WM – Chapter 108: Takatsuki Makoto goes around the capital

“What, showing up when I am having a good meal here. How rude.” 

Great Sage-sama, separates from me displeased.

“M-Meal. Ah…that’s what it was.” (Sakurai)

“S-Sensei…please don’t surprise me. I thought my heart was going to stop.” (Noel)

Sakurai-kun and Princess Noel seem to have noticed the misunderstanding.

“Uhm…what in the world happened?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia seems to not understand yet.

So pure!

“Hero Makoto, are you thinking something weird?” (Sofia)

“I am not.” (Makoto)

“So, what did you come here to do?” 

The Great Sage-sama glares at the Hero and the Oracles.

I can’t believe she is the same person that I was giving headpats to just a few moments ago.

“Can we get your opinion about the Northern Expedition Plan of next year? With the Snake Church controlling an army of 1,000 year monsters, the involvement of the Beast King, Zagan, has gotten more vivid. The highland military authorities are saying they want to move up the schedule of the Northern Expedition.” (Noel)

Princess Noel speaks with a serious expression.

The face of the Great Sage-sama seemed bored in contrast.

“What’s the situation of the military increase from the Alliance of Six Nations?” 

“I would say around 80% from planned.” 

“Not even worth considering. You are not even prepared yet. What are you doing trying to hurry?” 

“But there’s the possibility that the demons might get the initiative!” (Noel)

“Can’t be helped…is what I want to say, but I am an amateur in strategy. I hold pride in being the number one mage in the continent though. If the staff officers have decided to hasten the schedule, I won’t go against it.” 

“Is it okay…?” (Noel)

“Do as you please. I will simply fight ‘when I think we can win’.” 

When the Great Sage-sama said this, she had slight nostalgic eyes.

“Are those the words of the Savior Abel-sama?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia asks.

“Yeah, his favourite phrase was ‘finish preparations for victory beforehand’ and ‘when attacking, make it a surprise attack’. Even though he was a Hero, he was cautious. Well, it can’t be helped though. In the decisive battle against the Great Demon Lord, Evelisse, Abel was the only Hero left after all.” 

“What happened to the other Heroes…?” (Makoto)

When I asked, the Great Sage-sama gave me a meaningful glance.

“The other Heroes were wiped out by both the Demon Lords and the Evil God Apostle.”

(Geh.) (Makoto)

Even Princess Sofia looked over here.


It wasn’t just most heroes, they wiped all but one… 

“I got it, Great Sage-sama. We will proceed with the Northern Expedition Plan as scheduled.” (Noel)

Princess Noel says in a low tone.

“Hoh, is that okay?” 

“I will follow the words of the Savior-sama.” (Noel)

Looks like it has been settled.

I personally want to train before having an event like ‘Subjugate Demon Lords’, so it helps me out that it will be in a further future.

“Anyways…” (Noel)

Princess Noel relaxes her expression and tone.

“You get along pretty well with the Rozes Hero, Great Sage-sama. You will be scolded by Sofia-san, you know?” (Noel)

“N-Noel-sama?!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was flustered at having the conversation suddenly thrown at her.

“It has been a while, Rozes Oracle.” 

“Y-Yes, and you look the same as always, Great Sage-sama.” (Sofia)

So they are acquaintances.

“Sofia-san and I were taking classes in the same academy to become Oracles. Great Sage-sama was our magic teacher.” (Noel)

Princess Noel whispers to me.

Princess Sofia seems to be nervous as she speaks to the Great Sage-sama.

The Great Sage-sama really is in a higher standing.

“By the way, please keep the blood drinking of Makoto-sama to a moderate degree. I am giving you the blood of virgin sisters of the Goddess Church, aren’t I?” (Noel)

“Noel…the blood I am being sent, half of them are not virgins, you know?” 


Princess Noel and Princess Sofia let out voices of surprise.

Sakurai-kun and I look at each other, not understanding what this implies.

“N-No way… Half of the sisters in the Goddess Church are not virgins…?” (Noel)

“Impossible! They are in training and have absolutely no contact with the opposite gender outside!” 

“Then it must be from the opposite gender inside.” 


The words of the Great Sage-sama made the two princesses look at each other and fall silent.

Is this that?

The nature inside the Goddess Church is tainted?

The world is a mess, huh.

Aah, right. It is a world that people are saying is heading to its end.

“I will be going back. What will you be doing, Princess Sofia?” (Makoto)

“What, you are going to be leaving already? You can relax here, you know.” 

I don’t want to get anymore of my blood sucked.

I am a bit dizzy here.

“Are you okay, Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia was worried.

I simply respond with a wry smile.

“See ya, Sakurai-kun.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, later, Takatsuki-kun.” (Sakurai)

I bow to Princess Noel, and I left the Great Sage-sama’s room together with Princess Sofia.

