WM – Chapter 361: Invitation Letter – Part 4

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“I see, so this is the Demonic Continent.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san muttered with interest. 

“Is it your first time here, Princess?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. I asked Lucy-san and Aya-san to bring me before, but they refused.” (Furiae)

“Obviously. You are the queen of Laphroaig. You need a good reason to be brought to the territory of the Demon Lords.” (Momo)

Furiae-san puckered her lips and Momo sighed. 

“But she is here now.” (Makoto)

“…Right.” (Momo)

“Well, the Demonic Continent is peaceful lately.” (Makoto)

“Really, My Knight?” (Furiae)

“The monsters in the Demonic Continent are apparently increasing in numbers, Makoto-sama.” (Momo)

Sorry, I just said that without any foundation. 

At that moment…


A big boulder in front of us moved.

The boulder visibly took the form of a giant dragon. 

A Stone Ancient Dragon. 

“Kya!” (Furiae)

Furiae-san clung to me.

“…That dragon is…” (Makoto)

“…Most likely.” (Momo)

Momo and I look at each other’s faces. 

The Stone Ancient Dragon opened its maw that could swallow an elephant whole.

“…What business do you have here, weak humans…? This is the land ruled by the demonic. You should leave at…once…… Hm? Is that you-ssu ka, Makoto-sama and Momo-chan?” 

“It has been a while. We have come to hang out.” (Makoto)

“Don’t forget our faces.” (Momo)

I raised my hand and the Stone Ancient Dragon went ‘Waah!’ as it grew smaller and became a man around 3 meters tall. 

“I am sorry, Dragon King Makoto-sama. Momo-chan, you were so small I couldn’t see you.” 

“I am not the dragon king though.” (Makoto)

Because I got the so-called Dragon King Proof from my battle against the Ancient Dragon King before, I am being called Dragon King-sama or Demon Lord-sama by the dragons. 

I simply got the right to become a Dragon King. I don’t remember having accepted though…

“Muh~! I am not small!” (Momo)

Momo has been training with the White Dragon-san since 1,000 years ago, so she has a lot of acquaintances within the dragons. 

Furiae-san is the one who can’t keep up with what’s going on.


She is watching our chat dumbstruck. 

It seems like the Stone Ancient Dragon-kun has noticed Furiae-san, he saw her face and opened his eyes wide.

“Calamity Witch, Nevia-sama?! You were alive?!” 

“Eh?” (Furiae)

“That’s not it. She is Queen Furiae from the Moon Country.” (Makoto)

I correct his misunderstanding. 

“Ooh… But she resembles her. To the point I would think she is her reincarnation.” 

“The person herself doesn’t like being told that.” (Makoto)

“Excuse my rudeness. I was overwhelmed by nostalgia.” 

Nevia-san is called the source of all evil in the human world, but she is popular on the demon side. 

She was a peaceful ruler after all. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there was the most unpopular amongst the influential ones 1,000 years ago, the Black Knight and Demon Lord, Cain. 

The reason goes without saying. It is because he was coerced into becoming the believer of Noah-sama.

So sad. 

“Is the White Dragon Mel-san here?” (Makoto)

“She is. I will guide you. [Teleport].” 

We were swallowed by light together with the Stone Ancient Dragon-kun. 


The hidden village of the Ancient Dragons. 

It exists secretly within the tall mountain range of the North Continent… At least that’s how it should have been. 

“There’s more residents.” 

There’s big buildings lined up for a hidden village. 

They are probably too gigantic in their Ancient Dragon form, so they are using their human form, but it looks like a settlement with giants more than 3 meters tall. 

“Right-ssu ne. A peace treaty was formed between the North Continent and West Continent, so our kindred who had a harder time having a den in human territory have moved here. White Dragon-neesan is in the residence deeper in. She will be happy that you and Momo-chan have come. Enjoy your stay as well, Queen-sama. I will be taking my leave.” 

The Stone Ancient Dragon-kun gives his farewells and leaves. 

