WM – Chapter 338: Peaceful World

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“Then, you will be heading to the North Continent now? You really are someone that doesn’t stay in one place.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said, baffled. 

We are in a room of the royal castle at the capital of the Water Country of Rozes.

The quarters of princess Sofia. 

By the way, it has been close to 1 week since we defeated the Calamity Witch. 

Looks like Rozes has managed to almost completely return to normal operations. 

“Hey, Makoto, is it really okay for us to not go with you?” (Lucy)

“Yeah, there’s a whole lot of demons in the North Continent, right? Isn’t it dangerous?” (Aya)

“It is okay. I am simply going to be meeting the Ancient Dragon King.” (Makoto)

Also, I need him to give me back the sacred treasure armor of Cain. 

That bastard…he really isn’t coming back to return it! 

“Isn’t that a Demon Lord…?” (Lucy)

“Isn’t he the most dangerous guy?” (Aya)

Lucy and Sa-san are worrywarts, but that’s in the past. 

Astaroth is a comrade that has fought side by side with me. 

“You are the only one who can say that about the strongest Demon Lord.” (Sofia)

A teacup was placed in front of me. 

Looks like Princess Sofia poured it for me. 

I slowly drank that. 

Yup, tasty. 

At that moment, my head was pat. 

Princess Sofia is touching my hair. 

“Sofia?” (Makoto)

“…This is proof that you have become the familiar of Noah-sama?” (Sofia)

“T-That’s right. Is something the matter?” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia calling Noah-sama with -sama felt as if that -sama was just added as a formality. 

I think that’s just my imagination though. 

“Makoto looked better with black hair~.” (Lucy)

“Right? It was cooler before. What do you think, Sofia-chan?” (Aya)

Lucy munched a cookie and Sa-san threw a whole slice of cake into her mouth. 

“Hmmm…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia continued to fiddle with my hair. 

Uhm, that’s a bit ticklish, you know. 

“Black hair and black eyes do fit Hero Makoto better.” (Sofia)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Looks like after Lucy and Sa-san, Princess Sofia also doesn’t like my silver hair. 

What to do…

Should I dye it black? 

But this is in commemoration of becoming Noah-sama’s familiar…

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to get the opinion of a variety of people. 

“Then, I will be going now. Thanks for the tea. It was tasty.” (Makoto)

I said that and stood up. 

“Understood. But tomorrow is the wedding, you know? Please don’t forget that.” (Sofia)

“I know. See you later.” (Makoto)

After answering Princess Sofia, I spoke to the Time Spirits. 

— Destiny Miracle: [Space Ferry].

This is the space teleport that the Destiny Goddess-sama taught me. 

The scenery in front of me warped. 

And then, I jumped away from the Water Country. 


“Hmm…I am still not used to teleporting…” (Makoto)

After that, I jumped to the middle of the ocean, the floating continent, and completely different locations from my destination. 

It took me more than an hour to arrive at the North Continent. 

“With this, it would have been faster to create an airplane.” (Makoto)

“Oi, Spirit User-kun, if you are going to be coming, tell us beforehand.” 

The one complaining is the White Dragon, Mel-san. 

By the way, I came to the dwelling of the Ancient Dragon King alone and was surrounded by a whole lot of dragons. 

While I was wondering what to do here, I showed them the ‘Proof of the Dragon King’ that the Ancient Dragon King gave me before and they all kneeled. 

I asked a dragon nearby ‘is the Ancient Dragon King here?’ and they answered with ‘I don’t know! I heard that he is wandering aimlessly though…!’. Seems like they don’t know where he is. 

When I was troubled, the White Dragon-san came out asking ‘what’s the ruckus here?’.

I am currently being guided to the hiding of the retired Ancient Dragon King. 

“You won against my father and even vanquished the Great Demon Lord. You are currently the ruler of the North Continent, you know, Spirit User-kun. It would be troubling for you to not show your face more often.” (Mel)

“…Eh?” (Makoto)

What did Mel-san say just now?

“What are you making a weird face for, Spirit User-kun?” (Mel)

“No no no, isn’t that weird?!” (Makoto)

“There’s nothing weird about it. Right now there’s only one Demon Lord in the North Continent. What would the Spirit User-kun that defeated him be other than the ruler?” (Mel)

“…Can I refuse?” (Makoto)

“You can, but…the monsters and demons will be rampaging as they please without anyone to manage them, you know?” (Mel)


Alright, I will have the Ancient Dragon King do that. 

