WM – Chapter 261: Demon Lord Battle 1

◇Momo’s POV◇

“Uhm, M-Master Makoto-sama, is it really okay for it to be only the two of us?” (Momo)

I asked with uncertainty in my voice. 

The Demon Lord Castle where the Immortal King Bifrons is at.

Only two are heading there.

The White Dragon Master, Anna-san, Julietta-san, and the other warriors of Laberintos are going to be coming later. 

Even so, I still feel uneasy with just the two of us. 

The one that’s waiting for us there is the Demon Lord that rules over this continent after all.

“We took a good rest in Laberintos, the weather is nice, and there’s no monsters showing up. There’s nothing to worry about, right?” (Makoto)

The central piece that is Master Makoto-sama was looking hatefully aloof as he responded. 

He is the person I love, but…can’t something be done about this difference in perspectives?

“What part of this is nice weather? …It is raining heavily, you know?” (Momo)

The sound of the rain is noisy and the field of vision is bad.

I can’t understand how he can call this good weather. 

“I as a Great Water Spirit am the one who is making this rain fall, you know, Shrimp.” (Dia)

“I know, Dia.” (Momo)

The one who appeared by the side of Master Makoto-sama was the Undine, Dia.

She has a big attitude, but her overwhelming strength is proportional to that. 

Even the White Dragon Master-sama said ‘I can’t match that’.

Not even a spec would remain of me. 

But I don’t like that she makes a cocky expression by the side of Master Makoto-sama. 

“Master Makoto-sama, why are you making it rain?” (Momo)

I wrap my arms around his, and Dia does the same on the opposite side.

“Well, I will explain once we are there. It is basically a preliminary move to clear the Demon Lord Castle.” (Makoto)

Master Makoto-sama seems to be having fun.

In other words, the same as usual.

Even though we are going to be fighting a Demon Lord…he is the same as usual to a baffling degree. 

“Muuh… Well, I understand that. But I can’t agree to the part about me not being allowed to fight!” (Momo)

I complained with a strong tone for this one.

That’s right. Even though I trained that much, I am being told not to participate in the battle against the Demon Lord. 

That’s unbelievable! 

“It can’t be helped. According to Ira-sama, if you were to approach  Bifrons as a vampire, there’s the fear of you falling into his control again.” (Makoto)

“But…even if that’s the case…” (Momo)

“If you were to become an enemy, Abel-san, Mel-san, and I won’t be able to fight. At the very least, I wouldn’t be able to. That’s why, be a support for this one, Momo. If there’s any who can’t fight anymore, I want you to carry them outside the battle area with Teleport.” (Makoto)

“Uuuh… Got it.” (Momo)

I nodded dejected. 

If he says it like that, I have no choice but to obey. 

“Fuh! I will take care of Our King, so there will be nothing for you to do, Shrimp.” (Dia)

“What’s with you?! Talking all big here even though you were completely useless in the Deep Sea Temple!” (Momo)

“T-That’s…! Everywhere aside from the Deep Sea Temple, I am super useful, I will have you know!” (Dia)

“Hah?! Even I know that the Deep Sea Temple is the place that Master Makoto-sama wants to go the most!” (Momo)

“S-Shut up, you shrimp. Talking all big with that seedy-looking body.” (Dia)

“Wa?! Says the body of water! You can’t do anything with that!” (Momo)

“Fufu, if I synchronize with Our King, we can do this and that…” (Dia)

“Even I could do it if I were to try…” (Momo)

“Alright, stop. Monsters have appeared, you two.” (Makoto)

Master Makoto-sama covered the mouth of both me and Dia who were arguing. 

I hurriedly direct my gaze to the front. 

There was a gigantic oni undead there. 

But he had turned into a frozen statue

Looks like Master Makoto-sama froze him. 

“Don’t make too much noise.” (Makoto)


We silently nodded after being scolded. 

I glanced at the frozen monster. 

There’s something I don’t understand exactly because I have been training in magic under the White Dragon Master. 

How is Master Makoto-sama activating his magic?

You normally need to prepare before activating magic. 

First is an incantation. 

The ones who are not used to magic can activate the spell by chanting an incantation.

It is after countless repetition that you can skip the trouble of chanting and gain chantless magic.

I am at that stage. 

I gather mana, set a target, and activate the spell.

That takes 2-3 seconds. 

The White Dragon Master praised me saying: ‘to think you would reach that stage in half a year, you are a once in a century talent’. 

I was happy. 

I thought ‘with this I can be of use to Master Makoto-sama!’. 

I look around.

A downpour fell from the sky. 

And yet, the water was not hitting us

The big drops of water were avoiding us as if they were living beings. 

The ground was the same. 

Even though it is this muddy, only the footing below me and Master Makoto-sama is easy to walk on. 

No, it is more like the water itself is carrying us. 

It was a strange situation. 

But I know the reason for it. 

Master Makoto-sama is controlling the rain and water with water magic. 

That’s why we are not getting wet from the rain and can walk the muddy ground swimmingly. 

