WM – Chapter 213: Takatsuki Makoto meets the Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess, Althena-sama.

The well-known head of the Seven Great Goddesses. 

One of the pillars that rule over the world.

The eldest daughter of the God King Jupiter. 

The Goddess that governs victory and justice. 

And she is also the Goddess with the highest following. 

Her body shone brightly and couldn’t be seen directly. 

Her feet weren’t touching the ground. She was floating where our line of sight can reach.

That big of a Goddess is looking down at us silently. 

Her pressure was not like the time when I learned about the descent of Ira-sama. All the people in the place had kneeled and were gulping down their breaths. 

…Crap, I am late.

Ira-sama made a face of ‘is it okay for you to not be lowering your head?’ at me.

Hmm, but I am the Apostle of Noah-sama.

Well, it should be fine.

Ira-sama sighs as if amazed by this. 

“Now then…” (Althena)

The Sun Goddess Althena-sama places her right hand to the front. 

What is it…?

I understood the reason soon after.

In an instant, a magic circle was formed, and a single man appeared in front of Althena-sama. 

The man falls to the floor. 

The man seemed to be unconscious, and that face is…

Sun Hero, Alexander.


Tension runs through the place.

Especially Sa-san and Furiae-san, their expressions changed.

…You were still alive?

[Clear Mind] 100%.

I have to finish him.

“[Spirit Arm].” (Makoto)

I immediately changed my right arm into spirit form and tried to attack him.

It turned into spirit form smoother than any time before. 

At that moment…


My right arm was grabbed.

It was Ira-sama.

“Are you crazy? Attacking Althena-oneesama is grounds for erasure, you know?” (Ira)

“But with him present, Princess will…!” (Makoto)

“W-Wait! If it is me, I will be okay, My Knight!” (Furiae)

Even Furiae-san ran my way and clung to my arm. 

If the person herself came to stop me, I can’t move anymore. 

At that moment, the Sun Hero woke up.

“Hm? …What in the world happened to the great me……?!” (Alex)

Our eyes met.


Alexander writhes violently. 


He is crazy scared.

What happened to the haughty attitude of before? 

“Looks like your Water Spirit King form has become a trauma for him.” (Ira)

Ira-sama whispered to me. 

“Water Spirit King?” (Makoto)

This is the first time I hear those words.

Is she talking about my Spirit Transformation?

“Aah, I will explain it to you later.” (Ira)

“Promise.” (Makoto)

A Water Spirit King sounds strong. 

I am interested! 

“S-Save me! I will be killed! I will be…!” (Alex)

Althena-sama directs an annoyed gaze at the flailing Sun Hero.

“Shut up, Alex.” (Althena)

“!…!!” (Alex)

At that instant, as if his mouth stopped functioning, Alexander didn’t speak a single word more. 

I couldn’t see a magic circle at all for it. 

The order she spoke had been made compulsory just like that then…?

Silence and tension ruled the Great Church.

The Sun Goddess glares at everyone. 

“The Sun Hero Alexander…is my little brother.” (Althena)


Everyone was shocked.

Even Princess Noel was surprised by this. 

The only one who kept calm was Ira-sama.

…If you knew, tell me.


She must have read my mind, she went ‘pui!’ and looked the other way. 

That’s not cute, you know?

But there’s something I have to ask here. 

“Are you telling me to forgive him for what he did to Sa-san and Princess just because he is your brother?” (Makoto)

I say this with a glare. 

“Makoto-sama?!” (Noel)

“Hero Makoto?!” (Sofia)

Princess Noel and Princess Sofia raised screams with pale faces.

But I have to make this clear. 

It seems like the Sun Goddess wasn’t even bothered by my gaze, as if it were just mere wind, and without changing her expression at all, she said this. 

That’s right. Forgive it.” (Althena)

(Wa?!) (Makoto)

What’s with this bastard?! 


I was about to shout out loud, but Ira-sama covers my mouth. 

{You…behave!} (Ira)

Kuh! Ira-sama (in Esther-san’s body) is super strong!

Princess Noel spoke instead.

“…Pardon my impudence here, but I want to ask, Sun Goddess Althena-sama. Why has your great brother descended to the mortal realm, and not only that, but has become the Sun Hero? And even did something like that…” (Noel)

These are natural questions. 

Or more like, she is the Sun Oracle, so shouldn’t she be made privy to these kinds of things?