He has been doing that until now anyways. 

“We are close. My father’s hideout is in sight now.” (Mel)

It was the building at the peak of the North Continent’s tallest mountain.

Despite being called a hideout, it isn’t that hidden. 

I got down from the White Dragon-san and approached the building. 

I hear people talking. 

“…It was at that moment when Leviathan and an army of more than a million angels came rushing towards us…!!” 

Is that voice the Ancient Dragon King?

He is sounding pretty excited there. 

“Again…father?” (Mel)

The White Dragon-san sighed.

“Mel-san?” (Makoto)

“He has been like that the whole time these past few days. He must be pretty happy to have been able to fight a Divine Beast.” (Mel)

“I see.” (Makoto)

It was basically as if I dragged him into my own circumstances, but it seems like the Ancient Dragon King found the Divine Beast battle the other day fun. 

…We died once though.

“Father, the Spirit User-kun has come!” (Mel)

The White Dragon-san raised her voice. 

Is it the Ancient Dragon King and his subordinates? 

They all turn this way at the same time. 

By the way, maybe because their dragon form would take too much space, they are all in human-like forms.

“Ooh, isn’t that my friend, Takatsuki Makoto?! Nice of you to have come!” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King approached me with a big wide smile. 

Hey, your character has crumbled, you know? 

“I have come to have you return the sacred treasure of Cain.” (Makoto)


The Ancient Dragon King made a serious look for an instant at my words. 

“Astaroth?” (Makoto)

“……Umu.” (Astaroth)

“No, I’m not asking for an ‘umu’.” (Makoto)

“…Right, of course I will return it.” (Astaroth)

“Yeah, right now.” (Makoto)

“…Does it have to be now?” (Astaroth)

“Of course it has to be!” (Makoto)

I raised my voice at the Ancient Dragon King who was being long-winded here and…

— “Isn’t it fine to just let him borrow it for around a hundred years?” 

A beautiful voice rang from above. 

“Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

“Ooh, the beauty and freedom Goddess that’s said to have come back?! The sacred treasure you created is marvelous!” (Astaroth)

Astaroth is sucking up to Noah-sama. 

“By the way, my father worships the Goddess Noah, you know.” (Mel)

“Eh?!” (Makoto)

I was shocked by the words of the White Dragon-san.

A Demon Lord is a believer of Noah-sama?! 

Is that really okay? 

From what the White Dragon-san has told me, the Dragon God that the Ancient Dragons worship had been defeated by the Holy Gods and the Devil Gods, so they are not on this planet, therefore, they are free to choose their religion. 

By the way, the Ancient Dragons apparently don’t like the Devil Gods. 

“…Got it. Noah-sama is saying that, so I will let you borrow the sacred treasure of Cain for a while.” (Makoto)

“Ooh, you have my gratitude, Takatsuki Makoto!” (Astaroth)

“Direct your gratitude to Noah-sama.” (Makoto)

“You have my thanks, Noah-sama!” (Astaroth)

The Ancient Dragon King shouted happily to the skies. 

Noah-sama is still in the Deep Sea Temple, so she is not in the Divine Realm, you know, Astaroth. 

‘Haah~’ -the White Dragon-san sighed.

I sympathize with her.

The Ancient Dragon King that had an astounding presence when I met him 1,000 years ago…has now become an old man that loves talking about his own epics. 

I have seen a mountain of those types in the Adventurer Guild. 

(Aah, since I have the chance here, I should ask.) (Makoto)

“Mel-san, Mel-san.” (Makoto)

“What is it, Spirit User-kun?” (Mel)

“What do you think of my looks? Do you think silver hair and blue eyes suit me?” (Makoto)

When I asked this, she tilted her head in wonder.

“Why do you ask that?” (Mel)

“It isn’t popular among my comrades.And so, I am getting opinions from other people.” (Makoto)

When I said this, Mel-san frowned slightly. 

“Your comrades are fearless, Spirit User-kun. As for me, I would find it way too frightening to complain about your appearance as a God. You look divine to me.” (Mel)

“I see.” (Makoto)

I feel like she dodged the question there.

