WM – Chapter 357: Crimson Witch and White Great Sage

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The mother of Lucy and the Legendary Hero of Spring Log, the Crimson Witch, Rosalie-san.

The strongest combat power of Highland and the comrade of the Savior Abel, the White Great Sage, Momo. 

The ranking 1 and 2 of the strongest mages of the West Continent are intimidating each other.

It feels more like a fight between cats though. 

“E-Excuse me… You two… Please calm down your anger… Excuse me, Makoto-sama! Can you please stop them?!” 

The Chief-san of the Winged Heavenly Folk came here in panic. 

I feel like those two get along well enough that they fight though. 

“Why are you here, Rosalie-san?” (Makoto)

I spoke to Rosalie-san for now. 

“Hm? Boyfriend-kun of Lucy, you see, I am an elf, right? When speaking of elves, there’s the impression that they live in a tree house, right? The tree house of an esteemed elf mage like me should be the world’s number one tree, don’t you think? And so, I have a villa on top of the World tree, so I come here every now and then to take it easy. Also, I am friends with the matriarch, so I am helping out in monster subjugations. It has been a while. Was it since we fought the Great Demon Lord? Are you doing well with Lucy? Ah, by ‘doing’ I am referring to baby making. I want to see Lucy’s child already~. She is a late bloomer, so I am worried.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san immediately stopped fighting with Momo and began to blabber. 

She is so whimsical. 

Also, she is your daughter, so she has a good share of lust. 

Rosalie-san wrapped her arms around my neck while she was talking. 

Her personal space is way too close. 

All parts of her body are squishing on me. 

“Move away from Makoto-sama, you perverted elf!” (Momo)

Momo appeared in midair with Teleport and tried to kick the head of Rosalie-san. 

“Too soft!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san evaded with Teleport. 

How are you two so good at Teleport? 

“What’s the matter, White Thing? Boyfriend-kun is the future husband of my daughter, so it should be fine to be all touchy-feely with him, right~?” (Rosalie)

I don’t think it is fine.

“There’s no way it is fine! Also, I am the girlfriend of Makoto-sama! Get away from my man!” (Momo)

“…Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeh?!!!!!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san opened her mouth to an amusing degree at the statement of Momo. 

“Boyfriend-kun, is that true?! Are you throwing away Lucy?! Are you doing and throwing?!! That’s horrible! Enemy of women!” (Rosalie)

“Can you not say weird stuff here?!” (Makoto)

Those are false accusations.

No, it is true that I have a lot of lovers, so I might actually be an enemy of women…

“You are also going your rounds with men.” (Momo)

Momo glared at Rosalie-san with arms crossed.

Aah, speaking of which, that really was the case. 

Rosalie-san and Momo were arguing for a while after that too and…

“Uhm, Rosalie-san? About that matter…” 

“Aah, the one about defeating the weird demonic beasts that are gathering on the World Tree, right? Fine~. Okay~ Okay~☆.” (Rosalie)

The matriarch interjected in our conversation. 

That must be the actual topic. 

It bothers me a bit. 

“Rosalie-san, by weird demonic beasts, are you referring to those strange birds?” (Makoto)

I remember the weird bird monsters that attacked us on our way here. 

“Yup yup. They are apparently troubled because monsters from the Black Moon have come~. They made a nest in the World Tree, so I am heading there to burn it down.” (Rosalie)

“Rosalie-san, fire magic is troubling! Even the World Tree would be burned!!” 

The matriarch hurriedly waved her arms widely. 

“It should be fine if it is just a bit.” (Rosalie)

“You must not. Burning the sacred World Tree would be a transgression!” 

The Matriarch-san is so busy going from pale to red.

She must have it rough.

“Hey, Momo.” (Makoto)

“Haah, I get it.” (Momo)

I spoke to Momo and she understood me immediately. 

“How about we help out too in the black moon monster subjugation?” (Makoto)

“Even the World Tree might be turned into ashes if we were to leave it to that elf there.” (Momo)

“What did you say?!!” (Rosalie)

Come on, Momo, don’t provoke Rosalie-san.

