I have been reincarnated in the lowest strata of the Dungeon Academy, but I for some reason have a Strategy Guide.


Having reincarnated into the weakest villain that only served to go against the protagonist and be expelled from the academy, my level, stats, and social standing are the lowest of the lowest in this world.

Because of how low my abilities were, my classmates made fun of me and kept their distance.

Moreover, the only future awaiting me if the scenario progresses like this is a dog’s death.

However, for some reason, I have a strategy guide book in my hand. It is still too soon to give up.

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7365ht/


Chapter 1-2: Why am I the lowest in this game world?
Chapter 3: Hidden Skill
Chapter 4: Obstruction
Chapter 5: A man that can’t even become a Level 3
Chapter 6: Ice Princess
Chapter 7: Dungeon Dive
Chapter 8: Bishop
Chapter 9: Obstruction
Chapter 10: Leveling Start