“In the first place, since you are a God, you don’t have to ask every single time. Just read their minds.” (Mel)

“I can’t do that yet. I have only been a God for a few days after all.” (Makoto)

Not only that. My teleport mastery is below that of Lucy. 

Am I really a God? 

“Then, I will be leaving now. I will be meeting Momo in the Sun Country. Want to come with me?” (Makoto)

“…You, who are supposed to be the ruler of the North Continent, are absent, and my father has retired, so I am the one acting as a Demon Lord representative. It is so busy it is dizzying, you know? If you help me out in creating the new order, I could go meet my disciple.” (Mel)

The tall White Dragon-san glared at me. 

Crap, that was a landmine. 

“Let’s talk about that another time.” (Makoto)

“Yeah…I would like to have a good long talk once things calm down.” (Mel)

Mel-san made a wry smile. 

I don’t know much about the North Continent, so it would be best to leave things to the White Dragon-san who has been here a long time. 

I put both hands together and apologized. 

And then, I speak to the Time Spirits. 

“I will come hang out again.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, please do.” (Mel)

The voice of Mel-san grows distant.

I moved to the Sun Country. 


“Makoto-sama, you haven’t come to meet me at all!” (Momo)

When I went to the residence of the Great Sage-sama, Momo was waiting there, puffing angrily.

“Sorry, sorry. I was really busy.” (Makoto)

“It is okay. I am useless anyways.” (Momo)

“That’s not true.” (Makoto)

I gave a headpat to Momo who was angry here.

Momo is better than me at Teleport, so she could have met me if she wanted to, but it seems like she waited for me so that she didn’t intrude in anything. 

Also, there should have been the clean up for the Calamity Witch’s curse. 

The Sun Country is the nation with the most harm done to. 

The Great Sage must have had a lot to do. 

There’s visible fatigue in her. 

“That said, the capital of the Sun Country has already returned to how it was. The pitch black Highland Castle has returned to how it was before too.” (Makoto)

“With the Calamity Witch gone, the gray curse has also disappeared cleanly after all.” (Momo)

The curse of the Calamity Witch.

I imagined a great deal of work to undo the curse that can cover the whole world, but it was gone more easily than I thought. 

(No… Nevia-san most likely made it that way…) (Makoto)

Just before she was cut down by Sakurai-kun, she was showing a bright expression. 

It looked like the face of someone who did all they could and had no regrets left. 

Furiae-san has told me before that the strength of a curse is as strong as the regrets of the caster.

In that case, the Calamity Witch must have had little regrets at that time. 

(I am grateful to Sakurai-kun…) (Makoto)

That lady-killer. 

Was he liked even by the Great Demon Lord?

Speaking of which, I haven’t met him since then. 

I want to speak with him, but he is most likely really busy with Queen Noel and everything else. 

I hope I can talk with him for a bit in tomorrow’s ceremony. 


My sleeve was pulled while I was deep in thought.

When I looked there, Momo was looking at me with upturned and wishful eyes.

More accurately speaking, looking at my neck.

“Aah, sorry about that. You can drink as much as you please.” (Makoto)

“Yay~♪.” (Momo)

Momo jumped and hugged me. 

And then, her small fangs pierced my neck and…

“Ah…” (Makoto)

By the time I noticed, Momo was already drinking my blood.

(Is it okay for Momo to drink my blood now that I have become a God…?) (Makoto)

Even when uneasy about this, Momo doesn’t seem to be showing any issues. 

On the contrary, her cheeks are flushed and she is drinking my blood as if finding it tasty. 

— “It is fine. There’s no holy element to my familiar after all. Momo-chan won’t perish even if she were to drink your blood.” (Noah)

Noah-sama’s voice rang. 

That’s a relief. 

Momo raised her head at that moment. 

“E-Evil God, Noah?!” (Momo)

“Oi, Momo.” (Makoto)

Don’t be rude. 

She is the 8th Goddess of the Goddess Church. 

She is the number one for me though. 

— “Or more like, Momo-chan, you drank the blood of my familiar, Makoto, so a bit of Divinity has moved to you. You are technically a distant familiar of mine now.” (Noah)

“M-Me?!” (Momo)

“Momo is your familiar now, Noah-sama?” (Makoto)

Momo and I were shocked by this. 