Not a single drop of the water raining indiscriminately was hitting me. 

In the first place, this rain itself is the spell of Master Makoto-sama. 

Rain clouds as far as the eye can see. 

Till how far is Master Makoto-sama’s magic? 

I can’t tell. 

What does one need to do in order to reach this level?

However, there’s one thing alone I can tell. 

I don’t feel like I can do the same…

“What’s the matter, Momo?” (Makoto)

Master Makoto-sama asks worried. 

“It is nothing… Anyways, what’s the name of this water spell that’s making this rain?” (Momo)

“Hmm, don’t think there’s an actual name to it. If it is just making it rain, even you should be able to do it, right?” (Makoto)

“At this large of a scale is impossible! Also, such a complicated magic formula that makes it so that only we don’t get wet…” (Momo)

“Something like that, if you just think ‘don’t hit me’, the water will avoid you by itself, right?” (Makoto)

No good, I can’t understand. 

The concepts of magic that the White Dragon Master taught me are crumbling. 

It becomes as you will with a simple thought? 

Is that still a spell humans use? 

Isn’t that the miracle magic of Gods? 

I look at the back of Master Makoto-sama that’s by no means big but is the one that gives me the most comfort in this world. 

(…I have to follow, so that I won’t be left behind.) (Momo)

The thoughts of the person I love that I can’t understand at all. 

I want to try my best to understand them. 

◇Anna’s POV◇

It has been 3 days since Makoto-san departed with Momo-chan. 

We head out from Laberintos. 

The mist is thick, and the vision is bad. 

We carefully advance inside that. 

The one leading is Johnny-san who is the leader of the dungeon city. 

There’s Volkh-san, Julietta-san, the Iron Hero-san, and the warriors of Laberintos. 

On top of that, there’s Helemerck-sama and even her comrade Ancient Dragons. 

There’s close to a thousand of us. 

There’s no doubt this is the biggest fighting force there has been. 

I have never acted together with a fighting force this well put out. 

We have always been hiding from the eyes of the demons and moved in small numbers. 

But this time it is different. 

We have taken plenty of rest, arranged our forces, and can face the Demon Lord. 

We can face the Demon Lord in perfect condition. 

(Fire Hero Master…this time for sure, we are going to defeat the Demon Lord.) (Anna)

I heard a conversation from the side while I was silently strengthening my resolve.

“The mist is thick. With this, there should be no worry about being found by demons.” (Mel)

“The Water Spirits are happy. The Spirit Magic of Makoto-dono is the same as always.” (Johnny)

“I was worried about how we would be approaching without having the demon lord army notice, but…to think he could create mist that can cover all of the Great Forest…” (Mel)

“But this is a good move. It is a move that can only be done by Makoto-dono who can freely control the weather though.” (Johnny)

“He is the only Spirit User who can control the weather on this scale.” (Mel)

“There’re a lot of Spirit Users within the elves, but…Makoto-dono is on a whole other dimension.” (Johnny)

It was the conversation of the White Dragon-sama and Johnny-san. 

They are both praising the magic of Makoto-san. 


“Uhm…are you two not worried about Makoto-san and Momo-chan? They are heading to the Demon Lord Castle by themselves, you know?” (Anna)

I actually wanted to go too…but Makoto-san didn’t let me. 

‘Your role is to fight the Demon Lord, so go with everyone please. Make sure not to fight on the way. Rely on the White Dragon-san and Johnny-san, okay?’


Makoto-san normally doesn’t say anything detailed when talking to me, but this time around, he warned me with a stern tone. 

Why did he say that much to me? 

Is he worried…?

No, the ones who should be worried about are Makoto-san and Momo-chan. 

The monsters close to the Demon Lord Castle are strong. 

There’s the off-chance something might happen. 

“Worried about the Spirit User-kun? That’s pointless.” (Mel)

“I can tell by looking at the Water Spirits. This is like a walk in the park for him.” (Johnny)

The White Dragon-sama and Johnny-san were not worried about Makoto-san at all. 

They instead warn me to worry about myself. 


I really should have gone with them. 


A few days after…

A black and towering castle came into sight. 

The castle of the Demon Lord Bifrons. 

The last time I came, the party leader that was the Fire Hero was killed, and we were captured while we were shaken. 

Makoto-san saved us just before we were about to be executed. 

But this time around…

I take a deep breath, feeling nervous. 

“Wa?! What’s that…?” (Julietta)

“Oi, Julietta, you are too loud.” 

“Hooh…so this is the doing of the Spirit User-kun, huh. So this is what he meant when he said he had a plan.” (Mel)

“It is the basics of attacking a castle, but…that’s a bold thing to do.” 

I could hear the other people growing noisy. 

Did something happen…? 

I approached the people that were talking.

I focus my eyes at the direction of the Demon Lord Castle and…

“Eh?” (Anna)

A dumbfounded voice came out from my mouth. 

Y-You must be kidding, Makoto-san…

What was there was…the Demon Lord Castle that had been submerged in a gigantic lake.

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