WM – Chapter 129: Takatsuki Makoto departs

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“Makoto-san! We will be able to travel together! I am happy!” (Leo)

Saying this, Prince Leonard grabs my hand tightly.

“Same here, I will be counting on you.” (Makoto)

Right, Prince Leonard will be going to Spring Log with us.

To think he would be this happy about it.

But I am still in bed.

At this rate, I won’t be able to change clothes.

“Leo, you are troubling Hero Makoto. That’s enough.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia reprimands him.

But Prince Leonard ignores his sister’s words.

“Right, Makoto-san, I heard that you are engaged with Sofia-neesama! In other words, you are my brother. From now on, I will be calling you Makoto-niisan, okay?!” (Leo)

“Huh?” (Makoto)

Is that way of calling me already settled?

Also, you are so close your breath is reaching me and it is getting me nervous here.

“Leo!” (Sofia)

“Well then, see you later!” (Leo)

Prince Leonard runs off.


Princess Sofia and I look at each other.

I scratch my cheek and give her a wry smile.

“Prince Leonard is an energetic boy, isn’t he?” (Makoto)

“…You are liked quite a lot by Leo, aren’t you?” (Sofia)

“…Why are you looking at me with those eyes of suspicion, Sofia?” (Makoto)

“Nothing.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia averts her gaze sulkish.

That profile of hers is similar to Prince Leonard’s, and it really hammers the fact that they really are siblings.

And then, my head that was slowly waking up reminded me of the words of Eir-sama.

Actually, at this rate, Rozes might perish.

Does Princess Sofia know about this?

“Sofia, have you heard anything from Eir-sama?” (Makoto)

“…Anything, as in?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia tilts her head.

“About Rozes, and about the danger of the Demonic Forest…” (Makoto)

I choose my words carefully and ask her.

“No, nothing… Could it be that you spoke to Eir-sama?! What did you talk about?!” (Sofia)

“T-That’s not it. I simply spoke to my own Goddess, Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly lied, but I wonder if what Eir-sama said way back ‘keep it a secret from everyone, okay?’ is still active.

“I see… Hero Makoto, a guest has come to visit you. Once you finish changing, please come.” (Sofia)

After saying this, Princess Sofia leaves the room.



“It has been a while, Water Country’s Hero.” 

In the room, there’s an attractive female knight with golden armor and sharp eyes.

If I remember correctly, she is…

“Uhm, are you the little sister of the Lightning Hero, Geralt Valentine, and the captain of the Pegasus Knights Division, right?” (Makoto)

“…My name is not that long. I am Janet Valentine.” 

She narrows her eyes and corrects me with a slightly strong tone.

Right right, Janet-san. I remember now.

Why is she here in Makkaren?

“I requested it. I asked Princess Noel if she could lend us some soldiers for you when going to the Wood Country.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia tells me.

“Be thankful. In order to cross the Great Forest, we of the Pegasus Knight Division are the best choice.” (Janet)

“I see… But can’t we just go using the Flying Ship?” (Makoto)

I am sorry for Janet-san who is getting all haughty here, but I feel like it would be more peaceful for me and easier if we were to move with the Flying Ship of Fuji-yan as we always do.

“Takki-dono, that won’t be possible-desu zo.” 

“Oh, Fuji-yan. Since when did you get here?” (Makoto)

I noticed now that Fuji-yan and Nina-san had come to our house as well.

There’s apparently a variety of dragons living in the Great Forest, and if we were to use the Flying Ship, we would end up being targeted.

I was indeed told before that the areas where we would encounter dragons had been removed from the travelling path of the ship.

The many Green Dragons that inhabit the Great Forest.

It is true that the Flying Ship would be in danger if we were to be attacked by those guys.

(Can’t be helped…) (Makoto)

The Pegasus Knights that we fought together with for a little bit in the Sun Country.

If I remember correctly, there were a lot of women that had really hard to deal with personalities in it…

“T-This is terrible!” 

At that moment, a female knight that seems to be the subordinate of Janet-san (her armor has the crest of the Sun Country) came into the room in a hurry.

“A giant appeared in the city! We are fighting it, but our attacks are not working at all!” 

“Ah, crap!” (Makoto)

The Titan Old Man!