— “Temporarily. She won’t ascend like you, Makoto, so there’s no need to worry.” (Noah)

— “Or more like, you have become a God now, Mako-kun, so you shouldn’t be giving your blood to residents of the Mortal Realm so willy-nilly…” (Eir)

I also heard the voice of the Water Goddess together with the one of Noah-sama. 

This one was advice. 

Eir-sama has been strict with me lately. 

— “You are now a God -someone from our side! You shouldn’t assume that Goddesses will be guiding you the whole time!” (Eir)

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

And well, that’s basically how it is. 

The mom-like Eir-sama that spoiled me is no more. 

How sad.

— “Isn’t it fine? It is just a bit. Makoto, do as you please.” (Noah)

On the other hand, Noah-sama has become a lot softer on me. 

“That’s kind of scary… Are the Goddesses always watching your every move?” (Momo)

The Great Sage-sama said as if pitying me. 

For me, that’s already a given, but it seems like the people around find it rough now that their voices can be heard.

“You will get used to it soon.” (Makoto)

“I think that’s just you being weird, Makoto-sama…” (Momo)

There was no empathy. 

A while after that, I had Momo drink my blood and we spoke endlessly. 

Momo seemed to want to meet the White Dragon-san, so I promised her that we will eventually meet up; all three of us. 

“Well then, I will be taking my leave now. You will be coming to the wedding tomorrow, right?” (Makoto)

When I asked this, Momo straight on said.

“I am not though?” (Momo)

She answered as if that was obvious. 

This girl…

Her position as one of the most influential people of the Sun Country is strong. 

“I will come hang out if I have the time.” (Makoto)

“I will be waiting♪.” (Momo)

She answered with a big smile. 

Then, just when I was about to call the Time Spirits to move…

I remembered something I had to ask. 

“Hey, Momo, what do you think of my silver hair and blue eyes?” (Makoto)

“Hmm…” (Momo)

Momo looked up for a bit and placed a finger on her lips. 

She seemed as if she was troubled by it, but she soon returned her gaze to me. 

“It doesn’t suit you!” (Momo)

She stated firmly. 

“I-I see…” (Makoto)

Lucy, Sa-san, Princess Sofia, and Momo…

The evaluation of the people close to me isn’t good.

I moved to the next place while I was feeling down about it. 


“Makoto-kun?! Eh?! That appearance…huh? Shouldn’t you be at the capital of the Water Country, Horun…?” 

The one who was losing it after seeing me was Mari-san. 

The receptionist of the Adventurer Guild in the Water City who has helped me out greatly…but that’s a thing of the past now, and she is currently the vice-head of the guild. 

“I have come to meet you with Teleport. Were you busy?” (Makoto)

“Uhm, if I had to say whether I am busy or not, it is to the point where I would borrow the help of anyone, but anyways, I will get some tea ready, so let me guide you to the reception room, okay?!” (Mari)

“If you are busy, I can come back another time though…” (Makoto)

“I can’t have the man engaged to Her Majesty, Princess Sofia, come back another time!” (Mari)

She got angry. 

My hand was pulled by Mari-san and went into the reception room. 

“And so, what brought you here today, Legendary Hero of the Water Country, Takatsuki Makoto-sama?” (Mari)

Mari-san sat at the sofa in front of me and asked me with serious eyes. 

“Eh? I just came to meet you though, Mari-san.” (Makoto)

“…Huh?” (Mari)

Mari-san froze as if she couldn’t understand what I said. 

“Now that I have conquered the Deep Sea Temple, I have obtained new power. Noah-sama has shared her Divinity with me. Thanks to that, I can use Teleport without worries, so I was visiting a variety of people……hm? Mari-san?” (Makoto)

I was explaining the situation to Mari-san, but she was hanging her head down and trembling. 

She walked her way to me and sat by my side. 

“Makoto-kun~?” (Mari)

She headlocked me from the side. 

My head sunk into the soft breasts of Mari-san.

“Mari-san! That’s why I said I could come back at another time!” (Makoto)

“This boy!! Really~!!” (Mari)

Mari-san held my head even more strongly. 

…This kind of exchange is nostalgic. 

In the end, Mari-san didn’t let me go for around 10 minutes. 

After that, I spoke to Mari-san about what has happened until now and a lot of other things. 

She seemed to be a bit skeptical about how much of it is true though. 