Looks like he was in the middle of his work as a guard.

I thought we did something bad here, but…he said he has been sleeping because nothing happened for around 50 days, so this was a good change of pace. 

The sense of time of Ancient Dragons is as messed up as always. 

By the way, the ones with the weirdest perception of time are the Goddesses, and the Ancient Dragons come second. 

Noah-sama said before that she had a short 10 year nap when she was sealed as if it were the most natural thing.

I was taken aback when I heard this. 

Furiae-san, Momo, and I walked through the hidden village of the Ancient Dragons.

“Ah, Makoto-sama, heya~.” 

“Demon Lord-sama, it has been a while!” 

“That scary Undine is not with you today, huh. Ah, you don’t need to call her.” 

“Dragon King-sama, I have become a believer of Noah-sama.” 

I was spoken to by familiar Ancient Dragons. 

It is because the name Takatsuki Makoto is known by the Ancient Dragons. 

“Hey, My Knight.” (Furiae)

“What’s the matter, Princess?” (Makoto)

“This is the territory of a Demon Lord, right?” (Furiae)

 “That’s right. Scared?” (Makoto)

“It is not scary! It feels so much like a normal neighborhood and that’s…” (Furiae)

“Weird, right? Even though it has been around half a year since I came here.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama, half a year is like a week for dragons.” (Momo)

“…Right.” (Makoto)

Half a year is not a long while at all for them. 

“…I see.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san was a bit dumbfounded as if impressed.

We arrived in front of a giant residence at the deepest part of the village while we were chatting. 

A giant stone building that must have been created with magic. 

You could call it a ‘castle’.

Humans apparently call this the Mirage Demon Lord Castle. 

It is a castle inside a settlement of Ancient Dragons, so there’s apparently almost no people who have been able to reach it in the past. 

The residence of Mel-san. 

There’s no gatekeeper. 

Everyone in this settlement must be a relative of Mel-san.

In the first place, there’s only a handful of Ancient Dragons who are stronger than Mel-san.

“Excuse the intrusion~.” (Makoto)

I go through the big gate and enter the residence. 

The big door at the front entrance isn’t locked. 

It is a weight that a human wouldn’t be able to open after all.


I slowly opened the giant door made for dragon use. 

I wouldn’t have been able to move this thing a millimeter if it were in my time as a human. 

But I am now a God even if practically at the doorstep.

I can easily open the heavy door for dragons. 


The heavy sound of the door opening echoed. 

“Haah… Haah… Haah…” 

T-That was tiring. 

It wasn’t easy at all. 

“Are you okay, Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

“You could have opened it with magic.” (Furiae)

Momo and Furiae-san told me this.

“I can’t do precise adjustments, so I would most likely blow up the whole door if I were to use magic.” (Makoto)

“True.” (Momo)

“Must be rough.” (Furiae)

We were having that talk while entering the residence.

There’s a straight corridor inside. 

A big hall and a throne were there when we walked for a while. 

“Makoto-sama, so you are finally sitting on the throne!” 

A woman in maid attire passed by. 

But she is more than 2 meters tall. 

She is also simply a dragon in human form. 

“I won’t. I heard that the White Dragon-san is here.” (Makoto)

“White Dragon-neesama is in the back garden. Shall I guide you?” 

“No, I know the place, so it is okay.” (Makoto)

I thank her and head to the backdoor of the residence. 

The back of the residence has a garden, and there’s a small lake in the center from spring water. 

It seems like the spring water has a lot of mana in it, the earth that is absorbing the mana has flowers blooming in the garden all year long. 

Roses, lavenders, daisies, anémones, pansies, impatiences, gerberas, gladioles, calibrachoas, cyclamens…etc, etc.

There are flowers I have seen before, and a lot of flowers I have no idea about waving vibrantly with the wind. 

“What a beautiful garden… There’s nothing as wonderful as this even in the Moon Castle.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san looked around with a spellbound expression.