The response of Althena-sama to this was cold. 

“There’s no need for you to know.” (Althena)

“?! …Y-Yes, understood.” (Noel)

Being denied bluntly, Princess Noel pulls back.

Oi oi, you are not going to explain it to us? 

I was interested in whether Furiae-san was going to complain.

When I looked at her, she must have been swallowed by the atmosphere of the place, she was silent. 

It was the same for Lucy and Sa-san.

Alright, then I should be the one to be complaining here…

But I was soon stopped by Ira-sama.

“Idiot! Stop it. You don’t know just how scary Althena-oneesama is when she is angry…” (Ira)

“Ira, shut up.” (Althena)

“Hnnn! Hnn! Hnn!” (Ira)

Ira-sama, who was reading my mind the whole time, went in between me and Althena-sama, and she ended up getting ‘prohibited from speaking’.

This Goddess is merciless even towards her little sister.

…Can’t be helped. I will respect the words of Ira-sama and go with a lower approach.

“Then, what is your business here?” (Makoto)

It wasn’t as low as I thought it would be. 

But her little brother caused problems, so my feelings telling me ‘why do I have to be the reserved one here?’ won over.

“Hnnn! Hnnn! Hnnn! Hnn! Hnnn! (Idiot! Make your tone respectful! Don’t anger Onee-sama!)” (Ira)

Wow, even though she can’t talk, I can understand what she is trying to say. 

So this is the miracle of a Goddess, huh…

“Hnn! (Wrong!)” (Ira)

Looks like I’m wrong.

“Takatsuki Makoto.” (Althena)

The Sun Goddess Althena-sama directs her gaze at me. 


With just that, I felt like the tip of a blade had been pushed on my throat. 

This is scary. 

“What is it?” (Makoto)

Even with that, I am the victim here. 

I end up speaking brusquely despite everything.

“One of your comrades died because of Alex, right?” (Althena)

“Yes, that’s right. The responsibility for that…” (Makoto)

“I have returned the life. Confirm it.” (Althena)

She said it as if nothing.

She returned the life…?

“Sa-san?” (Makoto)

I speak to Sa-san and she hurriedly confirms her Soul Book.

“T-Takatsuki-kun! My Remaining Lives have returned to 5!” (Aya)

“Ooh…” (Makoto)

That’s impressive.

It has increased! 

You can increase your lives so easily?

“Thanks, Althena-sama!” (Aya)

“Yeah.” (Althena)

Sa-san thanked the Sun Goddess with a whole lot of energy. 

…You, if her little brother hadn’t done anything, you wouldn’t have died in the first place, Sa-san… That I end up thinking this way means I don’t have a big heart? 

Well, let’s just listen for now.

“Next.” (Althena)

Althena-sama directed her gaze at Furiae-san who was by my side.

Furiae-san quivered and hid behind my back.

“Moon Oracle, this time’s incident happened because of the rejection towards the devilkin that’s present in this continent.” (Althena)


What’s with that?! 

It is as if she were saying being a devilkin in itself is bad! 

“Althena-sama, that way of saying it is…” (Makoto)

“Wait, My Knight.” (Furiae)

I was about to complain, but Furiae-san stopped me.

“Hnnn! Hnn! (That’s right! Shut up!)” (Ira)

Ira-sama, you are noisy. 

“Ira…talk already.” (Althena)

Althena-sama must have felt the same, she gave her ‘permission to speak’.

“Fuuh…finally can speak.” (Ira)

“What a scary sister, isn’t she?” (Makoto)

“Yeah…” (Ira)

Althena-sama glared at us.

“Sun Goddess Althena-sama…I have a request.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san took a step forward.

Her hands were trembling.

“I…want a place where the devilkin…my comrades can live in peace.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san spoke her earnest wish.

Right…the other party is a ruler of the world.

It is not good to go against her, huh.

“Understood.” (Althena)

The response of Althena-sama was short.


Furiae-san held my hand tightly.

I held her hand too.

Silence fell in the place, and everyone waited for the next words of Althena-sama.

“Moon Oracle Furiae, I will assign you the role of Holy Maiden. Gather the devilkin that are spread around the continent, and create a new country.” (Althena)

The Sun Goddess Althena-sama assigned Furiae-san as a Holy Maiden with a dignified air. A Holy Maiden just like Princess Noel.

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