Well, even if I talk about the story of Leviathan, it does sound like a lie even when coming out from my mouth. 

Stuff like the moon falling and the Divine Beast stopping it. 

…*Knock Knock*

Someone knocked on the door. 

Mari-san said ‘I wonder who it is? The Guild Master is currently away though…’ as she opened the door. 

“Takki-dono! I heard you were here!” 

“Takatsuki-sama, it has been a while!” 

It was the husband and wife, Fuji-yan and Nina-san. 

“Feudal Lord Representative-sama?!” (Mari)

Mari-san has her eyes wide open. 

Fuji-yan is the husband of the feudal lord of the Water City, Christiana-san, too. 

That’s why the guild staff members have guided them all the way here. 

“Fuji-yan! I was thinking of searching for you in tomorrow’s ceremony.” (Makoto)

I ran up to him and smacked the shoulder of my best friend. 

“I came back just in time to the Water City, you see. I heard that Takki-dono had appeared at the Adventurer Guild, so I ran all the way here-desu zo.” (Fuji)

“It hasn’t even been an hour since I came here though…” (Makoto)

The information gathering of Fuji-yan is on a whole other level. 

This person is scary. 

“That said, I barely recognize you! That silver hair and blue eyes, so you can look that divine after becoming the familiar of a Goddess-sama?!” (Fuji)

“Doesn’t it look weird?” (Makoto)

“You are overflowing with elegance! It even makes me jealous-desu zo!” (Fuji)

“I see. Thanks.” (Makoto)

Looks like it scores highly for Fuji-yan. 

By the way, Nina-san and Mari-san also said ‘It looks cool!’ and ‘Makoto-kun has become fancy~’. Not bad reactions. 

Hmm, it is divided now. 

We spoke for a while, and Mari-san went back to her guild work. 

As for Fuji-yan and Nina-san, they went back saying they have preparations to do for tomorrow’s ceremony in the Sun Country.

After that, I also showed up at the places of my acquaintances in the Wood Country and Fire Country.

Teleport really is handy. 

Also, since I am a God, I am not running out of mana. 

I managed to meet a whole lot of acquaintances. 

What was unfortunate is that I couldn’t meet Rosalie-san. 

Even though I wanted to thank her for being bait…

According to Lucy: ‘Once she disappears, you definitely won’t be finding her’.

I was told the same thing at the elf village in the Wood Country.

Rosalie-san…really is one free person! 

(Now then, for the last one…) (Makoto)

I have already decided on where to go. 

I called the Time Spirits. 

The royal castle. 

A beautiful castle that hasn’t been up for more than a year. 

Different from the Rozes Castle that isn’t that big, or the Highland Castle that I have been to several times now, I can’t grasp the structure of this building. 

(…I’m lost.) (Makoto)


I suddenly went inside the castle using Teleport, so I don’t know where I am. 

I was told by the ‘owner of the castle’ that it is okay for me to come in as I please, so there’s no issues with that, but…

While I was wandering around, the sound of footsteps from someone approaching me at astounding speed echoed. 

Before I turned in that direction…

“Where have you been loitering around, you idiotic knight?!!!” 

I got hit by a flying kick from Her Majesty, Furiae.


When the Calamity Witch was defeated, Furiae-san fell into deep sleep temporarily due to having her soul fused. 

I won’t forgive you if you are not there by my side the moment I wake up…My…Knight…”

I did as Furiae-san said and waited for her to wake up by her side the whole time. 

— “Furiae-chan will be waking up on the 3rd day.” (Ira)

Ira-sama told me that.

By the way, she woke up on the 4th day. 

“I was properly by your side when you woke up though.” (Makoto)

“Even so, there was no need to disappear right after!” (Furiae)

“I wanted to greet the people that have helped us out.” (Makoto)

“……Well, I understand that.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san puckered her lips as if saying ‘I understand what you say, but I don’t agree with it’.

By the way, I am currently in the private room of Furiae-san. 

It is dark out. 

“Stay the night for today.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san ordered me. 

I don’t think I can refuse her here. 

“Got it.” (Makoto)

“Alright! Have you had dinner already? You haven’t, right? I will have it prepared.” (Furiae)

“Aah, speaking of which, I think I haven’t eaten anything since morning.” (Makoto)

What I have ingested today is the tea of Princess Sofia and the tea at the guild. 