“Master White Dragon is so careful. She manages this whole garden on her own.” (Momo)

“Eh?! If I remember correctly, White Dragon-sama is a Demon Lord proxy, right…? She is doing something like that?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san raised her voice in surprise. 

“She said it is a hobby of hers to grow flowers.” (Momo)

“I-I see…” (Furiae)

Speaking of which, Mel-san was sleeping on top of a flower bed in Laberintos when I first met her.

She must like them. 

Now then, where is the White Dragon-san? 

I looked around and…

“And here I was wondering why it was so noisy. So it was you, Spirit User-kun.” 

I heard a voice from where the hammock was. 

A white haired and red eyed beauty whose slender and tall body stood out. 

It seems like she was having a nap. 

“It has been a while, Mel-san.” (Makoto)

“Hm? We met half a year ago though.” (Mel)

“…Right.” (Makoto)

No good, I still don’t have a grasp about the perception of time for dragons. 

Oh well. 

Let’s finish with my business here first. 

“Mel-san, I am giving you this.” (Makoto)

I gave her a wedding invitation. 

Mel-san received it with a dubious expression.

“What’s this…? Let’s see… Invitation for the wedding party of the 1st princess of the Water Country Rozes, Sofia Eir Rozes and the Legendary Hero Takatsuki Makoto…? Is it okay for me to participate as an Ancient Dragon?” (Mel)

“Of course. I am troubled since I don’t know many people. I need you to participate, Mel-san.” (Makoto)

“I will happily attend then. The Ancient Dragons that fought against Bifrons 1,000 years ago have been wanting to meet you too, Spirit User-kun. Should I invite them too?” (Mel)

“Nice. It will fill up the numbers.” (Makoto)

She readily consented. 

(Mako-kun, are you thinking of your wedding with Sofia-chan as a game?) (Eir)

(Matching numbers is like a game for Makoto.) (Noah)

(…That’s not true.) (Makoto)

I ignore the retorts of the Goddesses. 

“Yay, I can be together with Master after so long.” (Momo)

Momo was happy by the response of Mel-san. 

“So you are inviting even the legendary Holy Dragon-sama…” (Furiae)

It seems like this left a deep impression on Furiae-san.

A beautiful garden. 

Members gathered after so long. 

I forgot an important thing after finally reaching here. 

“Fuh… But this is the second time I am participating in a wedding of the Spirit User-kun, huh. We couldn’t celebrate in that big of a fashion 1,000 years ago, but it seems like we will be able to make some noise this time around.” (Mel)

Mel-san said this with nostalgia.

Momo participated at that time.

That’s why she wasn’t that bothered.

The issue is…

“Eh……? My Knight…what’s this about this being the second time?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san made a dumbstruck face at this. 

She doesn’t know that I married Anna-san 1,000 years ago. 

Mel-san made an ‘oops’ face.

Momo made an ‘aah’ face.

I use [Clear Mind] to act calm, but I was holding my head in my mind. 

“Isn’t this a beautiful garden, Princess?” (Makoto)

“You are not playing this off, My Knight!” (Furiae)

I failed the deception. 

I told everything to Furiae-san.

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>This is something that just crossed my mind, but if Makoto is using the old style Teleport to move to his destination that relies on connections, whose connection was it when he teleported to the Dungeon City? 

-Makoto and Sumire (a heroine from Zero Attack Power). A classmate of his. 

Sumire is a friend of Sa-san. 

>Looking forward to the 12th Volume! Who will be on the front cover? I would be happy if it is Ira-sama, but I guess it is going to be Princess Sofia? 

-It was Ira-sama! 

I really like the illustration this time around.

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Sorry for the wait after the sale of the 11th Volume! 

The 12th volume is now out. 

Here we have the new costumes of Lucy and Sa-san. Cute, isn’t it?! 

Hoodlums would try to cause trouble with a party that has such provocative clothing, but the two of them are strong, so they are kicking all of their butts. 

The illustrations this time around are from them after returning from 1,000 years ago to the present, so there’s a lot of characters that haven’t shown up in a while.

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