“Really?! It would be great if you two who fought against the Great Demon Lord together with the Light Hero-sama were to help out too!” 

The Matriarch-san thanked us greatly. 

And so, we were guided by the Winged Heavenly Folk to the World Tree where monsters are apparently making a nest in. 


“This is the monster nest…” 

“Is this…really a nest?” 

“Isn’t this more like a castle?” 

The place we were guided to was a strange space as if it were another world on top of the World Tree that’s lush with green.

There’s an ominous dark red haze around it, and there’s a big black building in the very center of it. 

No, can it be called a building? 

I can’t tell what it is made from. It looks like it was made from a plant but also like a gem. 

It is releasing a black and creepy light, and is shaped like a warped pyramid. 

It doesn’t look like there’s an exit at a glance, but there are giant bats with long thin legs called Shan Turk Birds coming and going from there. 

It seems like the entrance only opens when monsters are passing. 

“Should we burn it down for now?” (Rosalie)

“Rosalie-sama, fire magic is a bit…!” 

“Then, I will use water magic to—” (Makoto)

“Now, please wait, you two.” (Momo)

Momo stopped both me and Rosalie-san.

“What. Are you saying you are going to do this?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san growled at every single thing Momo said.

“I learned a spell that would work nicely here just recently. Just watch from there, Crimson Thing.” (Momo)

“Kiih! Show it to me if you are so confident then!” (Rosalie)

Momo responded with a composed attitude.

Seeing Momo treating Rosalie-san like a child feels fresh.

“Now then…” (Momo)

Momo headed to the black nest with light steps.

“XXXXXXXX (Spirits-chan) XXXXXXXXXXX (Wind Spirits-chan).” (Momo)

Wind blows.


A gentle wind.

But me being able to see faint green sparkles must be because it is mana wind. 

The air trembled and the leaves and branches of the World Tree were shaking. 

Even more mana wind gathered.

(So many Wind Spirits…) (Makoto)

The place was filled with Wind Spirits by the time I noticed.

Wind Spirit Users don’t choose the place. 

They can call them from anywhere. 

“Wait, wait, wait! Eh? Why can you use Spirit Magic?!” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san must have been pretty surprised here, her voice cracked there. 

“Hmhm, surprised? I am also growing, you know.” (Momo)

Momo said, smug. 

“No no no no! This is not about growth! You can’t use Spirit Magic because of your constitution! …Hm? Wa? Could it be that your body…” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san’s eyes grew narrow.

“Hey, Boyfriend-kun, do you know how the White Thing turned into a human? Could it be that you used a forbidden technique…?” (Rosalie)

She asked me in a serious tone.

Looks like she noticed Momo returned from being undead. 

“I went to Hell through the Abyss, and asked Pluto-sama to do it.” (Makoto)

“……Hmm?” (Rosalie)

I answered honestly and Rosalie-san made a questionable face. 

“Uuh…what does that mean? Is that some sort of analogy?” (Rosalie)

“No, the Water Goddess Eri-sama guided us, and Noah-sama wrote a letter…” (Makoto)

I said this and Rosalie-san made a complicated expression.

“I…can use the Destiny Magic spell, Liar Alert, but…the fact that it is not reacting at all must mean that Boyfriend-kun is telling the truth, right? I can only think of it as a lie though.” (Rosalie)

“It is true after all.” (Makoto)

“……I see. Lucy has also caught an unbelievable man.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san crossed her arms and went ‘muuh’.

Has she accepted it? 

The Wind Spirits continued gathering while I was chatting with Rosalie-san.

Enough mana must have gathered, Momo said in Spirit Language:

“XXXXXXXXX (That black thing) XXXXXXXXX (blow it away☆).” (Momo)

Momo said this impishly and…


A loud sound was made. 

And then, the monster nest that was like a giant castle was slowly lifted…


“…Not bad.” (Rosalie)

The Matriarch-san and I let out honest voices of admiration. 

Rosalie-san seemed a bit vexed. 

It is true that the harm to the World Tree would be low if she can carry the whole nest away. 

The giant nest slowly floated in the sky. 

“Let’s move it away from the World Tree for now.” (Momo)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

I agreed with the opinion of Momo.