“You are going to collapse.” (Furiae)

“About that, I don’t know if it is because I have become a God, but I don’t get hungry.” (Makoto)

“…Really?” (Furiae)

Furiae-san looked at me with eyes as if looking at something weird. 

— “There’s no way a God would feel something as inconvenient as hunger.” (Noah)

— “You can even stay awake the whole time and be okay, Mako-kun.” (Eir)

— “Aah, but it is possible to purposely make yourself feel hungry in order to feel the tastiness!” (Noah)

— “I think that’s still a bit difficult for Mako-kun who has only become a God just recently.” (Eir)

The usual voice of Noah-sama and Eir-sama rang from above. 

They just said what they wanted and their voices couldn’t be heard anymore. 

Furiae-san whispered to me with a tone as if she was creeped out by those voices. 

“Is it always like that?” (Furiae)

“That’s right.” (Makoto)

“Y-You must have it rough…My Knight.” (Furiae)

She told me the same thing as Momo.

It is not rough on me though.

After that, I had dinner with Furiae-san, and was guided to a guest room by a maid-san of the Moon Castle. 

It is a guest room like that of a high class hotel. 

I sat on a big sofa in the room and took a break. 

(That was tiring…) (Makoto)

I might have pushed it a bit by going through so many nations around the whole continent in one day. 

I may be a God, but tiring things are still tiring. 

I wanted to lie down just like that, but someone knocked on the door. 

I responded with a ‘yes?’ and Furiae-san, who was with me just a few moments ago, said ‘excuse the intrusion’ and came in. 

What she was wearing wasn’t her queen attire, but a thin nightgown with a cardigan on top. 

“Princess?” (Makoto)

I spoke to her while my heart skipped a beat. 

“Hey, you will be together with me till morning, right?” (Furiae)

She sat by my side and snuggled onto me. 

T-This is…

For a moment there, I thought the Goddesses would be throwing some words in, but it was still quiet. 

“My Knight…we are finally alone…” (Furiae)

“Princess…” (Makoto)

Furiae-san moved closer and closer to me with flushed cheeks. 

As a man, I should hug her gently and accept those feelings of hers. 

But the Time Spirits flying around me were warning me noisily…about the future one second later.

That’s right, I can see the future. 

“Ah, it is Makoto.” 

“I knew he was here.” 

“Is it really okay to intrude this late in the night…?” 

Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia came in with Teleport. 


Furiae-san was frozen in place just as she was attempting to push me down. 

“Why is everyone here?” (Furiae)

“A close aide of Fu-chan told us with a magic transmission: ‘Our Queen is night crawling the man engaged to the princess of our allied nation, the Water Country. I would like you to stop her before it turns into a national problem’.” (Aya)

“And so, we came with my Teleport.” (Lucy)

“I-I see.” (Furiae)

Sa-san and Lucy answered without much issue. 

Furiae-san turned beet red, and then turned pale white soon after. 

“U-Uhm…Princess Sofia, this is…not what it seems…” (Furiae)

Furiae-san nervously tried to say something. 

“I don’t really mind it much…” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia said in a low volume. 


Everyone turned their faces to Princess Sofia. 

“It is natural for a Legendary Hero to have many wives, and I am sure Hero Makoto will love us equally no matter how many wives he has.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia smiles with pressure that wouldn’t allow a no for an answer. 

“Isn’t that right, Hero Makoto?” (Sofia)

“Y-Yes…” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia says she doesn’t mind, but…that’s not it. 

I can’t take it at face-value. 

Let’s stop being dragged by the flow too much. I made that vow. 

By the way, Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia will be staying in the Moon Castle too. 

Guest rooms were prepared for everyone, and just when everyone was about to leave my room…

“Right, Princess.” (Makoto)

“What is it? If you are going to do a night crawl, my room is the one at the top floor of the castle.” (Furiae)


Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia are looking here though.

“What do you think of my silver hair and blue eyes?” (Makoto)

I tried asking the question I have asked everyone. 

Furiae-san answered without hesitation. 

“I preferred your previous look!” (Furiae)

She stated firmly. 

Lucy, Sa-san, and Princess Sofia were nodding.

…So Furiae-san too. 

Maybe I really should dye it black?

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