.

“Mama…did you finish it?” (Lucy)

As if answering Lucy, Rosalie-san’s burning red aura slowly subsided.

Her red hair slowly returns to her glossy blonde.

Her red eyes went back to her clear blue eyes.

She doesn’t have a single wound. 

Her pretty face turns towards us.

“Easy, right?” (Rosalie)

That smile of hers with a face similar to that of Lucy was way too pure of a smile for someone called the Crimson Witch.

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