“Makoto, this is bad!” (Lucy)

“A monster apparently appeared in the city!” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san also hurriedly tried to go out, but…

“Sorry, I was the one who called it!” (Makoto)


Everyone here turned towards me.

Yeah, I am really sorry!


There’s a Giant shining in seven colors standing there.


Everyone there was lacking in words.

“It has been a while…boy.” 

“Hello, it has indeed been a while, Titan-sama.” (Makoto)

I greeted the Titan Old Man.

There’s an astounding amount of mana swirling around his body that shines in seven colors.

It is as if he is overflowing with even more strength than the last time we met, or more like, he wasn’t at his best last time.

By the way, the female knights on their knees at the back of the Old Man were unable to injure the Old Man a single bit even when they attacked him with their all, so they are sullen right now.

Or maybe they are being overwhelmed by the pressure of the Titan Old Man.

“…Tell me your request.” 

“You see, I want you to reinforce the ramparts of Makkaren.” (Makoto)

I told him about the monster stampede that occurred recently and told him about my request.

“…Fumu, so that’s how it is… I don’t mind, but what should I do exactly?” 

“Eh? …Do a good job?” (Makoto)

“…Even if you tell me that…” 

The Titan Old Man made a troubled expression.

Hm? Was this not the right way to ask?

“Takki-dono, Titan-sama! I have a blueprint here-desu zo. I would like you to reinforce the city’s ramparts in this way.” (Fuji)

“Fuji-yan, when did you prepare something like that?” (Makoto)

Wow, he is perfectly prepared.

“When I heard that you would be requesting this of the Titan-sama, I immediately searched for a draftman, and got the approval of Chris-dono. If we make it exactly as this blueprint shows, there shouldn’t be any problems-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“…Show me… Fumu, okay.” 

That’s a relief.

It really saved me that Fuji-yan was here.

I thought that since he is a God, he would be able to draw something out on his own if I were to ask.

“…I can’t do that much.” 

He read my mind and retorted.

“Ah, yes. I am sorry.” (Makoto)

There’s no privacy in this world.

“…Well then, move away.” 

The Titan Old Man says this, goes on his knees, and places his hands on the ground.

His already massive amount of mana covering his body had even more mana gather around him.

An amount of mana that far surpasses what I saw from the Great Water Spirit, Undine.

The Pegasus Knights and the bodyguards of Princess Sofia went pale white after seeing that.

(Oops…maybe it would have been better to take a bit more distance from him.) (Makoto)

It seems like that was a bit too shocking for the people who are seeing it for the first time.


The Titan Old Man austerely proclaims.

The ground shakes, and I got an optical illusion as if I were slowly being picked up.

No, it isn’t me seeing things. The ground of the whole city is gradually rising.

At the same time as that was happening, the ramparts were remade into tall and sturdy ones…

In terms of time, it would be around 10 minutes. 

The whole city had been rearranged.


Everyone at the place including me were speechless.

I don’t know what Janet-san thought of, but she rode her Pegasus, and after flying around in the sky, she returned.

Returned with a face filled with shock.

“Princess Sofia…this city has been reborn into a fortress city!” (Janet)

“Y-Yeah…that was some amazing magic.” (Sofia)

“Just what’s that Giant…?” (Janet)

“He is apparently Hero Makoto’s acquaintance…” (Sofia)

“As expected from the rival of Onii-sama.” (Janet)

Janet-san looks like she can’t believe it, and Princess Sofia was standing there dumbfounded.


Can you please not treat me as the rival of your brother on your own?

“H-Hey…My Knight, isn’t this God Rank Earth Magic…?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san points out while trembling.

“Hmm, I wonder.” (Makoto)

There’s a lot of people who don’t know, so I keep it vague.

(Well, it is magic done by a God, so it is natural.) (Makoto)

Of course it would be God level.

“…I have fulfilled my promise.” 

“Thank you very much, Titan-sama.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly give my thanks.

The Titan Old Man burrows onto the ground and disappears.

He is one restless guy.