After that, we picked up Lucy, who was drunk and had discharged magic in the party venue, and Sa-san, who sent a male knight flying outside the castle after trying to sexually harass her, and we returned to the inn.

…Oops, I should have properly looked after them.

The next day.

“Glad to see you have come. Rozes Hero-dono, Little Lady, and the Elf Mage-kun.” 

We are at the highest floor of the Grand Highland Casino, in the VIP room.

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

“Thanks for the invitation, Oji-san!” (Aya)

“N-Nice to meet you. I am Lucy…” (Lucy)

For some reason, Sa-san, Lucy, and I were surrounded by everyone from the Castor Family again.

We were suddenly invited by Peter.

“Thanks for coming, Brother! Sorry about bothering you when you are busy.” (Peter)

Peter is energetic as always.

“Not really, I was free.” (Makoto)

After the incident ended, the influential people are the ones who are dealing with the aftermath, so people like Sa-san and I don’t have anything to do.

Princess Sofia seems to be busy though.

Fuji-yan also has a lot of work to do, so he isn’t with us today.

“Father said he really wanted to give you his thanks personally, you see.” (Jack)

The eldest brother, Jack Castor-san, says with a refreshing smile.

“Our family has a lot of beastkin. If you hadn’t undone the curse of the Snake Church, it would have gotten bad.” (Jenova)

The Boss of the family, Jenova Castor-san with a big scar on his face.

“The one who undid it was Princess Furiae. I will tell her.” (Makoto)

By the way, I invited Furiae-san, but she didn’t come.

You would normally refuse meeting with the mafia.

“Brother…I heard you became the Guardian Knight of the Moon Oracle.” (Peter)

“The knight of the Cursed Princess.” (Jack)

Peter and Jack-san were making slightly cramped expressions.

Being the knight of the Moon Oracle really isn’t looked good upon in this world, huh.

“Oi, don’t say such rude things!” (Jenova)

Jenova-san shouts.

“Sorry about that. Just by hearing about the Moon Oracle that is the reincarnation of the Legendary Calamity Witch, they get scared. She is a benefactor of the Castor Family. It is a pity that she couldn’t come today, but tell her that she is welcome here whenever.” (Jenova)

“Y-Yes…” (Makoto)

I will at least tell her.

“Rozes Hero, Makoto-dono, is there something bothering you? We can’t do much, but we will do anything we can.” (Jenova)

“Uhmm…” (Makoto)

That’s troubling.

It doesn’t seem like he has any ulterior motives behind this, but asking favors from the mafia is a bit…

But not saying anything would be a problem in itself.

I glance at Sa-san and Lucy at the neighboring table and…

“Aya-sama, this here is a rare gem that we got from the Earth Country, Caliran.” 

“Lucy-sama, this dress is trending in Highland currently.” 

“Waah, so pretty~.” “How lovely!” 

The ones around them are the female staff of the casino?

They are showing Sa-san and Lucy a whole lot of things, and they seem to be having fun.

“We will give all of this to you.” 

“Eh?! A-All these expensive things?” (Aya)

“Uhm, what should we do, Aya…?” (Lucy)

They are saying they will be giving those expensive looking gems and dresses to them, and Sa-san and Lucy were at a loss on what to do.

Well, it seems like this is their thanks for undoing the curse, so I guess it should be okay to accept their gratitude.

I guess I should get some sort of souvenir for Furiae-san at least.

(Even so, the Castor Family, huh… The leaders of the dark side of the capital…) (Makoto)

A mafia group whose name is prominent even in the continent. 

It is a different type of influential power from Princess Noel and Princess Sofia.

I thought of something that interested me.

“…Can I ask for one thing?” (Makoto)

I tell him.


The ones who had their mouths wide open in front of me were the Church’s sister and the orphans in the 9th District.

“Hey there, I am Peter of the Castor Family! From today on, please call me Brother!” (Peter)

Peter introduces himself in a loud voice.

“U-Uhm…Makoto-san, what’s this?” 

The sister asks me nervously.

“Sorry for being so sudden. It seems like the Castor Family will help you guys out if you have any problems. I may be imposing on you guys here though…” (Makoto)

This is the territory of the Castor Family, so I tried asking them to look after the orphanage.

Of course, I had them promise that they won’t invite the orphans to the mafia. 

“…Thank you very much, Hero-sama.” 

“I heard that this is the orphanage that Jean and Emily grew up in. This is all I can do though.” (Makoto)

“It is plenty enough. They continue getting discriminated against just because of their demon blood. In this current environment, they would have ended up hating society… You have really helped us out.” 

The sister thanks me with tears in her eyes.

I am glad that it wasn’t an unnecessary bother to them.

“Nii-chan, thank you!” 

“Makoto-niichan, I will aim to become a Hero too.” 

“Idiot, there’s no way lower people like us can get the Status and Skills of the Hero-samas.” 