The Shan Turk Birds noticed something was strange here and came at us. 

“T-The monsters!!” 

The Matriarch-san gets flustered.

Let’s leave the nest to Momo. I should be the one clearing the way. 

“……Divine Precincts Magic: [Ice World].” (Makoto)

I use a spell that activates in a designated area to stop the movements of the Shan Turk Birds in order to not get in the way of the Spirit Magic of Momo.



The monsters that touched the Ice World froze and fell. 

“Saint Rank Magic: [Fire Dominions].” (Rosalie)

White flames appeared around Rosalie-san and took the shape of angels. 


The Shan Turk Birds that escaped my spell were burned by the magic angels that Rosalie-san unleashed. 


The Matriarch-san had her mouth wide open in the whole ordeal.

Her face is pretty, so it looks amusing. 

Monsters stopped approaching after dropping them with magic a number of times. 

The monster nest slowly moved away from the World Tree, continued going higher and higher into the sky, and eventually went above the clouds. 

“Shouldn’t it be fine to do it now?” (Rosalie)

“Right.” (Momo)

It is as Rosalie-san said. 

Harm won’t come to the World Tree even if we were to destroy the monster nest with a big spell. 

“Then, here I go! Hey, Fire Spirits, gather~☆.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san raised both hands. 



“Hyu~! It is the elf lady!” 

“Let’s play~!!” 

“It is a festival!” 


Fire Spirits were showing up endlessly. 

The Wind Spirits of Momo were quite the scale, but that’s the Crimson Witch for you. 

She is loved by the Fire Spirits. 

“Hmm, there really is a gap because of how long we have been using Spirits.” (Momo)

“It does seem like Rosalie-san and the Fire Spirits are compatible too.” (Makoto)

“Is that how it works, Makoto-sama?” (Momo)

“Fire Spirits seem to like feisty people.” (Makoto)

“Then, they are a match made in heaven.” (Momo)

“Oh, the spell is going to be completed soon.” (Makoto)

There’s a massive fire ball on top of the spread arms of the Crimson Witch that can’t be described with just the word big. 

It is bigger than the Rozes Castle. 

It is like a small sun. 

This is my first time seeing this spell.

“Momo, do you know that spell?” (Makoto)

“I know it. It is a super bad cost efficient spell called Solar Explosion. It is a tactical spell that’s said grass won’t grow for a year in the place it is used, so it is in principle a forbidden spell… What an unbelievable spell she is using, that destruction loving elf… Haah…” (Momo)

Momo sighed.

“Here I go~☆.” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san is trying to activate a spell that shouldn’t be used in the mortal realm with an excited face. 

—At that moment…

“Being hit with that would be a bit troubling.” 

A black tornado hit the spell of Rosalie-san directly as this calm voice rang. 

The gigantic fire ball goes out of control.

“Divine Precincts Magic: [Ice World]!!” (Makoto)

I hurriedly use magic to keep it down.

“[Magic Break]!” (Rosalie)

And Rosalie-san stopped the spell and tried to dispel it at the same time.

“That was close. Thanks, Boyfriend-kun.” (Rosalie)

“Don’t worry. Your Magic Break made it in time… More importantly…” (Makoto)

“Looks like that’s the boss of the monsters.” (Momo)

Rosalie-san, Momo, and I look at the man that’s wearing a black robe like those of a kuroko** that appeared all of a sudden in between the monster nest as if protecting it. <TLN: Stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, who dress all in black.>

(No, rather than calling it a robe, it is more like Shinto priest clothes…?) (Makoto)

“Who are you?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san asks for us. 

I thought for sure he would ignore her, but he unexpectedly answered.

“Ah, sorry for my lack of manners. I am a priest from Dream Island, which is one of the lands in the place you call the Black Moon. Nice to meet you.” 

He bowed elegantly. 

It is as if he didn’t try to kill us with a surprise attack just a moment ago.

“Why did you make a nest like this one on the World Tree?” (Makoto)

I was wondering for an instant if I should introduce myself too, but he didn’t tell us his name to begin with. 

I try asking his objective.