“He could have stayed here for a bit longer.” (Makoto)

“…Hero Makoto, that’s an Old God, right? Who knows if Eir-sama will forgive this.” (Sofia)

“Ah, that’s okay, Sofia. I got the permission of Eir-sama.” (Makoto)

“…Wait, doesn’t that mean you really did talk with Eir-sama, Hero Makoto…?” (Sofia)

“Oops, I need to make my preparations to depart to the Wood Country.” (Makoto)

“Hey, wait!” (Sofia)

I was about to slip there, so I returned to my room and decided to prepare.


“Well then, I will be going. Fuji-yan, Nina-san, Chris-san.” (Makoto)

“That’s sudden. You could have waited for a bit more…no, that’s how it is.” 

The next day Janet-san and her pegasus knights arrived, we departed to the Wood Country.

(The Water Country is on the verge of falling… If the words of Eir-sama are true, I should act soon.) (Makoto)

“Be careful out there, Hero Makoto. Leo, listen to what Makoto tells you, okay?” (Sofia)

“Yes, Nee-sama! I’m going!” (Leo)

“You will be returning to the capital, aren’t you, Princess Sofia? When we return from the Wood Country, I will go to Horun to report about it, okay?” (Makoto)

“Yes, I will be waiting.” (Sofia)

I finished my farewells.

(Even though the Water Country is in danger, Princess Sofia doesn’t know…?) (Makoto)

I tried implying it to Princess Sofia to see if she reacted, but it seemed she didn’t know at all.

It feels somewhat strange.

“Hey, My Knight, what are you going to do with this little one?” (Furiae)


What Furiae-san was grabbing by the nape was the black cat, Tsui.

It has been living in our back garden.

“Mary-san, can I ask you to look after this black cat?” (Makoto)

“Oh my, Makoto-kun’s pet? Okay~. Leave it to me.” (Mary)

Mary-san has officially become the one in charge of the Water Country’s Hero in the Makkaren Adventurer Guild, so I have asked her to look after my house too.

No one being there when we are absent would be careless after all. 

So I say, but all my luggage is just one rucksack worth, so my room is completely empty.

“Ara, isn’t that dangerous? Even if it is a larva, it is still a demonic beast, you know? I thought for sure you would be making it your familiar.” (Furiae)

“Eh? This little one is a demonic beast?!” (Mary)

Mary-san jumps at the statement of Furiae-san.

“Aah, that’s true. Can’t be helped then, let’s bring it along…” (Makoto)

When I extend my hand…


I was scratched.


“Naa Naa~.” 

Tsui-kun is rubbing its head on Furiae-san.

“Ara, your master is over there, right? It is not me.” (Furiae)

At the words of Furiae-san, Tsui came here as if it were sighing.

Then, it went up to my shoulder and curled itself there.

…Oi, isn’t your attitude terrible?

“Aah, Tsui has been stolen away by Fu-chan.” (Aya)

“My condolences, Makoto…” (Lucy)

Sa-san and Lucy look at me with pity!

You two, stop making those eyes.

“Damn it, Tsui. Just you watch. I am eventually going to turn your body into one that can’t live without me.” (Makoto)

“Naa Naa~.” 

I don’t think it understood my words, but the black cat just replies as if reacting to my voice.

“Are you done now? Finished with the farewells?” (Janet)

Janet-san and her knights were looking at us as if exasperated.

Oops, made them wait.

“Well then, I will be going.” (Makoto)

We waved our hands to the people seeing us off, rode on the back of the pegasus, and flew off.


The city gets further and further away.

I look back and watch the Makkaren that has changed into a fortress city.

Sturdy ramparts, and tall stone walls.

A big moat surrounds it.

From afar, it only looks like a giant military facility. 

With that, it could even endure 10,000 monsters.

I think the chances of there being a stampede again in the time I am not there are low though.

They should be fine with those defenses.

(…It is just…) (Makoto)

Makkaren is the ‘beginning town’ for me.

I was brought into the Water Temple without even knowing how to read, and after that, the first place I arrived at was this city.

It has been looking after me since I was level 2, and it was practically like the symbol of peace, but…it has changed quite a lot now.

(…Isn’t it a bit too intimidating for it to be the ‘beginning town’?) (Makoto)

If an otherworlder comes again and sees Makkaren…

(They would definitely be surprised…) (Makoto)

I was thinking that while enjoying the journey in the sky from the back of the pegasus.

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