“Yeah yeah, I only have Brawler Mid Rank and Earth Magic Mid Rank…” 

“I only have Fire Magic Mid Rank. It is questionable whether I could even become an Iron Rank Adventurer…” 


These children have such dangerous Skills?

“Oi oi, check my Soul Book and be shocked.” (Makoto)

I showed my Soul Book to the children.


“What is this Status?!” “He is weaker than me!” “M-Magic: 4?” “Job is Apprentice Mage!” “N-No way!” “But his only Magic Skill is Water Magic: Elementary…” “There’s no warrior type Skills…?” “Nii-chan, are you really a Hero…?” 


Shock -> Pity -> Doubt; their gazes transitioned smoothly like that.

It reminds me of my time at the Water Temple!

“You guys, Brother here, you see, defeated the Lightning Hero Geralt in a one-on-one, and drove away an army of 5,000 1,000 year monsters. He is a real Hero.” (Peter)

Peter follows up.

“““““Wow, Makoto-niichan, you are aweeeesome!!”””””

They returned to their gazes of admiration again. That’s a relief.

“Well, you can become a Hero even with my Status and Skills, so you guys should be okay.” (Makoto)

“G-Got it!” “Nii-chan, I am going to work hard!” “I will aim to become a Hero!” 

Hm, I did it. They all got their spirit back.

“Makoto…I think placing you as a standard is questionable…” (Lucy)

Lucy whispers in my ear.

Sa-san nods fervently at my side.

“Really?” (Makoto)

“Everyone~, this Rozes Hero here is a weirdo that is always training aside from the times when he is sleeping, you know~.” (Aya)

Sa-san says to the children.

“R-Really, Nii-chan?” 

“Except for when you are sleeping, you are always training…?” 

“Oi, don’t just go saying whatever.” (Makoto)

I immediately retorted.

“T-That’s a relief. There’s no way—” 

“You can train even when sleeping.” (Makoto)


“…You are training when sleeping?” (Lucy)

“Takatsuki-kun, you are…well, I knew you were like that though.” (Aya)

Not only the children, even Lucy and Sa-san were looking at me as if looking at a weirdo.

I set Clear Mind at 99% and create a water ball on top of my head and have it float.

If I mess up the control, water ends up splashing on top of my head.

You can sleep while training in that way and it also allows you to stay on guard, so I recommend it. 

…Is what I explained to them, but…

“…And that’s how it is. Makoto is a weirdo, so go at your own pace, everyone.” (Lucy)


At the end, they listened to Lucy.

Who is a weirdo? How rude.

Sa-san said “I will play with the children today!” and stayed at the church.

On our way back from the church, at the 4th District…

“Yo, Takatsuki.” 

“H-Hey there, Takeda-kun.” (Makoto)

My former classmate called out to me.

I noticed him with my Perspective Change though.

I thought he wouldn’t talk to me, so I was ignoring him.

“Your magic was impressive! I was in the 1st Division of the Sun Knights. It was faraway from where you were though.” (Takeda)

“I-I see.” (Makoto)


I didn’t notice at all.

“It was actually dangerous. 1,000 year monsters are completely different from the monsters we usually fight, huh.” (Takeda)

Takeda then makes an apologetic expression.

“I am sorry about saying that strange stuff before. You are incredible. I think being a Hero is rough, but do your best.” (Takeda)

“O-Okay…you do your best as well.” (Makoto)

Takeda-kun waves his hand as he leaves.

“Next time when we have a class reunion, I will call you!” (Takeda)

I heard his voice from afar.

I responded to that with a vague smile.

(I probably won’t go though.) (Makoto)

I am not good with that stuff.

“You seem happy, Makoto.” (Lucy)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Lucy giggled by my side.

“Isn’t it great that you could reconcile with your classmate!” (Lucy)

It is not like we were fighting…

(Well, it has gotten better compared to the time at the Water Temple.) (Makoto)

It probably makes me happier to get praised by a past classmate than when nobles of the Sun Country praise me.

My way back was slightly lighter now.

3 days after the incident.

“Princess Sofia, Prince Leonard, we are going to be returning to Makkaren.” (Makoto)

“Eh?! Already? The highland nobles want to meet you, Makoto-san.” (Leonard)

Is that so?

It seems like talk about me being close to the Great Sage-sama has spread, and it ended up with nobles coming one after the other.

Bringing presents (bribes).

No, what’s the point of sending me that stuff?

“Even though this is a good chance to widen your connections. You have no ambition.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia chuckles.

“I am simply not good at talking to strangers.” (Makoto)

“You are as delicate as always, Takatsuki-kun.” (Aya)

“Even though you are completely fine with charging straight into dangerous monsters.” (Lucy)

“What are you saying, Lucy? Monsters don’t talk.” (Makoto)


Why did Sa-san and Lucy sigh at the same time?

And so, we told the Sun Country that we would be returning to the Water Country, and…

Princess Noel called me to the Highland Castle…

Stating that the Rozes Hero, Makoto, has to come alone to the royal castle.

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