“It is of course because the troublesome God Iblis is gone, so I was thinking about invading this planet. It is just at the right time when the Evil God has woken up and the Divine Realm is in chaos.” 

“Uwa…” (Momo)

Momo made a displeased face.

I have a similar face.

The priest called himself an invader with a smile. 

He is smiling, but there’s no light or life in his eyes.

It is just plain creepy. 



It is rare for the Crimson Witch-sama to not be rushing in.

The reason is simple.

(This guy…is strong.) (Makoto)

He calls himself a priest, and yet, his body is emitting miasma which is polluted mana. 

He is clad in miasma strong enough to make the air muddy just from standing there. 

It is incomparable to that of the bird monsters that we defeated.

This pressure is…

(On Demon Lord level, Makoto.) (Noah)

Noah-sama’s voice rang in my mind.

(I would like it if Demon Lords don’t appear so nonchalantly though.) (Makoto)

(The Great Demon Lord Iblis-kun was the one in charge of invading this planet for more than 1,000 years now, but he was defeated, so he must have come to meddle with things now.) (Noah)

That’s such a pain.

Can’t be helped. 

Let’s use a God Tier Spirit Magic spell here to wrap this up swiftly…

(Ah, it would be better to not do that.) (Noah)

(Eh? I can’t?) (Makoto)

(You are in the mortal realm not Hell, so…I don’t know if you can stop an invader from another planet as a God, Makoto. The surroundings will think that this is a weak planet that can’t stop invaders with just the residents of the mortal realm. When that happens, even more invaders might come.) (Noah)

That’s troubling.

“Makoto-sama? What’s the matter?” (Momo)

Momo must have noticed I was thinking about something, she asked me this.

“According to Noah-sama, it is not good that I fight as a God.” (Makoto)

“Hmm, then I shall defeat him instead. Please take my place in carrying the nest with the Wind Spirits.” (Momo) 

Momo said this and stopped the wind magic.

“Woah there.” (Makoto)

I hurriedly took her place.

“W-Wait a moment! You plan on fighting alone?!” (Rosalie)

The Crimson Witch-sama, who had a stiff expression for a while now, shouted at Momo.

“That’s my intention.” (Momo)

“…Can you win?” (Rosalie)

Rosalie-san is being careful here.

The demon -is it a demon?- that calls himself a priest of the Black Moon.

This strange man was still looking at us with a smile and eyes devoid of light. 

“It should work out some way or another. He seems to be weaker than the Great Demon Lord. Right…XXXXX (Spirits-chan)?” (Momo)

Momo said this and the Spirits around all grew noisy. 

Mana wind swirled around Momo.

A number of golden magic circles separate from that floated around Momo.

Judging from the magic construction, it seems to be space magic circles that Momo specializes in. 

Momo is not using the Spirit Magic she is not familiar with, but the magic that she has been polishing for 1,000 years. 

“I can’t let you be the only one looking cool here… [Fire Dress of Spirits]!” (Rosalie)

The Crimson Witch-san clad herself in the mana of the Fire Spirits and her hair turned bright red. 

Bright red mana gushed out from her whole body. 

“Now, let’s kick his butt, White Thing!” (Rosalie)

“Please don’t pull my leg, Crimson Thing.” (Momo)

Rosalie-san smiled aggressively with her teeth showing, and Momo showed a slightly bold smile in contrast. 

The strongest mage of the West Continent, the White Great Sage. 

The Legendary Hero of the Wooden Country, Rosalie J Walker. 

On the other side, there’s the invader from the Black Moon.

The fight taking place far above the sky began.

■Comment Response: 

>Rosalie-san just showed up right in time when she was a topic in Zero Attack Power! 

>I wondered if she was actually that strong when I read Zero Believers, but it is funny how it is slowly made clear just how ridiculous her power is in Zero Attack Power.

-Momo and Rosalie-san couldn’t show their power in the main story, so I want to increase their screentime in the afterstory. 

Makoto is also strong in the afterstory, so it is fun being able to bring out strong enemies without restraint. 

■Author’s Comment: 

December 25th is the day the 7th volume of the manga is sold. 

In the current volume, Princess Sofia is finally…! 

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